Thursday, April 30, 2009

Boylan's Followers Rebellion.

Dear friends of Truth.
Included is a message posted by Wendy in Boylan's group UFOfacts. The lady, after channeling Asheoma, answers the demands of those who want to become Councilors. ( Looks like the absolutism of the "good and wise doctor" is challenged.)
Wendy says that Asheoma told her about the need to serve the will of the Source for becoming Councilor.
Of course, Wendy (and Asheoma) do not take into account the merits of the Councilor of Earth. See below:

Learn more about the Councilor and his services to the Source.

This is the message of Wendy

The subject of this is a bit in jest - but some people have written with sincere questions such as "What do I need to do to become a Councillor?"
Asheoma has this to say:
"Hello my Brothers and Sisters who share the sky above me. It is good to speak with you again.
Is it possible for anyone to become a Councillor? Of course it is. Within the Grand Dream of Source who is All , there are not natural exclusions to who can become a Councillor for the Star Nations.
If this is a desired path of service, then it is good to understand what is needed. These things are shared the same way the steps to any employment might be stated by an educator of Earth so one may prepare themselves for a selected path.
To serve Star Nations is to first work fully within the level of service to Source. There are no members of Star Nations - this includes our pilots, engineers, healers, teachers, and the many others - who hold a title for the purpose of the title. The goal first is always the service to Source. As an example, one who is a High Councillor for the healing of physical energy systems (or bodies) - this is one who holds a position within Star Nations that Humans might say equal a Surgeon General in the United States of America, first served on his own home world as a thermal technician for environmental concerns. Many lives were spent learning about the way his own Planet Being worked. After that time, his experience grew into searching ways to identify the health of other Planet Beings through temperature. It is even to note that this same Councillor confirmed the disease of Earth Being through temperature evaluation. But it was his own dedication to the health of all Beings he encountered which set his heart center as grounded in service to Source.
After his own people became members of the Star Nations, he was eager to assist on any project or mission which concerned health in any way. Always willing to find out the truth of situations above even his own reasoning or thinking proved his ego was as a tool used in Awareness. This proved his humility.
Star Nations did not appoint him as a Councillor - it is not done in this manner. He simply was a Councillor. Star Nations sought his input into matters, and his service was pure. He represented his skill.
Time and service to Source is a school of its own worth. Through the years which are not years as they all become one continuous path of awareness in service through many physical forms, he become stronger in his service skills and his own awareness toward Source. The Star Nations "one day" asked if he would like to assist by serving as a final spoken voice on matters High Council had to consider. This position is weighted as each Councillor accepts in Karma and in Soul all outcomes of the Collective Star Nations voice. When it is said on Earth "the buck stops here" - this applies. It is a somber and serious position which only can be held by those who are no longer. They have surrendered the entire Being of Self to the Will of Source. They are the tools of Source.
Star Nations members hold our High Councillors in a very special heart energy close to us. We protect them with all we are. To us, they are the same as an Earth High Priest. They have proved themselves to their own and to the Star Nations and to Source. And as they see is correct for situations, it is viewed by Star Nations as the Law of Source - if it can be said in that way.
Yet these are still individuals who are learning and growing and changing. And it is interesting to see this in action with our Beloved Councillors - that is my own heart word for them of Earth as I have chosen. A true Councillor holds no desire at all for the title of this or even for the eyes of respect that are cast upon them. In fact, it is known that their energy shifts in shyness and almost disdain when respect of title is shown them. They suffer the title only because it is a part of the service.
So, your heart desires to be a Councillor? Then first take your eyes off the self and away from the mirror. See what it is you are able to do to assist those around you. Those who deliver food to the poor or who clean up after the sick - they are the souls who are on their way to being seen as a Councillor.
With my love to all,
Asheoma te ka Meata
end of Wendy's post in UFOfacts

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Remain Calm: The Councilor of Earth Protect Us.

Dear Brothers and Sisters.
It was not a surprise when I read this communique of our beloved Councilor of Earth. He writes:

I am announcing a Joint Psychic Exercise (JPE) to deactivate the lethal swine flu worldwide epidemic.
This critically-importan t Joint Psychic Exercise takes place this Friday, May 1. (Exact Time below)
The JPE’s purpose is to stop the spreading of and infection by the lethal Swine Flu virus worldwide epidemic. Star Nations informed that this virus is bioengineered by the Cabal to be specifically lethal to Meso-Americans, but is also harmful to other ethnicities. The evil Cabal cartel has been unleashing the virus in various countries.

Once again, the monstrous conspiracy of the infinitely evil Cabal is confronted by the Forces of Light, guided by the Star Nations and commanded by the Supreme Leader, Our Councilor of Earth, Dr. Boylan.
While I write this, there are tears in my eyes...tears of Emotion and Gratitude.
The Cabal controls our planet, but in the skies, the Star Nations watch over us, poor mortals, and of course one Man and a few followers will prevail against the enemies of the Human Race.
This is indeed a good War, and probably it is time to suggest to our Superiors the recognition of our magnificent protector, not only as Councilor of Earth but as Emperor of His Earth and the whole Galaxy.
Also, the artists and composers should organize themselves to give testimony of this epic battle between the Commandant of the Forces of Light against the Evil Cabal. On the contrary, decadent books, pictures and music promoting the Cabal, will know the purification of fire as soon as possible.

Absolute Loyalty to the Councilor of Earth.

a citizen

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Infocalipsis is the collapse of Signification.
You will see this concepts and consider it's implications.
Those who bring the End, bring the Beginning.
The agents of the INFOCALIPSIS are also the agents of CHANGE, and remember, there is nothing but change. Movement. Becoming.

Monday, April 27, 2009

From Bad Science-Fiction to Worst Horror Movie

This is the last creation of Dr. Boylan, Nothing is to much for these people.

