Sunday, August 31, 2008

October 14. More disinformation

Now, after thousands of years on Earth, the "Visitors" will show on October 14.
This is a new piece of disinformation.
You will see that before that day, something will happen.
Then, there will be no show.
The aliens will not be able to show themselves... they are so shy..!
The EXOS will elaborate. They will find unsubstantiated connections between something happening on our planet AND the ET's absence.
But we are no as stupid as they think.
They cannot make a living, promising a lot and as usual, giving NOTHING.
What they are? Virtual ghosts.
They have Institutes with big names...nothing but names.
And ...what about Aliens?
Seems like they keep doing two kind of things: abducting people AND contacting individuals.
In thousands of years they don't feed the poor, or cure illness or stop wars and genocides.
They are NOT interested in any official contact.
Let me tell you that I am not a contactee, not a seer, not an Exopolitician or Exobiologist.
I am a human being, and let me tell you that something can be done about ET's.
You can organize local groups for research and discussion.
Perhaps they will make contact. Individual contact, unofficial contact.

Remember that there are no "experts"...just people making a living with what they found in the Internet.
Copy and Paste. Nothing more.
YOU know more than them, or the same.
They all have something in common: they all ask for "donations". Money if you want to know about decorated anonymous sources.
Money if you want to learn what "God" said to Mr. Hurtak.
"Call it "donations": it sounds better. Tax deductible...
Give me a break..!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

UFO/ET fantasy prone-paranoid subculture.

In his polemic with Dr. Michael Salla, Ed Komarek gives us a historical definition. He writes:

"This is a page right out of the UFO/ET fantasy prone-paranoid subculture. Claim your critics don't have any justification for their criticisms and in fact are disinformation agents out to stop you because you are so important."

Two things are important here. The definition of Exopolitics as a fantasy prone paranoid subculture is one.
The other is a key to understand many things: Ed remembers Salla that he as usual "-- Claim your critics don't have any justification for their criticisms and in fact are disinformation agents out to stop you because you are so important."

Indeed, is obvious that is the government or the cabal wastes a lot of time trying to stop Salla or Boylan or Webre, they are important.
The only problem is that they are not. As Wynderer said, the Internet produces big Egos.
Not only the Exopoliticians are not important but they are useful for the gov.
They contribute to make the SERIOUS UFO problem look as a delirious fantasy prone paranoid culture.

Besides, the commercialization of the "product" ( a blend of UFO mysticism, psychic readings and "solar initiations " in Titicaca, ) turns the whole thing into a pathetic "New Age" business.

We do not need to be contactees to understand that is there is contact with Aliens, this contact is and will be PRIVATE and individual.
Aliens do not seem interested in experts, authorities of any kind, scientific or religious leaders. No, they will not recognize authoritarian organizations of any kind.
That is why Ed Komarek proposal makes sense: The organization of FREE local groups of people interested in the UFO/Alien Phenomenon.
Of course the professional EXOS will oppose because their business will collapse.
Why? Because they have nothing to sell. They know nothing special.
They are selling an empty "fantasy prone-paranoid culture".
In the words of Shakespeare, " a Tale told by an Idiot, full of sound and fury"

Friday, August 29, 2008

Click to join UFOtabloid

Click to join UFOtabloid

Ed Komarek concerning Dr. Michael Salla

Fist message.
Dear friends. Here you have the complete message of Ed Komarek. The full message.

"I think we are in agreement on this. I don't want to see exopolitics turned into a hustle either. Critics like yourself have a role to play in acting as a policeman in the field of exopolitics as in the UFO/ET field in general. In fact Michael has called for policing of the field with he himself as one of the police. I think that is like the fox asking to guard the hen-house. The only problem I have is that we need higher quality critics to police the field. I am not really happy with the critics scatterbrained and dysfunctional approach so far. You guys need to clean up your act, not deceive yourselves that truth is your only agenda. You are angry and that is a competing agenda. Right now you guys are acting more like pesky flies than hornets. You have turned many folks against you by your less than honorable behavior including spaming folks like myself. If you can prove that Michael is using the Exopolitics Institute as a for profit business with the not for profit status as simply a deceptive cover then you can challenge the Institutes non-profit status with the IRS. Now that would sting. In my opinion there are many deceptions that you need to articulate well for public consumption. Here are three. 1. Michael has made himself out to be the sole founder of the Institute in order to inflate his standing. The truth is that the Institute was founded by several of us. It is true that Michael put more into the Institute than anybody else but together we have put in much more than he. He started as coordinator but after he had our help and he had something financially valuable and he and his wife-girlfriend took possession and ownership. That distroyed all the good work all of us had put into this venture in my opinion. 2. To call you critics government agents is another deception on his part so as to also boost his credentials. This may be self deception and he really honestly believes this. He said something to the effect that all these attacks prove that he is doing something right and is successful. What he is saying is that he is so important that he has a team of agents after him. That's crap as you well know. He does not need to have agents take him down, he is doing that to himself. He is fast going from a respected exopolitical leader that has really moved exopolitics forward to exopolitical hustler undermining exopolitics. 3. The third deception is that he believes that his dire need for money does not effect his exopolitical activities. In fact it is this need for money from exopolitics that is eclipsing and undermining his past beneficial activities. If he really wants to move exopolitics forward he needs to use that doctorate and go make some real money elsewhere and remove this very serious conflict of interest from his exopolitical activities. You can pass this on to your group if you wish. Ed"

