Saturday, August 29, 2009

Exopolitics: Doctors becoming Reverends.

Dear people, if you are  interested in the future of Exopolitics, just take a look at "prepare4contact". Most of the posts in Dr. Salla's forum are about religion, sectarian hates, conspirationism, politics, some UFO sightings and Salla's marketing.
And let me tell you that this development is perfectly natural.
The idea of preparation for contact is preposterous and irrational. UFO phenomenon is here from the beginning of historical times and the non-human entities, (or whatever they are) are not interested in any contact.
 On the other hand, the rhetoric of the "disclosure" worked with the expectations of the new Administration. However, people now understands that there will be no disclosure at all.
As usual, the empty spaces left by the "nothing happens" situation, are filled with Religion, New Age, Solar Initiations in Bolivia, Biblic lore, and charlatanism.
The evidence of this can be found in the EXAMINER writings of Dr. Salla about angels, celestials, saints  and fallen angels.All very inspirational.
(Soon we will be calling him Reverend Salla instead of doctor.)

Remember dear people, this happens because...nothinbg happens and...the show must go on.

James Black


Friday, August 28, 2009

Dr Salla against Dr. Boylan and Tall White Aliens..!

by Michael E. Salla, PhD
November 27, 2004

from Exopolitics Website

I recently received a message from one of Richard Boylan's lists discussing his views on the Tall Whites discussed in Charles Hall's memoirs, Millennial Hospitality, vol 1-3. (The message is copiedHERE).


I find it quite disturbing that Boylan has moved quickly to unambiguously promote the Tall Whites discussed in the Charles Hall book to his various lists. Since Boylan has large lists and therefore has some influence in shaping the perceptions of a quite a number of people about different ET races, I'd like to elaborate a little on an earlier post in a discussion forum where I discussed the Tall Whitesand Boylan's advocacy of them.


Let me also reaffirm my earlier view that Hall's information is an accurate reflection of what occurred at Nellis Air Force base during his Tour of Duty and thereforedeserves serious attention. The researcher Paola Harris has thoroughly investigated Hall's claims and finds him to be credible making this an important case to fully understand in terms of its exopolitical significance.

Hall describes the Tall Whites as quite intimidating in terms of behavior and how they regularly stalked military servicemen on duty at the remote desert location where Hall served. The Tall Whites regularly caused powerful emotions of fear and even terror among the military servicemen who didn't understand theseExtraterrestrials or weren't ready to interact with them in a friendly way. Yet the Tall Whites were also capable of exhibiting friendship qualities and of being teachers as in the case of Hall.

I've now completed the first two volumes of Hall's memoirs and so far the behavior of the Tall Whites strikes me as very similar to abductee/experiencer reports of the behavior of the 'Tall Gray' category of ETs (the following references give the volume and page numbers from his book).


There is an arrogance in the disposition of the Tall Whites and a contempt for humans displayed in their interactions with military servicemen who didn't understand them or were frightened by them. This is similar to how 'Tall Grays' supervise many abductions and control/punish humans who resist the genetic experiments.

Hall for example describes one Tall White female who wanted to kill a military servicemen who unknowingly had hit her child with a stone and broke the child's arm. The serviceman threw a stone at what he thought was a white dog stalking him around his hut based.


Since the Tall Whites often stalked the servicemen, many serviceman thought they were wild animals and were quite frightened of them. The incident led to the Tall White threatening the servicemen with death if he didn't leave immediately and promise to never return.


This is how the serviceman in question described the incident to Hall:

I tried to reason with her. I told her that I hadn't broken any little boy's arm and that I liked to play with kids. She wouldn't hear any of it. She told met that I was too stupid to know what I had done. Then she told me that the American generals had asked that I be given one warning before she and her friends killed me. She said that this was the warning. She said that if I ever came back out to the ranges alone, their Captain would kill me. (vol 1, p. 247)

Other servicemen had similar negative encounters with the 'Tall Whites'. One incident in particular is very revealing since it involved a cook at the Army Base who inadvertently went into the kitchen area on a day where the base was closed. He was threatened with death because he simply frightened some of the Tall White children. So there's wasn't any broken bones or hurting of the children, he simply scared them.


Here's how Charles 'Charlie Baker' Hall described the incident as the cook narrated what happened:

"They're back there, Charlie. Don't go back there. You'll scare them like I did. They'll kill you if you scare them. They told me so. That tall one in the corner, he told me so. He said he'd kill me if I ever scared their children again" (vol 1, p. 469).

Well Boylan makes a point in his post below about the Tall Whites using 8" microwave stun guns to incapacitate people. Well stunning humans is not apparently the Tall White practice as revealed in the following section where a female Tall White is talking about how Charles Hall saved her daughter to an Air Force General:

"You know general, before now, I would have never thought it possible. If my daughter had tried to approach any of the others, the way she walked right up to Charlie today, they would have panicked and we would have had to kill them all" (vol 1, p. 452).

