Monday, September 16, 2013

Laura Eisenhower, Galactic Historian and Global Alchemist.

Laura Eisenhower is not only President Eisenhower’s granddaughter but also Galactic Historian and Global alchemist. (Believe me..!)
Now I’m not sure if Gaia Sophia AKA Laura is a time jumper like Andy Basiago, but  she “has been on a journey of the soul that encompasses the womb of the Mother, the birthing process and the creativity that is leading us toward the Golden Age.”
Pay a visit to her website and you will learn about…anything. Of course I’m talking about “alternative knowledge”. If you are just interested in science, just go to the University, OK?
Laura teaches things like  Benevolent ET races, intervention, Lower Alien Agendas, dark rituals, abductions, Alternative 4, positive human future, Exposing Mars Colonies, Mind Control, MILABS, Black Ops, the roots and origins of the Illuminati, Restoration, regeneration, renewal and breaking free of the False Matrix.
Also, you will learn about  Lady Alchymia, Ariadne, Brigit, Cerridwen, Danu, Rhiannon, etc
 Dark Goddess: kundalini power, shape-shifter, Crone and even the story of Christ Sophia throughout time and before creation.
Believe me, all this is only the 1 percent of the teachings of Laura, the Galactic Historian and Cosmic Alchemist.
By the way, I remember now that Laura, the Gaia Sophia, Cosmic Alchemist, and Galactic Historian was recruited for the secret Mars colonies. You can read in the Exopolitics Radio what follows:  - Mars recruits Laura Eisenhower and Andrew Basiago reveal Marsgate surrounding secret Mars colony
A public affairs program on Exopolitics, updating relations between our human civilization and other intelligent civilizations in the multi-verse.

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