Friday, September 4, 2009

Exopoliticians: What they are talking about?

Dear people

Let's consider this. 
Three friends decide to go to the movies. All of them will see the same film. Let's call it "The Aliens".
Now, when they come back I ask  what they saw, how was the movie.
One of them tells me that the film was black and white. The second friend says that it was in full color, and the third tells us that he doesn't remember the colors, just the music.
However, the first friend denies this, because , he says, the film was silent.
The second friend on the contrary, affirms that there was no music and no silence in the movie, but just noises.
About the plot of "The Aliens" one of my friends says that it was the story of a alien, Mexican girl in love with an American boy.
The second movie-goer asserts that this is not so, and the story describes an extraterrestrial landing on our planet.
Finally, the reminding friend tells us that the story was based on a War between Galaxies. Nothing to do with Earth.

It's not difficult to think that they didn't saw the movie. 
Other possibility is that they saw different movies.
However, if they were in the same theater at the same time, a fantastic Joker is playing games with them.

Same thing happens with contactees, whistleblowers, mystics and Earth Councilors. Each one has his /her own story about the Aliens.
In this case, either they are just lying of the big Joker is playing games with them.

In Truth we Trust



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