By now most have read/heard about the new outbreak of deadly swine flu in Mexico, which has now crept into the U.S. and is causing double-digit deaths here.
As soon as I learned about this epidemic in Mexico, my Intuition kicked in that this was a Cabal bio-engineered virus. Specifically, that the Cabal had taken basic swine flu and weaponized it to become lethal instead of merely causing aches and fever, which the Cabal also bio-engineered in a way where those of Mexican genetics would be more susceptible to it. But now Star Nations has confirmed that this is indeed the case.
Thus this deadly swine flu variant is designed, as Star Nations points out, to prey upon the "swarthy, poor masses" that the Cabal see as useless. and "needing to be weeded out."
Thank you, Star Nations for relaying this information.
Which I am now sharing with the people.
Further, the Cabal figured that migrant workers slipping across the border into the United States would carry the virus with them, thus infecting American populations, and generating a demand by frightened persons to close the border to these poor workers only seeking a job. Thus the Cabal can use this virus to foment race and class warfare, one of their favorite old divide-and-conquer strategies.
Previously, the Cabal had bioengineered Hanta virus in a way where Native Americans (especially in the Southwest) would be especially susceptible to it. It is likely not a coincidence that such Native American reservations were places where enormous deposits of coal and uranium are located.
And earlier yet, the Cabal bioengineered the HIV/AIDS virus in a way that gays (especially men) and Blacks would be especially susceptible to this deadly bioweapon. Thus the scourges in gay communities, African-American communities, and in the Black populations in equatorial and southern Africa. It is also likely not a coincidence that such African populations reside in areas where diamonds, oil, chromium, and other valuable natural resources are located.
The Star Nations' insight is instructive: that the Cabal are doing this to "free up" money otherwise being spent on health care for poor people and communities of color, so that that "freed-up" money can be redirected to finance modern weapons production programs.
I have seen a mention in the newspaper that at least one scientist said that the deadly virus in Mexico was unnatural: that "you don't see in nature pig, chicken and Human viruses mixed together." What the scientists seem to be hinting is that they understand that this weapon was laboratory bioengineered.
The people need to demand that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) reveal that this killer virus is man-made, and the CDC do an epidemiological tracing investigation back to where it was launched. And then to identify where it was made. And by whom. This may involve the FBI as well as the CDC.
in the light,
Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Psychological Script of Con People.

Excellent definition posted by Jay Moody in Rational Ufology

The best con people put a miniscule amount of truth into their work to make their mistruths seem more credible (IE: David Icke). There is ALOT of psychological script and utilization in many text to enforce an agenda. The bible and other holy works are notorious for this.
While it seems improbable bases on the Moon on the grounds that such a big conspiracy would be difficult to hide we have to remember that government is highly compartmentalized with a need to know basis much of the time. Nontheless if there were cities on the Moon in all probability the information would breach the compartmentalized paradigm thus become public knowledge similiar to torture at Guantanamo (certain governmental officials are reported to have been upset this became public.)

Friday, April 24, 2009

How Charlatans test us..!

The Charlatans begin with something big. They show us a complete city in the surface of the Moon. Why? Just because if we believe that in the surface of the Moon there are modern cities with people, roads, buildings and transport, we are ready to buy anything and everything. (See how it works?)
If you believe that the Earth is the center of our Solar System, or that the Earth is flat, or that there are cities like New York in the Moon...!
Well, probably they will be able to sell you what they want.
They need an ignorant crowd to make their business. They are shameless. They will tell you that the Irak Invasion was directed to close an Alien Stargate , as Salla wrote..!
But...are these people serious? Of course they are. They seriously want to sell us a lie. They seriously believe that our stupidity and ignorance has no limits...


Leaving ETanthropology

Today I left the group mentioned before. I did it because I will NOT fight against disinformers like Salla or Boylan, and at the same time justify other charlatans and disinformers that are not better than those Exos.
I RESPECT you all, so I KNOW that you know that there are not cities in the surface of the Moon, or prosperous civilizations in Mars.
I can SHOW what the EXO market has to sell, but never will participate in that Market.

I believe in FACTS, Truth, Rational and Critical Thought. I believe also in careful observation of the UFO Pop Culture and commercialization.
BUT I believe that you, people, deserve something better that cheap class c science-fiction.


To our Friends of Truth

Dear friends of truth.
Again, those who send messages to our mailing list, have nothing to do with me.
However, I believe in FREEDOM, so, if you find interesting what they write, just enjoy..!
If you DO NOT want UNWANTED messages send them to SPAM BOX.
By the way take a look at this link, Hall of Shame, a good Who is Who of Charlatans, disinformers, opportunists and pseudoscientists. Enjoy.



Thursday, April 23, 2009

The EXO apparatus of disinformation and how it works.

Dear friends of truth, let me share with you some ideas.
First let us see how the Exo-disinfo. apparatus works.
The Exos tell us WHAT the Gov. keeps SECRET. Of course, this implies that the EXOS know the same things that the Gov. right?, and also that there are 3 different institution or entities IN THE KNOWLEDGE : The Gov. , the Exos and the ET's.
These three institutions, Exos, Gov. and Aliens, are communicated through whistleblowers, contactees an other "secret anonymous sources."

The Exos want us to believe this, because if we do, they are the only channels of information. (They sell us books, lectures, courses in Galactic Diplomacy, preparation for the name it.)

Of course the Exos want us to be passive, to wait their movements.
Gov. movement would be the Disclosure, ET movement would be the open contact, and Exos what they sell us. They present themselves as the only source of information..!

But this hoax works only with a herd, but not with intelligent people.
We have ideas, we are not affraid of differences, we believe in freedom. For us, Ufology is full of questions and not a cult, but an Open field of research. The Exo Circus is ready to close. They have nothing more to sell us.

In Truth we Trust

James Black

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Dear people, let me show you something.
Two samples, the first is P4C, Salla's group, and the second is Boylan's UFOfacts.
Salla LIMITS the content of posts. Only a Good Aliens view is tolerated. Many important references are off topic, and questions, doubts or different views are baned.

Boylan group is actually a Cult, not a Research Group. The self-proclaimed Councilor of Earth is the Pope. His Dogma is Absolute and all those who think differently belong to the Cabal.

On the contrary, we try to practice an OPEN UFO research. I must show you what is going on, if this is possible, and you choose what to believe and what not.
We address mature thinking people, not sheep.






Answer as best as you can. Memories will come later and we will update the questionaire accordingly.

Do you .......

1.Have unexplained marks, scars,
bruises or rashes on your body?

2.Regularly wake up with nosebleeds?

3.See strange non-human figures?

4.Have dreams where you cannot move?

5.Regularly hear unusual buzzing or
high-pitched sounds?

6.That you are sensitive to sounds or

7.Have any unusual lumps or bumps on
your body that you cannot explain?

