Friday, February 27, 2009

On Night , Chaos and Emptiness.

Oh yes, I was reading and checking my collection of old films: German Expressionism.
But hope is there, and has the face of Webre and Salla, and perhaps Greer. (I don't know about the last one because he seems to be shifting also...)
If we are nice, says Webre, the Big Cosmic Brothers will put an end to the quarantine we are under, and we will all be happy in 2012...the Golden Age, promised by the same Webre.
Talking about Webre, and Salla, and Greer, consider that the trio, make us us imagine the Non-Humans as...Humans. The Aliens looking as Natives. ExoDisneyland.
Of course, the Galaxy is full of people like us...but, wait a minute. No Dark Shadows, No blinding and amorphous lights, no gelatinous horrors, not the Crawling Chaos?

At night, I walk in my place, with very old Oaks, and shadows.
When there is no Moon, in cold nights of Autumn, I watch the Night Sky.
No fear at all, because I know how to empty myself of myself and of any "self".
I know how to be a small point of awareness in the night. In a night that is NOT mine, in a Universe populated by Entities that cannot be seen, because If you do, and you are not Empty, The Medusa Effect will take care of you, and there is no return.
The Universe is an Unlimited Battlefield. The Endless War. The secret of this War is that 1=2. Yes, take a look again. 1=2.
Time? No, time is Ouroboros, produces itself in the Infinite Void.
Masks of course, masks under masks, but to look for a face is FUTILITY.
There is no Face under the Masks. Th MASKS are the FACE.
Entities in-between, waiting, just waiting the right moment. Not Grays, or Tall Whites, or nice Adamskian Venusians, of the naughty Pleiadeans of Billy Meiers. NO.
But I will not write about who or what they are. This night of late February is cold, so cold here, and the night seems to me darker than before. Darker than darkness itself.
Watching the cold, cold and dark sky, we can even find the secret of the Black Light, but NEVER try, if you do not learn to Empty your Self. Only Those who kill that shadow called "self" can cross the Daath Void.


Thursday, February 26, 2009

What's going on in Exopolitics

Several things are going on, and I will try an objective approach to write about this.
The Exopoliticians , now enrolled in the "all ETs are good" party, are totally dedicated to a lost cause.
Their efforts are oriented to implore the Obama Administration to perform what they call the disclosure.
Pathetic and anxious, those exos, as brides the day before their wedding...
Of course, as any rational person knows, the last thing that worries the Obama administration is the hypothetical end of the cover up.
That is all there is.
By the way, it is possible that Dr.Salla's idea of building a nice little Boylanesque Cult is condemned to failure.
Salla from the beginning, promoted some kind of Academic, "dramatic " approach, and a mystic conversion will not be easy for him and less for Webre. His books of Historical Fiction will need a complete revision.
Besides, Boylan and his Scarlet Women (see Crowley) have the "de facto" control of the Star Brothers mythology.
We must follow carefully the steps of Andrew, whose Xenopolitics will have a strong input. Andrew is very active writing and is very intelligent.
Also, we must recognize that Andrew wrote that it was possible to consider his FARM THEORY AS IF it were true. Meaning that he recognizes the Farm Theory as an hypothesis of work. Bravo..!
Something more: Dr. Greer is from the beginning in the "All ET are good" party, so the truth is that Salla has nothing new to say.
As in the beginning of Ufology, everybody will talk about Sightings...there is nothing new under the Sun...

Sunday, February 22, 2009


MY Answer for Andrew Hennessey.

First, it is perfectly possible that you know something that I DON'T KNOW.
My own existential experience tells me that the non-human entities that some people call "aliens", are not friendly.
Also, looks to me that they are taking something from us, or our planet.
The Non-Human phenomenon is much more complex than anything we can imagine.
On a personal level, let me tell you that I can understand contradictory statements IN SUCH A WAY that I become PART of those statements. This makes me PRAGMATIC.
I know a few things about the power of human symbols.
I understand how the Universal Game Works.
CONSEQUENTLY, even if I know that there is no such thing as a Soul, I find that Andrew is honest in his farming theory and (in this moment of the Universal Game, is better for Humanity to send "non-humans" home. (This of course is a problem because they could tell us that THIS is their home.)
I believe that James Black interests are also the best interest of all humans.
James Black cannot tell lies to himself and others.
James Black can EMPTY himself AT WILL of any belief and even of ANY IDENTITY.
This is , if you ask me, something PERSONAL (or impersonal) but cannot be shared or explained.
You, Andrew, one of the best minds in EXOideology, will perhaps see what I am writing here.
But, anyway, If you convince people that I do not represent THEIR BEST INTERESTS, just do it.
Hate and/or Love will not change me at all. Remember that I can empty myself of both at will.
(Let me tell you something more Andrew. After reading this you will have a few things to tell to my friends. Take this as a challenge.)

James AKA Tomas
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On Sun, Feb 22, 2009 at 7:32 PM, andrew hennessey <> wrote:


Andrew Hennessey

I think its time to call you on an issue that's dear to my heart.
When we exchange emails in private you say of course the aliens are
farming etc but then when you go onto one of your big lists you
declare that We know NOTHING about what the aliens are doing.

There are 2 points for me that come out of this.

