Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Authoritarian Failure.

Dr. Salla went wrong again, but his errors teach us a lot.

Supposedly Mr Chom was talking about Jewels when he /she wrote "winderer". This is enough for Salla to condemn him as a psy-op that must be excommunicated . He uses his classical authoritarian rhetoric :

"Chomsky's substituting of one p4c member's name with another is both unethical and deceptive, and clearly intended to stoke confusion and strife among those following the exchanges on this list. Chomsky's action is evidence that s/he is part of a psy-op trying to disrupt the prepare4contact forum. I warn other members on this list not to believe what ChomSky claims that I or others have said due to the deceptive practice of substituting names, and thereby changing the intent of passages. ChomSky will henceforth be barred from the p4c forum."

But what is important here is to learn about Salla's previous exchange with Chom: Let us see what he says:

" I have just posted a message outlining my policy on the evidence issue. In the past wynderer(jewels) has shown little desire to share hard evidence, especially when confronted to do so as you are doing. I suggest a different strategy. Perhaps getting her to give a timeline of her
experiencers to see how consistent her testimonies are. That is a more fruitful line of inquiry given the wynderer(jewels) doesn't respond well to confrontational tactics.Just because she doesn't share what she has or provide anything to support her claims, doesn't invalidate them.
Aloha, Michael S."

Of course Salla is talking about Jewels, but that shows that he advices Chom to use "
a different strategy " with Jewels as a "line of inquiry"
, because she "does not respond well to confrontational tactics".
Then the Exopolitician says this : "
Just because she doesn't share what she has or provide anything to support her claims, doesn't invalidate them."

Reading this, Jewels, Wynderer and many other people will see that Salla is giving Chomsky the "right strategy to" confront them.

What's the lesson of all this?
The lesson is that Salla has a group that works like a Magazine, with people who write a lot. Of course, all this free contributions are not taken into account when Salla sells his product. The writers are "free" for him.
I think that those who make business with the Internet should consider to pay the contributions of so many people.
Particularly when we consider ourselves "groupowners".
A foolish thing, since the real owner of yahoo groups is yahoo...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

DR. Salla: Banned are those who demand EVIDENCES.

Dr Michael Salla's post in his group p4c, threatening those who ask for Evidences, is not only a monstrosity, but a historic precedent. In Exopolitics there is no more difference between FACT and FICTION.
For Salla, we must end (in his own words) "the folly of seeking hard evidence in the fields of Ufology/exopolitics given the constraints imposed by national security agencies that
intervene to remove, distort such evidence and suporting documents."

But in p4c, some members required evidences of a personal video, and this has NOTHING TO DO with the government.
What the Doctor wants is to DENY THE RIGHT TO DOUBT. His own words let no doubt about this:

"Those 'harassing' experiencers for more incontrovertible

evidence will be placed on moderation until they find more productive ways of communicating. "

In other words, If someone takes a picture of a lizard in his garden and says that this is the reptilian that abused the girl next door, Dr. Salla will punish those who demand some evidence.
What is the historic precedent here? .
Dr. Salla destroyed any difference between FICTION and FACT.
If nobody can ask for any evidence, then what is called "Exopolitics" is just a joke. Is good material only for tabloids.
But it is a dangerous joke because is also DISINFORMATION.


'In an age of deceit, speaking the truth is a revolutionary act'
....George Orwell

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cosmic Watergate?

We read some exo-fantasists talking about a dramatic public event, a Cosmic Watergate that ends the Cover-Up
We disagree.
First of all because for 90 % of people, Aliens are no big deal. Aliens belong to the pop culture, and we see them in games, films, jokes, commercials and clothes.
Most important, the Alien contacts seems to be a PERSONAL experience and probably it will never be a social, public event.
In the last days, the Vatican opening, and the UK files show that things will not have the dramatic characteristics that Exogurus need.
Obviously the EXOPOLITICS and other similar exos, need to keep the "clients" interested and waiting. If they recognize that the Alien Contacts is a personal, spiritual, experience, their business just collapses.
The wonderful thing here is that NOBODY knows more. The Alien contact has nothing to do with diplomas, certificates and academic or pseudo-academic titles.
You only need to be a Human Being.

Exopolitics is not Ufology.

