Saturday, August 24, 2013

The old legends adapted to the present times.

Each age seems to change or rewrite some essential myths. In the present age, which is also the virtual reality age, one of the more widespread legends concerns UFO, unidentified flying objects or flying saucers.
Ever since pilot Kenneth Arnold reported seeing strange objects flying over the state of Washington in 1947, rumors and reports of spacecraft piloted by extraterrestrial beings have surfaced in the media.
By the late 1990s, the UFO myth had grown into an elaborate set of stories about various kinds of aliens, some of which kidnap humans. UFO stories bear striking similarities to earlier myths, such as kidnappings by fairies and mysterious appearances of ghosts or demons.

Of course, in this “society of the spectacle” the myth becomes a commodity that can be sold and bought in the form of books, videos, movies and courses. We find the professionals of the extraterrestrial visitors’ mythology; priests of the new religion promising to the believers the revelation of the ufological mysteries and sacraments.
 Ironically, the lack of reliable evidence to support UFO claims reinforces the mythology, as the self- proclaimed experts maintain that the absence of evidence points to a government conspiracy or cover-up.
Conspiracies—secret forces that shape events and conceal the truth from the public—appear in a number of modern myths,  reflecting a failure of trust in previous legends and the old belief in concealed and powerful cabals and shadow organizations that control and manipulate the information and forbidden knowledge.

En the UFO=ET mythology, the imaginary alien civilizations multiply and some of  these are “good” and  angelic, while others are “evil” or daemonic.
Of course this Manichaeism is the new version of the traditional fight between God and the Devil; the same opposition presented in a new form for the modern consumer.
Again, since the presumed aliens are never present, the professional exo-mythologists sooner or later must produce a new theology with its mysteries and sacraments.
The “contactees” are now the prophets who write the new sacred books.

The presence of the extraterrestrials is the new promise, and the disclosure will bring the “kingdom of heavens” to Earth in what looks as a new version of the Christian mythology.
In the new mythology the fight between the “true faith” and heresy is evident in the mutual accusations of those who have different interpretations of the UFO=ET dogma. It’s difficult to predict who will be the winners, the representatives of the ‘true faith” and the losers or heretics.

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