1. is that to hold the logically absolute extreme position that we
know nothing is as bad as and comparable to being a Boylanesque or
Sallacious feelgooder who knows EVERYTHING.
Neither position – either yours or Boylans is actually True.
It isn't true to say that we know Nothing or Everything – both
contentions are a fallacy.
For example Paul Schroeder knows that he is being brutally dehumanised
by the Greys.
Just using the old Descartes punchline which in philosophical jargon
is called epistemological skepticsim – ie. how can we know anything
because everything is invalid and meaningless is the sort of
establishment terror mechanism that used to be deployed on Fortean
lists against UFO spotters in the 1960's and 1970's – it leads to the
establishment paradigm of brain dysfunction, biochemistry and
treatment [weather balloons, etc] and in fact you are saying that all
emerging stories of brutal alien behaviour are the equivalent of
semantic marshgas …

You do the public interest a great disservice when you say we know
nothing and anything we do know means nothing.
That is not rational ufology it is irrational abandon.

2. It is true to say that we all know something negative about alien
behaviour in its illegal impact on our lives.
To say that we/witnesses don't even know or recognise that fact is to
be as bad as the three doctors. The public record of witness testimony
therefore that incriminates illegal alien activity as it targets lives
should be treated as at least valid contention until rationally and
legally disproven.

2. It is our rational task to compile the things we do know such that
there can be demographics.
occupational and social statistics for victims of alien abuse.
recognition and treatment of post traumatic stress and legal
representation and forthcoming apology for the victim.

3. the other issue of course is how can it be a soul farm if you don't
have a soul – for in your book some people have no souls. We all
started out with one – but I think it can get melted down and broken
down by farming see Psalm 139 and also the first 20 minutes of the
Golden Compass Movie – feeding on Souldust in a repto hosted environment


We know that they act by dehumanising people – there should be
categories and modus operandii emerging
but they may also act by augmenting/tempting people
they are seen to enact a paradigm of combustion, oxidation and
biological analogues e.g. the rusting car with the internal combustion
engine [ which could have been a titanium free energy vehicle 12000 BC
before the arrows and chariots etc ]
see the cartoon culture – why are we being degraded and animalised ?
I wrote a piece called Human Deregulation and the Greys which went
totally uncommented upon when it was posted on p4c – I even wonder if
its still there anymore.
why would a more bestially orientated human be a better upload capture
than a more spiritual one ?
this is stuff we should be asking so that we can spot this stuff as it
operates on us.
see their fantasy on tv and Hollywood its always the paradigm of
downtrodden depleted munchkins from which emerges the special or
chosen one to complete the mission with the repto heroes.
why is everybody animalistic medieval munchkins e.g Stargate atlantis.
lord of the rings amongst some energy hungry predators – in the
kingdom of heaven one phase up from here – everybody is empowered –
there are no depleted burrows and munchkins in these MANSIONS UPSTAIRS

why does Disney give us rats cooking our food ?

of all the epic beauty that could be portrayed by advanced 3d
multimedia why are we being fed dark spiritual junk like saw 5 ?
zombies, retards, meat movies.

when there are farmers amongst us that can outrun the bullets and
materialise behind the shooter before they pull the trigger ..
this charade is to take them all down to bestiality – to discard human
love and spiritual commune – to be the self serving energy hungry
predator – in the dark cavern of me myself I – living it up in dark
fortress ego and starving to death in depletion as a result.

that's why the reptos put out the nihilism and print it a ton at a
time in libraries and bookstores


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Webre's article on the Examiner.

See this...and please write something about it. (read the other comments on Webre in the Examiner)
This article is less than absurd, even less than ridicule.
If we want the extraterrestrials to go back to their planet, we just need to show them this article. After reading it, the Aliens will understand that there are no intelligent species on Earth.
Of course, if Obama reads it, he will not feel well after laughing for a month.
Well. as we know, for Exopolitics anything goes: "the show must go on..."
Pathetic, truly pathetic.

http://www.examiner .com/x-2912- Seattle-Exopolit ics-Examiner


Dear people, let me share with you some thoughts about all this Communication that is not Information.
Communication without content, insubstantial. The communication ITSELF is the message.
A foggy mass of...words, signs, confusion, contradiction.
Sometimes I think that this mass of contradictory, meaningless not-knowledge is the brainwashing itself.
Perhaps the Non-humans like all this very much.
But, the problem is this: how can we CLEAN the Virtual atmosphere?
How can we find MEANING, the lost meaning?
We must use the good old Occam Razor. We must stop the production of unnecessary entities. "entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem".
If we do not stop the mass of meaninglessness, the whole thing will collapse.
Of course, if the Infosphere collapses and Chaos prevails, a few intelligent people will anyway have fun.

Please read this and tell me what you think about it. Is important at least for me.

James Black

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Contactees could win a million..!

Contactees could win a million..!
People who allegedly are in contact with good, communicative Aliens, just need to ask the 'space brothers" for the solution of the Riemann Equation.

The Riemann zeta-function ΞΆ(s) is defined for all complex numbers s ≠ 1. It has zeros at the negative even integers (i.e. at s = −2, s = −4, s = −6, ...). These are called the trivial zeros. The Riemann hypothesis is concerned with the non-trivial zeros, and states that:

The real part of any non-trivial zero of the Riemann zeta function is ½.

Thus the non-trivial zeros should lie on the so-called critical line, ½ + it, where t is a real number and i is the imaginary unit.

A $1,000,000 prize has been offered by the Clay Mathematical Institute for the first correct proof.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My answer to Salla's article.

