Sunday, April 29, 2012

Conspiracy Theory Logical Fallacies

Most conspiracy theories don't make sense nor withstand any scrutiny. They usually involve operations so immense that it's basically impossible for them to be kept secret, and all the proof given by conspiracy theorists usually have a very simple explanation (usually much simpler than the explanation given by the theorists).

Yet conspiracy theories are very popular and appealing. Even when they don't make sense and there's just no proof, many people still believe them. Why?

One big reason for this is that some conspiracy theorists are clever. They use psychology to make their theories sound more plausible. They appeal to certain psychological phenomena which make people to tend to believe them. However, these psychological tricks are nothing more than logical fallacies. They are simply so well disguised that many people can't see them for what they are.

Here are some typical logical fallacies used by conspiracy theorists:  


Saturday, April 28, 2012

UFO as a Control System and more...

This is in my view a very important paper concerning the UFO phenomenon, written by Steve Mizrach.
.It deserves a complete and careful lecture, particularly by Rational Ufologists.

The UFO as a Control System
The UFO, whatever it may be, appears to have the ability to alter consciousness, perception, and to some degree, maybe even space and time itself. Like Dick's VALIS, it appears to be an "information singularity," which seems to draw bits and pieces of reality around it into a new order. Physical reality is distorted in various ways (cattle mutilations, crop circles, "implants," percipient physiological changes, subsidiary poltergeist phenomena, etc.) in its wake. But it doesn't appear to be any true "accidental tourist"; its transits through our reality seem deliberate, almost contrived, focused on some sort of interaction with us.
Half-baked predictions are told to contactees, abductees, and alien "channellers" about impending cataclysms, "Earth changes," and transitions in human evolution. The peculiar mix of truth and fiction, insight and bullshit, and wisdom and stupidity found in these messages led UFOlogist John Keel to dub them broadcasts from some "Great Phonograph in the Sky," stuck in some worn celestial groove. Like Keel, we need to stop focusing so much on the content of these messages, and start looking at the mechanisms of the messengers.
Information is given to UFO experiences - but carefully controlled information, maybe disinformation. The key to disinformation is to mix truth with deception, so that it's hard to distinguish one from the other; but there's just enough truth to keep the person coming back for more. People are told about fabulous new devices and technologies which will save the human race, but never seem to work properly. People are promised evidence and "smoking guns" to prove the existence of UFOs, which then never materialize completely. People are given explanations of the motives and origins of the UFOnauts, which seems at once profound and yet also ridiculously absurd.
The paradoxical nature of this information seems to point to some deeper truth than vast extraterrestrial conspiracies. It points to the role of the human consciousness in organizing complex and contradictory information into a coherent whole. It points to a reality which is socially constructed through communication and interaction between human beings with different semantic structures for organizing their perceptions. It points to the dramatic ways in which science and technology seem to be transforming fundamental concepts of epistemology and ontology. The medium is the massage...
Vallee suggests the UFO functions as a kind of "thermostat," a regulator which helps navigate our society back toward the subtle and the invisible, after it's become too focused on the gross and the visible. It functions as a kind of autoresponsive control system, utilizing feedback to challenge ossified paradigms, memetic structures, and belief systems. But the use of subtle control mechanisms cannot have been lost on the men of DARPA, who may be interested in the UFO technology for more overt kinds of psychological control.
Paranoia as Control Mechanism
In the media and popular culture, as well as the UFO press, talk of UFO invasion and colonization seems to be growing. What are these sinister Grays up to, after all, with their genetic sampling, cattle mutilating, and secret underground bases? Although alien invasions have been a staple of movies since War of the Worlds , Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and Hollywood 50s saucer flicks, it seems like the hostile-alien-invasion meme has returned with a vengeance in the 1990s. We've gone from the "lovable alien" flicks of the 1980s (Starman, ET, Close Encounters), to paranoid masterpieces such as Independence Day, and TV shows such as the X-Files and Dark Skies, where anyone, even your neighbor, can be a pawn of the aliens' sinister master plan.
Even video games like Area 51 or Disney rides like the Extra-TERRORestrial Encounter help feed this mythology into public consciousness. In twilight areas of the alternative media, militia groups and UFO groups start sounding like mirror images of each other, protesting of black helicopters, surveillance, electronic harassment, Men in Black, and "New World Orders" on the move. White supremacist groups have gotten into the game, offering their own vision of superhuman blond Aryan Pleiadeans here to save us from swarthy intergalactic bankers and parasites. "Race mixture," it turns out, is just another strategy by the bad aliens to weaken the strain and prepare us for invasion.
Was the Gulf War syndrome an extraterrestrial virus found on the Tunguska meteorite? Did MAJESTIC-12 kill JFK? Was the NASA Mars Explorer scuttled to avoid people finding out the truth about the Cydonia artefacts? These and other questions seem to swirl around the UFO field today, fact and fiction blending seamlessly together, easily outdoing the mild speculations of earlier UFO researchers regarding Air Force whitewashes and coverrups. As the military has learned throughout history, fear is a great mobilizer of people, and an excellent preparer for war. Even if the enemies are imaginary or their deeds exaggerated.
In an era where the Cold War is ending, how can the U.S. military forces maintain their incredible portion of the national pie? Many UFOlogists have mentioned Ronald Reagan's quip that the next great battle be against an enemy from space. People are finding less and less that they can unite to fight against. Inhuman things from space might fill the bill quite nicely. Nuclear weapons and SDI can find a new secondary justification for warding off rogue asteroids from space, maybe even evil Grays out to turn us into protein soup. However, I don't think this new paranoid phase in the U.S. is all deliberately contrived by the miltary-multimedia complex.
What I think has happened is that the military's obsession with secrecy, discipline, and strength has permeated our entire society, a natural result of living under a culture of "national security" for so long. Rather than some Big Brother watching us, we've all started watching each other through our camcorders, radio scanners, and amateur spy equipment. The UFO myths permeating the Internet are part and parcel of a larger, stranger xenophobia which seems to be taking hold in popular consciousness. Fear robs people of their reason, and closes their minds against the unknown; it activates the most instinctual parts of the human mind, those concerned with personal survival.