If the Tall Whites are so humane with their stun guns, why would they have to kill all the panicking soldiers rather than just stun them as Boylan describes?

Now Charles Hall saved the life of a Tall White child whose mother was a 'Teacher' and subsequently he became known as the 'Teacher's Pet' in a project she started to get Tall White children used to humans. This is how the 'teacher' introduced 'Charlie' to the mothers of some Tall White children:

"This is 'Charlie Baker,' [Hall]" the teacher stated proudly. "He is just perfect for my pet project. See how gentle he is, and see how easily we can control him" (vol 1, p. 448).

So it's clear how controlling these Tall White ETs are, and the condescending attitude they have for even those humans who have done them a service.


Nevertheless, the role Hall played in the teacher's project gave him a certain value as the "teacher's pet" which meant that the Tall Whites would kill other servicemen who may have threatened the life of Charles Hall in the sensitive security environment surrounding the Tall Whites base of operations. In the following passage, a Sergeant narrates to fellow military security guard the consequences, according to a Tall White known as 'Harry', if they threatened the "teacher's pet". Apparently, in a security drill they had drawn their guns on someone claiming to be the "teacher's pet":

Harry said the Real teacher's Pet is too valuable for us to ever draw our guns on him. He said if the Real Teachers's pet were ever killed, he could never be replaced. Old Harry said that if Sam and me had been facing the Real Teacher's Pet, once we actually pointed our guns at him, or once he fell to the ground, both of use would have been killed instantly, before we were even aware that we were being fired on. He said those were the direct orders he'd received from the Teacher. He said both Sam and me would have been killed without warning and that neither of our guns would have ever fired. (vol 2. 179).

Yet despite having saved the teacher's child and being the "teacher's pet" would not save Hall if he inadvertently hurt a child in the teacher's project as evidenced by a mother talking to her Tall White sonin front of Hall:

"Alright", replied his mother, "You may join the teacher's pet project. Remember! Do not get too close to him, and remember, if anything ever goes wrong, if Charlie ever touches you, I will ask your uncle Harry to kill him (vol 1, p.449).

Hall was also threatened with death if he in some way interfered with the plans by the Tall Whites as described in the following conversation with a Tall White who was guarding a procession of Tall Whites while Hall was present :

Then the Guard said forcefully, "You know that if anything goes wrong with this plan we can kill you any time we want to." Standing my ground still shaking in fear, I replied, "Yes, but I haven't' given you any reason to kill me. Anyway, you haven't killed me yet so you are probably not going to." The guard smiled and replied, "You are quite right. We could have killed you in the shack the other night if we wanted to." Then he turned and walked back to the procession. Stopping for a minute near the shorter woman he said: "See. Now he knows for sure that we will kill him if anything ever goes wrong. (vol 2, p. 113.)

Finally, if there is any doubt in the reader's mind as to whether the Tall Whites actually kill humans who disobey/threaten them, here's a section describing what was told by one sergeant to another who were part of a military group that occupied a Lt-General at a high level meeting with the Tall Whites:

"Tell them [a group of sergeants] to remember the teacher has ordered them to stay out of sight behind the lounge. Remember if they disobey the teacher's orders, she will kill them as she killed the others, and there is nothing I can do about it." (vol 1, p. 447)

So here we have a very brutal doctrine of killing military servicemen who disobey orders and that this has occurred in the past. 

Now as to the identity of the 'Tall Whites'. Hall points to Arcturus as their origins as implied in the following passage where Hall is addressing a group of tall Whites:

A ripple of emotion passed through the crowd when I mentioned the star Arcturus, some 36 light years away. After a short pause, the older lady asked with some surprise, "Teacher, does Charlie know where we come from?" (vol 2, p. 147)

However the intimidating behavior of the Tall Whites is not at all consistent with descriptions I've seen of the Arcturians. If there is some connection with Arcturus, it may be purely genetic as the Tall Grays have a reputation for extracting genetic material from different races.


The Arcturian connection may have been no more than a period where Arcturians were involuntarily taken on board Gray ships and incorporated into their genetic experiments in much the same way that humans are taken up by Grays on Earth. Thus Gray-human hybrids may be taken to other solar systems and claim to be Earthlings, yet this is purely a genetic connection.

Now as to the Nordic appearance of the Tall Whites, again, this is likely due to some genetics taken from a Nordic race.


For example, George Andrews describes in his book, Extraterrestrial Friends and Foes (p. 153), how a contactee was told how the Grays allegedly took over the Nordic world on Procyon as follows:

"The Grays began to visit us, first a few as ambassadors, then as specialists in various domains where their expertise could be useful to us, as participants in different programs that involved mutual collaboration, and finally as tourists. What had begun as a trickle became a flood, as they came in ever-increasing numbers, slowly but surely infiltrating our society at all levels, penetrating even the most secret of our elite power groups….