James Black:
Poor little Aliens, they are so nice...of course they are uninvited guests, and they abduct people and are cruel with animals.
As Dr.Salla writes in his old Exopolitical papers, they sign secret and consequently illegal pacts with our authorities, without people's knowledge.
Also, the non-human entities, do not feel like presenting themselves.
These cosmic intruders will "colonize " us? Will they be the Big Cosmic Brothers?
We tell them this:
"Aliens, show your faces if you have faces. Tell us what you want here. Show us in what way you are friends."
If you don't, get out of here as soon as possible.
February 18, 10:11 AM

My comment on Webre's article.

http://www.examiner .com/x-2912- Seattle-Exopolit ics-Examiner

James Black: It's curious that the real meme here is the "false flag ET invasion".
There is no such thing as a possible "false flag invasion" and never will be.
IF it is true what the Exopoliticians say, THEN we are already invaded.
Of course this is also a meme, a factoid. Something that exists only because someone posts it.
As Tone says , "ET false flag the pipe dream of the globalists, will never come to be ".
It will enrich the collection of unfulfilled prophesies that are the daily bread of Exopolitics.
February 17, 11:04 PM


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Exopolitics: From Contact to Crystals.

The good old "New Age" after all. What else?
There are words, only words about other words. Exotalking.
In the end, NOTHING happens, so what remains is some new age chat.
The Non-Humans smile (if they have mouth)
After millenniums we do NOT know, who or what they are, where they come from, what they want.
This is what we must learn if possible, or perhaps is to late?
Exopolitics is a pseudo-science because there is NO ANSWER from the other side.
NON-HUMANS are not interested and never were interested in diplomatic contact.
The beekeeper has no diplomatic contact with the bees.
Salla is now into crystals4contac.

"Dr Michael Salla"

Hello Mary, anyone who dismisses the relevance of crystals for ET
contact is really going to struggle when it comes to open contact.
Crystals are wonderful way of helping the body deal with the more
intense frequencies associated with ETs. Crystals have the most
structured natural array of atoms that we know of, and help the body
greatly harmonize given the chaotic nature of most people's lives.
Peoples minds and bodies are often far too disorganized, even chaotic
which is where dis-ease comes in. Crystals have a powerful way to help
focus our minds, an essential ingredient for health and for ET contact.

Thanks for sharing your experiences with crystals. There are far too
many who throw in uninformed opinions about the natural tools around
us to prepare for ET contact.

Aloha, Michael. S.


Monday, February 16, 2009

Nothing "X" in the Canadian UFO documents.

Canada release of UFO files shows us what serious Ufology is.
"a number of investigations of the reports suggest the possibility of UFOs exhibiting some unique scientific information or advanced technology which could possibly contribute to scientific or technical research."
The "X" is just a touch of dramatization, since there is nothing "X" in these documents.
Just compare the Canadian and British UFO files with the Exopolitical discourse.
Canadian and British documents ARE the disclosure.
What else can we expect?
If what we want is science-fiction, we must read the papers of self-proclaimed "gurus", contactees, mystics and "experts".
They do not need Evidences. They only need Imagination and "anonymous sources".
The Canadian UFO documents reflect what we know, or better, what we don't know about the UFO Phenomenon.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dr. Michael Salla contradictory statements.

Dear people, take a look at this post of Emily in P4C. She teaches us many things, one of them is that LIMITS are only in the mind of people who don't understand the Internet.
Everything has to do with everything, but more important, in Emily's message we read: "Government Secrecy is one of our worst analytical problems, as Dr.
Salla testifies in his monographs. That implies a measure of COMPLICITY between Governments and the ETs that are hovering over our
heads, which we have no knowledge of, officially."

This shows us that the new "all aliens are good" ideological shift of Dr Michael Salla denies what he, himself said. Secret pacts between aliens and Gov. has a name and Emily uses the right word: COMPLICITY. (read Salla's papers)
Yes, Emily, we understand why your are "exhausted and furious from the dysinfo, the lies, the
subterfuge, the fabrications, rationalization and dirth of FACTUAL
DATA with which to make assessments and predictions."

Emily's full post in P4C

off-topic posts disrupt the flow of the subject matter in which we
ostensibly are all interested.

Crystals belong in the New Age section of your local Yahoo groups.

Water quality topics, go under Water Quality Groups.

Meditative Practices go under "Meditation."

Concerns about abductions, their numbers, severity and outcomes
belongs HERE.

Concerns about the Secrecy that makes those statistics hard to find
belongs HERE.

Government Secrecy is one of our worst analytical problems, as Dr.
Salla testifies in his monographs. That implies a measure of
COMPLICITY between Governments and the ETs that are hovering over our
heads, which we have no knowledge of, officially.

Frankly, I'm exhausted and furious from the dysinfo, the lies, the
subterfuge, the fabrications, rationalization and dirth of FACTUAL
DATA with which to make assessments and predictions.



Saturday, February 14, 2009

My answer to Dr. Michael Salla

Dear friends of TRUTH. Below is the message posted by Michael Salla in P4C. I am not afraid of opinions as he is.
He says that some people (ex-members) want to discourage P4C members. ON THE CONTRARY , I recommend you to REMAIN in P4C. The only one who sends people out of his forum for "healing" is Salla. The only one who bans "heretics " is the Exopolitician.
He wants you OUT is you have had some painful experience with Aliens.
Do not leave. Remain in P4C and see where Salla is going.
Salla as usual ,has no arguments, so he practices his Ad Hominem fallacy. He attacks the individual because he cannot deny the statement. He cannot give EVIDENCES of what he says.
Please take a look at what Wilkipedia says about Salla's reliability:

I never sent to you any difamatory or abusive message. You know this well.
Besides, I do not sell books, courses, tourism to Bolivia or Hawaii. I am not a UFO Profiter. I am just a friend of Serious Ufology. A friend of TRUTH.

Michael "teaches " you to delete my "spam". ( Who he thinks you are?)
He pretends to tell you what you must read and what you must delete ? This is the worst form of CENSORSHIP. Crude censorship.
We are adults. Nobody must "protect our inocense" . Salla is not the Big Brother. We are FREE people and the Internet is FREE EXPRESSION.
Salla doesn't follow his own guidelines, since he wants to "clean" the forum, baning people with negative ET experiences.
He has, in his own words 0 tolerance with critics of the ET anti-human activities.
Just let me INSIST in this. Do NOT LEAVE P4C. Remain as members. Question censorship, ask Salla if he is preparing people for contact or for INVASION and COLONIZATION.



