Thursday, July 25, 2013

Billy Meier's Wife Admits It Was All A Hoax.

This short video clip is taken from the documentary Worlds Greatest Hoaxes-Secrets Finally Revealed. Watch and listen as top Hollywood Movie Special Effects Expert Dean Cundey explains what I have been saying for years is true, and watch and listen to Billy Meier's X wife Popi Meier, as she explains on camera how Billy used bin lids to fake it all and how it is all a lie and a hoax, and remember this, this information has come straight from the horse’s mouth, from the person who knew him best and who was the closest to him, let’s not forget, she was married to Billy for many, many years.

To read my exclusive interview with Michael Horn, click the link below. This interview took place in May 2009.

Billy Meier's faked UFO
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