Thursday, December 23, 2010


Wishful Thinking produces hallucinations and pathetic nonsense.
Those who try to impose the UFO= ET. hypothesis act like stage magicians.

When a country promises to "reveal" their knowledge about UFOs, the illusionists talk about disclosure.
But then, of course, nothing happens, because in these sensational revelations, Unidentified Flying Objects just remain Unidentified Flying Objects.

Why this is called 'disclosure " ???

The UFO conspirationists are mistaken? No, I don't think so.
The EXOS just need to win some time. For 70 years, " the Aliens are just landing now."
It never happens. The prophets of "contact now" are ALWAYS WRONG.

The problem they have is this: if people loose Faith, they don't buy books, courses of Galactic Diplomacy, or the last "messages from the good, nice, spiritual Pleiadeans Arthurians, or Betelgeusians. (Put here the star name you like best.)

So, the big disclosure is also a Never Happens Situation.
People see Unidentified Flying Objects, and 96 % of times these objects are identified. (Birthday balloons in New York, for example.) The other 4 % remain unidentified.
So, about what disclosure are we talking here?
The TRUTH is that nobody in the whole Earth can show us real, concrete EVIDENCE proving that UFOs are Extraterrestrial Spacecrafts.
But the EXO-illusionists need to win some more time.


Monday, December 20, 2010

Ufologist against Ufologists: the EXOwar.

Dear people, as you well know already, ALL the Ufologists, exopoliticians and EXO(you name it, ) have ONE THING IN COMMON, JUST ONE and it's HATE...they hate themselves, exchange insults and waste time with mutual accusations.
Well, you know, it's just competence. They are fighting between them for the UFO market..$

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Subject: About Webre and Salla.

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That bogus story about "three large objects headed for Earth", featured by the Cabal dynamic-duo-disinformers Alfred Webre and Michael Salla in their blog-pretending-to-be-a-newspaper, The Examiner, is typical of the hoaxes and tired disinformation they "publish" at that site.
I went to the Cabal distract-and-disinform operation, the SETI "Institute" ( and looked up the scientists in their roster and there is no "Craig Kasnov".
So even a sister Cabal disinformation is not part of this second-rate hoax.
Read the energy signatures for: SETI, Craig Kasnov, and for that faked object-in-space photo.
You will find that all three energy signatures are dark, indicating deception.

in the light,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Those who promote the UFO=ET. hypothesis, are not fighting against the cover-up or the Cabal conspiracy, as they want us to believe.
Some logic will show us that this battle against the imaginary conspiracy, is a fallacy.
The real enemy of the UFO=ET hypothesis is the Nothing Happens Situation.

But nothing can be done against this lack of events. The enemy is invincible, because it is a shadow, a non-existence.

EXOS do not fight against what is happening, but against what's not happening at all.

They need desperately to convince the believers that something is going on, or that something will happen soon.
They are doing this for the last 70 years. Reality however is hard to defeat. Day after day, year after year, Nothing Happens and the ET=UFO believers will promote hallucination. A birthday party balloon will be an alien craft. A bird will be a disguised fast-walker.
The will to believe (or to make-believe) in what is not there, will be the rule,
however, there is a price to pay: Isolation, more and more lies, pathetic whistle-blowers and paranoia.
The world of the ufo=et. believer becomes a circus, and worst, an asylum.
Denial of reality is a hard work, the hardest perhaps.
Twisted interpretations will replace the obvious, and every new day without nice ETs landing in the White House, becomes a failure, a new challenge.
The cosmic gurus ask the believers to wait, just wait one day, one month, one year more, and promise them that the big show is coming soon. However the sky remains empty, and the "guests" never arrive.
The promised cosmic spectacle becomes the Theater of the Absurd.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

EXO-mythologists need the Conspiracy.

The imaginary conspiracy against the UFO-ET meme, is more than important for those interested in saving this myth.

More, the ET-UFO mythology is not possible without the “Shadow Government” that presumably fights against the truth defended by people like Basiago, Webre, Salla, Boylan, Greer, etc.

Since Time is always against the Exofantasists, ( The Nothing Happens Situation,)they must convince the true-believers that Alien Crafts are here, and will give us the big show in any moment.

Of course, this never happens, and the mythologists make the Conspiracy responsible for all the evils.

This “cabal” controls governments in the whole planet, and also the complete scientific establishment.

Besides, these “enemies of truth” have weapons capable of destroying alien crafts.

That is why the best friend of the ET fantasists is the Cabal.

This scheme however, is fragile and even pathetic. It’s a dying meme.

If the Exopundits want to keep their curio- shop open, they will need to turn the alienological meme into a Religious Mystery, a dogma. Those who proclaim themselves Councilors or selected Contactees will speak in the name of Star Visitors forced to remain invisibility for the evil Cabal.

Perhaps some of these selected prophets will be able to keep some faithful followers in their sects.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Welcome, Cosmic Gang.

Councilor of Earth announces the big exo-show for Dec. 31.

In a few days (writes Boylan) they will be in control, because they love us. Of course, the biggest authority on our Planet will be the Councilor of/for Earth.
Star Nations love us, and that's why they were in Auschwitz and other Nazi concentration camps...and of course they were in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Cosmic Brothers were there when the Aboriginal populations of South and North America were EXTERMINATED by the brutal Conquerors. (75% of Indians killed.)
They love us and that is why they stop the massive burning of women by the Catholic and Protestant Inquisition.
That is why they are actively helping now in Haiti, and fighting misery and hunger in the whole world...they love us and they will he here, in control, in a couple of weeks...and we will be saved...again, by "them"..???


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

UFO-ET MEMETIC: a contribution.

The strength of a Meme depends on several elements, one of them, perhaps the most important is, in Dawkins’ mimetic, the copying-fidelity:

Fidelity to the original will preserve the initial pattern after several rounds of copying. If a painting is reproduced by making photocopies from photocopies, the underlying pattern will quickly become unrecognizable.

We think that if it’s true that the Web is an excellent vehicle of memes incubation and “infection”, it is also true that in Cyberspace, Memes lose their original structure and become lost in chaotic galaxies of Memes that in the end become self-destructive or will immunize the “believers”.

The UFO-ET. Meme is in fact a chaotic galaxy of memes that become meaningless and self-destructive. Why? Just because nobody can keep the original pattern pure.

The UFO-ET meme becomes spectacle and commodity, and this brings competence between different profiteers. These conflicts are frequently violent and aggressive. (My UFO-ET meme is better than are a psyop and I am the Councilor of Earth..!)