Second Message
Here is my latest post to OM that you can pass along if you like. Ed

"I think Infotech, Obe, Cy and others can see where I am coming from in regards to Dr. Salla and understand his actions and motives on this board and elsewhere. People can see for themselves the controversy that has been building around Dr. Salla in the UFO/ET community. There is a politics of exopolitics and folks should be aware so they or the public don't get hurt.
I respect Dr. Salla as having been a leader in the early development of the emerging field of Exopolitics and he has had my support in the past. He no longer has my support. He has failed to see nor to understand the conflict of interest between the need to derive a living from the Exopolitics Institute and exopolitics and what is best for the Institute and the exopolitical field as a whole.
When money becomes involved in a field of study it can subvert perception and undermine the work. Its easy to go from legitimate researcher to hustler in order to bring in the bacon.
Its a slippery slope from legitimate researcher-investigator to hustler and I have seen it happen many times not only in the UFO/ET field but elsewhere as well. The legitimate needs of survival can cause individuals to get into modes of self promotion, inflation of credentials, altering the historical record, suppression of competitors etc. Much of this can be a unconscious and not a deliberate process. I still care for Dr. Salla and I would hope he really takes a very good look at himself at this point and reverses this destructive trend.
I believe and agree that we have just witnessed a spillover of this sort of thing onto this UN thread and by Michael's unconscious sabotaging of getting any more "fantastic" information out of Source A one of the more credible contactees of date. I think Infotech hunch is right that Michael secretly wants to run this through "his" Institute.
Dr. Salla as a prominent contactee investigator should be encouraging Source A to come out with his ET contact rather than making diminishing statements that suppress such information getting into the public domain. The time to be a critic is after the information is available in the public domain.
People should be able to see why some of us are very angry about this but are trying our best to stay as cool but it's not a easy thing to do because there is a lot at stake here. Apparently Source A has not studyed the situation in much debth and is not privy to what I know. In this case I "was" the insider.
Obviousy if I was worried more about my reputation and keeping the peace here at OM more than the truth I would keep quiet as many others in the exopolitical community are doing in regards to Dr. Salla. I feel that somebody that has been involved in this in some debth should speak out regardless of the consequences and hold Michael to the mat.
If people want to believe that this is just a case as Michael asserts that I have a axe to grind thats okay but believe me I would not get into this toxic mess unless I thought a lot of damage is being done to the field of exopolitics.
I agree with Michael that the field of exopolitics needs policeing. But in my opinion for Michael to head up the police force would be like putting the fox in charge of the chicken house.
I am sure we can work through this for the benefit of all here at OM. The founding fathers understood confrontation. Often democracy is more important than feeling good and keeping the peace. Some nagging issues can only be resolved though confrontation.
On the other hand maybe OM is not the place for this and I can understand that. This would make for a interesting discussion in itself.Ed"

Dr. Salla's response to Ed Komarek

As usual, for Salla there are no different opinions. If someone has a different view, he or she is classified as debunker, traitor, and disinformer. This is the "ad hominem " fallacy, because insulting ED, Salla does NOT refute his statement.
"For someone who wants to disrupt things, it pretty easy to pick some wedge issues and fabrications, and exploit these to the maximum. It's a tactic often used by debunkers, trolls and malcontents to cause strife in social movements and discussion forums. The wedge issues and/or fabrications raised by Ed Komarek above include charging money for expolitics products and services, controlling the information flow about Source A's TDY, taking control of exopolitical information, and focusing on the fitness of key personalities (e.g., me) in heading up an emerging field (e.g., exopolitics).The forum moderators and Clay/Shawn Pickering have already spoken up to point out the vacuous nature of the accusation raised about me and the Exopolitics Institute in terms of controlling Source A's information. That's been shown to be a fabrication but Ed weighs in telling us that is really what is going on. He also adds a new element, that's it's really about money. So according to Ed's pontifical edict, it's all about money and control, and he projects that charge onto me and the Exopolitics Institute over Source A's information. Regardless of the truth of such a perception, Ed boldly asserts it. I fully expect Ed to continue doing so, and get other sympathetic posters to repeat it ad nauseum. In the end, a false perception has been laid in the minds of others by repeated assertions to discredit Ed's target (guess who?).The course of action Ed Komarek is following comes straight out of a psychological warfare manual. I recommend members take a look at the 25 Rules of Disinformation and then closely read again Ed Komarek's above post, hope others recognize Ed Komarek's disruptive tactics for what they are and how the wolf in sheep's clothing metaphor may be most aptly applied"
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