Monday, January 26, 2015

Tomas Eugenio Scolarici: some of his published books.

Under my name and pseudonyms for Publishers Plus Ultra and Caymi, Argentina.

The Matrix? UFO "experts" and old videos.

The voice is  gives the message: "People, keep looking at the sky, wait a few months more

and the gov. will disclose it...UFO are extraterrestrial visitors. They are here and they were here before...isn't it wonderful? Evidences? The authorities will show them.
Come to the future UFO congress, you only need time and $290. It''s what you need, and also consider the possibility of buying Flying
Saucer Toys, shirts, books, pics, you know. I Think that $1000 will do it...
Just forget war, drones, hunger, children massacre in Palestine, inequality, killing cops, lack of privacy...
All this problems will be solved after disclosure, or after the cosmic brothers come to tell us how to do it better.                                                        
Take your time, forget the corporations,  Read about the "breakaway civilization" and the  big cover-up and the promised future disclosure. Forget about politics, decency, human rights, Truth,
I know I know, things are not clear, there is fear and pain and suffering but just
forget can
watch some old Richard Dolan video and learn about the world after the disclosure.
Forget the real world, have the wrong pill and remain in the matrix of lies and fiction sold as fact.
Just remember that there is a UFO Industry. People selling you lies, fictions presented as facts, non-existent conspiracies, faked sightings and pseudo-science.  They want to sell you "new"books that are copies of the old ones.
Remember that they are selling you the same old stories, year after year. decade after decade. Perhaps it's time to wake up to the real world that needs us.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

International UFO Congress: now $239.00

My comment on
Have your own
Not much, 239$ for hearing the same things again and again. The UFO industry has nothing new to say. Go back 60 years and you will find the same situation. NOTHING. 
Before wasting your money, remember this: 95 % of all UFO sightings are natural phenomena and/or man made artifacts. 
Let me tell you what you will NOT find for that money: Evidences. 
However, if you are looking for words there will be plenty.  
The real problem of the professional ufologists is just to keep the dying UFO meme alive. 
Of course, plenty of nonsense. Breakaway civilizations, Nazi secret weapons, abductions ...but please do NOT ASK for evidences. There are none. You only need faith and 239$.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015



UFO "experts":Choosing between Marketing and Truth

Simplifications are not always recommendable but I am convinced that most of the personal crises experienced by UFO researchers can be attributed  to the psychological disorder called Cognitive Dissonance.
Cognitive dissonance is the growing discomfort experienced by those who believe or promote two or more contradictory ideas or beliefs.
Some individuals, even those with good cultural background, suddenly discover the so called UFO phenomenon and are seduced by the promissory options offered to imaginative researchers. This is the beginning of the "romance" between ambitious individuals of both sexes and the whole spectrum of the UFO mythology, included the accessory memes of conspiracy, cover-up, close encounters, abductions and contactees.
 Problem comes when sooner or latter, these researchers, now professional or semi-professional writers and even "public personalities", become convinced that the whole ufological corpus is the "mirror palace" and the swamp. Nothing is real. There are no evidences.
Sources are invented. Sightings are natural phenomena 95 % of the times. Messages from the Extraterrestrials to contactees, are a stupid blend of new age rhetoric and "spiritualism", and the "experts" compete in selling to a gullible public the same old fictions presented as facts. 
Of course, the big problem comes when the self-proclaimed researchers are professionals or semi-professionals. Decorated lies repeated again and again are now a profession. The researchers are directly or indirectly compromised with the UFO industry. The market rules, not the truth. 
For the professional ufologist there are few options. Either he or she leaves the rarefied world of UFO subculture, or becomes a show-man, secretly conscious that cover-ups, conspiracies, disclosure demands, discredited events and unreliable sources are the world of make-believe. The adoption of an aggressive-defensive attitude becomes a systematic condemnation of all those who contradict his rhetoric. The skeptics are now psy-ops, government agents and dis-informers. The ufologist is protecting his market. 
This situation is indeed a source of discomfort and eventual crisis for those who know the truth but are compromised with a fantasy.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Professor Richard Dolan loosing "credibility" in the UFO Industry?