Dear p4c members, I wish to alert those active on the p4c forum that a
group of former members and others monitoring the forum are using the
email addresses of those actively posting to create unsolicited email
lists. They use the unsolicited lists to spam active members and
bombard them with all kinds of defamatory, abusive emails, etc., in an
effort to discourage people from participating in p4c. If you receive
unsolicited emails from a list of individuals discussing p4c or its
members then I recommend immediately asking posters to drop your name
from their list, and blocking those sending the emails or routing them
to your spam folder. You also have the option of reporting spammers to
their ISP when the email address reveal their ISP.

The practice of spamming p4c members has recently increased which is a
clear sign that the p4c forum is a cause for concern for some
monitoring our discussions. It's quite clear to me that those
responsible for the secrecy system do not want an informed groups of
individuals discussing ET contact issues in a rational goal oriented
way. If you have been included in one of these unsolicited email
lists, it's because someone wants to discourage you from participating
in the p4c forum.

The recent changes to the forum's goal and posting guidelines will
help restore a sense of civility and courtesy to the p4c forum so
constructive dialogue can once more take place.


Michael S.

Exopolitician hates FREEDOM.

Dear friends of TRUTH and FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Looks like Dr. Salla hates freedom not only in his P4C forum but also in the whole Internet. He should be in China or in Castro's Cuba.

A good friend sent me the message below, with this intelligent comment:
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Definately a dictator mentality!
Besides, Spam mainly deals with unsolicited sales adds, not emails to a group list you are partcipating and interacting on. What a dummy!>

"Dear p4c members, I wish to alert those active on the p4c forum that a
group of former members and others monitoring the forum are using the
email addresses of those actively posting to create unsolicited email
lists. They use the unsolicited lists to spam active members and
bombard them with all kinds of defamatory, abusive emails, etc., in an
effort to discourage people from participating in p4c. If you receive
unsolicited emails from a list of individuals discussing p4c or its
members then I recommend immediately asking posters to drop your name
from their list, and blocking those sending the emails or routing them
to your spam folder. You also have the option of reporting spammers to
their ISP when the email address reveal their ISP.

The practice of spamming p4c members has recently increased which is a
clear sign that the p4c forum is a cause for concern for some
monitoring our discussions. It's quite clear to me that those
responsible for the secrecy system do not want an informed groups of
individuals discussing ET contact issues in a rational goal oriented
way. If you have been included in one of these unsolicited email
lists, it's because someone wants to discourage you from participating
in the p4c forum.

The recent changes to the forum's goal and posting guidelines will
help restore a sense of civility and courtesy to the p4c forum so
constructive dialogue can once more take place.


Michael S.


I have this suggestion. My own experience tells me that we can describe those behind the UFO phenomenon as NON HUMAN ENTITIES ( NHE.)
This CLEARS the environment and fights definitions that only serve some agendas.


Friday, February 13, 2009

Personal abuse: the "Ad Hominem" fallacy

The ad hominem fallacy, or personal abuse involves a gratuitous and irrelevant attack or slur on a person's character. An attack which is irrelevant to the substance of the debate or discussion.
This thing works like this: Mrs X, shows that a statement is absurd, illogic in her view, and ask for some evidence that could give credibility to that statement.
The responsible for that statement has NO EVIDENCES. Cannot demonstrate that what he says is True.
Consequently, he attacks Mrs. X, call her names, points that she is a divorcee, a debunker, a psyop. This doesn't answer the questioning of Mrs. X.
This is the Ad Hominem fallacy. Those who have no Evidences of what they say, usually practice the Ad Hominem fallacy.
Let me give another example: a lady tells us that aggressive aliens abducted her, consequently, these are bad aliens because the experience was negative for her. She was abused by these Aliens.
Instead of giving an answer to this, the fallacious tells the lady that she needs some "healing".
Of course, the lady' statement is correct. If Aliens abduct people, then these aliens are negative to us.
The personal attack is to send the abductee to the doctor. This is not an answer, on the contrary it evades the answer with the Ad Hominem fallacy.



Dr. Salla, Leon Panetta and the " x-files"

More twisted interpretations and historical fiction

Dr. Salla in Examiner

My comment.
James Black: Yes, talk (or write) is cheap.. The idea is twisting anything and everything to serve an agenda.
On the contrary, not only Panetta will do NOTHING "weird" but he is a perfect YES man.
Besides, the repetition of a meme, in this case the so called X files, gives the idea that the existence of these files is a fact, and it is not such.
As usual, Exopolitics works with half-truths, rumors, unreliable "anonymous" sources, self proclaimed contactees and whistleblowers, and this has a purpose: making the whole UFO Phenomenon look absurd and ridiculous.
February 13, 4:35 PM

Emile post in P4C
What this means in Feinstein-ese, is without sacrificing SECRECY.

He will not cooperate with Disclosure.

That means, we have further work to do, to pull the Truth out of the
pile of Myths and Fables where it lies hidden.