So, the UFO-ET meme is a mutant self-replicating system but there is never one kind of Extraterrestrials. The Aliens become unlimited. The mythologists’ imagination brings into existence hundreds or even thousands of extraterrestrial races “visiting us”.

Each exopolitician or UFO-ET mythologist will create his/her own kind of hypothetical Beings. Good, Bad, Ugly, Beautiful; and of course, these have different agendas.

But there is more. The survival of the UFO-ET meme requires an auxiliary meme: the Government Conspiracy to keep the UFO-ET secret.

Again, the Conspiracy meme will grow and multiply and also mutate. It will grow into a chaotic galaxy of memes. The Conspiracy Meme will mutate into a universal conspiracy, and everybody in the UFO-ET community will invent his/her own Conspiratorial scheme.

There is however, a price to pay. True believers will become immunized or join some UFO Sect. Worst, the whole system or memes will become contradictory, totally unreliable and in the end, chaotic and self-destructive.

The total lack of evidences will force the Exo-gurus to become cultists, demanding from the true-believers Faith, and not Reason.

The “extraterrestrials” will become angels or gods, giving birth to Religious Memes with dogmas, mysteries and pontificates. This, of course, will be a new and unpredictable mutation.

The original ufo-et meme will survive in science-fiction…if it sells enough.


Tomas Scolarici

Sunday, November 14, 2010

People fed-up with the Extraterrestrial shows that never happen.

Looks like Susanne, a member of Dr. Boylan's yahoo group wants something more than WORDS.
This is her post in UFOfacts, Dr Boylan yahoo group:

To all,

A few weeks ago I emailed a friend to tell her about the coming display of presence by the Star Nations. She was extremely skeptical, and after a few similar email exchanges became so angry that she ended our friendship. Now I find myself more anxious than ever to see or hear in the news sightings of the mother ship and feel slightly guilty because I'm afraid my anticipation is slightly coloured by wanting to have my beliefs verified. Never mind that if I should be so lucky to see it hovering over my house near Philadelphia I'd be outside jumping up and down, waving and calling, "Hi!!" I know that each of us has to arrive at our own mental place of our own accord, but sometimes it does get frustrating.

I've been stewing about this ever since it happened and finally decided I had to get it out of my system. Thanks for letting me blow off some steam!

Love (hopefully) and light,

Susanne Sauer
Curious tactic...the Star.Nations shows are always shy. Never a serious big starcraft.

"Let's show something that looks more like a balloon, ok?.

"Let us tell the Councilor of Earth to promise the "big one", but let's make something that our friends could see as just a plane contrail."

It is cruel to do that with the councilor, when is so simple for them to show a mothership like that of "close encounters of the third kind", the Spielberg film.

But no...they like to play hide and seek, they are shy, the Cabal always wins. They enjoy the "Nothing Happens Situation".

"Let's force the councilor of Earth to waste time and energy", the Star Nations say.

"We shall NOT show, we shall NOT help, we shall NOT clean the environment, we shall remain detached."

Saturday, November 13, 2010


*Those unidentified flying objects that remain UNIDENTIFIED and challenge any natural definition, are not a new phenomenon.
*These Entities are with us from the beginning of our historical times, and perhaps before.
*The extraterrestrial hypothesis is not satisfactory at all.
*The UFO phenomenon is not a threat to our security.
*The same phenomenon neither was a threat for the Sumerians or
Romans, or Indians.
*The phenomenon COEXISTS with us, humans.
*The time travelers hypothesis about UFO, is better than the extraterrestrial one, but in no way answers all our questions.
*It's possible that the complexity of the UFO phenomenon makes it impossible any understanding.
* The UFO phenomenon is with us, was with our ancestors and will be in the future without changes. These Entities have no need, or are not interested, or cannot openly contact us.
* Last but not least, nobody knows what the UFO phenomenon is, and probably we will never know more.
* There is no such thing as a cover-up, and the authorities know as little about the nature of the UFO phenomenon as ourselves.
* They learned however that the UFO phenomenon is not a threat for our Security.

Tomas Scolarici

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

UFOmythologists and Chain of Lies tactics.

Chain of Lies

1. An e-mail chain or post containing defamatory or false information that is spread far and wide by partisan believers in an attempt to paint a negative image of the opposition. 2. The act of forwarding sensationalistic, untrue reports without checking their veracity. 3. How lies go viral on the Internet. 4. A modern-day illustration of Mark Twain's adage: "A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes."

Chain of Lies

Monday, November 8, 2010


The whole world is Cabal?

ALL those who express any doubt, ask questions or demand proofs, are condemned as Cabals.
This is the well known fallacy called ad hominem: Latin for "to the man."

An arguer who uses this fallacy, attacks the person instead of the argument.
Whenever an arguer cannot defend his position with evidence, facts or reason, he may resort to attacking the opponent with offensive remarks and anger, calling him CABAL and agent of darkness.

In fact, the insults keep the questions unanswered, and conceal the total lack of evidences.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Denial of Reality: the Price to pay.

These are the basic problems confronted by UFO-ETs Mythologists.

1) Nothing is going on.
2) Nothing Happens Situation.

Consequently, the EXO mythologists and UFO profiteers strategies to impose their Mythology are very limited:

They must convince their clients that something is going on when nothing is going on, and that something happens when the truth is that nothing happens at all.

This is not easy, because the self proclaimed contactees need to populate our normal, rational world with non-existences.

Then, balloons become alien crafts and the world is populated by weird "aliens". Those who insist that balloons are just balloons and that there are no evidences of aliens here, automatically become Cabals, CIA operatives and Agents of Darkness.

Also, since the EXO mythologists have absolutely no evidence of what they say, any doubt is forbidden. Legitimate doubts are Cabalism, conspiracy, black operations and crimes against the "light".

However, this constant denial of the obvious is not easy: Isolation, lack of self-esteem and even insanity are the heavy prices to pay.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Read this please:

"According to Mr. Webre, “ A core portion of the October 13, 2010 New York City UFO sightings appear to have been authentically created by intelligent civilizations from star systems elsewhere in our galaxy. When understood in their full context, the Oct 13 UFO sightings confirm the Exopolitics model - that we live in a populated, organized multi-verse, filled with intelligent civilizations, and that our civilization has been functionally quarantined from interaction with other intelligent civilizations.”

Now, if I write something like this, you should ask me this simple question: HOW DO YOU KNOW?