Loosing credibility in Ufology is a paradox. The wannabe professional expert in UFOs, must understand that his first steps in the UFO "science" makes him loose credibility because UFO are incredible from the beginning. If we recognize that at least 95 % of all UFO sightings are perfectly natural phenomena or man made artifacts, the "credibility" will never be saved by the dubious 5 % of cases that are by the way, NOT a mystery but simply sightings not researched enough. Do from the beginning, the professional ufologist must invent a "massive" phenomenon with nothing  unusual and remain dishonestly silent about the 95 % statistics. From the beginning the self proclaimed expert must lie when he or she writes that "millions of people see mysterious objects in the sky."
The UFO industry is a lie from the beginning, so we loose credibility just when we sell the first book or give the same lecture. 
People find that Richard Dolan is loosing credibility because he frequents recognized charlatans and professional mythologists.
My question is this one: with whom will Professor Richard Dolan make friends?  Who is reliable in Ufology?
No, truth is that Richard Dolan 's options are just two. Either he gets out from the toxic environment of the UFO show business, or he remains there, without taking care about credibility. 
Of course most things I write here apply not only for Richard Dolan but for any one that wants "credibility" in the UFO-Conspiracy Theory circus.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

How do you people feel about Richard Dolan | The Paracast Community Forums

How do you people feel about Richard Dolan | The Paracast Community Forums

"So, after reading National Security State vol1&2 a few years back i was very optimistic about RD being the new knight in shining armour of ufology but the last couple of years it seems to me that he has been dragged down the quagmire of ufo personality , the ufo "scene" and the killer :" anonymous sources" ( yuck! ).

I dont know... it seems like it is impossible to combine the ufologist with the book seller without selling out. And i sort of get it. I assume that going to diverse conferences of dubious nature is a must to promote books etc but after a while it seems that some ufologists get caught up in the relative fame that come with speaking at such events. Even if the "fame&glory" only exists inside this miniverse it is real nontheless and it seems that most of them get infected with new age drivel in the process. Case in point , James Fox and George Knapp. Only ufologist i know who dont wright books and they just happen to be the ones who , in my opinion , do the most down to earth research of UFOs, even if they might be wrong in their opinions."


"Seriously, I once had great respect for him, but his recent affiliation with KGRA (which is a UFO internet radio network that promotes just about any wackjob that will host a show for free) and his tired focus on Disclosure and the new conspiracy "Break Away Civilization" Schtick (very popular with the Exopolitics crowd) have made him just another UFO celebrity. (to me) 

He admitted in a recent interview that he makes his entire living off of his celebrity status in ufology. He has to keep cranking out new books and new conspiracies to keep food on the table. That bothers me since it removes his ability to be objective."

"Dolan has lost a lot of credibility with me. When your buddies are Bassett and Moulton-Howe, that speaks volumes. He went from being a researcher to a carnival barker these past few years.

I haven't heard a peep about volume 3 of 'The National Security State', have you? It's always ' I'm working on it.' He's been busy attending every ufo conference he can. No time for finishing up that project. It's kind of sad because he was a shining light there for awhile. Now he wants to be part of the Ancient Aliens crowd."

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Alfred Lambremont Webre feels Sorry for Kevin Annett and looks for reconciliation..!

Whispering Voice

This is amazing and perhaps shows how minds are controlled by the worst energies. IF Alfred Webre accepts a mediation  between him and Kevin Annett, this implies the possibility of going back into a friendly relationship with the man who lies, steals, and is a recognized swindler and con man. 

Alfred Webre presumably accepted the mediation, so he sees as possible the fraternal reconciliation. On the contrary, the rejection of the mediation by Kevin Annett, gives him hand free to attack the man who now "feels commiseration for K.A. narcissistic pathology. 
As you all will understand, this changes completely the situation.  

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Richard Dolan wants DISCLOSURE of what he defines as the INFINITELY COMPLEX UFO phenomenon..!