Just as on your planet they began by unobtrusively gaining control over key members of the CIA and KGB through techniques unknown to them, such as telepathic hypnosis that manipulates the reptilian levels of the brain, so on Procyon through the same techniques … they established a kind of telepathic hypnotic control over our leaders. Over our leaders and over almost all of us, because it was as if we were under a spell that was leading us to our doom, as if we were being programmed by a type of ritual black magic that we did not realize existed."

Hall mentions in his book that the Tall Whites began to establish a presence in the Nevada area in 1954 (vol, p. 236). This is the same year that Eisenhower met with and established agreements with the Tall Grays from Orion. My conclusion is that the Tall Whites are closely associated with the Tall Grays from Orion. Furthermore, these most likely come from RigelOrion which was a former Nordic world taken over by the Grays. I've described this incident in my ET Motivations Report.

This accounts for the Tall Whites Nordic features that Hall describes, and their Gray/Reptilian characteristics such as 4 digit hands with two inch claws rather than nails.

My overall conclusion is the same with all the extraterrestrial races who have struck agreements with the US government and established a presence on Earth in exchange for extraterrestrial technology, and working in joint projects. They should be very closely watched and frankly regarded with much suspicion in terms of their motivations for participating in such agreements. Now given the disturbing behavior of the Tall Whites as Hall describes them, frankly I'm appalled that a researcher such as Boylan would consider such a race as exemplary Star Visitors which we should befriend, as he is currently advocating.

As I've described in my Report on extraterrestrial motivations, there are many other extraterrestrial races who are more honorable and display much more elevated qualities. Reading the 'contactee' reports of these extraterrestrials PleiadiansAndromedansLyrans, etc., doesn't leave one with feelings of distrust and apprehension. On the contrary one often feels a great degree of love and joy, coming through.


For example, I recall reading George Adamski's discussion of the 'Venusiansand how they would rather give their lives when cornered rather than inflict injuries on other sentient life forms. It sounds veryChrist-like, and while I don't personally agree that such an attitude is very practical, it does have an emotional impact to know that some ETs actually practice elevated ethics that most would considerChrist-like. The contrast with the 'Tall Whites' Hall describes couldn't be greater.

Importantly, contactees such as 
Billy MeierAlex Collier, Enrique Castillo, etc., say that the Pleiadian and Andromedan extraterrestials they interacted with, warned about working with the Grays who have a reputation for infiltrating worlds and taking them over and using the captive population for genetic material.

This finally takes me to 
Richard Boylan who is now openly advocating his supporters to establish telepathic communications with the Tall Whites in a series of experiments. As one can see from his post he doesn't mention the disturbing incidents described in Hall's book, and just gives a glowing assessment of the Tall Whites, and the need to get in touch with them.

Boylan has consistently ignored all the evidence of negative behavior by the Grays and other ET races such as the Reptilians, and criticized researchers or 'abductees' who have pointed out the negative behavior. I've written a short piece some time ago pointing out the flaws in Boylan's research approach in doing this, but he has not taken the hint to change tack. (

Boylan is essentially behaving like a propagandist for the Tall Whites ignoring the negative incidents involving the Tall Whites which were reported by Hall himself. This is spinning of the information something Boylan has down with other whistleblowers such as Michael Wolf.


Paola Harris for example interviewed Wolf and found that he responded to a question on the benevolent/hostile ET issue in terms of an 'alien barrier' that quarantines the Earth in the following way:

"The negative ETs might get through occasionally, and that is what anti-alien UFOlogists point out."

(The Earth Must Survive! ... - The Michael Wolf Tapes II - April 1999)

Now Dr Wolf is here acknowledging the existence of negative ET's so it certainly is not disinformation to posit negative extraterrestrials unless Dr Wolf himself is spreading disinformation. Yet Boylan has been careful not to acknowledge this information or allow it to be distributed on his lists. He has done similar things with other whistleblowers such as Robert Dean and Clifford Stone who refer to negative extraterrestrials.

To summarize, Boylan is dismissing the negative incidents described in the Hall book and giving an upbeat assessment of the more positive interactions of the Tall Whites. Boylan is now acting as a Tall White propagandist, and advocating them as a kind of exemplary model of 'Star Visitors' that we should eagerly seek to cultivate.

In conclusion, the Tall Whites are likely a genetic variation of the Tall Grays, and most likely originate from the Rigel star system of Orion where a Nordic world was allegedly infiltrated and taken over according to the testimonies of a number of contactees. This Nordic world whose genetic material is used along with other races such as the Arcturians is used to build hybrids that ultimately appear to be Nordic ETsbut are much closer to the 'Tall Grays' and their questionable agendas.

The Tall Whites should be treated with extreme caution and suspicion. I recommend that individuals choose to establish contact with more benign extraterrestrial races such as the SiriansPleiadians,Andromedans who don't have a track record in abductions or intimidating humans.


The thought experiments Richard Boylan is advocating to his members to get in touch with the Tall Grays is based on a propagandized version of the Tall White 'star visitors'.