read the whole paper

Friday, April 27, 2012

The Earth is again the Center of the Universe.

Isn’t it wonderful? After all those years believing that our planet is in the border of a perfectly common galaxy, now we find that, after all, we are the Center of the Universe. (Creationists are happy about this)
We were deluded by the scientific-materialist-satanic-cabal-military-ET-industrial-complex.
Truth is that we, humans are so important for so many extraterrestrial civilizations..!
Thousands, yes, thousands of alien civilizations come here to our beautiful blue planet to learn about us.
Yes, it’s true. And let me tell you more. These ETs respect us so much that when they arrive here they feel shy, and that’s why they never show.
We, of course, with tolerance and understanding call them:  “Hey ETs come…do not be so inhibited and shy and reticent. We will not hurt you, people, we promise. “
But no, they cannot do it. Our human magnificence is inhibitory. They remain invisible for us, perhaps watching our splendor.
We must be patient. Perhaps in a few thousand years these Aliens will have enough courage, and they will present themselves.
We must be nice and wait, just wait.

Tomas Scolarici

Thursday, April 26, 2012

WHAT’S WRONG WITH DR.Michael Salla???

Some people think that Dr. Michael Salla is also insane. Remember the good Doc. talking
 wonders about the "cosmic brothers" and banning those who "demonize" the
Well, this is the new Dr. Salla..!
Extraterrestrials: GMO Foods linked to genetic control agenda
Canadian National Newspaper
Alex Collier suggests that the ultimate perpetrators of the GMO Food industry poisoning might be what Dr. Michael Salla  calls now the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL EXTRATERRESTRIAL COMPLEX , "MIEC".

Fantastic change, since Michael Salla banned from his group all those who demonize aliens..!


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dr. Michael Salla, the Exopolitician, promoting a self proclaimed "healer".

