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Eli Sadhanusari makes the following comment on Richard Dolan's post:

IF you think that the UFO phenomenon is "infinitely more complex "that we can imagine, and also you tell us that disclosure is a fact, THEN you assume that the government(s) have knowledge of this "infinitely complex" UFO phenomenon. 
Consequently, a government with infinitely complex knowledge would know also how to keep the cover up. This is a clear contradiction.
Also you should tell to your audience that 96 % of all the UFO sightings originate in natural phenomena and man made artifacts. The remaining 4 % is statistically insignificant. 

This is obviously a beautiful lesson of Logic which should be read by the self-proclaimed UFO "experts". (Those who sell fiction as fact. )

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Alfred Lambremont Webre III Goes Down On The Kevin Annett Titanic!

Alfred Lambremont Webre III Goes Down On The Kevin Annett Titanic!

Alfred Webre came onto Facebook today and posted links to documents he claims prove Kevin Annett & Jason Bowman filed a court case. Webre is an interesting character who believes things like that Barack Obama meet time-jumper Andy Basiago on Mars. So, we really shouldn’t take this guy too seriously of course. Basically, he’s your bog-standard nutbar.

Be Aware Of Disinformation Being Promoted By Alfred Webre |

Be Aware Of Disinformation Being Promoted By Alfred Webre |

I have met Mr Webre personally.
Deception is deception no matter what the sugar coating. He MAY BELIEVE in the Hocus-Pocus he says, but that does not diminish the deceptive elements of his message.
The sad truth is that TRUTH is hard to come by.
The Price of Freedom is Eternal Vigilance.
Thomas Jefferson.
That is also the price of Truth.

Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD: 9/11 disinfo op?

Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD: 9/11 disinfo op? | Veterans Today

"It is because Alfred’s beliefs are so irrational and unwarranted and his behavior so grossly inappropriate and unethical that I am revisiting the question of whether he is demented  (actually incapable of reasoning as an individual who is rationally incompetent), or simply deluded (sincere in his beliefs, even though they are not well-founded), or actually a 9/11 disinfo operator (who is neither deluded nor demented but, understanding his avowed beliefs are both irrational and unwarranted, nevertheless persists in promoting them in a deliberate attempt to subvert the 9/11 Truth movement).  The key question is whether Alfred has been actually been lying by the deliberate dissemination of information that he knows to be false but asserts anyway in order to mislead the public.  While there are ample grounds to dismiss the hypothesis that he is demented, the commission of lies counts against delusion and and instead strongly supports the conclusion that he is a 9/11 disinfo op."

What people say about Alfred Webre.
2. Andrew D. Basiago & Alfred Lambremont Webre 
I put them down as 2 because they may as well be the same person, one is the right brain the other the left brain. They think the government is running secret time travel programs and there are human colonies on Mars. They even tried to start a new age University to have people to enroll at a nice fee to teach them this garbage. The only thing for certain about these two is that they were involved in the Mkultra project of the 1960s..remember the Mk '___' experiments, say no more they are fall out whack jobs from that program . 


Here we include a message and link sent to us by Mr. Art Greenfield concerning Alfred Webre. Many thanks for this contribution, Art.

James, Yahoo changed a lot of stuff since I posted that message and the old style address has been changed to:

It is my post and you have my permission to repost it anywhere.

Art Greenfield

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

What happened in Sodom and Gomorrah?

Sodom, Gomorrah and Flammable Methane
Geological and archaeological evidence suggest that a huge one took place about four and a half thousand years ago - the time of the Biblical destruction
Flammable Methane
of Sodom & Gomorrah.
Flammable methane pockets lie under the Dead Sea shores; where the "sin city" was.  The earthquake produced the ignition, so the ground turned quicksand, and a massive landslide would have swept the cities into the water.
Experiments carried out at Cambridge University have backed up this account. (As usual, these "acts of God" can be explained by natural events or catastrophes. (By the Way, Lot giving his daughters to the sex craving mob...not very moral indeed.) 
God loves genocide.

Organized Crime against Pope Francis

Pope Francis 'is mafia target after campaigning against corruption' | World news | The Guardian

Pope Francis's crusade against corruption has made him a target for Italy's all-powerful mafia clans, a leading anti-mob prosecutor has warned.
Nicola Gratteri, who has battled Calabria's shadowy 'Ndrangheta mafia, said on Wednesday that Francis's attempt to bring transparency to the Vatican was making the white collar mobsters who do business with corrupt prelates "nervous and agitated".
He told the Italian daily Il Fatto Quotidiano: "Pope Francis is dismantling centres of economic power in the Vatican.
"If the bosses could trip him up they wouldn't hesitate. I don't know if organised criminals are in a position to do something, but they are certainly thinking about it. They could be dangerous."