In this sense, I prefer the good old contactees: They just answer that they are in contact with Zetas, Pleyadeans, Orionids, you name it...just that, and they go on making a living with their "alien messages" . This is honest, right? Is Circus that recognizes itself as Circus.
The problem comes when the Exofantasists use big words and try to make "science" or "religion" or worst ,"Universal Law"
This is the Circus trying to make you believe in the "University".
The charlatan telling you that he/she is a scientist.
In my definition, this is the Asylum with a Megaphone.


Monday to Friday UFO & BOREDOM

Want to share with you some ideas...

Imagine that the craziest, boldest Exo-fantasist "announces" the massive arrival of the space-nations and the final disclosure and recognition of the ETs.
He gives date and time, like the self proclaimed Councilor of Earth did in his group UFOfacts.
Now, this announcement happens on Wednesday.
In this case, a few true-believers show their enthusiasm and firm convictions that the ETs landing and gov. recognition is a fact.
Why? Because it's Wednesday.
Two days latter, the weekend will put a stop to all this quasi-religious ecstasies.
Amazing but true.
On Saturday and Sunday the believers will just have other things to do in the real world.
(Shopping, Movies, etc.) UFO virtual world is just forgotten.
But, don't worry, because their virtual activities will begin again on Monday (if it's not a long weekend.) After the weekend, self-delusion, hope, faith in the Exo-nonsense, will help to fight BOREDOM.

Fraternally, in TRUTH we TRUST.

Tomas Scolarici

Friday, September 24, 2010

Councilor of Earth and Star Nations Ultimatum to Earth

This is one of the most important moments in the History of Humanity.
Richard Boylan, Councilor of Earth, gave an ultimatum to Earth Authorities about the time and date for Disclosure. If they do not comply, the Star Nations will initiate a series of open, public, dramatically-obvious demonstrations-of-presence such that the Government will then be compelled to publicly acknowledge Star Visitors reality.
This threat implies that the Councilor is in Power, and the Star Nations are invaders.
However, if the Human Armed Forces repeal the Star Nations invasion, there will be WAR.
Webre, Salla, Greer, Basiago...what's going on??? Please, enlighten us. Beam us out of here..!

UFOFacts] the official Deadline for the U.S. Government to make an Official Public Acknowledgment of Star Visitor Contact

DrBoylan <>
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Dec. 31, 2010, 11:59 pm, EST, [05:00 hrs., Jan. 1, 2011, Greenwich Mean Time/UTC/Zulu], is the official Deadline for the U.S. Government to make a formal Official Public Acknowledgment that Star Visitor Contact and Communication has occurred.
Preparation for this public information announcement was the subject of an official Executive Order (classified) signed by President Barack Obama, directing the National Security Council's Special Studies Group to prepare a plan for such a series of Official Government Public Acknowledgments of Star Visitor Contacts and Communications with U.S. Government representatives.
The U.S. Government is preparing to do this pursuant to a formal Agreement made with Star Nations: that the U.S. would stop its policy of UFO Cover-Up this year.
Of course such a public announcement could occur any time prior to December 31st too.
Star Nations, through its representative the Councillor of Earth (Dr. Richard Boylan), have advised the Government that if they renage on complying with that Agreement, that Star Nations will initiate a series of open, public, dramatically-obvious demonstrations-of-presence such that the Government will then be compelled to publicly acknowledge Star Visitors reality.

in service to Source,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor of/for Earth


I selected a few excellent paragraphs that are nothing less that definitions. (In Bold, Italic and sometimes underlined.)
Included is the link to the complete paper of Colin Bennett. A wonderful piece of Analitical and Critical Thinking. However I have a a small critic. Exopolitics doesn't deserve such an effort.


The language ( of Webre) is a straight take from the BBC TV comedy series “Yes Minister,” with a touch of Dr. Who:

“Recent whistleblower, direct witness and documentary evidence have led to the development of new typology of extraterrestrial civilizations. The new typology establishes the following types for extraterrestrial civilizations and extraterrestrial governance bodies as concerns extraterrestrial law. The new typology for extraterrestrial civilizations was developed by Exopolitics author and researcher Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd in response to a request by Oxford University Press, a department of the University of Oxford, U.K.The new evidence-based typological model divides extraterrestrial civilizations into (A) Extraterrestrial civilizations (3rd dimension), that is (1) Solar system civilizations (3rd dimension) based in the third dimension in our solar system, such as the intelligent human civilization living under the surface of Mars that reportedly enjoys a strategic relationship with the United States government; and (2) Deep space civilizations (3rd dimension), that is, intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations that are based in the third dimension and on a planet, solar system, or space station in our or another galaxy or in some other location in this known physical, third dimension universe. (B) Hyper-dimensional civilizations, that is intelligent civilizations that are based in dimensions or universes parallel or encompassing our own dimension and that may use technologically advanced physical form and/or transport when entering our known dimension or universe. With regard to extraterrestrial law and governance, the new extraterrestrial civilizations typology identifies (C) Extraterrestrial governance authorities: Legally constituted extraterrestrial governance authorities with jurisdiction over a defined territory, such as the Milky Way Galactic Federation, which has been empirically located in replicable research.”

In the light of this, perhaps Webre should be booked immediately for a one-man show. Love the mock-authoritarian voice, the name-dropping, and the (obligatory) suggestion of connections to Intelligence Agencies. There follows the equally obligatory nudge-nudge about “secret” knowledge of ET daring-do. Anyone who knows anything about such Agencies knows that their sobriety and conservatism alone plus their extremely limited gumshoe imagination (let alone their limited finances) would prohibit them from having anything to do with foil-hat child-brides such as Webre, Basiago, or the Jerry Springer Ufologists and many others of that ilk, such as Bill “SERPO” Ryan, who fled America leaving behind a pile of bad debts and whole tribes of ripped-off women wielding hot cattle-castrating irons.

I couldn’t find any mention of Webre on the Oxford University Press web site (as he claims). But perhaps that is to be expected. As a self-inflicted act of postmodern annihilation, Webre’s Web newspaper the “Seattle Politics Examiner” is a Dada composition updated to the Web Age. It should be read out loud to Schoenberg, or old Gerard Hoffnung’s Symphony for Vacuum Cleaners.
As a movement, Exopolitics doesn’t really fit anywhere in history except in those rare cases of religious hysteria such as the Crusades, although it might have fitted various hole-in-a-corner cultures such as witchcraft, occultism, whirling dervishes, or even Morris Dancing. It would certainly have fitted 19th Century spiritualist movements, as most of the Exopolitical alien “contacts” and indeed space ships are as vaporous as the ectoplasmic ghosts seen by Conan Doyle and Baron von Schrenck-Notzing.