8.That you are unable to wear watches
or that electrical appliances such as
computers, malfunction around you?

9.See UFO's, or stars in the sky making
impossible manoeuvres?

10. See unusual mists or fogs?

11. Experienced "extra;" or "missing
time" such as arriving much later or
sooner than expected?

12. Wake up in a place other than where
you remember going to sleep?

13. Find possessions or clothing
arranged differently to before you went
to sleep?

14.Have insomnia or abnormal sleep

15. See beams or balls of light that
could not be explained?

Do you dream of .....

16. Spacecraft or non-human beings?

17. Medical procedures, or examinations
being performed on you?

18. Animals, deer, owls, wolves, grey

19. Being in classrooms taking unusual

20. Having some kind of healing done on

21. Barren or desolate, desert like

22. Catastrophic events, such as
earthquakes or tidal waves?

23. Hospitals, large amphitheatres, or
underground facilities?

24. Flying and passing through walls or

25. Being unconscious?

26. Choking on thick substances like

27.Being pursued or rescued?

28.Unusual children?


Do you ....

29. Consider yourself to be more open
minded than the average person?

30. Consider yourself to be an

31.Feel very connected to all living

32. Feel drawn to vegetarian diets or
mostly so?

33. Believe life exists on other

34. Experience altered states, such as
OBE's? (Out of the Body Experiences)

35. Feel that you do not belong, or
feel different to everyone else?

36. Feel a sense of purpose of mission,
but do not know what it is?

37. Feel a sense of longing or
connectedness to the stars?

38. Feel you know things, but shouldnt
talk about it?

39. Feel observed or watched?

40. Feel the need, or pull, to go to
isolated places sometimes, without
knowing why?

41. Feel different to your siblings and
even your parents?

42. Have awareness of knowledge that
you have not consciously learnt?

43. Awareness of the non-physical, can
see energy around people?

44. Feel you are psychic or
clairvoyant, with good intuitional

45. Feel attracted to exploration of
your spirituality?

46. Have little interest in
materialistic values?

47. Fear the dark, even as an adult?

48. Fear sleeping near a window?

49. Fear your closet?

50. Very fearful of images of UFOs or ET images?

51. Dislike clowns or fearful of them?

52. Have a phobia of needles?

53. Fear spiders, crickets or preying

54. Have memory gaps, especially around
childhood or puberty?

55.Receive telepathic messages, or feel
your mind shared by an ET being?



This form is optional


Answer yes or no..and add comments

1.Feel more connected to the 'stars' than earth?
2.Feel very 'different' to your parents or siblings?
3.Feel that there is no one the same as you?
4.Feel very drawn to a universal spirituality
5.Feel you have a 'mission' or purpose that you are not conscious of yet?
6.Feel your body seems very 'dense' or 'bulky?'
7.Feel very 'connected' to all living things?
8.Feel passionate about the planet and caring for it?
9.Feel the impulse to draw unusual symbols or pictures?
10.Feel the urge to draw the faces of 'unusual' beings?
11.Feel the 'urge' to speak in a 'strange' language, which somehow feels very 12.familiar to you?
13.Feel 'constantly' watched or observed?
14.Feel that you are being touched when resting or sleeping by something non-human?
15.Feel you are 'sharing your consciousness' with another being?
16.Feel you can sometimes be in two places at once?
17.Feel you can visit or see other 'places/planets' with your consciousness?
18.Feel that someone is speaking 'telepathically' to you sometimes?
19.Feel determined to have a very holistic, healthy mainly 'vegetarian' diet?
20.Feel you have 'unusual' small objects implanted in your body?
21.Feel you have got 'unusual' strange children somewhere else?
22.Feel you can hear people's thoughts?
23.Feel drawn to travel to remote places?
24.Feel a 'strong' pull to off world, or other planets?
25.Have unexplained marks, scars, bruises or rashes on your body?
26.Regularly wake up with nosebleeds?
27.See strange non-human figures?
28.Have dreams where you cannot move?
29.Regularly hear unusual buzzing or high-pitched sounds?
30.That you are sensitive to sounds or lights?
31.Have any unusual lumps or bumps on your body that you cannot explain?
32.That you are unable to wear watches or that electrical appliances such as 33.computers, malfunction around you?
34.See UFO's, or stars in the sky making impossible manoeuvres?
35.See unusual mists or fogs?
36.Experience extra' or 'missing time' such as arriving much later or sooner 37.than expected?
38.Wake up in a place other than where you remember going to sleep?
39.Find possessions or clothing arranged differently to before you went to sleep?
40.Have insomnia or abnormal sleep patterns?
41.See beams or balls of light that could not be explained
42.Feel unwell or disturbed with strobe lighting?
43.Feel sick or ill drinking thick milky drinks?
44.Suffer from being in confined spaces"


45.Aware of healing energy in your hands?
46.Can see aura's, colours or energy fields around people?
47.Dream that your 'body' or mind, has been changed or altered in someway?
48.Aware of 'different' energies from people?
49.Have 'dreams' where you feel you are attending an 'unusual' school?
50.Have out of body experiences, feel you are going through walls or windows?
51.Have dreams where you are flying?
52.Have 'difficulty' at times being in crowds of people?
53.Aware of 'past lives as human or extra-terrestrial?'
54.Aware of being in a dual reality at times?
55.Aware of events before they happen?
56.Aware of information/knowledge in your head that you have not consciously learnt?
57.Have played or known to have 'unusual' imaginary friends?
58.Lower vital signs, such as lower blood pressure, pulse rate and body temperature.


59.See strange beings either physically with your eyes or with your inner eye?
60.Have 'energy' surges in your body sometimes?
61.Have 'marks' or 'scars' on your body that you canÕt explain?
62.Wake up with 'nose bleeds'?
63.Learnt to speak, walk, earlier than average?
64.Become very distressed when any living thing is harmed or killed?
65.See UFOÕs (Unidentified Flying Objects?)
66.Fascinated by UFOÕs or the possibility of ET life forms?
67.Drawing unusual writing or scripts?
68.Notice that sometimes your thoughts can affect lights or objects?
69.Electrical equipment reacts erratically around you?
70.You have difficulty wearing a watch?
71.Have found that occasionally your body will spontaneously levitate?
72.Woken up and felt you had been healed in some way?
73.Have memory gaps in your childhood?
74.Have 'paralyzing' dreams, where you feel you are awake, but canÕt move?
75.Experience missing or 'extra' time episodes?
76.Have or had difficulty fitting in at school or in life generally?
77.Have a sensitivity/ allergy to many pollutants, or drugs?
78.Have sensitive/acute hearing?
79.Irregular 'sleep' patterns?
80.Experience strange or unusual psychic or paranormal phenomena around you?