About Alfred Webre's defamation of Pope Francis.

Never in my whole and long life I saw something like this infamous mass of lies and defamation. Without doubt there must be something truly diabolic behind this slanderous attack against Father Bergoglio, now Pope Francis; a decent and courageous man I knew personally for decades.
Now, how is this possible? 
If Alfred Webre believes in what he writes, he must be insane or a complete and malevolous fool.
If he is conscious about the magnitude of this infamous attack against the good name and reputation of Pope Francis, he must be working for the darkest  elements of the society. 
This man who talks to us about Light and Love, is in fact full of Darkness and Hate.

There is something called Karma or Causality. Prophet Hosea defines it with these words from the Bible: "They that sow the wind shall reap the whirlwind. " Hosea, 8:7.

My comment about Richard Dolan self-promotion.

Richard Dolan "sold his soul" to the UFO Industry. He is or tries to be a UFO-ET professional which means to sell the same stories again and again, and create new accessory myths. Dolan invented the separate secret civilization and the predictions "post disclosure". What else there is? The so called Ufology is a  show, pathetic sometimes, based in selling fiction as fact.  There is nothing else. Just people trying to make a living with nonsense. UFO mythology is dead meat. 96 % of all sightings are natural phenomena or man made artifacts. The other 4 % is not enough for the market.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Question Marks and Freedom of Nonsense.

Dr. Michael Salla believes that there are spatial alien intergalactic ships in our Moon, and in Mars, Michael says that there are siting women, pyramids, rodents, dinosaurs, martian and human bases, monuments, temples, elongated craniums looking like faraonic egyptian crowned heads...and lots of ET vehicles right
there, in the Red Planet. Although NASA ,world scientists and governments keep this under strict cover-up.
However, Michael Salla is not fool. He ALWAYS  plants his " discoveries" between question marks.
Isn't it true that this martian rock looks like an Egyptian head?
Is NASA denying presumed close encounters with several extraterrestrial UFO's?
Will the Vatican tell the truth about presumed negotiations between the Church and the tall white aliens?
These little question marks give the exopolitician the freedom of nonsense. Also, the question marks tactic tells us a lot about the mute skepticism of our self-proclaimed experts.
By the way, Michael Salla also teaches Galactic Diplomacy in Hawaii.
You can read about all this of course, but please remember the Baloney Detection Kit.
Don't leave home without it..! Is Free.



"Robert Salas can hardly be said to be open to argument on the subject of UFOs, as in his preface to this book he states that there are two things that he knows for certain about the UFO phenomenon. These are that we are being visited by "real objects of unearthly origin", and that alien abductions are also real. A theme which runs through the book is the usual tired old one that world governments are aware of the facts about UFOs but somehow manage to keep them secret."

Monday, October 27, 2014

Nostalgic thoughts about those good, old UFO times..!

Oh boy, those were the good old times. People was waiting there, for those nice aliens to come and bring peace, defeat the soviets, and protect us from hunger and illnesses.
So,  book-selling was easy. Just with a good title...something like "Cosmic Brothers are comming..!"  or  " I traveled in a flying saucer to Paradise planet." was more than enough.
Hundred pages and some illustrations and you were done. Enough for "a real expert" in the whole UFO and Extraterrestrial thing.
Believe me, couple of things like that and your readers were asking for more...they were there, night after night sitting in the backyard waiting for the Spaces Bros..! Reading the same book again and again. ( As my Uncle Jonathan said: Hope sells.)
Yes Sir, those were good times, and the 50's and the 60's, but now...let me tell you that I feel pitty for the new commers.
Young and middle aged men and women, wanting to make some extra dollars selling the UFO thing...but
soon they find that the thing is sold already, and is dead meat.
Well...they can reconsider the original idea of trying the evangelist idea but there's a lot of competence in this business also...and the same happens with New Age, so becoming a "guru" doesn't work. There are lots of Indians doing that, and also name it.

So, the new beguinner in the UFO-ET industry must work...yes...,work..! Copy and paste first of all, invent new titles and go seriously into Conspiracy Theory. Perhaps with this approach, some rhetoric skills and "face" she or he will do, but let's be  honest. The whole thing is sold
My advice: try something else. A coffee shop perhaps, or a hardware store...after all is easier to sell a cup of coffee or some needfull nails that inexistent Spaces Bros...or Foes.