In this respect, the Exopolitical movement has to be set in the context of the apocalyptic fears and doubts of a mass-media society in crisis. The populations of the entire world are now mind-fed and controlled by a limitless stream of images, symbols and metaphors, some basic and crude, others inspired obviously by such films as the Matrix, Avatar, and Close Encounters.

The middle classes have always lacked a good soap opera. The popular TV models have always been strictly for the sheeple, with their dumbed-down content, and simple-minded cartoon-sketches rolled out for the hoi polloi mentality and its strange appetite for countless billions of toxic images per second. The US series Frazier and Rosanne were good tries at comic subtlety, but they are from an Age now so long gone we look at them as we gaze upon Hadrian’s Wall.

Exopolitics gives the Web-powered middle classes all they ever wanted. The peasantry won’t understand Exopolitics, and the trendy Intellectuals, utterly self-isolated from any kind of “scientific” knowledge, are not bright enough for it. The ever-frightened scientists will stay away in droves and Exopolitics is far too technological for camp media folk, and far too weird and difficult for conventional “arts” folk. In the face of the claims of Exopolitics, all priests will raise their hands in horror, the sane will flee to put their heads back into their little boxes, and “scientific” Ufologists (rather like Darwinian professors scanning leaf mould with magnifying glasses) will scream for the “facts” of the Exopolitical situation to be carefully “investigated,” thoroughly “researched,” and “put into a proper perspective.”

Like most scientists, these people are so far behind the Big Media Age they haven’t even reached the TV Age yet, never mind the cyber culture. Exopolitics as Media in the Raw, Lady GaGa, beats all Cartesian measurement.


Exopolitics represents a post-modern meme-based prototypal entertainment system. Facts and fictions do not relate to such virtual superliminal constructs as SERPO and Project Camelot, any more than they relate to the Yellow Brick Road of OZ or Bob Hope’s Road to Morocco. If anything good could be said about them, it is that they represent cerebral Pop Art of a very high standard. This is a relatively new genre of highly wrought modern social comedy: it was born between the burgeoning games systems of web virtuality, and got caught between cyber culture, science fiction hallucinations, and countless elitist conspiracies of many a kidney. Having said that, I accept that Exopolitics is an authentic form of post-modern expression, and I rank it with Thunderbirds, Mission Impossible and the UK Dr. Who.

Like the aliens of Dr. Boylan, Exopolitical aliens are always engaged in Flash-Gordon daring-do adventures against various Men In Black cabals. Such do not appear near gasworks or sewage treatment farms. They always appear in glamorous hi-tech inspirational backgrounds and their environment appears to be constructed of the techno world of image, symbol and metaphor rather than good alien flesh.

All cultures are advertising systems. Exopolitics is no exception. By and large, Exopolitics helps to manage and develop the core stories of our time. These stories are grouped around what might be called Domains. Examples of Domains include the Military Industrial Complex, the Pentagon, Area 51, NASA, and we may include Hollywood. All these Domains secrete hive-mythology. In their developed form they are the ultimate version of Kafka’s castle as a Central Mythological Control ant hill full of deceptions, intrigues and cover-ups within the general alien conspiratorial mysterium.

Conventional media (by now looking pretty old-fashioned compared to Web media) cannot supply such exotic drugs as Exopolitics. Though comparatively young, Exopolitics can supply greater inspiration if only because it is young in spirit and appeals to a new generation tired of standard TV formulas. By pure manipulated suggestion an Exopolitical audience is willingly drugged into new image dimensions and made almost starving for UFO “disclosure.” One has the impression that as with TV again, many would be quite ill without such liminal food being forced into their mental veins hour after hour with ever-increasing frequency.

Exopolitics is therefore a big meme-game, rather like the SERPO and SPORE meme-games in that interested parties can add to the game-play themselves. Unlike traditional TV soap operas, entire families can participate and create their own episodes. Many of these “alien” tales and part-tales about UFOs and conspiracies are willingly broadcast by popular U.S. broadcasters such as Jerry “foil-hat” Pippin. No script in the conventional sense is needed. Just a thread of suggestions created on a kitchen table with a screen, a keyboard and a terminal.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


One single charismatic figure who claims...
A direct revelation from an extraterrestrial source.

ET are always wiser and more benevolent than earthlings.
Cult members are expected to heed the channeled warnings and advice from ET without doubts. These are not tolerated.
This element “pervades most UFO cults”
Devotees must serve the cult to prove their worthiness for the great ET rescue, sometimes a great planetary change.

Space aliens “want to coax humanity upward to a more lofty state of spiritual

Humanity is inferior. We Need to be guided by the Big Cosmic Brothers. Our great spiritual leaders were not Humans but Aliens.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Exopolitics and Futility.

Dear Friends

In the message included below, honest exopoliticians tell the TRUTH, but not the WHOLE TRUTH. Let's see.

The educational programs in galactic diplomacy, (whatever this means,) are based, they write, in the EXTRATERRESTRIAL HYPOTHESIS.

This is TRUE. The existence of extraterrestrials is nothing but an hypothesis. Consequently, the whole exopolitical "corpus" is hypothetic, including the so called DISCLOSURE.

Obviously, is contradictory to demand a disclosure or to teach Galactic Diplomacy, if alien existence is hypothetical. (and it is hypothetical of course.)

The honest recognition of the ET existence as a mere hypothesis shows the futility of any presumed teaching of Galactic Diplomacy..!(sic)


----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Exopolitics <>
Sent: Mon, September 6, 2010 4:32:31 PM
Subject: [GalacticDiplomacy] Public Announcement: Exopolitics Courses begin next week

Exopolitics Institute

M e d i a R e l e a s e


Fall Semester Courses for Exopolitics Certification Program Start on September 13, 2010

[September 6, 2010 - Kona, Hawaii] The Exopolitics Institute is proud to announce that classes begin on September 13 for a number of educational programs designed for those interested in developing professional qualifications in exopolitics; and/or acquiring analytical tools, research methods and investigative techniques for evidence concerning the extraterrestrial hypothesis. Our experienced faculty of educators and trainers collectively offer decades of experience in the teaching profession and in researching extraterrestrial life; and offer you the opportunity to apply exopolitics in a number of unique areas.