These questions are only an indicator of experiences. They can act as a trigger for other memories if you do have CONTACTEE/ABDUCTION experiences....

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Andrew Hennessey' s NEW DOCUMENT against Exopolitics


Andrew Hennessey

The exoland movement for full disclosure is in my opinion an ongoing charade and as such requires a new kind of critique, ... but before we can get even to there - we all have to come to our senses and realise what the governments already know about ETs and earth changes and legal liability for alien victims - you can't sue a tsunami ..

If there are cataclysms and culls then there is going to be no human left to account to. Meanwhile the distractions, diversions and dissonance and disappointments continue.

I think BECAUSE Dr Salla of Exopolitics deliberately Excludes Demonic ETs or the reality of witness accounts of such demonic ETs - actually demonizing or endorsing the demonization of victims - the people who
rightfully use demonic as an adjective ... that Salla is not only hiding demonic alien behaviour, he is Promoting it .. for it needs the darkness of ignorance in which to hide and operate and commit its terrible acts on

e.g. Paul Schroeder

We can see this EXO farce is going nowhere or to unwhere with its fantasists, false disclosures and its attendant circus of workshops and marketing stuff that pays large bills.

This semantic chaos is in my opinion quite calculated to drive people away. [see my article on cognitive dissonance and exopolitics]
Yet in truth for the governments, and corporations there is no good fiscal or legal reason to Disclose.
The Exo mission therefore appears to be damage limitation and diversionary tactics for the monied middle classes of Western `democracy'. Also some of the main participants in Exoland have anti-human or at least elitist policies; e.g. Transhuman `Ubermen', `Royal Rising ascended Stars', victimising victims by use of the you get what you deserve reality-creation ideology. etc which fits in the with e.g. the Georgia Guidestones and Un Agenda 21.

And all of this total lack of truth or reality from the `trust me I'm a doktor' crew rolls on as smoke and mirrors and distractions whilst all manner of alien junk is floating about our skies and cities and countryside


Here is a comparison of my Xeno versus their EXO issues – many taken from the prevalent endorsed posters on the lists of the 3 doktors.




So we all decide to opt out of Exodisney theme park with its nonsense

Our alternatives to the offices of alien colonists

please assume some factors.

1. no secrecy - the place is covered by alien droids and scanners
2. no physical engagement is viable – they can literally run rings round us in the blink of an eye
3. our battle is in our hearts and minds and spirit - the battle for our soul

given alien farming droids are prevalent - there cannot be physical or secret resistance that can work also because of use of telepathy and other mind machines etc

To pray is to resist - to not read the lifescript they give us .. to not be
numbed into some form of contentment with it .. to not be weighed down by its alleged prosperity .. by the rags of its artificial cartoons .. the millstone to the spirit and soul of being attached to and engaged by its song of self negation.

Pray to our Source - or divine family - for me that is Christ - to resonate with my human Source and elder brother and all of the human love there can be ..

It isn't passive or pacifist to pray - try it - see how hard it suddenly becomes - see what other revelations, and feelings that you don't need to that suddenly come into your mind. You may feel that you could put off some sense of connection because things seem alright - see how hard it is to say or instigate one simple small prayer .. and tell me that we are pacifists if we pray - it is a battle that will take strength and commitment - just to utter One Prayer ...
and if you have never disengaged from the world to try to connect with a higher Source of Love than here before - you may find it impossible to follow through to actually make the prayer itself .. something will stop you, or postpone you ...
Thats when you know that you're in soulwars, amongst alien hive telepathy - and the price for losing.

In attempting to hide the behaviour of demons, Dr Salla becomes an accessory to the terrible atrocities and facts.

maybe we need to help people identify whats phoney ???

here are some suggested spellings for the 'Disclosure Movement'


Our rational expectations are not being fulfilled for NO REASONABLE EXCUSE ... and thus we see the circus players strut and fret on the exostage telling tales like idiots, full of pseudo love and calmly stated insane fury ... poor players ... and by feeding them our attention ... we endorse them .. we feed them ... we give them life .. and we betray ourselves by doing so ... more than they can ever do.

There probably is a fully thought through scientific reality behind their insane ideation and contradictions and I covered that in my article on Cognitive Dissonance - which is to say that they bombard us with insanity to drive us away from the reigns and offices and analytic missives of power.

We [mistakenly] assume though that there are such offices worth having and endorsing .. and I have seen video of myself circa 2000 blagging on at a conference about giving them the benefit of the doubt ...
Now I can see that the same famines and diseases represent business as usual for the alienating charade ..

and my own solution is to lift my soul up in prayer - to not engage the matrix and its engaging madness .. but to become one with the True Vine of John 15
Only in this network can I hope for a future - as there just isn't much in this galaxy that has been capable of stopping the repto despair farm here for many thousands of years.

UP and OUT ... of this depleted energy hungry density not sideways through it to some other repto-grey depleted farm of which there have to be hundreds more in this galaxy alone.

It is true to say that we all know something negative about alien behaviour in its illegal impact on our lives .
To say that we/witnesses don't even know or recognise that fact is to
be criminal. The public record of witness testimony therefore that incriminates illegal alien activity as it targets lives should be treated as at least valid contention until rationally and legally disproven or affirmed.

This planet is a repto grey controlled soul farm. We all started out with a soul but I think it can get melted down and broken down by farming see Psalm 139 and also the first 20 minutes of the Golden Compass Movie – a vision of people feeding on Souldust in a repto hosted environment.

NEGATIVE XENO THINGS WE KNOW AND CAN SEE in operation all around us now.

1. dehumanisation and erosion of human symmetry and values Note the cartoon media culture: why are we being degraded and animalised ?
2. paradigm of combustion, organic wear and tear, burning, entropy, oxidation and biological analogs e.g. the rusting car with the internal combustion engine

3. alien human farming stories from witnesses e.g. [Garry Woods, Colin Campbell, Andrew Hennessey, Paul Schroeder]
4. an alien paradigm of soul depletion and the demonically behaving alien e.g. Nigel Kerner `the song of the greys', Whitley Streiber's `cabin stories' and Paul Schroeder's accounts and the work at the Intruders Foundation by Dr Jacobs and Budd Hopkins.