Emily Cragg

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dr. Salla's proscription of Abductees

Michael Salla is paying a price for this.
But why, and more important, to WHOM?
The questions we must answer is this: Who or what is behind P4C shift?
And perhaps more important, the ETs of Salla, Webre, Boylan or Greer are not the SAME entities. Not at all.
The differences between the EXOS show that they are NOT talking about the SAME beings.
Each one has his own mythology, his/her own lies, their own absurd statements, but...they have ONE THING IN COMMON, and that "thing " is the common hate for the word EVIDENCES.
The concept of Evidence is truly the forbidden idea.
I dont know if I am right but there is one possibility: (tell me if you think I'm right or wrong)
My idea is that Boylan' s Cult is $working...know what I meant?
Boylan works with a submissive group of "believers".
Probably, the EXOS need to reconsider the whole myth and follow the only possible path that only requires FAITH in the Guru: a Cult, a Religion.
If they want to "make a living " of all this, they need FAITH, no more pseudoscience and, of course, they need the "good aliens only".
Below another message from P4C about Salla's shift.

Dear Mr. Salla,
> I find the nature of your latest e-mail disturbing. I thought that
the fundamental purpose of this discussion forum was to discover and
discuss the truth about ET existence, behavior and intentions (good or
bad) so that one could develop a proper course of action for
humanity's conduct with respect to ET.
> If witnesses come forward with testimonies that indicate harmful
behavior and intent on the part of ET (of which there could be several
races or groups with diverging interests), I do not see how one could
simply conclude: forgive and reconcile! This reaction would be akin
to a turkey saying to his fellow turkeys: I have been taken by the
farmer to a strange place where I saw turkeys being beheaded and
unplucked. The farmer apparently did not have time to do anything with
me so he brought me back to the field but I want to report to you that
what I saw deeply troubles me about the farmer's intentions and about
our collective future. Your comment is akin to one of the turkeys
controlling the media then responding: I will post your message only
if it concludes on a forgive and reconcile tone...
> Considering the amount of troubling negative evidence that has
already been gathered about ET actions and intentions with respect to
humanity, I find it to say the least troubling that you would state
your intent to exercise censorship on any testimony pointing to
harmful ET intent and behavior with respect to humans, if it does not
conclude by a forgive and reconcile message...
> Sincerely,
> JB

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dr. Salla's new Agenda

We will analyze the meaning of what Dr. Salla writes about models in P4C. This is important because those “models” are the Agenda of the so called Exopolitics. Y will write between text with a different font. Below Salla’s text:

“Dear Rebecca, thank you for sharing your experience, and the model
used in other forums where bickering is eliminated by focusing on
sharing news, witness testimonies, getting clarification, etc. That is
certainly one option to seriously consider given the tendency for
people to give opinions that are interpreted in so many different ways
by others leading to disputes, insults, flaming etc.

In an environment rich in lies, hoaxes, faked whistleblowers, anonymous sources and historical fiction presented as fact, “sharing news, witness testimonies, getting clarification, etc.” is impossible.” All those who have had negative ET experiences are sent by Salla to healing before joining P4C. In other words Salla only wants Nice Experiences as required by the Exopolitics Agenda.”

My preference would be for the forum to reorient itself in a more
constructive way by focusing on the forgiveness, reconciliation,
healing aspects of ET contact.

This requires a better definition: Salla should tell us what exactly are the “healing aspects” of ET contact. Also, since the doctor considers the Alien presence hypothetical, (see his papers,) this has absolutely no sense.

While that's no issue with positive ET contacts, I do understand the major problems faced by those having negative ET experiences. In some cases, they need to go through much
healing before joining forums like this where they can easily be
antagonised by the opinions of others that are based in different

As pointed before, Salla proscribes negative experiences. Perhaps he will send abductees to the Boylan’s Sauna.

If the self-moderating aspect fails because ultimately
large numbers of people can't share their opinions without getting
into flamewars,etc. , that would be very sad indeed. What kind of
signal would that send to ETs observing us and the future post-contact
planetary system we are moving towards?

The problem is not between us, humans. No, the problem is the Big Space Brothers. They will be mad with us, they will punish us. Is Salla ready for the proclamation of a Cult?

This is personal. I don’t care what the hypothetical good aliens think about us. I care about us, humans. The Non-Human entities do not care about us. They are detached, perhaps they use us. We receive NOTHING from them.

I would like to hear from other members as to which of the above two
models they feel would be the most beneficial from their own
perspective for the future of the p4c forum.

Aloha, Michael S.

You are not proposing two models, Michael. Not at all. You are revealing your new agenda. You are reinventing your own “aliens” (they are all nice). Looks like Dr. Greer cult and Boylan’s.

Probably we will soon see a “merging” between different UFO profiteers.

"Good Aliens Only" in P4C.

In a patronizing attitude, Salla reprimands "his flock". Looks like no resentments against Negative ETs. will be tolerated. The Agenda has changed. There are only "nice Aliens" here. Star brothers. There are no abductions, no abuses.
Let me tell you this: the new "politics " of the P4C Dictator, has NOTHING TO DO with Aliens.
It has to do with manipulations of the public opinion.
Of course, Salla wants also to sell his Bolivia tourism, his courses of Galactic Diplomacy and his books of historical fiction presented as fact.
All this nonsense has sense for the believers ONLY if Aliens are nice people, and want to have diplomatic relations with us.
Exopolitics doesn't exist IF we think that Aliens are "bad".
What should be done?
Several things:
Do NOT post in P4C.
Do NOT buy Books, Courses, Pseudo-Initiations.
Create your own groups, where there will be no limitations of free expression.
Below one of the Open Letters to Salla.
More about this latter, people.
No to the Brainwashing
No to the UFO Profiters.

"Dear Dr. Salla,

As a now silent member of your group, I'm writing out of respect to
your originating vision for this group.

I joined p4c some time ago because of a sincere desire to learn what I
could about what was known about extraterrestrials. Other than to receive your
occasional emails, I've long since stopped paying attention to the p4c group list
for the very reason you just brought up. Endless unfounded debate, bickering and
members taking each other to task for one assertion or another, one view or another.