Looks like Galactic Diplomacy diplomas are not selling well...after all, Dr. Michael Salla shot his own feet telling that manipulative ET were controlling Earth. 
Talking about Diplomacy with these reptilian controllers is preposterous, am I right? so, he and Angelika are back into the man who heals you just watching your face...(some others need to study Medicine...)

See below.

New Realities Interview on 
Braco featuring Angelika Whiteclliff ...
New Realities radio interview by Alan Steinfeld on Braco featuring Angelika
Whitecliff and Dr Michael Salla. The unique transformational effect Braco
has on ...

Friday, April 20, 2012

UFO=ET: the galaxy of memes

The strength of a Meme depends on several elements, one
of them, perhaps the most important is, in Dawkins’ mimetic, the copying-fidelity:
Fidelity to the original will preserve the initial
pattern after several rounds of copying. If a painting is reproduced by making
photocopies from photocopies, the underlying pattern will quickly become
We think that if it’s true that the Internet is an
excellent vehicle of memes incubation and “infection”, it is also true that in
Cyberspace, Memes lose their original structure and become lost in chaotic
galaxies of Memes that in the end become self-destructive or will immunize the
The UFO-ET. Meme is in fact a chaotic galaxy of memes
that become meaningless and self-destructive. Why? Just because nobody can keep
the original model pure.
The UFO-ET meme becomes spectacle and commodity, and this brings competence between
different profiteers. These conflicts are frequently violent and aggressive. (My UFO-ET meme is better than
are a psyop and I am the Councilor of Earth..!)
So, the UFO-ET meme is a mutant self-replicating system
but there is never one kind of Extraterrestrials. The Aliens become unlimited. The
mythologists’ imagination brings into existence hundreds or even thousands of
extraterrestrial races “visiting us”.
Each exopolitician or UFO-ET mythologist will create
his/her own kind of hypothetical Beings. Good, Bad, Ugly, Beautiful; and of
course, these have different agendas.
But there is more. The survival of the UFO-ET meme
requires an auxiliary meme: the Government Conspiracy, the Cover-Up to keep the
UFO-ET secret. (A new Meme)
Again, the Conspiracy meme will grow and multiply and
also mutate. It will grow into a chaotic galaxy of memes. The Conspiracy Meme
will mutate into a universal conspiracy, and everybody in the UFO-ET community
will invent his/her own Conspiratorial scheme.
There is however, a price to pay. True believers will
become immunized or join some of the UFO Sects. As a result, the whole system
or memes will become contradictory, totally unreliable and in the end, chaotic
and self-destructive. 
The total lack of evidences will force the Exo-gurus to
become cultists, demanding from the true-believers Faith, and not Reason.
The “extraterrestrials” will become angels or gods,
giving birth to Religious Memes with dogmas, mysteries and pontificates. This,
of course, will be a new and unpredictable mutation. 
The original ufo-et meme is now a complex, incongruous galaxy
of Memes, constantly growing but this complexity makes the UFO= ET meme more
and more weak and unreliable, because the   copying-fidelity is lost. 

Tomas Scolarici

UFO Mystery: Professional & Intellectual Suicide.

In his time-travels, Basiago-Webre learned that the government knew all the future election winners in 1971. Of course if this is so, they must also have known who the winners and loosers of "future" wars would be.
But IF they knew how thing will went wrong in Irak or Afghanistan, they should do something different, right?
Also, the 1971 time-travelers did not seem to care about 9/11...
NOW, let's be serious. WHY a lawyer of a Judge, (Basiago and Webre) commit intellectual and professional suicide, telling these absurdities? 
I have not a clear answer  about this. Answers welcome

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Suggestion for Contactees.

The link below will open an excellent mathematical site devoted to unsolved mathematical problems.
My suggestion to contactees is this: 
If you are in contact with an extraterrestrial intelligence,
it would be a good idea to ask for the solution of some of these problems. If you
have a positive answer, this will be the evidence that legitimizes your source
as not terrestrial or at least non-human.
I think that the given solution will tell us more than a
thousand words.
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