Xenopolitics discussion proceeds because the human Soul exists and is directly endangered by an alien farming agenda and that the Salvation of our Souls in Christ is in my opinion our only alternative to being rendered in this soul farming matrix.

Former astronaut: Man not alone in universe

(CNN) -- Earth Day may fall later this week, but as far as former NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell and other UFO enthusiasts are concerned, the real story is happening elsewhere.

Mitchell, who was part of the 1971 Apollo 14 moon mission, asserted Monday that extraterrestrial life exists, and that the truth is being concealed by the U.S. and other governments.

He delivered his remarks during an appearance at the National Press Club following the conclusion of the fifth annual X-Conference, a meeting of UFO activists and researchers studying the possibility of alien life forms.

Mankind has long wondered if we're "alone in the universe. [But] only in our period do we really have evidence. No, we're not alone," Mitchell said.

"Our destiny, in my opinion, and we might as well get started with it, is [to] become a part of the planetary community. ... We should be ready to reach out beyond our planet and beyond our solar system to find out what is really going on out there."

Mitchell grew up in Roswell, New Mexico, which some UFO believers maintain was the site of a UFO crash in 1947. He said residents of his hometown "had been hushed and told not to talk about their experience by military authorities." They had been warned of "dire consequences" if they did so.

But, he claimed, they "didn't want to go to the grave with their story. They wanted to tell somebody reliable. And being a local boy and having been to the moon, they considered me reliable enough to whisper in my ear their particular story."

Roughly 10 years ago, Mitchell claimed, he was finally given an appointment at Pentagon to discuss what he had been told.

An unnamed admiral working for the Joint Chiefs of Staff promised to uncover the truth behind the Roswell story, Mitchell said. The stories of a UFO crash "were confirmed," but the admiral was then denied access when he "tried to get into the inner workings of that process."

The same admiral, Mitchell claimed, now denies the story.

"I urge those who are doubtful: Read the books, read the lore, start to understand what has really been going on. Because there really is no doubt we are being visited," he said.

"The universe that we live in is much more wondrous, exciting, complex and far-reaching than we were ever able to know up to this point in time."

A NASA spokesman denied any cover-up.

"NASA does not track UFOs. NASA is not involved in any sort of cover-up about alien life on this planet or anywhere else -- period," Michael Cabbage said Monday.

Debates have continued about what happened at Roswell. The U.S. Air Force said in 1994 that wreckage recovered there in 1947 was most likely from a balloon-launched classified government project.

Stephen Bassett, head of the Paradigm Research Group (PRG), which hosted the X-Conference, said that the truth about extraterrestrial life is being suppressed because it is politically explosive.

"There is a third rail [in American politics], and that is the UFO question. It is many magnitudes more radioactive than Social Security ever dreamed to be," Bassett said

Monday, April 20, 2009

Dulce, New Mexico, Bio-warfare and project Blue Beam

Arew UFOs just a convenient cover-up created by the gov.? That is what many researchers now believe.

by Norio Hayakawa
April 16, 2009
There seems to have been an allegation that the government, beginning in the mid 1970s and lasting till the early 1980s, may have conducted clandestine operations in and near Dulce, New Mexico involving experiments with bovine diseases, anthrax and other substances as part of biological warfare research.
See the following clip on cattle mutilations that took place in the Dulce area in the late 1970s (History Channel, March 25, 2009):
Was there a cover-up in Dulce, New Mexico?
Were there some illegal dumping or storage of toxic chemicals and other bio-hazardous materials in the nearby areas?
Is it possible that the government intentionally created a convenient cover story (i.e., the underground alien base scenario) to conceal those clandestine activities?
(Incidentally, the Four Corners area of New Mexico as well as the regions east of the Four Corners area have been known to be an area with high frequencies of sightings of strange flying objects as well as claims of paranormal activities, especially after World War II 
This remote region, filled with deep-rooted cultural and spiritual beliefs of the Native Americans such as the Jicarilla Apache Nation of Dulce, may have been an ideal and convenient location to conduct clandestine operations as far as the government was concerned.)
And if this were the case, was it possible for the government to have staged a series of fake UFO-type incidents in the area, utilizing high tech equipment such as holographic projection devices?
Former New Mexico State Patrol officer, Gabe Valdez, who was in charge of the Dulce area during those years, seems to think so.  Recently he told me personally that he is convinced that appearances of UFOs were staged by the government through such devices.
I totally concur with Gabe Valdez on this matter.
I bring this up because early in 1994 I had corresponded with a Canadian investigative journalist by the name of Serge Monast who first informed me of NASA's alleged project called BLUE BEAM.  (Unfortunately, I learned only two years later that Serge Monast passed away of a massive heart attack at his residence in Canada).
I hereby present my hypothesis that the government may have conducted a limited-scale, prototype BLUE BEAM operations in Dulce during the height of the cattle mutilations years and staged a series of UFO incidents in that area.
For more information on Dulce, New Mexico, please go to:
I can also be contacted by e-mail:

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Digital Cameras Capturing Images of UFOs

If you wish to capture images of UFOs we suggest you monitor the sky with the new photographic equipment that has additional wavelength capabilities that include Infrared and/or Ultra-Violet Sensitivity. Shooting infrared has the power to transform mundane subject matter into unforgettable images. Everyday scenes that you might walk by and never think of photographing take on a more dramatic look when seen in infrared. Many people are taking images of UFOs that are apparently picked up by the infrared wavelength capabilities of many cameras.

Posted by Emily Cragg

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dr. Boylan and the Altimarians.