And my original reason for joining, getting genuine first hand
information, even better, remarks by your learned self, seemed to be scarce to non-existent.
I have since found more objective, information oriented forums. The temptation to post pure
opinion or just vent is pretty overwhelming at times with almost anyone and has shown up in
almost all open forums on sensitive subjects.

After trying many, the only set up I wish to participate with now are more heavily moderated.
I'm not much interested in opinion, unless it is from someone extremely educated or
experienced in the area. I prefer venus where people are encouraged to post
their first hand experiences and impressions of it, and no posting of opinion or response to it other
than to ask clarifying questions are allowed. In other words, where submissions are limited to
genuine testimonies and questions/clarifications about that, period. The only other submissions
allowed would be from those with some baseline expert status engaged in comparative studies of
these testimonies who willing to post their objective reports of their analyses.


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Still Waiting: a list of UFO predictions.

In our opinion, the UFO Phenomenon is much more complex that the EXO mythology.
This UNSOLVED phenomenon is with us from the beginning of historical times.
Also, we think that the Idea that soon there will be a collective UFO-Human contact is UNFOUNDED.
At the same time, nothing suggests that soon there will be a "disclosure".

In 1998, Martin S. Kottmeyer published a populated list of UFO predictions that never took place.
This is important reading for Ufologists, because show us the distance between fantasies, wishful thinking, easy marketing and REALITY.
Follow the link, please. Thanks for your interest.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Exopolitics as Vaudeville

My comment to Salla's article.

It's amazing and even pathetic.
Again and again the same rumors and factoids, the "many witnesses" of the alleged( word of Dr.Salla)encounter Eisenhower-Aliens.
Unbelievable this submissive imploring to the State for the Revelation of the big ET Secrets..!
Exopolitics is just Politics. Less than politics. Is now reduced to anecdotal trivia and gossiping.
Is this the preparation for contact?
What's going on here?
Day after day, month after month, the Exopoliticians will implore the Big Brother to reveal the Secret of Secrets.
Exopolitics then, becomes anecdotal trivia.
I must correct myself. Exopolitics not only transforms Human History into Science fiction (class c.)
Exopolitics makes Human History a Vaudeville.
People deserves something better than this.

Keepers of the UFO secret?

Something more about Webre's article

James Black: Let's suppose that someone wants the government to KEEP the UFO secret.
If he is intelligent enough, and if he knows well the methodology of disinformation, (decoy, foggy talk, anonymous sources,etc.); he will write this memorandum about " What can we expect from the Obama Administration":

* Transparent disclosure of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and extraterrestrial life.
*An "alien false flag invasion," carried out by black budget military-intelligence units in the same way that the reported False Flag attack of September 11, 2001 was carried out.
*Extraterrestrial disclosure carried out by informed citizens groups and experts in official public venues and on the media throughout the earth. The end of earth's planetary quarantine from a universe society of intelligent civilizations.

This done, he can be sure that this Administration will remain silent. UFO secrets are safe.

February 7, 7:06 AM

Friday, February 6, 2009

Human History as Science-fiction: My comment to Webre's article

James Black: First, let us clarify a concept. The UFO people is not in Exopolitics.
UFO people tries to solve the big UFO enigma: who or what is behind the Unidentified Flying Objects.

Exopoliticians say, for example that the Irak Invasion was motivated for the need to control an Alien Stargate in that country. (see Dr. Salla paper concerning this).
Alfred Webre writes above that "Some research even states that the 1983 U.S. illegal invasion of Granada during the Reagan administration was in fact a cover operation to retrieve the body of an extraterrestrial that Sir Eric M. Gairy, Prime Minister of Granada, had in vitro for scientific examination at the Granada medical school."
This two examples show clearly that the mission of Exopolitics is the transformation of Human History into Science-fiction.
We agree with some of the critics posted by Michael Horn. He writes: "this nonsensical talk about "relations with extraterrestrials", is a distraction that perfectly lends itself to abuse, disinformation and manipulation."
"We don't have any relations with extraterrestrials. they aren't walking around, working for any governments, hiding out in Area 51, etc. nor are they in contact with anyone...with one exception. As a matter of fact, just reading this article, liberally infused with all sorts of official sounding names and terms, is in itself, a perfect example of the form over substance machinations of those members of the so-called "UFO community" who fancy themselves to be not only extremely knowledgeable but actually qualified to pontificate on these matters."

However, if we must believe Horn that the exception is the "contactee" Maier, then we are forced to think that the "extraterrestrials" are wasting their time, even if they have a lot of time to waste.
In other words each one of the Exopoliticians, Gurus and contactees have his/her own extraterrestrial mythology.
What they don't have is EVIDENCES.
We can expect, perhaps that in some moment, this or any other Administration will (again) recognize that 90 % of UFO sightings have a natural origin. The rest 10 % remain UNIDENTIFIED, but these UFO are not considered a security threat.
Of course, the Obama Administration must solve thousands of very human problems before talking of UFOs.
February 6, 8:12 PM

Michael Horn comments Webre´s article

Michael Horn:
As the U.S. representative for the only scientifically proven, still ongoing UFO contact case, allow me to say that this political/"exopolitical" silliness just demonstrates why we're stuck regarding this issue. The whole focus on bureaucratic protocols and "political" procedures, as well as this nonsensical talk about "relations with extraterrestrials", is a distraction that perfectly lends itself to abuse, disinformation and manipulation.

