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Boylan´s Excellent Science Fiction.

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As most will recall, in late January, 2008 twelve intrepid environmental scientist volunteers from the planet Altimar arrived on Earth to devote themselves to working on remediating some of the environmental damage done to Earth's eco-systems by Human abuse.
On August 5, 2008 I issued an Update Report from the Administrator of the Altimarian environmental Team, Gene, the official spokesperson for the Team provided that information. That report was limited and succinct though because of security concerns about potential attacks on those scientists by the Cabal if too many details were revealed.
Now here is a new Report on the environmental issues which the Altimarians have been working on.
The Altimarians' safety has been better assured by Star Nations efforts, so additional details can now be shared.
The Altimarian Twelve have been working on the following environmental concerns:
1) Coral reefs around the world, which Human scientists had been reporting are becoming depleted, dying or dead, in a process called "bleaching"; Sam (whose specialty includes correcting damage done to oceans) and Luke (who works with oceanic plant life [corals being made by polyps (animals with plant-like characteristics) in symbiosis with algae]) are part of this effort;
2) the complex eco-zones where river mouths meet the sea, including estuaries, tidal marshlands, river deltas, lagoons, and the endangered species, such as river dolphins and manatees, which live in such transition zones. Scientist Fred-1 (who specializes in plant life in riparian and coastal environments) , Alvin (whose specialty is river underwater plant life), and Luke (who works with plant life in estuaries) contribute skills to this effort;
3) the number of hurricanes. While previously a trend of increase in hurricane events had been observed, since after January 2008, when the Altimarians arrived, there has been a reduction in hurricane frequency. Alfred (whose specialty is air and atmosphere) is the lead scientist of the team working on healing the environmental damage done to our atmosphere;
4) the explosive eruptions of Mount Redoubt (Redoubt Volcano) in Alaska since March 22, 2009: (22 eruptions in the first week): Fred-2 (who specializes in magma and lava dynamics) and Tom (specialist in the Earth ecosystem) are among those contributing to this effort;
5) the area around the Great Lakes which lie between the United States and Canada: because even Human EPA scientists now recognize that an ecosystem approach is required to address the degrading of water and the adjacent air, land, and biological life of the Great Lakes. Sam (whose specialties include lakes) is joined by other team members in this effort;
6) A Cabal weapons system under Chesapeake Bay: The Altimarian Team is also having to contend with the potentially devastating damage planned to be done by the Cabal with a very large magneto-gravitic weapons systems which the Cabal have located underneath the beach at Navy Amphibious Base - Little Creek, located at the northwest edge of Virginia Beach, VA. This has a corresponding weapons system on the Moon. These weapons in synchronization would "capture" and feed back the Moon's gravity waves from an equivalent machine on the Moon, which in turn re-captures and amplifies those gravity waves and sends them back to Earth. Then the reciprocal amplifications, directed at Virginia Beach-Norfolk, could collapse the coastline near Virginia Beach-Norfolk and create major tidal disturbances, since a major portion of the seawater contents of enormous Chesapeake Bay must pass through its narrow mouth at Virginia Beach to reach the Atlantic when the tide rolls in and out.
Remote future-viewing has revealed that the Cabal plan to create an artificial large tsunami at the mouth of Chesapeake Bay (Little Creek USN Base), That tidal wave could travel all the way up Chesapeake Bay, and the Potomac River, and inundate Washington, DC which is situated practically at sea level.
One possible Cabal planning scenario: The Cabal are on the ropes, and decide to create war hysteria by having the US Navy's largest naval station, Norfolk Navy Base, home for fleets operating in the Atlantic, Mediterranean and Indian Oceans, destroyed by tsunamis created supposedly by "evil alien invaders" using exotic technology. "A 21st-Century Pearl Harbor": that's what the Cabal propaganda machine would put out. Then the U.S. public would be whipped into an uproar to attack back at those supposed "evil alien invaders". End of any possibilities for the public to support peaceful relations with Star Nations. So the Cabal hope.
Could this be the ultimate purpose of that Cabal machine located under the beach? To sabotage planned public announcement within the next several years of official Peace Accord signing between Star Nations and Earth?
At any rate the Altimarians are addressing that mega-environmental hazard under the sands at Navy Amphibious Base - Little Creek, Virginia.
And for all these environmental remediation efforts we owe thanks to hard-working Gene, Chris, Oman, Fred-1, Alvin, Luke, Mada, Tom, Alfred, Sam, Fred-2, and Amanda, a gift to our environment from Star Nations.
Note: To anyone who is curious about the methods and advanced equipment which the Altimarian scientists use in their environmental remediation work, neither I nor my Star Person Incarnate communications associate Fran are privy to that information. It is being held confidential by Star Nations for the safety of the Altimarians, Fran and myself.
If the Cabal had that detailed information, they could use it to trace where the Altimarians are and kill them and confiscate their equipment for back-engineering purposes in order to "weaponize" it.
And if Fran or I had that information, the Cabal would "detain" us and "extract" it from us by any means necessary.
Thus such technical details are "classified" at this time to protect innocent lives.
in the light,
Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

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