In peace




---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: scottishatlantis <>
Date: Wed, Aug 26, 2009 at 10:10 PM


I think the new approach to ufosophy analysis should be to not use names and labels but to substitute names and labels with generics/classes to produce a bigger picture

hence the general systems theory of ufology.

we can talk about people in terms of the social and spiritual processes they advocate
X can be found out to be doing Y and Z and T to U

where U is our sense of orientation and connection to Life is my theory

- we will drown in an endless ocean of neologisms and endless labels - just like the endless paradox of Goedel and his unfortunately infinite numbers etc this destroys logic as a complete science !!!

I think if we used a much more limited set of processes - we can cut the disease out of this stuff.








stuff like that - so take any screed written by whatever exo guru and then remove the names, labels and promises from the sentence structure and then put in these letters.
Definitely some EXOs are pushing some unique and distasteful line of their own - and this could become apparent by checking on the frequency of the letters

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    Tuesday, August 25, 2009

    The Truth about Dr. Salla's Solar Initiation

    Dr. Salla invites us ( $) to receive a new Solar Initiation in Titicaca, Bolivia.
    This is not the first time, so, there is a previous experience, and Dr. Salla writes for us about the contactee, Luis Fernando Mostojo Maertens. Let us read what Salla thinks after the first experience: I will underline some words and paragraphs. See below please.

    From Oct 18-25, 2008, I traveled to Bolivia to participate in a seven day retreat led by Luis Fernando Mostajo that was located at Lake Titicaca , Bolivia . Fernando claims to have physically met with representatives of both the Confederation of Planets and with ‘Elders’ or ‘Ascended Masters’ associated with an ancient Pre-Incan civilization in the Andes . In his taped presentation at the 2008 Earth Transformation Conference in Hawaii , Fernando described his physical encounters with members from both of these groups. According to Luis Fernando, the Confederation of Planets has bases on both Venus and Ganymede, one of the moons of Jupiter. He says he was taken to both locations by a teleportation device and exposed to the teachings of advanced ethical extraterrestrial visitors. In both cases the extraterrestrials looked like Nordic humans.

    Luis Fernando says that during one of his encounters he was told by the extraterrestrials of the existence of a retreat run by ‘Elders’ at Lake Titicaca . The Elders were from the pre-Incan ‘ Tiahuanaco civilization’, and were also the final remnants of the even older Atlantean civilization. The Elders were also part of a Great Solar Brotherhood that was an association of ‘Ascended Masters’ – or beings that had achieved a high degree of self-mastery over life and death - throughout the Galaxy. Fernando says that he subsequently physically met with ‘Soromez’ an ‘Elder’ or “Ascended Master” from Tihuanaco who had also lived much earlier in Atlantis.

    Luis Fernando was taken to an underwater location at Lake Titicaca where he witnessed a well preserved remnant of the Tiahuanaco civilization that served as an initiation center. Tiahuanaco once pervaded the Bolivia region of the Andes and was a Solar culture that was, according to Fernando, aided by extraterrestrial civilizations. In his 2008 Hawaii presentation, Luis Fernando showed simulations of the solar rituals and practices that used solar energies in numerous ways. He described that underwater remnant of Tiahuanaco at Lake Titicaca (in the Bolivian ‘minor’ part of the Lake ) as an Eternal city holding much sacred wisdom that would share this as humanity became ready.

    During the seminar, I and other participants were taken to a number of locations around Lake Titicaca, the Andes, and the archeological remains of the Tiahuanaco civilization near La Paz , Bolivia . We were all excited by the remnants of the Tiahuanaco civilization which available evidence clearly pointed to being an important pre-Incan Solar culture. The elongated human skulls in the museum pointed to an extraterrestrial influence insofar as their physiology appeared to have been emulated by the inhabitants of Tiahuanaco .

    A number of important ceremonies and rituals involving the sun were evidenced in the ruins, and displayed a remarkable knowledge of astronomy and solar alignments. Furthermore, there was a very sophisticated irrigation system and other technological artifacts that were possibly influenced by extraterrestrials as Luis Fernando contends. The Tiahuanaco civilization according to a number of Bolivian archeologists predates the Sumerian civilization. Only 10% of Tiahuanaco has been excavated so far and further excavations may lead to a radical rewriting of human civilization.

    The most remarkable part of the seminar was the retreat established by Fernando on the shore of Lake Titicaca called WiƱayamarka [near Huarina, located on the ‘minor’ part of the Lake , see map below]. At WiƱayamarka he led a number of exercizes and initiations at specially constructed monolithic structures and temple. Participants were able to energetically integrate into the remarkable energies in this spectacular and remote Andean location. During the evening skywatching event, a number of UFOs were sighted. One in particular flared up in spectacular fashion, and another held for several minutes an almost stationary position where it appeared to blink energy which a number of seminar participants felt.