Posting in UFOfacts, Boylan gives us this:

The Altimarians referred to are 12 scientist from the planet Altimar who have volunteered to come to Earth and assist with environmental remediation efforts here. For more see: http://www.drboylan .com/altimarians landed.html
The Cabal are a behind-the-scenes cartel of super-wealthy and powerful controllers of world affairs. They have stolen advanced technology from crashed starcraft and had their engineers refashion it into weapons. These are used in a variety of ways to manipulate and intimidate. For just a few examples, see: http://www.drboylan .com/milabs. html
I believe that Don was obliquely saying that the free will of innocent ordinary people should be respected and not the free will of the Cabal.
in the light,
Richard Boylan, Ph.D.
But wait a minute, let us deconstruct this piece of bad science-fiction: These Altimarians, are illegal aliens? Where they are working for our planet? This alien infiltration is a Security Threat? If the Cabal is so powerful, why do they let these Altimarians remain here on OUR Earth? Has the self-proclaimed Councilor of Earth absolute authority ?
Is Boylan some kind of Colonialist Emperor? Who else knows about this Alien Invasion? Did Fran, the incarnated Mantis eat Wendy and Asheoma?
Ideas welcome



Monday, April 13, 2009

Looking for the Lost Planet of our Solar System.

The solar system might once have had another planet named Theia, which may have helped create our own planet's moon.

Now two spacecrafts are heading out to search for leftovers from this rumored sibling, which would have been destroyed when the solar system was still young.

"It's a hypothetical world. We've never actually seen it, but some researchers believe it existed 4.5 billion years ago — and that it collided with Earth to form the moon," said Mike Kaiser, a NASA scientist at the Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland.

Theia is thought to have been about Mars-sized. If the planet crashed into Earth long ago, debris from the collision could have clumped together to form the moon. This scenario was first conceived by Princeton scientists Edward Belbruno and Richard Gott.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Comment to Dr. Salla's Article on Ronald Reagan

Dr. Salla writes about :
"President Reagan’s fixation on the reality of extraterrestrial life,
and why he was convinced this could unite the world. More intriguingly, they may yield clues into whether he received a secret briefing on UFOs and extraterrestrial life."

continued: http://www.examiner .com/x-2383- Honolulu- Exopolitics- Examiner~ y2009m4d12- Was-President- Reagan-briefed- about-extraterre strial-life

My comment:
I think that Dr. Salla needs a vacation. Yes, because a few days ago he was excommunicating those who "demonize" the good ETs, also called Aliens.
Now, he writes about Ronald Reagan fearing some extraterrestrial invasion, and talking about this with Gorbachev.
What credit can we give to this new twisting of contemporary history?
Well, Michael tells us that in "December 2005, Reagan spoke at Falston High School..."
But something is wrong here. Reagan died in 2004.

Talking about dead presidents, please remember that Dr. Salla previously rewrote contemporary history and disclosed the meeting between President Eisenhower and extraterrestrial visitors.
Everything is possible in the Exopolitical Dimension...this new Twilight Zone.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Nothing Off Topic in Rational Ufology.

Why? Just because IF we believe that some things are On Topic and others are not, THEN we know what are the limits of Ufology.
Nobody knows. The EXOS share two things: ignorance and hate.
They think they know what is on and off topic.
Dr. Salla and Webre seem to follow different paths. But remember, every path in EXO is a dead end.
Why? Just because the ball is always in the field of the "others" , the Aliens, the Cabals, the Gov.
So, either you wait and implore the gov. to perform the Disclosure, OR you try the creation of a Cult, like Boylan does.
But...both possibilities are meaningless. Cannot be sustained for too long.
So, in our Rational Ufology, there are no Off Topics. Everything goes, because FREEDOM is our fundamental value.


Friday, April 10, 2009

A Personal Experience with Boylan's Cult.

A friend of TRUTH, a lady, shares this with us. Many thanks, dear.

I asked my daughter about the Altimar. She told me it was a group in a game she has played. It is set in modern day, the Altimar is a fictitious race who are destine to rule the world.
Zeta, another race Boylan says are more or less big blonde type beings much like us is laughable as most of us know Zeta is the 6Th letter in the Greek alphabet. How do we know what they call themselves or their worlds...ludicrous
What bothers me is when anyone has something happen to them it is either from the cabal attacking them or the starseed part of themselves evolving. Ummm, what about normal stuff such as stroke, electric shock, drug reaction. I don't know how much longer I can lurk in the group as it makes me pissed at such gullibility and Boylan's "wonderful" insight...bull...
I found the passage in Blood Sin's , by Kay Hooper I was talking about. This Reverend has taught his people there is no judgment. Which is similar from what I gather Boylan does. In the book the Reverend is a psychic who steals the life's energy from other psychics, which causes them to either die or become his mental slaves. In a way that is another trait Boylan has, he can convince his followers he is great and they must follow him.
Also, a dream can never be just a dream in this group that Boylan has..there is always a starvisitor (SV) or a cabal trying to control them.
Speaking of cabals, Hillary is one, Strieber is one, Friedman is one..Obama is a starseed. There are tons of cabal in government and authors as probably would be termed one. Me too.
Have you ever been to any of the starseed workshops? there are two scheduled for this year.
Stay awake...

Andrew Hennessey against Exopolitics and "soft" critics.

Andrew H. war against Exopolitics..!
He writes this:

the exoland movement for full disclosure is a charade and as such requires a new kind of critique ... but before we can get even to there - we all have to come to our senses and realise what the governments already know about ETs and earth changes - you can't sue a tsunami ..

maybe we need to help people identify whats phoney ???

here are some suggested spellings for the 'Disclosure Movement'



My main reason for withdrawal from active campaigns against exoland is that we are merely relegated to being critics and commentators on poor and un intelligent entertainment.
Boylan-bashing is NOT Sufficient, and even though sallas recent repositioning on the reality of 2012 physical catastrophes is a departure from one of webres feelgood press conferences ... there isn't sufficient reality in dr sallas ideology to realy intelligently critique BECAUSE it so poorly disguises its PRO-DEMONIC agenda

At the end of the day - I find myself being drawn into poor arguments with defenders of insane ideologies ... recognising that although ET dialog SHOULD happen intelligently using all the many due processes and academic expertise - like many of the things on disneyland earth that should happen it does not for no good pro-human reason.

Our rational expectations are not being fulfilled for NO REASONABLE EXCUSE ... and thus we see the layers strut and fret on the exostage telling tales like idiots, full of pseudo love and calmly stated insane fury ... poor players ... and by feeding them our attention ... we endorse them .. we feed them ... we give them life .. and we betray ourselves by doing so ... more than they can ever do.

