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The last Alfred Webre's  EXOblunder published by the Examiner was denounced as disinformation from the same Dr. Salla' s forum.
This teaches us that even in the Big Exo Circus, to much is to much. 
Looks like they are suffering the NH Syndrome (Nothing Happens) 

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Hi George and P4C Folks!,
Been offline most of the summer, due to other commitments, but 
things seem to be coming back around, so hope to have a bit more time 
to read and comment.
I have to agree with George. The Neumann and Basiago's 
'teleportation to Mars' message sounds like disinfo, (for all the 
reasons Goerge mentioned below.)
The next question is what is the motive for doing so?
Is it just to 'muddy up the ET/UFO field', (so that no one can 
tell truth from lies, and everything thus becomes discredited? )
Seems like the intel folks have been having a field day with 
people like Bill Ryan (with his SERPO web master status, and now 
Project Camelot); and, people whom Bill has interviewed, (such as: 
'Henry Deacon', aka really (supposedly) 'Arthur Neumann', who is now 
telling about teleportation to underground base(s) on Mars, and 
possessing supposed NSA connections. ) Is this all one big psy op, for 
confusions sake?
Mr Basiago's supposed connections to DARPA, (infamous for its 
'mind control' / 'super soldier' program), makes one wonder if this is 
all one big 'mind control' program in earnest, (with all the 'UFO 
researchers' /players, just following their programing; and or, being 
mislead by those that are following theirs.)
As George pointed out, only ET's would have had this technology 
in the 60's, and giving it to NSA would have been a violation of 
interference with a planets evolution, so the story is either entirely 
false, or someone alien group is in violation of the prime directive, 
and thus did so with less than altruistic motives.
You would think that real researchers would see these obvious 
contradictions, (or are they too caught up in the fascination and 
intrigue of these 'amazing stories'; and or, perhaps the glamor of 
being 'media darlings', causing their inflated ego's to overlook the 
obvious contradictions in their reporting?) Those that do not take the 
time to draw these simple conclusions, and question the sources lose 
all credibility in my opinion. Thanks to George for pointing out the 
O.K. Hope the list is doing well, and helping sort out fact from 
fiction. Much Love, Steve

On Sep 9, 2009, at 6:13 PM, George LoBuono wrote:

> When so fantastic a story comes out, we have to look hard to see if 
> it could be true, or if it's laced with improbabilities. Lt. Col. 
> Steven Wilson told Richard Boylan that the US first achieved wobbly 
> but reliable reverse-engineered flight in 1971, during the Nixon 
> presidency. That was just 24 years after Roswell, yet here we read 
> that not only did the US government have teleportation equipment in 
> 1968 used to visit the future and the past, but they were doing 
> accurate long-distance translocations to Mars by 1981—again, only 34 
> years after Roswell and 10 years after reported first antigravity 
> flight. Later in the article, Basagio is quoted as saying "the US 
> government has had a fully operational teleportation capability 
> since 1967-68." Any or all such would have to have been done using 
> an alien version of technology because it's doubtful that humans 
> would have had such by that time.
> Alien abduction stories usually only feature a "teleportation" or 
> translocation using alien technology from ground to a hovering disk, 
> or in Phillip Krapf's case, all the way to the moon in one shot. But 
> that's always reportedly done by aliens using technology that 
> they've mastered for ages. Here, we read that the US military is 
> besting aliens and putting a man, Basagio, who, previously, had been 
> used as a child participant in a teleportation experiment, of sorts, 
> all the way out on Mars. Later, the story says, "The apparent 
> purpose of the trips to Mars was to familiarize him with Mars 
> because the CIA knew of his destiny as the discoverer of life on 
> Mars and deemed it important that he visit Mars and experience it 
> first-hand."
> Does that sound likely—the CIA knew that Basagio would later 
> discover life on Mars? The article says Basagio's clandestine work 
> was confirmed by Dr. Jean Maria Arrigo, who works for the CIA. Jean 
> Maria Arrigo is the sister of CIA-mindcontrol whistleblower Dr. Sue 
> Arrigo, and Jean has tried to discredit Sue's reports about David 
> Rockefeller having controlled CIA narcotics and child sex slave 
> traffic. Dr. Sue Arrigo's story may be of epic importance because it 
> exposes what may be THE ugliest underside of the black budget mafia 
> in the USA, and it finds partial corroboration in the accounts of 
> other survivors of the Monarch/MKULTRA programs, plus Dr. Ewan 
> Cameron's monstrous projects at the CIA's behest. In other words, 
> Sue's sister Jean Maria doesn't arrive in this story without some 
> very unusual baggage and CIA connections. And the CIA is the prime 
> agent of disinformation in the United States, bar none. Also 
> worrisome is the fact that in addition to Jean, an Israeli with 
> "Dead Sea scroll" experience verifies Basagio's story
> Yes, there could be some alien outstations on Mars---who knows which 
> aliens they might be, but Mars wouldn't likely have any residual 
> aliens from some previous inhabited phase on a global scale. We'd 
> see all kinds of indications of previous civilization if such were 
> the case (it apparently isn't), and there is no air suitable for 
> life on a large scale. Any aliens there now would be mere campers, 
> possibly placed there as part of an alien intervention on this 
> planet. It would be the ultimate Disneyland-like experience for 
> humans who didn't know much about aliens in the universe---merely 
> take a few military types there, promise to reward them with goodies 
> for keeping mum, then lead them on as though those aliens have a 
> real right to be there, in the first place. Mars is for human uses 
> in the future, NOT alien interlopers who (possibly) abduct, or are 
> involved with alien who abduct humans.
> I have little doubt that, given alien appearances in our skies, an 
> uncensored study of Mars' surface might show some small, relatively 
> minor installation or two, but there's little prospect of a native- 
> evolved intelligent lifeform there, now. Robert Dean is a good, 
> honest man with much to say, but his claims aren't nearly as 
> divergent as are Basagio's. Basagio's story doesn't match what other 
> whistleblowers say about US technological capacities. To me it 
> sounds a lot like SERPO: CIA and intel sourcing, a fanastic 
> otherworldly interaction years before people knew about it, and it 
> has people like Jean Maria (a CIA asset) who seems suspicious. 
> Again, Jean Maria was used to discredit her own sister's more 
> important allegations. But the investigative world seems to have 
> believed Sue Arrigo, rather than Jean Maria.
> In the end, we don't know all that has occurred in secret programs 
> in recent decades, but Basagio's story is quite a stretch. Like 
> SERPO, it's framed in a way so that readers want to believe it, for 
> various reasons, but its sourcing and its details don't match the 
> accounts of other, important



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