Sunday, September 22, 2013

Steven Greer credibility after the "Sirius" scandal.

While Steven Greer apologists scramble to try to explain his latest misrepresentatindal.ons delivered in the form of the recently released film 'Sirius,' criticism is rampant. Former supporters expressed anger and disappointment over numerous issues, while long time critics reemphasized their stances that Greer should be granted no credibility whatsoever until he earns it, considering his now decades of unsubstantiated fantastic claims. 
Some insiders insist that the failure of the documental “Sirius” can be a serious blow to the already damaged credibility of the exo-fantasist.
See our previous article about the “alien” which was human after all.
The UFO Religion blog tells us that “Steven Greer Supporters ‘Siriusly’ Angry at Steven Greer
A little game of words with “Sirius: and “seriously”.

“ So, what we have is lots of people paying to see something that claims to be proof of ET and they learn within the documentary that a scientist in the show says it’s human. Was there anything offered that overturned (which is different than disputed) that statement? Any real evidence of a non-human life form? No”.
Shame on you Steven. By the way, here is the interesting story of this champion of the disclosure movement.

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