The rethoric of the ExoGurus, is not real Ufology.
Perhaps you feel, as we do, that "enough is enough".
Probably you feel tired of reading so much nonsense.
Looks like "anything goes"...anything.
Sometimes we ask ourselves if this mass of absurdities is some kind of experiment. Something like the induction of collective hysteria and paranoia.
They use the whole paraphernalia of control: Hate, Hope, Lies, Contradictions, Unbelievable absurdities, Racism (good Nordic aliens and bad reptilians.)
These are the emotional, ideological elements of Fascism.
Reason and logic are discouraged and repressed. Madness is not only tolerated but promoted.
The whole world is a Big "Conspiracy". Cabal, bad Aliens, Satan, Illuminati, the Pope...they have a conspiracy for every taste.
What's the meaning of all this? Are there limits? What is the Agenda, if any?
You can stop this.
Ask questions.
Do not buy what they want to sell you.
Do not sign declarations or petitions.
Do not give your name.
Think, think twice.
Find rational people like you, and talk about this problem.
We can stop all this nonsense.
Please think, think twice.

'In an age of deceit, speaking the truth is a revolutionary act'
....George Orwell

Free, Independent UFO Research Local Groups

Ed Komarek suggestion about local Exopolitical Groups is possitive, and Ed's answer to Salla, is very clear and concrete.
Dr. Salla was worried about a possible Advisory Board, but let us read what Komarek answers to this:

"I am thinking that local folks in each state will figure out amongst themselves how they want to run and organize their state operation irrespective of national and global exopolitical leaders. There is sure to be shifting alliances between local groups and exopolitical leaders depending on circumstances. I say do things your way for Hawaii and I will keep out of it and the same for Arizona. As long as the groups are credible and effective I have no trouble minding my own business and will just offer support."

Exopolitical Local Groups will be INDEPENDENT. This is perfectly right since NOBODY knows more about the so called Exopolitics. The presumed exopolitical Advisors are self-proclaimed individuals.
The Advisory Board is something like the Leninist " democratic centralism" that kept the whole soviet power in the hands of a Communist Elite and then in the hands of Stalin.
I don't know if Komarek's idea will work, but these local, independent groups will REPRESENT the ideas of the people and will evolve. Perhaps the Exopolitical groups will become Ufological Research Groups.
Ed writes"

"Maybe there will be more than one exopolitics group in a state and that would be okay by me also. There is room for your approach as well as mine. Lets see if both approaches will work and let the local people sort things out over time. The whole this to get people involved and active then let them sort things out for themselves. I think Steve would agree with me on this."

Independent local groups have also another positive option. They give to any one the right to know and learn. Not many people have enough money to enjoy the Hawaiian shores and "learn" Exopolitics.

'In an age of deceit, speaking the truth is a revolutionary act'
....George Orwell


UFOs and Profiters

How spiritual...Enlightened contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence..!

2008 Science Spirit & World Transformation Conference

  • Come Participate in the 2008 Science, Spirit & World Transformation Conference. The Event will take place July 4-6, 2008 at the ECETI Ranch. This Year's Event Will Be Unlike Any Other.

  • "The Science, Spirit and World Transformation Conference is like no other conference. The speakers are cutting edge heart and service oriented people bringing forward timely and empowering messages to aid in the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth. Where else can you attend a conference held at a vortex, a paranormal and UFO hotspot known by many sensitives and adepts for its healing and spiritual qualities. Each evening there will be a Sky Watch to experience the ongoing UFO activity along with the opportunity to commune and meditate with the wonderful energies at the Sanctuary. It is a life changing experience."
As you rea d above these are all service oriented people...service oriented.

For information call 509.395.2092
or visit

but something is wrong here...they are service oriented men and women, but people who doesn't have $25 plus other $270 for the enlightening conference, just will not be enlightened...Please read what follows.
The truth is one and only one: "follow the money"

Camping 25 Dollar Donation.
  • Limited seating and the expenses do not allow refunds if you cannot attend consider it a donation.

  • Conference Admission $270.00 US

My advice? Do some Google. You will find the same things free. Help UFO Research. Create free groups. No more profiters. No more marketing.
'In an age of deceit, speaking the truth is a revolutionary act'
....George Orwell
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