Friday, February 6, 2009

Human History as Science-fiction: My comment to Webre's article

James Black: First, let us clarify a concept. The UFO people is not in Exopolitics.
UFO people tries to solve the big UFO enigma: who or what is behind the Unidentified Flying Objects.

Exopoliticians say, for example that the Irak Invasion was motivated for the need to control an Alien Stargate in that country. (see Dr. Salla paper concerning this).
Alfred Webre writes above that "Some research even states that the 1983 U.S. illegal invasion of Granada during the Reagan administration was in fact a cover operation to retrieve the body of an extraterrestrial that Sir Eric M. Gairy, Prime Minister of Granada, had in vitro for scientific examination at the Granada medical school."
This two examples show clearly that the mission of Exopolitics is the transformation of Human History into Science-fiction.
We agree with some of the critics posted by Michael Horn. He writes: "this nonsensical talk about "relations with extraterrestrials", is a distraction that perfectly lends itself to abuse, disinformation and manipulation."
"We don't have any relations with extraterrestrials. they aren't walking around, working for any governments, hiding out in Area 51, etc. nor are they in contact with anyone...with one exception. As a matter of fact, just reading this article, liberally infused with all sorts of official sounding names and terms, is in itself, a perfect example of the form over substance machinations of those members of the so-called "UFO community" who fancy themselves to be not only extremely knowledgeable but actually qualified to pontificate on these matters."

However, if we must believe Horn that the exception is the "contactee" Maier, then we are forced to think that the "extraterrestrials" are wasting their time, even if they have a lot of time to waste.
In other words each one of the Exopoliticians, Gurus and contactees have his/her own extraterrestrial mythology.
What they don't have is EVIDENCES.
We can expect, perhaps that in some moment, this or any other Administration will (again) recognize that 90 % of UFO sightings have a natural origin. The rest 10 % remain UNIDENTIFIED, but these UFO are not considered a security threat.
Of course, the Obama Administration must solve thousands of very human problems before talking of UFOs.
February 6, 8:12 PM
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