Classes offered for the Fall 2010 Semester are:

Exo 107 - The Science, Spirituality and Politics of Extraterrestrial Civilizations, Course Instructor, Michael E. Salla, PhD

Exo 108 - The Role of Hollywood and the Media in the Disclosure Process, Course Instructor, Paola Harris, M.Ed.

For full 2010 schedule please visit:

Some comments from students completing earlier courses.

This course is the ultimate in understanding the nature of Ets. One gains perspectives of the immenseness of the universe, the invisible medium and how the templates of ET life may fit within this multiversity. Ones own sense of self importance is brought to measure and a spiritual uplifting seems to adjunct the students as they deal with the notion of how advanced galactic life is, socially, technologically and politically.
Neil Gould, Hong Kong, Exo-107 - Fall, 2009

I could not have run into anything better than this course, for handing me a fantastic shortcut to the most valuable info & resources currently available on the ET related subject.
Frank, Belgium - Exo-101- Spring, 2009

I wish that every person on the world could have the privilege of following this course. It’s a gift that will always be with me and I will need all I have learned very soon.
Anissa, Switzerland- Exo-101 - Spring 2009

I really feel I was given a substantial overview of the available material. I also thought the instructor was very competent, knowledgeable and responsive.
Dr Bernice, USA - Exo-101 Spring 2009

Fasten your seat belts, put on your crash helmets and prepare for an amazing journey into the past, the present and the future.
Douglas McClure, South Africa - Exo-108 - Fall, 2008

For more student comments on past courses - click here

Whether you plan to be or are a journalist, a diplomat, educator, artist, scientist, historian, researcher, lawyer, policy maker, or health, government, religious, or business professional, you will find a suitable way of incorporating evidence concerning extraterrestrial life into your chosen profession.

The certification program offers a three-tiered system of courses and seminars that each culminate in an Exopolitics certificate or diploma.

a. Exopolitics Certificate - Entry level certification provides the core conceptual understanding so you have basic competency in writing about, researching or investigating exopolitical issues.

b.. Galactic Diplomacy Certificate - Second level of certification provides both the conceptual skills and diplomatic training so you can practice citizen diplomacy in extraterrestrial affairs.

c.. Exopolitics Diploma - Third level certification designed for those intending to teach or train others in exopolitics.

These three certification programs are competitively priced and provide you the opportunity to learn and practice exopolitics in a way that is suited to your interests and career. With a minimal investment of time and energy, you could soon be on the way to acquiring the skills and training to set you off to a path that will establish you as an exopolitical pioneer in your respective fields.

Explore our certification program then register for the certificate program that will open your path to exopolitical knowledge and training. See the following video for comments about Exopolitics from some of the course instructors and graduates.


Phone: begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +1 808 328 2800

+1 808 328 2800

The Exopolitics Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization based in Kona, Hawaii. Website:

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cabal Warning.
dateThu, Sep 2, 2010 at 4:18 PM
subjectUFo & Politics: DANGEROUS BLEND.

hide details 4:18 PM (4 minutes ago)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Contradictory statements, Info-Wars, accusations, hate.

Yes, you must choose between Right and Wrong but the question is this: Who is Who?
Because NOBODY shows any EVIDENCE, so, it is POSSIBLE that your previous decision was not the right one.
What if those who you think were Right...are Wrong and consequently, those you think were Wrong are Right ?

Impossible? No, I don't think it's impossible at all.
Disbelievers become Believers and the opposite is also true.

I know you read a lot about Aliens: (good aliens, bad aliens, hundreds of aliens, ugly aliens, beautiful aliens, aggressive aliens, compassionate aliens, and so on, but please remember this: you read ABOUT aliens, but the aliens, the "real thing" is NEVER THERE.
Some day perhaps, but until this moment, the only thing you have is talk, talk, talk...contradictory talk.
Who is Right and who is Wrong? You don't know. It's not a rational option. You just have Faith in this Ufologist or that one.
Do some googling please, and watch the Chaos. Contradictory statements, Info-Wars, accusations, hate.
Discord rules the UFO-fans Culture.
What can you do?
There is one thing you can't do:
You cannot ask the Aliens about Truth because our "ET brothers and sisters" are NEVER THERE.
Perhaps these words will help you to choose between "right" and "wrong", or you will understand what you attitude should be:
Just DO NOT CHOOSE and watch the Show with detachment. Enjoy the Game from outside.

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Councilor of Earth against Salla and Webre.

Reading below, you can see how this people are "transformed" by the "good aliens"...they are "full of love..?!

[UFOFacts] UFOFacts is not for Cabal disinformation rags


I note a couple of people in the past day have tried to post UFO-oriented material (see below) from Cabal disinformation sources.
As I told one member,
"Let me make it absolutely clear: No Cabal disinformation operatives get free exposure on UFOFacts.
Michael Salla and his stooge Alfred L. Webre are Cabal assets.
Salla's various fake on-line "newspaper" "Examiners", supposedly
from various cities, habitually feature false propaganda and
Therefore those "news" articles do not get publicity on UFOFacts either.
Just as a child molester feeds his victim candy before he molests
her, so also Salla and Webre feed supposedly "interesting" UFO tid-
bits to their audience to gain their trust so that they can sell them on disinformation later.

Dr. Richard Boylan, Moderator

> --- On Wed, 8/25/10, EXOPOLITICS.COM <> wrote:
> Subject: EXAMINER: 'Extraterrestrial hypothesis' is now public operative explanation for UFOs in France, U.K. and China
> Date: Wednesday, August 25, 2010, 12:33 PM

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Exopolitics as an Entertainment System

"Exopolitics represents a post-modern meme-based prototypal entertainment system. Facts and fictions do not relate to such virtual superliminal constructs as SERPO and Project Camelot, any more than they relate to the Yellow Brick Road of OZ or Bob Hope’s Road to Morocco. If anything good could be said about them, it is that they represent cerebral Pop Art of a very high standard. This is a relatively new genre of highly wrought modern social comedy: it was born between the burgeoning games systems of web virtuality, and got caught between cyber culture, science fiction hallucinations, and countless elitist conspiracies of many a kidney. Having said that, I accept that Exopolitics is an authentic form of post-modern expression, and I rank it with Thunderbirds, Mission Impossible and the UK Dr. Who.

In that it contains techno and futurist elements Exopolitics is far superior to broad-ass TV sitcoms. Once one accepts Exopolitical culture as a form of multimedia expressionism, it becomes interesting in itself. Most of these Exopolitical people are well educated, highly intelligent, powerfully motivated, quite different to the usual Pippin-style foil-hat Okies from Muskokie. That they are all most probably quite sane is an interesting psychological mystery in itself. That they do not turn into script writers is another mystery. Conventional media may be too small and conventional a form of expression.