    The highlight of the retreat was a boat trip on Lake Titicaca where the retreat group was taken to an uninhabited island which according to Fernando is the closest physical point to both the Lake Titicaca Lodge of the Great White Brotherhood and a Galactic Confederation Base. The proximity of the bases belonging to the Ascended Masters and the Galactic Confederation are due to their close cooperation. At the Island , a number of exercizes were conduced which allowed visitors to energetically connect with the ascended masters at the Great White Brotherhood Lodge.

    Luis Fernando has assembled an impressive collection of photographs and witness testimonies supporting his claims of physical contact with Ascended Masters and extraterrestrials belonging to a Confederation of Planets. Some of this can be found on his website at: www.winaymarka. org . The seminar and initiations I experienced with Luis Fernando, and the interviews with his assistants, give me confidence in his claims. I look forward to further journies to Bolivia where I can further investigate his remarkable experiences.

    What follows is an interview with Luis Fernando based on a series of questions I asked Fernando during my visit to Bolivia and his responses concerning his contacts and knowledge of Ascended Masters and the Confederation of Planets. His responses were translated from Spanish. For his original Spanish response click here. He has also added some comments about further planned retreats in 2009.

    Michael E. Salla, M.A. Ph.D.
    President & Founder, Exopolitics Institute
    Co-Founder, GalacticDiplomacy. com
    December 3, 2008


    The truth is that after that first experience of the Fernado's show, Dr. Salla remains cautious. He uses the words " claims","contends","according to", "says", etc.
    Reading the whole text we learn that the travellers saw RUINS, a dead world, and some magical manipulations. The show performed by the contactee Luis Fernado .
    Mostojo Maertens.
    Caveat Emptor...buyers beware.
    If you are doing tourism and want to see wonderful ruins, just go to Bolivia. However do not expect to much from the Solar Initiation and the whole native-blavatskian rhetoric. Even Dr. Salla doesn't look very convinced concerning the contactee science fiction with a touch of James Jones...
    Gimme a break..!


    Andrew Hennessey contribution to Ufosophy

    there are thousands and thousands of labels ... but they don't really get to the core process that is being used against the human race ..

    the main issue is that these beings - almost all of the huge taxonomy are dead/undead and are disconnected from the source and run on vril/prana type batteries and storage in artefacts.
    they are lifeforce hungry.

    therefore they all probably sit amongst the overall classification of vampire.
    various types of direct and indirect vampirism .. by proxy, by artefact, by spiritual psychology, by direct eating, indirect empathic vamprisim, life force miners, intelligent and semi-intelligent outrage creators and lifejuice drinkers
    telepathic vampires, lotus/chakra eaters/soul eaters.

    I suggest therefore that there is the spiritual world of the living and the dead.
    the dead/undead are always hungry and empty or needing fed but there are those of the way of love and life and Christ filled with the utter fullness of God.

    all of the djinns, greys faeries zetas therefore are various states of the death of Human Symmetry and values and morals and ethics and death of the value of human family, human communion and human love and these specially adapted feeders on the the humans who have disconnected speicalise in stripping away the human reality from their victims - see my article human deregulation and the greys or nigel kerners the song of the greys


    Dr. Boylan's Psychic Kids

    Dear people, take a look at this.

    Looks like Dr. Boylan read all Harry Potter's books...


    Ufosophy: Orientation

    Thanks Andrew Hennessey for your contribution.


    the three objects of the ufosophical society formed August 24th 2009

    1. to form a nucleus of the universal brotherhood and sisterhood of rational witnesses regardless of race creed sex caste or color
    2. to encourage the study of comparative ufology philosophy and science
    3. to investigate the unexplained witness reports and the powers latent in our humanity

    andrew :)



    Ufosophy: the “Alien" Message

    Ufosophy: the "Alien" Message


    This will be a new, humble ufosophical contribution: we will consider the Message given to us by the Ufonauts.

    After careful reading and consideration of all the presumed non-human messages given to contactees, Illuminati, wise men and women, gurus, councillors and exopoliticians, we find that every message is different from the other.

    Of course, all these message have something in common: saccarinic new agery.

    These silly nonsensical tales are, of course, born in the imaginative minds of the UFO "experts" and mystics.

    But after thousands of years of sharing the Earth with the Others, the Ufonauts, we know  their message to us is.

    The message is that there is no message at all.

    (some dramatic music here)

    We, Humans, are waiting for them, but the Jinns are not waiting for us at all.


    Days ago, I read the fictions of some Exo who was asking him/herself why so many alien races are interested in us.

    On the contrary, the truth is that nobody is interested in us.

    Perhaps in a couple of decades, what remains from the human race will be tribal mutants. We will be primates again, that is ultimates.

    The funny thing is that nobody will care, in any place of the Universe, probably, between other things because there is nobody there. Just the dark, empty, infinite space.

    The Supreme Universe doing her/his thing.