Richard Dolan Interview On Crop Circles & UFOs 2014

Richard Dolan Interview On Crop Circles & UFOs 2014 | The Victory Report® Metals, Markets, Madness

Richard Dolan, the UFO mythologist who invented new conspiracies like the "alternative secret civilization" , talks here about crop circles.

Of course since Richard Dolan makes a living selling fantasies, he denies human origin to these crop circles.

However, let's read something more rational  about these "misterious" designs.

Beguinners Guide fior the Crop Circle Maker.

Enjoy and share if you like TRUTH.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Richard Dolan: Nothing new about UFO mythology.


The title of this book would suggest that either the author is going to come up with some radical new approach or that it will contain large numbers of new and impressive 21st century UFO cases. It does neither, rather it is just another potted history of largely US ufology, with many of the same old stories that we have read countless times before. As seems standard with US UFO books the ETH or some variation thereon is taken for granted as is belief in the grand cover-up. Large portions of the text are taken up with speculation as to what might happen when “the government” “discloses” “the truth” about UFOs (i.e. they tell Dolan and like ufologists what they want to hear). Far from the panic and general mayhem that Dolan imagines, I would suspect most people would just assume it was some sort of stunt to take peoples’ minds off government failures.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Ancient Aliens theory debunked in 3 hours documentary film

The "ancient aliens" mythology is one of the well known fallacies of the UFO-ET industry. As a dying myth,
the UFO-ET Hypothesis desperately needs some imaginary "evidence". This important scientific film is an enormous contribution to realism, truth and historical and pre-historical knowledge.

Encyclopedia of American Loons: #1183: Whitley Strieber

Encyclopedia of American Loons: #1183: Whitley Strieber

Whitley Strieber is the science fiction writer that invented the ET abductions. He is indeed a master of fiction-as-fact style.

Friday, October 17, 2014


In a new documentary, US government agents claim they spent decades giving fake evidence of extraterrestrials to gullible ufologists. But why? And how can we trust them now?

You must see this..!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

UFO Psychosocial Hypothesis and critical denial.

We wrote that the UFO Industry is ruled by marketing laws, so it is REAL what sells. Simple like that.
However, there are also clients: people that buys books about the UFO phenomenon and the big conspiracy that presumably keeps the secret about the ET presence on Earth.
About this also the UFO Psychosocial Hypothesis gives a clear answer: the believers will buy and read what
confirms their beliefs. They have little interest in any hypothesis that contradicts their faith in the mythical, fantastic perspective. Fantasy, sensationalism and myth will always prevail while rational, coherent ideas will be rejected.
In fact this is not different from the attitude of religious believers who do not want to read what eventually can shake their faith.
Priests even promote this rejection of "profane readings" while professional ETH ufologists will condemn critical ideas as disinformation.
As we can see, there is no difference between religious and ufological belief. The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis is proclaimed as the true faith and the self-proclaimed experts become the only reliable popes of the new mythology. Of course the rule here is also the Tertullian Credo quia Absurdum  (I believe because is absurd.)

Monday, October 13, 2014

Marketing and the UFO-ET Hypothesis

UFO as a Market invention. 
First of all we must consider that in the Market system. everything becomes a commodity, including UFO-ET-Paranormal mythologies. Because of this, the self proclaimed experts that support the UFO-ET Hypothesis are also ruled by the market. They need to write what sells.
Obviously this destroys any compromise with objectivity. The rule here is that what sells is true. That is why the UFO industry tries to create the impression of thousands of sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO.)
What these professional Ufologists, Exopoliticians and contactees DO NOT tell to their public is that 95 % of those UFO sightings are misinterpretations of natural phenomena and man made artifacts.
This changes totally the rules of the game. There is no UFO phenomenon, but misidentification phenomenon. Let us remember that even the 5 % of sightings that remain unidentified are so because of lack of enough research.
The UFO-Extraterrestrial Hypothesis is an invention of journalists, opportunists, conspiracy theorists and the UFO Industry. We should include science fiction writers and hypnotists that produce nice ET abductions. Fiction is sold as fact, misinterpretation presented as some close or not so close encounter.
On the contrary, the Psychosocial Hypothesis (PSH) analyzes the UFO phenomenon as a form of modern folklore. 
This perspective is popular among UFO researchers in the United Kingdom and
in France since the publication in 1977 of a book written by Michel Monnerie, Et si les ovnis n'existaient pas? (What if UFOs do not exist?).