Like the aliens of Dr. Boylan, Exopolitical aliens are always engaged in Flash-Gordon daring-do adventures against various Men In Black cabals. Such do not appear near gasworks or sewage treatment farms. They always appear in glamorous hi-tech inspirational backgrounds and their environment appears to be constructed of the techno world of image, symbol and metaphor rather than good alien flesh.

Undoubtedly Exopolitics is Ufology at its best as post-modern Art Form. Warhol would have loved these sculpted multimedia manifestations and their do-anything say-anything claims for human habitations on Mars and Aliens in the White House.

Exopolitics also has the purely erotic nature of instant throw-away consumerism. Let’s face it – Exopolitics gives give good intellectual sex. It represents the thinking person’s Lady GaGa in the manner (in Britain) that “arts” TV woman Joan Bakewell once was said to represent “the thinking man’s crumpet.”

Asking Exopoliticians for “evidence” of their claims and belief is rather asking Alf the Alien or Yogi Bear what kind of ice-cream they like. “Fact” in the strictest sense cannot be applied to Big Media. The liminal memes which make up the body of Exopolitics just don’t work that way; they are performers in a comic metaphysical drama. Exopolitics is pure theatre, and damn good theatre it is, too, We must remember that in our burgeoning Global Village there is no such thing as Cartesian distance. The Global Village is a quantum plasma. It works any way which way."

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Alfred Webre's "empirical evidence."


Alfred Webre writes:

Empirical evidence and the law of evidence now support the existence of:
(1) Intelligent, organized civilizations in our 3rd dimension solar system, in our deep space universe, in hyperspace and parallel universes;
(2) Intelligent civilizations’ governance authorities;
(3) Soul civilizations in the inter-life spiritual dimensions.


I also invite those who agree with me, to tell me why an intelligent man with a brilliant background as Alfred WEBRE, writes such fallacy.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Science and the 2012 Hoax.

"Just as the calendar you have on your kitchen wall does not cease to exist after December 31, the Mayan calendar does not cease to exist on December 21, 2012. This date is the end of the Mayan long-count period but then -- just as your calendar begins again on January 1 -- another long-count period begins for the Mayan calendar."

" Nibiru and other stories about wayward planets are an Internet hoax. There is no factual basis for these claims. If Nibiru or Planet X were real and headed for an encounter with the Earth in 2012, astronomers would have been tracking it for at least the past decade, and it would be visible by now to the naked eye. "

Read more. It's refreshing.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Exopoliticians as Meme Engineers.

"Now it so happens that both Webre and Salla are very clever meme engineers. Just like L. Ron Hubbard who created Scientology, Webre and Salla went on to create a synthetic mythology which, as we shall see, rivals Scientology somewhat in its aims and practices. Their work is interesting if only that it shows how the structure of Web-born mimetic worms may be designed. Such worms have viral properties which can be seen quite clearly in the psycho-social culture dish. In this sense they are “intelligent” forms of non-carbon life, just as is an image in our heads of Marilyn Monroe, or any one other of millions of such sparkling harpies.

Exopolitics represents no less, a new form of viral programming. This can easily evolve into a new form of social control. It consists largely of fantasy and entertainment whose image-based symbolic structure is easily manipulated by Big Media and rampant Consumerism as regards exploitation of belief.

Such “intelligent” forms of dosed information are easy to insert into a dumbed-down society whose media-soaked heads are on the verge of cultural disintegration. "

Alfred Webre Mystery Solved?

Follow the link and let us know what you think, if you have time and will to do that.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

UFOSOPHY: The Perfect "Blend"

In the following message we have the perfect Ufosophical ideology, expressed by a follower of the new Religion. Please read it. Following the message my comment.

RE: [UFOFacts] (unknown)...
Anne C...

Bless you Maya for the love I feel emanating from your spirit. And thank you for your affirmation of my words to Gina. I am so happy to be among you, ..... all of you! Someday, I will tell the story of my contacts, but not today. The circumstances of my life, surrounding the time frame of the contacts, are still very painful to me and I've not the strength to tell it at this time. Know this, ..... Star Visitor intervention saved my life, but at that time I thought I was hallucinating. Now I know I wasn't, ..... the contacts were real.
May God in His Divine Wisdom, bless, protect and nurture each and every one of you.
And Star Visitors, ..... I humbly thank you and pray I may yet prove worthy of the love you showed me.
Anne Red rose

Now, if the Ufosophists make the point, it is possible to convince the followers that the ETs are "invisible" like the angels or the gods. The metaphysical soup includes all the necessary ingredients: Submission, Blessings to the "Divine Wisdom" and Star Visitors that are more or less...the same thing that the god invoked.
With appropriate rhetoric, they will even convince some people that each one has his/her Guardian Star Visitor.
After this, the "contact" will become "spiritual communion" and Faith will turn Evidence unnecessary.
(well...the lest thing we, Humans, need is a new Religion. The old ones were enough genocidal.).

Thursday, July 29, 2010

An Epitaph for Ufosophy.

After NASA first complete map of Mars, it was obvious that the ball was in the field of Ufosophists.
Now, let us see what is going on with these UFO fantasists: Salla is retreating more and more. He doesn't control his prepare4contact group or post in it.
Someone wrote to me that "he was looking for a new opportunity". On the "Councilor of Earth " sect, each lie must be covered by a new, bigger one.
Except Boylan, Fran and Wendi, the rest of the world is Cabal.

The Nothing Happens Syndrome is taking care of Ufosophy.
What remains is a small group of fantasists, and they did their job: to keep serious, scientific minds out of any serious ufological research.
Now, the last article written by Alfred Webre in the Examiner, about "industrial activities in Mars" deserves reading and re-reading, because in some way is an epitaph.

We can think : after this what? and the answer is nothing. After this, nothing. What we have is what Alfred's references show. The obvious blend of nonsense, new age, superstition and totally unsubstantiated statements.
Yes...of course, these people are right and NASA is wrong.
The whole scientific establishment is conspiring. Bassiago is right, after all he was there in Mars, teleported. He was also in Washington the day of Lincoln's assassination. He is a Time-traveler.
What will remain of all this? Barbara Marciniak perhaps, making a lot of money selling the messages of the Pleiadeans...Boylan, the self proclaimed Councilor of Earth, writing nonsense for a small bunch of people with no brains. Salla promoting Croatian healers and Bolivian initiates talking about secret cities under the Titicaca lake.
The Big Lie, the "opium for the people".
The Ufosophists will try to keep people interested, people waiting for gods, angels and aliens' help.
They will wait days, weeks, months, years while NOTHING HAPPENS.
Perhaps if it's not too late, they will understand that only Humans can save Humans, if they wake up, if they react, if they SEE THE OBVIOUS.