The Ufologist Richard Dolan said recently that the UFO phenomenon is perhaps infinitely complex. Also, this researcher, Professor of History and public TV personality, denounces the official cover-up that denies to the people the right to know what's going on concerning UFO- ETs- Breakaway Secret
Civilization and eventual contacts with the Ufonauts.
Professor Dolan demands a complete disclosure, and even wrote a book about how our world will look after this disclosure.
Now, in my view and following the good and old common sense, I think that Richard Dolan is trapped in an "infinite "contradiction. Let me explain why.
Watching  the news, probably we will think that government(s) are unwise, corrupt, provocative, stupid and reactionary. Consequently, the disclosure demand pretends that these same governments we have, are in fact wise and intelligent enough to find the solution of a problem like UFO phenomenon, which is "infinitely complex", and maintain the cover-up.
The powers that be cannot solve hunger, wars, exploitation, inequality, injustice, abuses and corruption but...they can solve something infinitely complex. Obviously Professor Richard Dolan contradicts himself, but there is even more.
Dolan participates in UFO Congresses, gives lectures, writes books AND confesses that the UFO
enigma is infinitely complex for him and for us all, so, after years of  research, the "expert" proclaims his own inexperience. The man who knows enough to write books, must be infinitely intelligent if he can tell us something about the infinite complexity of the UFO phenomenon.
Some of you will probably think that nonsense, contradiction and ignorance are the basic elements of

the so called Ufology, and you are right. Sooner or latter the UFO "expert" also sees this pathetic show, this circus he/she is in. If he is honest, he will tell the truth about his failed experience with the UFO myth. If he is not, he will go on into conspiracy theory, nonsense, fiction sold as fact, and abuse of believers credibility.
This tragic situation is what I call intellectual suicide. Also is called Cognitive Dissonance. Is not easy to twist truth, deny facts, blend the wise with the clown and sell as good what we know is unreliable and unbelievable. Is not easy to fabricate sources and  anonymous whistle-blowers. In the end, for the UFO-Supernatural Industry is good and true what sells.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Noam Chomsky on Syria, China, Capitalism, and Ferguson - YouTube

Noam Chomsky on Syria, China, Capitalism, and Ferguson - YouTube

Richard Dolan, is not because of UFO secrecy that you cannot live free, and YOU KNOW IT. You know it perfectly well.

Paradise Lost: The Jesuit and Guarani South America Missions, 1606-1767 | AS/COA

Paradise Lost: The Jesuit and Guarani South America Missions, 1606-1767 | AS/COA

About the UFO Industry and it’s profiteers.

Exchange on Richard Dolan of facebook.
I think this short exchange can bring some light to the UFO Industry and it’s profiteers.

Just fiction
Richard Dolan "sold his soul" to the UFO Industry. He is or tries to be a UFO-ET professional which means to sell the same stories again and again, and create new accessory myths. Dolan invented the separate secret civilization and the predictions "post disclosure". What else there is? The so called Ufology is a  show, pathetic sometimes, based in selling fiction as fact.  There is nothing else. Just people trying to make a living with nonsense. UFO mythology is dead meat. 96 % of all sightings are natural phenomena or man made artifacts. The other 4 % is not enough for the market.

A friend of facebooks suggested that Richard was a dis-information agents so my answer follows.

and games...
No, he is not a disinformation shill. Richard Dolan saw the UFO Industry as a possible profit, and narcissism did the rest.However, as always happens to the new "ufologists" he found that the same script was written again and again. So, he produced what I call the accessory memes or myths: the breakaway civilization and his fantasy book about the post-disclosure world. However, those who are old enough, know that the disclosure is a total fantasy. SELF-PROMOTION of course and as usual giving fictions as facts. Next step for Richard is to get out of the so called UFO subculture or go into complete nonsense. There is no alternative.

For some time, the new memes can keep the UFO thematics open, but in the end what I call the NHS, the Nothing Happens Syndrome, creates the inevitable dead end.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Linda Moulton Howe, Richard Dolan and "our Dreamland science reporter"

Someone once summed up Howe very well with two words: ' Media entrepreneur '. While having been a major player in the cattle mutilation mystery, Howe's credibility has gone way down hill as she sensationalizes everything from mundane animal deaths to promoting Brazilian UFO fraud Urandir Oliveira and the Aztec UFO Crash Hoax while selling alien books, videos and lectures. Howe dabbles in all things strange including bigfoot, crop circles, alien abductions, and UFOs. Howe also sits on the board of advisors to the Roswell UFO Museum along with the likes of Don Schmitt. See Howe's site, which she actually charges a subscription for in order to access some stories. Also see Howe turning an explained animal death into an encounter with bigfoot. A leap not even bigfoot itself could make. Also see Aliens Abducted My Common Sense, and a report lifting the mythos behind Howe's much touted and promoted Roswell UFO debris.