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Transhumanism, Post-Apocalyptic, Conspiracy, and Horror Themes


Chuck's Eclipse Phase Wiki - Transhumanism, Post-Apocalyptic, Conspiracy, and Horror Themes

Transhumanists will control the world..!

What is Transhumanism?

Transhumanism is a term used synonymously to mean “human enhancement.” It is an international cultural and intellectual movement that endorses the use of science and technology to enhance the human condition, both mentally and physically. In support of this, transhumanism also embraces using emerging technologies to eliminate the undesirable elements of the human condition such as aging, disabilities, diseases, and involuntary death. Many transhumanists believe these technologies will be arriving in our near future at an exponentially accelerated pace and work to promote universal access to and democratic control. In the long scheme of things, transhumanism can also be considered the transitional period between the current human condition and an entity so far advanced in capabilities (both physical and mental faculties) as to merit the label “posthuman.”

Friday, October 10, 2014

Why Alfred Webre's facebook page is down.

I am in condition to suggest that Kevin Annett campaign of defamation and character assassination of Pope, Queen, etc. is the reason why Alfred's page is down. There is nothing wrong with his name. We must answer ourselves if in a public service is possible to say that the Pope " kills and eats" children..! 

"Well, we all knew it would eventually come to this- first he takes people’s money, then he starts hurting people through his smearing techniques, and now Kevin Annett is expanding his repertoire of negativity by inciting violence. If you are one of the hangers-on who still thinks Annett is an honourable man, time to think again.
Kevin Annett is becoming a danger to the public, and he will be stopped."


I am sad indeed. For Alfred Webre NOTHING is what SEEMS TO BE. 
If this is so, the whole world, REALITY ITSELF is a giant, unlimited CONSPIRACY.
In other words, when you are on the other side, there is no more REAL WORLD and NOTHING is NATURAL.
A virus is not a virus, every event is conspiratorial and our world is manipulated by secret societies, extraterrestrials, transhumanists, NWO, jesuits, illuminati...etc, etc,etc,etc,
Amazing, because the big PARANOIA is non effective. Real World takes revenge. 
The Nothing Happens Syndrome prevails.(BIG YAWN HERE PLEASE.)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Don't buy FICTION as FACT.

Richard Dolan is now into NAZI UFO's and full time conspiracy theory.

Richard Dolan, the well known "expert" in disclosure and Ufology seems to be loosing his imaginary sobriety concerning UFO, paranormal, disclosure, cover up, ghosts and other non-existent entities. No Richard is also into big conspiracy theory, you know, NAZI ufo, 21 century Ufology (whatever this is,) and the big Cover Up.
We must understand these people, since they are selling something that doesn't exist. Sooner or latter their own sons and daughters will ask them if what they say is TRUE.
(Oh, that's not nice..."Dad, do you have some evidences about these things?")
It's not nice to look at your own face in the mirror and recognize that you are selling lies as truth to make a living.
Truth is that sooner or latter the self-proclaimed experts in UFO, must go into CONSPIRACY theory, because they must explain to  the fiction-as-fact buyers the Nothing Happens Syndrome.
There is only one way to justify the N.H.S. and it's the massive, unbelievable conspiracy.
But here the self proclaimed experts confront a new problem: competence. 
It's not easy to make a living selling nonsense.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

UFOLOGISTS: The Paradigm Symposium 2014 seeks money at the Woman's Club of Minneapolis

They sell this as fact. 
"From “black budgets” and “breakaway civilizations” to modern shamans and spirits, the Paradigm Symposium was a headfirst dive into the sort of topics that the modern History Channel would absolutely love to make programming about. The event was attended by individuals who have made frequent appearances on History’s Ancient Aliens series, such as Richard Dolan and Graham Hancock, as well Ghost Hunters International’s Barry Fitzgerald. All in all, roughly a dozen individuals, self-proclaimed experts in their fields, were on hand to give presentations and attend panels on all manner of subjects, but in the end it all boiled down to the idea that they were the keepers of a secret truth that they had unraveled a grand theme and that if you would only buy their book and listen to what they had to say, you, too, could be in on the secret." 

And here is the disclosure.."A four day pass for the event ran $250, and a VIP pass (which entitled you to a VIP banquet) was $340."