    The Supreme Madness of the Demigorgon ( yes, there is a touch of Gnosticism here)

    Let's go back to the silly every day things: big UFO in China, the unwinable war in the Middle East, the Flu, Salla's Dolphins, the Councilor teaching the kids to practice telekinesis, Wendy in contact with Asheoma, Fran, the Incarnated Mantis clicking her message, Bassiago, the lawyer, showing us pictures of the cities of Mars…

    The show, dear people, must go on…there is no business like show-business.

    The Secret  Salute of the Ufosophist is: "Gimme a Breack"

     James Black





    What is UFOSOPHY?

    Ufosophy is a step forward. Ufosophy is a Science, a Philosophy and perhaps a new hermeneutics for Ufological investigation.   

    Understanding Ufosophy requires a new frame of mind. A new perspective.

    We cannot think about Ufology in the old way.

    Hakim Bey, the Ontological Anarchist an creator of the Autonomous Zones, formulates the following statement.

    "Nothing is True, Everything is Permissible."

    Of course, IF nothing is true, Hakim statement is not true, ergo, it is not true that nothing is true.

    This inevitable conclusion is in fact not a conclusion at all, so our mind remains open waiting.

    In Ufosophy, nothing is true, everything is permissible, or everything is true because  it's not true that nothing is true.

    We are now in the Twilight Zone, in the neither-neither. That is the Ufosophical Mind we need.

    We learn now that is unnecessary, obsolete and preposterous to say that UFOs exist or do not exist.

    In some realities UFOS exist. There is no one Reality but several. Possibilities in the Universe are infinite.

    Of course, in Ufosophy, there is nothing outside the Universe-s, The Source of the Universe is the Universe.

    Universe self-creates, and that is the secret meaning of the Gnostic Ouroboros.

    The existence or nonexistence of UFOs is out of question. This alternative is meaningless. Forget everything about it.

    It is also preposterous talking asking ourselves where the UFOs come from.  They come from here, they were always here.

    From the beginning of historical times, men described the same kind of flying objects.

    Consequently we must forget the idea that the Entities responsible for the UFO Phenomenon are Extraterrestrial. This is absurd for the novel Ufosophists.

    Same can be said about questioning what the UFOnauts want. Since they were always here, even before us, humans, they are here doing their things, and in no way are the Non-Humans or Post Humans interested in telling us what they are doing. They don't want any open contact with us, so the whole Exopolitical idea, including the preparation for contact is absurd.  

    Consequently, the idea that the Galaxy is full of Intelligent Life is ridiculous.  Probably one in zillions of planets out there, can sustain life.

    By the way, Ufosophy is contrary to projects like SETI. We are wasting our time and money sending radio signals. Nobody answers and perhaps this is the best thing that can happen.

    The law is this: never invoke what you will not be able to control..!

    Better to sleep in peace thinking that the Universe is empty of intelligent life, because for the Ufosophists, Intelligence as we know it is destructive.

    So, we are either investigating alternative forms of terrestrial life, or Time Travelers, but not nice, kind, gentle extraterrestrials.

    Ufosophy doesn't believe in the Cover Up. The State is an enormous bureaucracy whose only purpose is self-perpetuation. They just do not want us to know that they don't know.

    What the Cover Up keeps secret is Ignorance. They don't know what is going on. They are afraid.

    That is why they make us believe that they have downed some UFOs.

    That is why they love to have Exopoliticians demanding a disclosure.

    So, Ufosophy investigates alternative realities and alternative forms of Life.

    The non-humans are not new. We called them Jinns, Gnomes, Salamanders, Fairies, Demons, Angels, you name it.

    Ufosophist are ready for new ideas. The blend of pseudo-science, New Age, class B science fiction, contactees, self-proclaimed experts and religion doesn't work. Let's try something new.

     James Black


    Sunday, August 23, 2009

    Massive Disinformation.

    In the text below, Dr. Salla give us the usual Exopolitical rhetoric. Of course, he doesn't feel the need to give us some  evidence of what he says. 22 ET civilizations contributed their DNA to human genetics. (???????) They call this science.
    But here we have more. 
    CIA is now a reliable source..!
    Andrija Puharich is reliable BECAUSE he worked for the CIA on "esoteric subjects". He "was likely privy to highly classified information...
    Honestly, the disinformers, the biggest friends of the cover-up, could do something better than this.

    <Aloha, below is the introduction to a very thoughtful paper by Niara Terela Isley on different extraterrestrial civilizations visiting Earth. The question directly addressed of how many civilizations have contributed their DNA to human genetics is truly a major one to ponder. The idea of 22 ET civilizations having done is supported by a paper I just discovered from Dr Andrija Puharich where he mentions 24 extraterrestrial civilizations. See below. An interesting fact about Puharich is that he worked closely with the CIA on esoteric subjects until he went independent. Apparently, the CIA were constantly trying to get his help on further classified subjects but apparently he declined further involvement. So he was likely privy to highly classified information earlier in his life on these questions. So the figure of 22 ET civilizations having their DNA involved with humanity may be very  close to the mark. One day, this question will get more serious attention among researchers given the available data from multiple sources. >


    Michael Salla, Ph.D.>


    Wednesday, August 19, 2009

    SAVE THESE KIDS (urgent..!)

