Sunday, February 26, 2012

About Agendas and Semantics.

About Agendas and Semantics.

Semantic is the branch of linguistics that deals with the study of meaning, changes in meaning, and the principles that govern the relationship between sentences or words and their meanings
But more important for our investigation, Semantics is the study of the relationships between signs and symbols and what they represent
Consequently, we use semantics for the determination of the truth or falsehood of sentences within the theory, and the references of its terms.
If this is so, the destruction of our semantic knowledge, results in the destruction of MEANING (or meanings.)
It’s not difficult to understand that the destruction of meaning implies the perception of the real world and thus the collapse of a Civilization
Confuse contradictory messages; unnecessary neologisms, nonsensical narratives and the manipulation of fear, hate and hope are practical tools for this semantic deconstruction.

Question: is this the Agenda and if this is so, of whom?

Tomas Scolarici

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

UFO, Shamballah, the Chakravartin and the Kingdom of the Wheels.

Dear friends

Let’s consider these possibilities. Ancient legends talk about theChakravartin that means The Lord of the Wheels. This is a universal ruler, who rules ethically and benevolently over the entire world. Such a ruler's reign is called sarvabhauma, literally meaning "whose wheels are moving", in the sense of "whose chariot is rolling everywhere without obstruction, in the meaning of "through whom the Dharmacakra ("Wheel of the Dharma) is turning"

Now, Nicholas Roerich, (1874 -1947) was a Russian painter, philosopher, scientist, writer, traveler, and public figure. He explored the Himalaya and after the expedition ended in July 1928, Roerich founded the “Urusvati” (Light of the Morning Star) Institute of Himalayan Studies.

Roerich saw several UFOs described as flying wheels in his papers. These flying wheels were vehicles presumably coming from the secret city of Shamballah which in Tibetan Buddhism tradition is considered a secret kingdom (perhaps extradimensional?)   Hidden somewhere in Asia. This secret City could be the legendary kingdom of the Chakravartin, the Lord of the Wheels.

Of course, only those knowing the secrets of interdimensional travel can find this, for us, invisible city.

I think these concepts should be considered carefully when we try to solve the UFO enigma.

(Ideas welcome.)

Tomas Scolarici

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The new Meme: Sounds in the Sky

Remember the Orbs meme? It’s already a dead meme but exofantasists were happy about it.
Now, nobody talks about these orbs that were nothing but a digital cameras optical phenomenon.
Now, we have a new Meme: The Sounds in the Sky.
Of course it’s easier to make a video and include a sound in it. Just try and have fun.
By the way Richard Boylan, self proclaimed Councilor of Earth, wrote that the Extraterrestrials were trying to make us understand that there is someone else there, in our skies.
As usual, the aliens are never there, like the gods of different theistic religions they are just a reference.
A sign composed by a signifier but never a signified.
These extraterrestrials, as shy young girls, insinuate themselves but never show the real thing.
Why? Simply because there is no real thing. There is only TEXT, words, imagination, fiction, beliefs, pseudoscience, charlatanism and delusion.

Tomas Scolarici

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ascension where?

Please do not sell your house and give the money to gurus, pseudo-scientists and charlatans.
There will be NO ASCENSION AT ALL in 2012. 
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Let's see:

1300–50; Middle English ascencioun  (< Anglo-French ) <Latin ascēnsiōn-  (stem of ascēnsiō ), equivalent to ascēns (us ) risen up (past participle of ascendere,  equivalent toascend-  climb up ( see ascend) + -tus  past participlesuffix) + -iōn- -ion

But if there is ascension we need two basic places. First where we are NOW, and of course a second place ABOVE.
Since nobody defines where is that higher place where to go, I'm afraid that the presumed ascension has no value at all.

In other words you can meet me downstairs as usual. 

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Cabal Comfort.
Must be nice to have a Cabal always ready, right?
Of course, because our wrongdoings, errors and misbehaviors are never our own responsibility:the Cabal did it..!The cabal makes me wrong…My abused patients are cabalists, and cabalists are Judges, Attorneys, and the whole State of California.  

Of course, this is the classic scapegoat method:
Scapegoat Theory: Scapegoat theory is a social psychological term that relates to prejudice. According to this theory, people may be prejudice toward a group in order to vent their anger. In essence, they use the group they dislike as their target for all of their anger…as a vent. One example that has been suggested is the holocaust. According to scapegoat theory, the Germans used the Jews as scapegoats for all of their countries problems, focused all of their anger on the Jews, and allowed their anger and hatred to become an ideology. Some people do not like to blame themselves. They will thus actively seek scapegoats onto whom we can displace our aggression. These may be individuals or even entire groups. Like bullies, we will often pick on powerless people who cannot easily resist.
Scapegoating increases when people are frustrated and seeking an outlet for their anger.
Once cast as a scapegoat it can be difficult to shake off the classification. 
Of course, once the Scapegoat (the Cabal in Boylan’s case) is created and imposed to the group, it becomes an universal justification.
But if this is so, the price to pay is high, because scapegoaters must give more and more power to the imaginary evildoers, (The Cabal powers in Boylan’s rhetoric are always growing.)
Needless is to say that this rhetoric never gives any kind of evidence. What the “leader” says is always the truth.
Any doubt will transform you into a cabal, (no evidences against you are needed.)
All those who endured the “Councilor of Earth” mythology and his Cabal-Scapegoat methodology are well aware of this.
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