There probably is a fully thought through scientific reality behind their insane ideation and contradictions and I covered that in my article on Cognitive Dissonance - which is to say that they bombard us with insanity to drive us away from the reigns and offices of power.

We assume though that there are such offices worth having and endorsing .. and I have seen video of myself circa 2000 blagging on at a conference about giving them the benefit of the doubt ...
now i can see that the same famines and diseases represent business as usual for the alienating charade ..

and my own solution is to lift my soul up in prayer - to not engage the matrix and its engaging madness .. but to become one with the True Vine of John 15
Only in this network can I hope for a future - as there just isn't much in this galaxy that has been capable of stopping the repto despair farm here for many thousands of years.

UP and OUT ... not sideways to some other repto-grey depleted farm.


Thursday, April 9, 2009

UFO hoaxes punished.,2933,513279,00.html?sPage=fnc%2Fus%2Fcrime

MORRIS PLAINS, N.J. — Two New Jersey men who staged a UFO hoax will have more earthly pursuits, such as picking up trash from the side of the road.

A judge fined Chris Russo of Morris Plains and Joe Rudy of Chester Township $250 each and ordered them to perform 50 hours of community service for creating a disturbance.

Authorities say the pair triggered a flurry of 911 calls when they lit road flares tied to helium balloons and released them in Morris County in January and February.

The men said they did it to debunk so-called UFO experts. They posted details of their exploits on a Web site on April Fools' Day.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Analysis of Boylan's Cultist Discourse

On Sun, Apr 5, 2009 at 2:07 PM, James Black <> wrote:
my words between his text, bold and italics

On Sat, 4/4/09, DrBoylan <> wrote:

Star Nations

Who and what are Star Nations?

Star Nations is the name of the organization of intelligent advanced civilizations in our galaxy - the Milky Way. This is the name that these various star civilizations have given their organization.

looks like this man, an ex-doctor, knows a lot more than the whole scientific community...

And Star Nations is also the name by which these civilizations are known collectively by traditional indigenous people of North America and elsewhere.

There are myriad star civilizations that belong to Star Nations. These civilizations number well above a million.

lots of people, and perhaps lots of people who doesn't look like people at all...I meant more like aliens from horror films...

There are 1438 star races in contact with Earth, not to mention the many, many more civilizations which are also members of Star Nations. For a description of the Star Nations member races in most frequent contact with Earth, see: www.drboylan. com/etraces. html

How nice and organized it sounds. 1438 races. They must love hide and seek game. We should see them more frequently, am I right?

What are the entrance requirements to become a member of Star Nations?

A candidate civilization must be made up of intelligent individuals who have developed to a level of spiritual and cultural advancement where their civilization collectively is in either explicit or implicit conformity with the 11 Universal Laws and the 11 Spiritual Laws of the cosmos.

Honestly, Star Nations "people" should learn to read. How could they think that Boylan must be the Councilor for Earth? Did they read this..? Not a Saint right? More in the Dark side that "in the light"

For a description of those Laws, see www.drboylan. com/11.11laws. html

The purpose of Star Nations is to serve as an organization of highly intelligent and spiritually developed civilizations which:

1) provides wise general supervision over the star systems which support life;

2) fosters the development of intelligent life where appropriate within star systems and as directed by Source [God];

He is the Big One...but what is the Source of the Source? and if you find it, then tray to find the Source of the Source of the infinitum

3) assists in the development of such civilizations by sharing information and guidance to encourage these civilizations to develop to their full intellectual and spiritual potential; and thus in this role Star Nations serves as a sort of galactic Peace Corps;

4) provides protection to civilizations which are still in the earlier stages of development, so that these will not be preyed upon by those morally-undeveloped civilizations which are not members of Star Nations and whose arrested spiritual development allows for immoral predation on the weak and vulnerable. Thus, in this role Star Nations serves as a galactic police force to keep the peace. In this role Star Nations could somewhat inexactly be compared to Earth’s United Nations Organization and the UN’s Blue Helmets peace-keeping forces.

Earth has been under protection by Star Nations, who have placed a protective cordon around Earth so that Humans are not subject to being preyed upon by any members of civilizations of inferior moral and spiritual development.

So they are the Big Brothers. They are Imperialists, like Bush, Invading other countries to "protect" and "democratize " them.

How nice, and how anti-democratic...because I do not want to be "protected" by them: My answer is ALIENS GO HOME.

The Star Nations organization is a very ancient organization, having been formed many many millions of years ago.

What is Earth’s future as regards Star Nations?

If Humans continue to reform and transform their current corrupt, materialistic, ecocidal, power-focused global culture into a peaceful, just, sharing, mutually-supportive , appropriately- spiritual, family-like global civilization with responsible ecological stewardship, and reach consensus to abide by principles consistent with the 11 Universal Laws and 11 Spiritual Laws, then we will have reached a point where we may reasonably expect an invitation from Star Nations to become the latest member civilization of Star Nations.

...and Boylan, who is the self-proclaimed Councillor for Earth, will be the Viceroy? He is imposed to us? Give me a break...this people needs medical an asylum there is enough time to read the 11 Universal Laws and 11 Spiritual Laws...

- Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

UFO video hoaxed as proof that faking is easy

As American ufologists deal with seemingly heightened numbers of anomalous reports nationwide amid rapid communications advances and flourishing social networking web sites - the hoaxers are out in larger numbers as well.

One delicate piece of the picture is the often polite stand that UFO hunters take - being good listeners - as they try to sort out the difference between Mother Nature, something manmade, and what might be anomalous.

Keep on reading

Friday, April 3, 2009

Exopolitics, UFOs and Anxiety.

Let me share with you some ideas.
Exopoliticians and UFO professionals have one unsolved problem. More, this problem has no solution.
The EXOS need to keep people motivated, interested. They need people buying the next book or "preparing 4 contact" or hailing the Big Councilor of Earth.
I think that what makes people follow a possible UFO development is Anxiety.
We need to believe that something different, good, better, will happen tomorrow. We need to see that UFO, read the last Aliens "message", hope that the Big Disclosure will take place.
If nothing happens, people's level of Anxiety will grow, and eventually we will find another object of hope, or understand that we shall not wait for something "other" to save us.
The "long shots" like all the talk about 2012, is not enough. Besides if you go to any good bookstore , you will find` many books about 2012, and`also you will find that nobody knows nothing about this factoid.
Why this problem has no solution? Because the possible "solutions" also kill the hope. Not only NOTHING happens but we know that NOTHING WILL happen.
Some of the professionals understand this and invent a cult. Others replace it with meditation ( Greer teaching mantric meditation) or Dolphin talk. and personal psychic work (Angelika)
In "comfortable " times, we can spend some timer in the Mall buying unneeded things, but in times of crisis, the need of "events" is bigger. That is why people want Jesus to come tomorrow, before dinner if possible, OR the thousand Aliens to land once and for all.
However, day after day, the EXOS will give us their doses of unreliable "talk" about UFOs, Disclosure or inexistent meetings about UFOs in the UN. after day, people's disbelief grows. Same old ideas`recycled have less and less effect in public anxiety.

