Friday, January 2, 2015

Satanism and CIA. Pure Nonsense.

Can we for a moment put ourselves in the mind of someone who believes that CIA, Queen and Popes practice satanic rituals that include child sacrifice? It will be very difficult because the level of ignorance concerning our real world must be unlimited.
In fact, it looks preposterous to talk about this, because its stupidity is complete, or we are inside the mind of an insane.
First of all the believer in the CIA satanic rituals must ignore completely what the Central Intelligence Agency is, how it works, how it's organize and what is it's purpose. If CIA people reads about this accusation, indeed the agency will be paralyzed because they will all laugh for a week or so. 
But there is more, since posting such accusation requires the same degree of stupidity and/or dementia.
Same can be said about the Monarchy or the Vatican. 
However, there is a mystery in all this, because even to think in some form of dis-information is ridiculous. 
The only rational explanation of this CIA-QUEEN-POPE-satanic sacrifices monstrosity could be recruitment, but personally I do not believe in this hypothesis. Individuals who believe in such stupidity, in such nonsense could be eventually recruited as manipulable insane, but even the recruited insane needs some level of intelligence to be useful for the hypothetical recruiters.
So, since I do not believe in my own hypothesis, we should recognize that we confront a virtual enigma. Something weird is going on with the Internet, something or someone is turning humans into sub-humans, but personally I don't believe in this science-fiction alternative. 
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