"The most hilarious web posting we have read in a very long time comes from Whitley Strieber's "Unknown Country", dated 9/30/05. Linda Moulton Howe is described as "our Dreamland science reporter". We ask - what, if any, are the scientific qualifications of this pleasant but extremely gullible lady?? Inquiring minds would like to know!"

Linda Moulton Howe
Linda Moulton Howe (born 1942) is a ufologist and "investigative journalist". Among other things, she claims that in 1983 she was shown a secret presidential briefing paper that revealed how "extraterrestrials created Jesus" and placed him on earth "to teach mankind about love and non-violence.
Initially focusing on an environmentalist message, she quickly turned to UFOs and associated phenomena, leading to what is probably her best known work, the 1980 documentary A Strange Harvest, about cattle mutilations that she concludes are unusual animal deaths caused by "non-human intelligence and technology".
She runs her own website called "" where, for a measly $45 a year, you can access her body of work. Linda will follow pretty much any lead or phone call if it involves UFOs, ancient alienscrop circles and environmentalist conspiracies (eg. colony collapse disorder and Monsanto). 

Oh dear you wrote the same book? Take a look...Yes, I know that since UFOlogy is a dying meme, everybody just copy&paste. I did the same thing in the seventies..!By the way, some individuals are talking about your breakaway should copyright your creation, Richard. My advice about this: write again to the White House demanding a complete disclosure, but INCLUDE the breakaway civilization. 
On the contrary, do not write a single word more about the post-disclosure world. Some fans will learn that you believe the UFO phenomenon is INFINITELY more complex that we can imagine, but If this is so, how could you understand the world after something that is infinitely complex? Can your mind understand what is infinitely complex?

Friday, January 2, 2015

Satanism and CIA. Pure Nonsense.

Can we for a moment put ourselves in the mind of someone who believes that CIA, Queen and Popes practice satanic rituals that include child sacrifice? It will be very difficult because the level of ignorance concerning our real world must be unlimited.
In fact, it looks preposterous to talk about this, because its stupidity is complete, or we are inside the mind of an insane.
First of all the believer in the CIA satanic rituals must ignore completely what the Central Intelligence Agency is, how it works, how it's organize and what is it's purpose. If CIA people reads about this accusation, indeed the agency will be paralyzed because they will all laugh for a week or so. 
But there is more, since posting such accusation requires the same degree of stupidity and/or dementia.
Same can be said about the Monarchy or the Vatican. 
However, there is a mystery in all this, because even to think in some form of dis-information is ridiculous. 
The only rational explanation of this CIA-QUEEN-POPE-satanic sacrifices monstrosity could be recruitment, but personally I do not believe in this hypothesis. Individuals who believe in such stupidity, in such nonsense could be eventually recruited as manipulable insane, but even the recruited insane needs some level of intelligence to be useful for the hypothetical recruiters.
So, since I do not believe in my own hypothesis, we should recognize that we confront a virtual enigma. Something weird is going on with the Internet, something or someone is turning humans into sub-humans, but personally I don't believe in this science-fiction alternative. 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

To Richard Dolan about UFO Oldies.

Dear Richard, I was thinking that these repetitions of old videos again and the end show that there is nothing new to say...that so called UFO phenomenon is finished. An old friend of mine said: when I say always the same thing , this shows that Have nothing to say.

Yes, I know, I know Richard, it's not easy to make a living with the UFO conspiracy thing...same old, same old...I remember the sixties and 70'st ...those were years, UFOs sold...!. But now...NOTHING HAPPENS. How many times we can write the same book, with a couple of new fantasies and sell? No, it doesn't work. And let me tell you something that is obvious, of course. When you find the same word or image again and again, you don't see it anymore. UFO, little grey men, abductions, ...nothing new. 

No, Richard, do NOT tell me that there is always new people becoming interested in UFO subculture, the urban The thing looks old, so out of fashion, Young, intelligent men and women, look at the whole thing as something that was OK in the sixties, even the seventies, but not anymore.
Sorry, Richard but we must face TRUTH, sooner or latter, and  sooner is better. 

Of course we all know that there will be no disclosure because there is nothing to disclose, and your invention of the breakaway civilization doesn't sound credible for the fans. Same happens with your A.D. After Disclosure. The idea that Disclosure will happen soon is preposterous, so fans do not care about a post-disclosure world in which they do NOT believe . 

Happy new year..!
James Black
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