The Paradigm Symposium 2014 seeks truth and money at the Woman's Club of Minneapolis | Twin Cities Daily Planet

Tuesday, October 7, 2014



Open Letter to Kevin Annett

Dear Kevin,
The way you ran away last night while the radio show’s host started asking you some challenging questions has made it obvious to the world that you have something to hide. You complain about the people who are asking you questions, and do everything within your power to avoid having to answer them. Why is that?
Yesterday you proved yourself to be a coward…
If you were an honest man you would welcome people’s questions and answer them in an open forum Kevin. Your pattern of constant evasion and ad-hominem attacks are hurting the cause you proclaim to support. Why do you think so many people in indigenous communities have asked you to stop?
If you are an honest man, and have nothing to hide, then you will accept the invitation to come back to a roundtable conversation on the radio show this weekend. None of the people involved are out for anything but the truth- if you are telling the truth you should have nothing to be afraid of.
I have a few questions for you Kevin, they should be easy for you to answer: READ MORE & SHARE.

A Warning About Kevin Annett From Dennis Banks & Royce White Calf…

A Warning About Kevin Annett From Dennis Banks & Royce White Calf…

Karen Hudes | My Blog: On Kevin Annett hoaxes

Karen Hudes | My Blog

" I really believe you are under attack for having outed Kevin Annett as a Jesuit Agent. I have alot to say on that issue. He has attempted to destroy our personal lives for 17 years. And we all agree with you that he is a Jesuit Agent..I was going to warn you that you would have severe lashback from this…And now it is happening."

The Shift to New Earth has happened; Some are on New Earth and exposing Matrix - YouTube

NEW! Peter Slattery: The Shift to New Earth has happened; Some are on New Earth and exposing Matrix - YouTube

What new earth? Same old, same old. Cruelty, war, exploitation, environmental destruction. By the way, since there is no  evidence confirming the Australia-based contact with ET. or any other imaginary entity,, we must write the presumed or the self-proclaimed ET experiencer. However, in Alfred's videos there is always space and time for charlatans, hoaxers and slanderous looneys.
If isn't true is welcomed. 

Tomas Scolarici - The Billy Meier UFO Contacts - Exopolitics - The Billy Meier UFO Contacts - Exopolitics

"Yes, indeed, “exopolitics” the latest assembly of pathetic poseurs and wishful wannabes, delightfully free of any self-policing, scientific standards of evidence and proof, or actual knowledge about anything extraterrestrial, who gleefully seek to soak up the limelight with an abundance of irrelevant and unsubstantiated bilge, in the process of which they further relegate the entire, real controversy and worthwhile substance of the UFO debate to the realm of ridicule and irrelevance. And might that not be the actual goal of the ego-driven architects of this flimsy, foolish enterprise…in other words, could it actually be a deliberately disguised disinformation operation?"

This article deserves a reading.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

The insane conspiracy theories of Naomi Wolf - Vox

The insane conspiracy theories of Naomi Wolf - Vox

Very Recommended on Typhoon, Mars, and the Moon.

Thoughts on a Monday Morning: The typhoon, Mars, and the moon

“In El Segundo, California, in a CIA laboratory, there is an elevator that transports a human being onto Mars, or any other planet with a solid ground. Mars is well known because it has been tested many, many times for the test runs. This technology came about from reverse engineering of a crashed spaceship which was sent from Alpha Centauri, the constellation made famous from the movie Avatar. Although it was well known in the scientific and conspiracy theorist community; it was hardly news in the real world. The scientists discovered that through the consciousness of a human or alien mind, the ship sets a destination you desire, and opens up a worm hole in front of the ship which transports you to the destination of your liking. This sounds like ‘Star Wars’ or ‘Star Gate’ type hogwash, but two of the top CIA officials have come out to talk about this ‘Jump Room’. Andrew D. Basiago has been the biggest and the most resourceful evidence of this Jump Room, which was created from reverse engineering.”

A curious blend of class B movies (Matrix) , conspiracy obsession and mediocre "prophets"

A curious blend of class B movies (Matrix) , conspiracy obsession and mediocre "prophets"

Call it unlimited decadence. All very cheap in fact.

ALFRED WEBRE : The Shift to New Earth has happened; Some are on New Earth and exposing ...
VANCOUVER, BC – In this conversation with Alfred Lambremont Webre, Australia-based ET experiencer and author Peter Maxwell Slattery reveals ...
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Alfred Webre: Plan A is Martial Law; Plan B is Ebola. Awareness and Critical Mass can deconstruct ...
I would not miss 1 minute of this Alfred Weber interview about what Ebola is and whit is happening you best get this information out to make it critical ...
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