    As many of you know,   the ex-doctor Boylan in  what he calls Star-Seeds Workshops, teaches kids ( for money,) to use telepathy, moving objects with the mind and distant detection and healing ..! 
    This would be just a motive for laugh at the degradation of the Big Circus, but it is much more serious. 
    The teaching of these "occult arts" to children implies a monstrous manipulation and consequent brainwashing. Pressured by ignorant parents to exercise these "powers", the kids can be psychologically and socially literally destroyed .
    Below you will read a message posted for Dr. Boylan about his"teachings".
    Read it, think about this and just DO WHAT YOU WANT TO STOP THIS MONSTROSITY.
    You can see (and use) Boylan's address.
    For those who don't know Boylans background, as abuser, please follow link below.

    Save the Kids.

    James Black

    This is Boylan's message to his group 


        As with many things, the integrity of the use, or not, of psychic abilitiesdepends on the intentions of the one deciding to employ a psychic ability.
        When I present on psychic abilities at Workshops, I emphasize that these gifts most often are to be used for social good, meaning in a way that helps other people.
        These psychic gifts are not meant to become an ego trip or just to show off. That would be wrong.
        Occasionally the use of a psychic ability can also be for one's individual help, for example, to locate a "lost" object. In such a case it is equivalent to using a second "set of eyes" to see better. No moral fault there.
        The ability to move things can be used for good too, for example, to push back an attacker coming at you with a knife.That would be in accordance with the 11:11 Spiritual Law of the Protection of Human Life.
        Not to develop one's psychic abilities (which Source has given you) would be to neglect your own full personal development.
        Can one go beyond the employment of psychic abilities? For the right reason, yes. As when Obi-Wan Kenobi was being attacked by Darth Vadar's light saberand instead of fending it off by psychic force, he chose to engage in spiritual non-violence, stand with his arms at his side, and let the karma of destroying him fall upon Vadar.
        Still, for many situations it is well to "be all that you can be" and use your abilities.
         in the light,
         Richard Boylan, Ph.D. 


    Sunday, August 16, 2009

    Aboout "People with Brains"-Jay Moody

    Thanks Jay, for your contribution.

    Sometimes it feels like that.  Stupidity is unfortunately encouraged in large part due to the overwhelming demand for lowest common denominator egalitarianism.  Prole drift is a way of putting it.  Salla, Boylan, and others are only minor contributors to the dark age, pseudo-progress (the multicultural propaganda that focuses on the mistakes of the West rather than looking at it's accomplishments, also the crucifix in the bodily fluids being funded by the government and teaching the history of rock, rap, and pop in music classes are also signs of false progress.  Instead of reading about Schubert they study some guy who bites bats as a stage prop), biblical literalism, increased crime rates, demonization of traditional subjects such as English and Mathematics, are the major contributors, in other words our very education system and to a lesser extent certain churches (young Earth creationist are a very rare lot... I at least assume) are large contributors.  After the damage done by these institutions people seek an alternative and therefore seek the minor cults which, if we look at history, have the potential to become major religions.  Even though I doubt it I fear that it's possible Rael or Boylan may get their own Vatican's within centuries as Jesus did.  

    Industrialization and the advent of technology has, ironically, contributed a great deal to the dumbing down as ironic as that would sound.  Why do you think those in technological fields have never quite made it socially?  Mass production has created an egalitarianism of sorts that leveled out, and thus lowered the standards for greatness.  Instead of your great architectural achievements such as the Canterbury Cathedral and the great architecture of Europe you get communistic buildings that are ugly (the American equivalent being the overly simplistic cookie cutter houses), instead of literature that focuses on the quality of the story and the subtleties you get instead action oriented literature full of explosions and violance (film has also sadly followed this trend), as well as other fields being dumbed down simply because it's more profitable.  Material that doesn't challenge the mind, easy to digest, get's pushed on the public.  News is nothing but propaganda or spend large amounts of time following trivialities, and the overly consumeristic attitude all contribute to our dumbing down.  

    nonsense talk, crude commercialism

    Dear People

    This is just a guide. Sometimes, nonsense talk , crude commercialism , or just idiocy become to much , and then you need a lighthouse, just some good old rational thinking.
    In such cases this link can help.