We don't have any relations with extraterrestrials. they aren't walking around, working for any governments, hiding out in Area 51, etc. nor are they in contact with anyone...with one exception. As a matter of fact, just reading this article, liberally infused with all sorts of official sounding names and terms, is in itself, a perfect example of the form over substance machinations of those members of the so-called "UFO community" who fancy themselves to be not only extremely knowledgeable but actually qualified to pontificate on these matters.

Take this gem, "Whom do the extraterrestrials want to deal with when it comes to open public interest diplomacy?" which posits a couple of daffy notions. First, they've already answered that question by maintaining contacts with one man...for the last 67 years. Secondly, it's any form of "diplomacy" - a fancy human word for "lying" - that they have specifically eschewed...and warned us against perpetuating. Since when was telling the straight, simple truth so difficult? Rhetorical, of course, it's human history and while our author here is concerned about official obfuscation, he wants to perpetuate it through..."diplomacy".

And do we even need to point out that spreading unsubstantiated tales about "extraterrestrials that may have entered into secret technology transfer and genetic farming (abduction) agreements with the U.S. government in the early 1950s, etc." is just more of the conspiratorial, tail-chasing disinformation and distraction that we're supposedly trying to get rid of?

Now, all of that being said, of course uncovering the truth about the UFO phenomenon - and the REASONS behind it - are very worthy goals. But since the Meier contacts are not only still ongoing in Switzerland but the INFORMATION they've been providing to Meier - for nearly 70 years - is being corroborated again and again, such as Meier scooping NASA - by 32 years! - regarding the discoveries of water, hostile environment and life on Mars by 32 years. Please note what I have said and check it, for free, nothing to buy or believe.

How's about the earthquake in China now being tied to a huge dam there? Well, Meier published warnings about that, and other causes for the still coming mega-quakes, in 1951 and 1976, as well as more recently. Again, go check it out. And check out the warning about a mega-quake and tsunami that will hit off the coast of well as numerous other, and some still possibly avoidable, events.

Now, there will be plenty of (usually anonymous, always unqualified) people who will trot out the old noise about a Meier "hoax" and, naturally, be completely unable to substantiate it. But what's important is that each interested person determine - for themselves - whether the Meier contacts are the biggest, most impenetrable hoax, or the most important story in human history. There's really nothing in between.

And maybe, just maybe, the good folks at "exopolitics" might like to be among the first to investigate and publicly declare their position on it, for what it's worth.
February 6, 5:29 PM


Preparing for Contact? Just Marketing.

In a short but substantial message a member of P4C writes:

I agree with you Mary. I am here with this group for about two years and I am still waiting for any intelligent debate related to "prepare for contact". Is good that Dr. Salla is doing a laundry here. It is time to do some restructuring here on this forum.

Our Idea is that the purpose of P4C was never the preparation for an hypothetical contact.
The UFO phenomenon is with US from the beginning of times, and the Non-Human entities behind this phenomenon NEVER gave any indication that they want a collective contact.
No, what is obvious is that exopolitical forums are simply MARKETING.
The EXOS sell books, sell tourism, sell "solar initiations", sell courses on Galactic Diplomacy. Some other events as participation on meetings, journalism and letters for Disclosure are nothing more that PROMOTION. Promotion sells.
In P4C and similar forums the people write, give ideas, fight, describe personal experiences: Dr. Salla SELLS.
In other words, people writes for free, and the EXOS sell these same people their PRODUCTS.
You are not payed for your ideas but EXOS sell your own ideas an some copy-and-paste.
And now, one of my mottos ...GIMME A BREAK..!



Thursday, February 5, 2009

Exopolitics, Science and Religion

Dear people, let me share with you some thoughts.

Ufological research must include the analysis of the different human reactions to the UFO phenomenon. That's why I want to suggest some ideas concerning Exopolitics, UFO Cults, and pseudoscience.
There is a clear difference between Boylan's rhetoric and Exopolitics.
What Boylan created is a Cult, a religion of the so called Star Brothers.
If you read the messages in Boylan's forum UFO facts, you will see that people do not ask compromising questions. They just have "faith" in the word of of Boylan and Wendy.
If Boylan tells them that the Altimarians are there, working for the salvation of Earth, they will BELIEVE without conditions in the Guru's word.
More, the true believers of Boylan's mythology, we show themselves submissive, grateful, selected between many, and more important, through meetings they will "spread the word"
They will prepare star kids to make miracles, etc.
As you can see, the Boylan movement doesn't need any more to give any evidence. They are now a Cult, just Faith in what the Councilor of Earth says will be enough for the Flock guided by the Good Shepherd.

Exopolitics is not the same. Exopolitics tries (without exit) to use the rhetoric of science. Here we can find the reason of the crisis in forums like P4C.
The exopolitical proyect prettends to sell their mythology dressed as science and real knowledge. This project is condemned to failure, why?
Salla or Webre must give something that looks serious to keep the scientific appearance.
Exopoliticians must SHOW a pic. of Mars to tell us that there is an Intelligent Civilization on the red planet.
Boylan doesn't need such thing. Wendy writes that Asheoma told her about the magnificent cities in Mars and that is...enough..! the true believers do NOT need a pic to believe.

That is why we think that Exopolitics has two options: Either they transform their rhetoric into a Cult, or their clients will loose interest, and worst will fight between them in a psychological environment EMPTY of ideas and emotional content.

Remember please: your ideas are always welcome, even if they are critical.)

Fraternally James


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Proud of this message.

