Thursday, September 12, 2013


It’s a common practice of the exopoliticians and paranormal researchers to immanentize the eschaton. This sounds difficult perhaps, but it is not so. The idea is to explain what happens in our the real immanent world, projecting the idea of cosmic supernatural forces manipulating our reality.
Sample: several exopoliticians are talking about a mysterious “third force” working to produce a war in the Middle East beginning in Syria.
For Dr. Michael Salla, this third force includes what he defines as “manipulative extraterrestrials” . He writes in his Exopolitical site: “What both President Obama’s administration and the alternative media are not considering is a shadowy “Third Force” operating in Syria. There is evidence that a “Third Force” is operating in Syria that plans to decimate Damascus for an otherworldly “exopolitical” agenda. “FALSE FLAG EVENT IN SYRIA: THE THIRD FORCE AND EXOPOLITICS
Dr. Salla quotes Preston James who  has just written an article on Veteran’s Today describing the Luciferian extraterrestrial aspects of this “Third Force:” “
Some credible insiders have claimed that most top world leaders have had to enter into a contract with the Third Force which is really Lucifer, the fallen one, the great deceiver of mankind, who has presented himself as the Annunaki Master Controller Chief Alien ET which is claimed to be an an inter-generational, inter-dimensional entity that is manipulating the world according to his alien ET agenda.”
Of course all this confirms the tabloidean narrative of the Exopolitician, immersed in a postmodernist orgy of absurdity and nonsense.
Nobody can believe for a moment that Dr. Michael Salla believes that all this is true, neither can we believe that Salla’s readers believe this magnificent piece of wild imagination. The show must go on.

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