Tomas Scolarici

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Repent..! The End is Near.-Saint Boylan

Saint Boylan shows us how to save our Souls, dear friends.
The Exosophists' Inquisition is working...(sorry, some serious Ufologist wants to say something about this.?)

Dr. Richard Boylan's 12 Steps of Redemption for Cabal Operatives.

The 12 Steps for Cabal Operatives/Assets:
Step #1: We admitted that we were powerless over our addiction to: deceit, intimidation, power-tripping, character-assassination, surveillance, unwelcome intrusion into the lives of targeted victims, misuse of funds and position to harm the lives of lightworkers, exploiting experiencers through MILABS, drugged gang-rapes, and other violence, misleading the public through false propaganda, disinformation, psychological-warfare operations, and/or suppression of information.
Step # 2: We came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.
Step # 3: We made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of Source/God as we understood Him/Her.
Step # 4: We made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.
Step # 5: We admitted to Source/God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.
Step # 6: We were entirely ready to have Source/God remove all these defects of character.
Step # 7: We humbly asked Source/God to remove our shortcomings.
Step # 8: We made a list of all persons we had harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all.
Step # 9: We made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.
Step # 10: We continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.
Step # 11: We sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with Source/God as we understood Him/Her, praying only for knowledge of His/Her will for us and the power to carry that out.
Step # 12: Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to other addicts to covert deceptive power-tripping and harming the innocent, and to practice these 12-Step principles in all our affairs.

Any Cabal operative/asset can defect today and get busy working on redeeming their life and soul before it's too late.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Goodbye Reality, Welcome Ufosophy.

Dear Brain-Users

Benjamin Franklin said once that three men could keep a secret only if two of them were dead.It's easier to believe in Santa, that to believe USA gov. is in contact with Extraterrestrial Civilizations.
Any rational woman or man, can see the obvious.
To keep a secret such as intelligent life in Mars, or Alien friendly contact with the authorities is impossible.
If this is true, the giant Conspiracy involves not only government agencies and the military, but the whole world scientific establishment.
In this era of massive information, such thing is absurd.Besides, the conspiracy nuts have no answers for a few question, and one of these is: If the powers that be are in possession of advanced technology as a space fleet and gadgets like a Time Machine, are they loosing the Middle East War?
If we want to believe in such super-conspiracy, we need to have Faith in the UFO pundits.
Only blind faith can work, but if this is so, then Ufology becomes a religion.
Many UFO fans believe now that aliens and angels are the same entities, but this is contradictory and someone should clarify this identification.
The EXO pundits remain silent and totally isolated. There is no open contact between them, even if their ideologies are contradictory.
How is this possible? It is difficult to understand.
However, closed systems end in disorder sooner or later.
Although there is no other possible system for the UFO fantasists, because UFO are not objective realities. On the contrary, even the definition of UFO as UNIDENTIFIED flying OBJECT, denies the possibility of objectivity and coincidence.
Each Ufologist is talking and writing for a few followers that do not ask for evidences of any kind.
They write and talk about Galactic Laws and "known" aliens.
But never ask them how do they know what they say they know. If you do such thing, you are a disinformer, a psyop, a provocateur, a debunker, a member of the evil Cabal.
You are never someone who wants to know more.
But this is dogma, not knowledge, this is Religion, not Science.What we have here is a new sectarian dogmatic religion whose precept is this: Do not ask, do not doubt and wait for the Revelation.
Aliens then are angels in contact with the new god called Source.
The cosmic gurus know by Revelation.
Credo quia Absurdum Est ( I believe it , because it is absurd ...) as Tertullian presumably said.
This is the Law imposed by the Cosmic Gurus to their true believers. Anything else is heretic in mythological ufology.
Better, let us use a neologism like Ufosophy, right?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

HUMANS? Just a little experiment of our "star-brothers"

Dear friends
What follows below is a good synthesis of Dr. Boylan and perhaps other "cosmic gurus".
Please read carefully and analyze : Ideas welcome.
First humans are just a genetic experiment of the Big Brothers. Freedom turns into a joke if the is true, right?
IF the Vatican agrees with these definitions, well, the whole Catholic Dogma is just a hoax.
The genetic experiment we presumably are, is just a big failure since our social, political and economical situation is a total DISASTER.
The Star-Kids are a Superior Race (the fuhrer would be happy with this.)
Those advanced children learn some primitive sorcery from the self-proclaimed Councilor of Earth ($ 95 each)
Needless is to say what will happen in the Mind of these poor children after learning these Occult Arts.
Of course, IF the Star-Nations decided 350.000 years ago, to "create " the Homo Sapient in their laboratories, Earth belong th them.
Obviously all this is the perfect ideology for the Corporations who rule our World, at least until the people decide to say NO, NO MORE.

Richard: I will put it into a brief historical summary.

Approximately 350,000 years ago, Star Visitors genetically engineered primates in order to create homo sapiens, a species which is not related to Neanderthal man or to any of the more primitive species that have been dug up.

So we are a hybrid race. And the large braincase and high intelligence is due to cross-splicing of a higher order of extraterrestrial genetic material.

Paula: Does that have anything to do with the missing link? the leap from Neanderthal to Cro Magnon?

Richard: Yes. There is a missing link because there is an absolute discontinuity between primitive species and homo sapiens. Traditional archeologists keep trying to find a fairly upright individual who is a little more advanced than Neanderthal man but not quite as advanced as homo sapiens, but they cannot find this missing link because there is none. There was no evolutionary curve. Instead, around 350,000 years ago, there was a sudden emergence in Africa of a whole race of homo sapiens. And that is where the footprints stop. There is no preceding species to connect us.

But as we all know — and what has become all too obvious to the Star Visitors — after more than three hundred millennia of having a go with these brains, and even though we've done some impressive creations of civilization, we still retain rather unfortunate tendencies toward jealousy, competitiveness, and resolving matters by grabbing a club and beating the other person over the head. In that way, we're not much better than our primitive ancestors and other predators in the Serengeti.

Paula: Are the Star Kids different from the "experiencers"? Please tell us more about them.

