Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dr.Michael Salla debunks Andrew Basiago & Alfred Webre.

Salla against Basiago and Webre.

Basiago found an archived photo of a scene at Lincoln's Gettysburg address, that showed a blurry image of a boy surrounded by men. According to Basiago, he had traveled back in time as part of Project Pegasus, he declared that he was the figure in the photo. The boy's image in the photo was blurry, however, and not conclusive by any means. This did not deter Basiago and supporters. They claimed photographic evidence existed to support Basiago's claims of attending the Gettysburg address. As with the NASA Rover images, was Basiago simply a crackpot seeking attention, or was there a deeper agenda unfolding? We need to dig deeper into Basiago's claims.
In an email exchange in January 2011, where I was challenging Webre's support of Basiago's NASA photo interpretation that Plesiosaurs existed on Mars, Webre responded:

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