A friend sent me this message. I am proud of having these friends, so proud that I want to share this with you, people.
I have no Agenda other than Truth.
I am not in the UFO-"spiritualist" market.
After decades of research in the field, I am convinced that the complexity of the UFO Phenomenon is greater than the EXO rhetoric.
This rhetorics is, I think does not give answers at all.
What Exos give us is "more of the same" discredited, unreliable, empty affirmations.
Also, I think that all this 'pseudo-mystic" discourse serves the interest of those who want to keep the good minds out of serious ufological research.
I believe that the UNEXPLAINED phenomenon is with us from the beginnings of our history.
I believe that there are probably non-human intelligences behind the UFO enigma.
These entities are not foes, nor friends. They are mischievous and detached.
I think that we DO NOT KNOW who "they" are or what they want from us, if something.
Generalizing, there is nothing "alien" in contactees messages. These are a blend of New Age, XIX Century Occultism and religious elements, all of this very human indeed.
Last but not least I saw UFOs twice and interviewed with witnesses of different ages and very different cultural levels, from pilots to illiterate farm workers.

Thanks to all of you for your interest. The message below:

"Dear James,

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your recent messages (which I thank you for) and very much look forward to receiving more. You have a fresh, honest, frank and open manner - something oftentimes lacking elsewhere. Overinflated attitudes and big personalities invariably cloud clear judgement on these matters and it will be light relief to escape from the bickering I have experienced elsewhere on the web regarding these topics.

I may be unable to contribute great insights from a scientific, political or revolutionary angle, but am always happy to share those things I have actually experienced myself and seen with my own two eyes. I am a relative amateur in this field and remain humbled by some of the extraordinary experiences of others I have crossed paths with, yourself included.

So in closing, I am very pleased to meet you and look forward to more from RationalUfology. I have every intention of joining the yahoo mailing group to stay up to speed and look forward to hearing from you again in the near future.

With warmest regards and 'bonne continuation' as they say here in France!

Best, ..."


My Comment to Dr. Salla's article in Examiner.

Et? Aliens? Forget about them.
Exopolitics and Exopoliticians are worried about the Government. They dream with the disclosure.
Now, the question is this: Where are the Aliens ? Do the hypothetic extraterrestrial visitors favor the Cover up? Or, on the contrary, the ET or ED (extradimensionals)are against the cover-up?
The EXOS ignore this. In fact the EXOS know very little, if anything, about Extraterrestrial Intelligences.
The Cosmic Gurs in fact know NOTHING about the hypothetical visitors.
Contactees give us "messages" from the Aliens with funny names, but these messages are nothing but a blend of spiritualism, New Age rhetoric, some occultism and religion. There is noithing "alien" in contactees messages.
So, what remains is asking the Government to tell us what they know.
Probably they know the same we know: NOTHING.
Exopolitics has nothing to say about the elusive Aliens, so, they talk about the government. There is nothing else to talk about.

http://www.examiner .com/x-2383- Honolulu- Exopolitics- Examiner

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Conspiracy: my answer to a friend.

A friend of us wrote me the following message:

I would be just a tad more open minded about the NASA thing......there is more than speculation about the modification of photographs ...... there are several instances of communication confusion between NASA and other Agencies....this lends itself to questions of reasonable doubt that there is something askew in the graphics of several photographs released to the public.....Also, there was an experiment conducted by NASA that released a "teather", even though this is public knowledge it is not a well known item....This "teather" disintegrated after being bombarded with electrical energy ..... not saying that NASA as whole is complicit in guilt but there are components that are receiving higher commands from somewhere??????
Do you know where?

This is my answer

Douglas, thanks for your interest.
If you read again my message, you will find that I deny the idea of a massive, international conspiracy. Franklin said once that for three men to keep a secret, two should be dead. I don't believe in that NASA conspiracy and even less I believe that the whole scientific community conspires to keep such things as intelligent life on Mars, ETs befriending the governments, and the rest of the absurdities that EXOS feed us daily.
No, after 4 decades of research I am convinced that there is not such Conspiracy.
More, I do not believe that a secret few can manipulate NASA in such a way.
I am convinced that the gov. cover-up exist: what they keep under secret is that they DON"T KNOW. They cannot recognize this, because the recognition is in itself a security problem.
The whole mythology of contact between Aliens and Gov. is exactly what the authorities need.
Let a couple of lawyers, some hysterical women and men, charlatans, and opportunists tell us that they KNOW??!! what Science doesn't.
This is magnificent to keep the good minds alienated from the UFO Enigma.


Monday, February 2, 2009

Conspiratorial Paranoia: Contradictions they face.

There are several problems that conspirationists face. Let us see the nature of these problems.
Someone writes that NASA pics of Mars are faked, because the government doesn't want you to learn that there is intelligent life on Mars.

Very nice, but...IF this is true, THEN not only NASA is in the cover-up. Every magazine, every University, every astronomer, every scientist belongs to the "cabal".

This, of course, implies that there is a TOTAL CONTROL over the gov., the Media, even the Internet.
Consequently, only a couple of Lawyers tell the truth about Intelligent life in Mars. The rest of the world either belongs to the Cabal OR they are repressed.
But...if the repression is so massive...why those few EXOS are totally free to write and tell us what they say they "know"?

Needless is to say that any rational person will see these massive contradictions.
If what they say is true, the whole world is a giant conspiracy, and if they think so, well...they need a doctor as soon as possible.

( PD: Attacking me is just the "ad hominem" fallacy that shows that they have no answers, so they choose personal attack.)


Create your own Conspiracy Theory..!

Dear friends, follow the link below and find the CONSPIRACY GENERATOR..!
Now everybody can produce her/his OWN conspiracy.

Enjoy and have some Fun..!

Ufology, Exopolitics, Conspiracies, Paranoia, Memes, Hoaxes, 2012, UFO, Aliens, Disinformation, Cultism, Brainwashing, Rational Thinking, ET, Xenopolitics, Contactees, Abductions, Disclosure.