Thursday, August 8, 2013

What young ufologists must know.

First of all, always keep in mind that the government has no problems with the Middle East, Terrorism, the economy or the unemployment. All these are faked troubles. The big problem is to keep the UFO cover up, and this is not easy, given that they must keep control over thousands of NASA scientists and technicians, and other institutions like Universities, the SETI program, observatories and the military, etc.  Everybody is working hysterically to maintain people in the ignorance about several extraterrestrial civilizations that are here, on our Earth and in contact with the authorities.

In addition nobody must know that there is intelligent life in Mars, human bases and big prehistoric animals.
However, do not write about the cover up but about the disclosure. You must persuade your readers that in any moment, the President will disclose everything and also will justify the billions of dollars wasted in space projects and programs for the search of intelligent life in the Universe…all this was a joke paid with  our taxes.

Basically you must understand that rewriting an old book is not enough, so free your imagination. What you are doing is selling fictions as facts.
Of course, you will not find reliable sources to give credibility to your ideas, and that’s why the rule is this one: there are no unreliable sources, no discredited sergeants or faked contactees. Remember that you always can produce anonymous sources like imaginary insiders, nonexistent Generals and CIA operatives.  Discredited individuals are always victims of the big Conspiracy.

Forget about truth. You are an intelligent fellow and know that the authorities care more about Santa’s sledge than about UFO or ETs.
Keep in mind that Ufology is a blend of pseudo-science, New Age, Conspiracy theory and a touch of religion. If your book is short, go into open nonsense. Talk about the Illuminati, the Shadow Government, the second sun or even extraterrestrial abductions. After all is someone has the courage to ask for evidences, you just call him names: psyop, agent provocateur, debunker and disinformer.
Please remember to mention Nikola Tesla and use the word “quantum”, even if you don’t know what it means. In addition, if you will talk about God, bear in mind that now he is “The Source”, OK?
Obviously there is competence, so be ready to fight against your colleagues also calling them names.
Important: if you contradict yourself, just tell your audience that the shadow government or the bad ETs are manipulating your mind.

More important: do not believe your own fantasies because if you do, you will become insane. Remember that you are in the UFO industry, in the show business. And…the show must go on.

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