Perhaps it's time to find the solution of our Anxiety in ourselves, and stop Waiting.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Boylan´s Excellent Science Fiction.

...rumours want that Stephen Spielberg is interested .

DrRichBoylanReports @yahoogroups. com, UFOFacts@yahoogroup, StarKidsHangout@ yahoogroups. com
As most will recall, in late January, 2008 twelve intrepid environmental scientist volunteers from the planet Altimar arrived on Earth to devote themselves to working on remediating some of the environmental damage done to Earth's eco-systems by Human abuse.
On August 5, 2008 I issued an Update Report from the Administrator of the Altimarian environmental Team, Gene, the official spokesperson for the Team provided that information. That report was limited and succinct though because of security concerns about potential attacks on those scientists by the Cabal if too many details were revealed.
Now here is a new Report on the environmental issues which the Altimarians have been working on.
The Altimarians' safety has been better assured by Star Nations efforts, so additional details can now be shared.
The Altimarian Twelve have been working on the following environmental concerns:
1) Coral reefs around the world, which Human scientists had been reporting are becoming depleted, dying or dead, in a process called "bleaching"; Sam (whose specialty includes correcting damage done to oceans) and Luke (who works with oceanic plant life [corals being made by polyps (animals with plant-like characteristics) in symbiosis with algae]) are part of this effort;
2) the complex eco-zones where river mouths meet the sea, including estuaries, tidal marshlands, river deltas, lagoons, and the endangered species, such as river dolphins and manatees, which live in such transition zones. Scientist Fred-1 (who specializes in plant life in riparian and coastal environments) , Alvin (whose specialty is river underwater plant life), and Luke (who works with plant life in estuaries) contribute skills to this effort;
3) the number of hurricanes. While previously a trend of increase in hurricane events had been observed, since after January 2008, when the Altimarians arrived, there has been a reduction in hurricane frequency. Alfred (whose specialty is air and atmosphere) is the lead scientist of the team working on healing the environmental damage done to our atmosphere;
4) the explosive eruptions of Mount Redoubt (Redoubt Volcano) in Alaska since March 22, 2009: (22 eruptions in the first week): Fred-2 (who specializes in magma and lava dynamics) and Tom (specialist in the Earth ecosystem) are among those contributing to this effort;
5) the area around the Great Lakes which lie between the United States and Canada: because even Human EPA scientists now recognize that an ecosystem approach is required to address the degrading of water and the adjacent air, land, and biological life of the Great Lakes. Sam (whose specialties include lakes) is joined by other team members in this effort;
6) A Cabal weapons system under Chesapeake Bay: The Altimarian Team is also having to contend with the potentially devastating damage planned to be done by the Cabal with a very large magneto-gravitic weapons systems which the Cabal have located underneath the beach at Navy Amphibious Base - Little Creek, located at the northwest edge of Virginia Beach, VA. This has a corresponding weapons system on the Moon. These weapons in synchronization would "capture" and feed back the Moon's gravity waves from an equivalent machine on the Moon, which in turn re-captures and amplifies those gravity waves and sends them back to Earth. Then the reciprocal amplifications, directed at Virginia Beach-Norfolk, could collapse the coastline near Virginia Beach-Norfolk and create major tidal disturbances, since a major portion of the seawater contents of enormous Chesapeake Bay must pass through its narrow mouth at Virginia Beach to reach the Atlantic when the tide rolls in and out.
Remote future-viewing has revealed that the Cabal plan to create an artificial large tsunami at the mouth of Chesapeake Bay (Little Creek USN Base), That tidal wave could travel all the way up Chesapeake Bay, and the Potomac River, and inundate Washington, DC which is situated practically at sea level.
One possible Cabal planning scenario: The Cabal are on the ropes, and decide to create war hysteria by having the US Navy's largest naval station, Norfolk Navy Base, home for fleets operating in the Atlantic, Mediterranean and Indian Oceans, destroyed by tsunamis created supposedly by "evil alien invaders" using exotic technology. "A 21st-Century Pearl Harbor": that's what the Cabal propaganda machine would put out. Then the U.S. public would be whipped into an uproar to attack back at those supposed "evil alien invaders". End of any possibilities for the public to support peaceful relations with Star Nations. So the Cabal hope.
Could this be the ultimate purpose of that Cabal machine located under the beach? To sabotage planned public announcement within the next several years of official Peace Accord signing between Star Nations and Earth?
At any rate the Altimarians are addressing that mega-environmental hazard under the sands at Navy Amphibious Base - Little Creek, Virginia.
And for all these environmental remediation efforts we owe thanks to hard-working Gene, Chris, Oman, Fred-1, Alvin, Luke, Mada, Tom, Alfred, Sam, Fred-2, and Amanda, a gift to our environment from Star Nations.
Note: To anyone who is curious about the methods and advanced equipment which the Altimarian scientists use in their environmental remediation work, neither I nor my Star Person Incarnate communications associate Fran are privy to that information. It is being held confidential by Star Nations for the safety of the Altimarians, Fran and myself.
If the Cabal had that detailed information, they could use it to trace where the Altimarians are and kill them and confiscate their equipment for back-engineering purposes in order to "weaponize" it.
And if Fran or I had that information, the Cabal would "detain" us and "extract" it from us by any means necessary.
Thus such technical details are "classified" at this time to protect innocent lives.
in the light,
Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Ufology, Exopolitics, Conspiracies, Paranoia, Memes, Hoaxes, 2012, UFO, Aliens, Disinformation, Cultism, Brainwashing, Rational Thinking, ET, Xenopolitics, Contactees, Abductions, Disclosure.