Friday, September 13, 2013

Adventures with the Third Force in Syria.

Syria’s conflict is not so easy to understand, and it would be wrong to think that President Obama wanted just to give a show of force. Also it would be wrong to believe that Russia sees Syria as a good client always ready to buy Russian missiles.
In fact, a mysterious third force is acting here in our world. Dr. Michael Salla quotes James Preston, who wrote an article about these horrors in Veteran’s Today,  describing the Luciferian extraterrestrial aspects of this “Third Force:” Dr. Michael Salla believes that manipulative extraterrestrials also work with the Third Force.

Dr. Michael Salla suggests that the Third Force is aligned with a group of extraterrestrials that has been on Earth for millennia but these bad aliens collaborate with the plans of…. LUCIFER who, as you all know in the Christian mythology is a fallen angel, the most beautiful of all angels who, by the way, was responsible for the heavenly Music.

This is of course a conspiracy and one of the basic rules of Conspiracy theory is that if the scheme is bigger enough, ANYTHING can be related  to it.  Feel free to imagine what you want, and write about it because after all, in the conspiracy world everything is possible. However, let me give you a friendly advice: be honest with yourself and IF you find that you are believing in the products of your imagination, it's time to see a doctor, believe me.

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