Richard: The kids being born in the last eight to ten years are way ahead of the average human, and even way ahead of the average experiencer. They have striking abilities, and their average developmental curve in many cases is rapid: they are lifting their heads up, talking, walking, reading, and writing a year or two earlier, or more, than their age-mates.

They demonstrate telepathy at a very young age, and in some cases, they are influencing their environment mentally, along with showing other abilities that normal humans don't have (for characteristics of Star Kids, see the sidebar, Star Seeds and Star Kids).

Paula: How do they come to be born this way?

Richard: After compiling all the information from many experiencers, it seems that reproductive material — sperm or ovum — is borrowed from humans, altered by the Star Visitors, and then put back.

The inference is that they've done a further upgrade in human genetics so that the kids born later to these parents are way advanced. Let's say hypothetically that if the evolutionary scale of homo sapiens is rated at 1.0, these kids are at 7.0.

Upgrading the human condition in this manner appears to be one of the ways in which Star Visitors are helping to create a more advanced version of humanity that will have the virtues and strengths that tend to be absent in the average human at this time.

As marriage, interbreeding — even blood donations — carry forth advanced DNA and ripple out into the general human genome for the next few generations, eventually all of humankind will be functioning at a more advanced level.

Paula: Do the parents typically remember the intervention of Star Visitors prior to their children's being born?

Richard: In many cases, the parents remember these events clearly. In other circumstances, they have only a hazy awareness of strange things going on in the house, or a UFO flying over their car, followed by a loss of time.

If there is a missing chunk of time, then we can go back using hypnosis and retrieve the missing parts. When pieces fall into place, people have a much more comprehensive sense of what is going on.

Paula: Are some of these hybrid offspring being born off-planet because they cannot live here on Earth?

Richard: Generally, there are two versions of genetic work being done. One version involves upgrading humans to the hypothetical 7.0. In the other version, human genes are spliced to a basically extraterrestrial genome that is usually grown in vitro — in a test tube-like environment.

The test-tube children tend to look much more extraterrestrial than human. They would never pass for human in the way Star Kids do. They have more of the extraterrestrial attributes, but enough of the human qualities to restore some of the emotional range and heart consciousness that some star civilizations lost when they manipulated their own genetic evolution.

In the case of extraterrestrial children developed in vitro, those kids are often raised off world or onboard the large ships that are semi-permanent homes for various colonies. Many experiencers have been taken aboard such ships to interact with one or more of these children, and in many cases they are given the telepathic message that this is their own child. These experiencers treasure the short time they have onboard to nurture and love them.

Paula: Do parents often have much greater challenges in raising Star Kids than in raising other children? The Star Kids I've encountered are often quite energetic and seem to be quite a handful in some cases.

Richard: My grandson is a case in point. He is going to a school in central California that specializes only in gifted children. Even there, he is bored. Star Kids — and this also holds true for highly intelligent humans in general — are restless because they are processing information so fast that the pace most humans plod along at is painfully slow for them. They just get bored, restless, fidgety, agitated, and want to move on quickly to other things.

Unfortunately, they often get slapped with labels like Attention Deficit Disorder and Hyperactivity. That really isn't fair, because they are not loaded with neurological anomalies, as are true ADHD kids. In truth, they're just a square peg in a round hole, and they often have a rough time of it.

Also, that sense of being different makes it tough. Kids always want to blend in with other kids and be accepted. However, because of the way they think and behave and the different way they see things, they get labeled by the other kids, and this can make it harder for them to make friends.

You can imagine that when Star Kids reach puberty and adolescence, unless they have help, it can be an extremely challenging time for them. Without this help, they can become isolated and feel like misfits in society, even though they are extraordinarily gifted.

Paula: Since these special kids are increasing in numbers, there must be some kind of help that will be available for them — although I don't know what to call it.

Richard: I'll tell you what to call it: It's called the Star Kids Project©. It's quite ambitious, and I've developed a ten-year plan that includes multiple Star Kids Workshops across the United States and in strategic regions of Canada, Europe, Mexico, and Turkey. Workshops in the United States are already underway.

This plan also includes establishing a Star Kids residential school, a mentor program, and a graduate curriculum, as well as training for faculty.

Paula: Wow — it sounds wonderful! What will the Star Kids Project offer?

Richard: In the workshops, we create a special place for grade school kids, adolescents, young adults, and those who are basically grown-up Star Kids. Of course, parents and family are welcome, since it's important that family members understand these special kids so that they can assist in their development rather than be at loose ends.

The curriculum will include revisionist history — of which I gave you just a tiny slice a moment ago — along with a different kind of physics — electro-gravitic, magnetic-gravitic, antigravity, and so forth — that transcends the speed of light.

In nearly every one of the subjects that are traditionally taught to young people, a revising, upgrading, and cosmic overlay will take place. These kids need a foundation where they don't have to unlearn what they were previously taught and then relearn it at a later time. If these kids can get it right from the beginning and then build on that knowledge, with that kind of foundation they are really going to soar as they mature.

Paula: What do the Star Kids learn in your workshop weekends?

Richard: We cover why they are the way they are, where they come from, who the Star Visitors are, and so forth. We spend a lot of time on the various abilities and differences of Star Kids and Star Seeds — like different body temperatures, and what that means. Or why they have cross-species communication, telepathy, other sensitivities, and so on.

We practice remote viewing and other skills that use the mind, using tools like dowsing rods, pendulums, and a variety of other strategies to amplify the power of the mind and practice with it. And we discuss using these abilities for doing social good and not as a way to show off.

Paula: Do you find that these children are more sensitive?

Richard: Yes, they are very sensitive, and transparent — meaning that what they are thinking and feeling on the inside shows on the outside. They do not abide by social pretense. They "tell it like it is."

These attributes make sense in a mental-telepathic world, and are obviously of cultural value among Star Visitors, since there is not much to hide in an empathic, shared world. All of the ESP gifts, for example, represent either sending out energy or receiving energy, and being highly attuned to that.

For a Star Kid or Star Seed, it's not easy to set up barriers to such sensitivity or to tune it down. It's basically part of how they are made. As a result, many of these kids are overwhelmed in noisy and violent environments. They just run away and hide in a closet. Or if someone is being petty or cruel in a social setting, these sensitive people just want to melt away, because they can feel it on an energy level and it just grates on them. They don't seem to have the thick skin that many 1.0 humans cultivate and seem to take pride in. But neither do they seem particularly interested in having it.>

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