    Sometimes I feel pessimistic. Thinking that the battle is lost. A few of us live in a world inhabited by living deads. "I am legend" kind of think, you know.
    In the Internet, a few individuals can write anything they want without any practical, tangible reaction.
    Take a look, just take a look. Do some Google search and learn about the pioneers of the new Dark Age: Salla, Boylan (dr. Sauna) Bassiago, Webre. and a few more. I call them the EXOS.
    But, you know something? The problem is not their talking nonsense. No...the real problem is that there is no big reaction. Lot of people believe what they say, buy their books, send his kids to learn telepathy and distant healing with the ex doctor Boylan..! (Can you believe this?)
    So, perhaps it's to late. Perhaps Andrew is right and many, I should say most of us are already controlled, just happy in the reps-exos farm.
    Well, after all I am an old man, millions of individuals in "civilized countries" never read a book in their life.
    And now I remember...this postmodern world where the con men are kings, looks like Germany in the 30, the Republic of Wiemar, the Expressionism.
    Perhaps people will find someone who thinks for them. A Guru, a Fuhrer, some "Alien"...who knows?
    Perhaps people is ready to burn scientific books, papers, films, videos.
    Perhaps I am wrong. I hope I am.

    With Love


    Thursday, August 13, 2009

    THE GLORY OF TOMORROW a poem by Andrew Hennessey.

    this is my paradigm - more developed at

    - Hide quoted text -

    a poem
    Andrew Hennessey

    I fell down a chasm to the bottom of a frequency pit
    where the fallen apples rot
    I am Human
    Where the extinct Reptilians
    undead do not die, and in the twilight the insect hives
    do fence the sky with traps and snares and matrix.

    Fallen blind I hear but cannot see
    the tango of death
    rabid alien issues
    sucking the life and breath
    the ebb and flow of negation
    and a variation and theme uniquely mine

    as the parade of artificial alien haves effortlessly
    dance amongst the wooden have nots
    at speeds beyond their straightjackets of perception.

    There is an inner calling in the heart,
    the love of Christ
    and my Kingdom home.
    totally life in the eternal heart
    an apple never sundered from the tree of life
    alive and separate from the malignant carnival 
    of dehumanising death
    amongst the contrived dust and social charades
    of the earthly draconian pit.

    you have a bad day in the hatred
    as it often hacks and negates the good that is you
    yet if you engage the pendulum of vindication and retribution
    you become a slave of the wheel of time.
    if you do not turn the other cheek
    if you engage
    first your mind, then your spirit,
    then your soul will be swept away
    by the torrent of anti-human rage – 
    as amoral as the acid in an acid bath
    it is the negation of life, of the spirit of human love
    of the pattern of Christ in you.
    yet if you turn the other cheek and disengage you will be
    accused of being meek
    but as the alien hardware that invisibly saturates
    our artificially maintained demeaning primitivism
    blasts out amnesia
    you will probably not remember being meek
    or even why you came here.

    In Elysian there grows a flower
    a burning love of social life
    an eternity of strength and vigilance
    a keeper of true civilisation
    and some time we must take that walk
    into the bricks and mortar desert
    to renew our faith
    and our pledges to our Father and His family.

    Though in the shadows lurk the serpents
    as they sing their songs of disease 
    to deaden and leaden our struggle for life
    though in this geography of fabric
    lurks the demon and its hungry warped
    mathematical arrangements and dearly bought
    gifts of enlightened death.

    Though people know the ignoble lie that this death is life
    and that somehow we are prisoners doing artificial time
    the only life and future we can be certain of is the one above us
    not the rumours of somewhere to go down a rabbit hole
    in the dark galactic game of snakes and ladders,
    cons and screws

    and we hear the chant of death
    that there is nothing new under any sun, that creative life 
    has ceased to flow in the veins of civilisation
    a lie promoted to stupefy and confuse
    anaesthetic for the fatted calf 
    and we hear the chant of death
    that there is no soul from soul-depleted 
    and disconnected people
    with plans to feast on yours
    and we hear the chant of death that there is no
    future, no life, no tomorrow, a nothing 
    that twists our words into more nothing.

    but there is yet a stronger song, a greater hope
    Glory be to the Father and to the Son and the Holy Spirit, 
    as it was in the beginning, is now, and forever shall be,
    world without end, amen.


    Wednesday, August 12, 2009

    Dr. Boylan's Agenda for Kids...can you believe this?

    Dear friends

    Below you will be able to read the "teachings" of Dr. Boylan in his workshops for kids..!
    Indeed in the EXO Circus everything is possible, but...seriously, this is to much.
    Opinions welcome


    Facilitator: Dr. Richard Boylan, Ph.D.


    Agenda (subject to modification):
    First Day morning @ 9:00 a.m.

    - Introductions. Group sharing of backgrounds, experiences. Sharing of experiences with Star Visitors. Memories of other homeworlds and families. Sharing of messages received.

    - Overview by Dr. Boylan, assisted by the assistant facilitator, on 1)the various Star Visitors; 2) the meaning and social purpose of the information and abilities Star Kids/Star Seeds have received, and 3) whether Star Seed by genetic upgrade or by missionary reincarnation: why you are here now.

    - Time for Star Kids/Seeds to share about their enhanced/advanced abilities, and their sense of why they are here, now.

    -  Time for Group discussion,. The little ones can do Art Work , crafts, Poetry, or other ways to express these experiences.
    First Day noon @ 12:00: Lunch break time. Rest break and relaxation for participants. Play time for the Star Kids.
    First Day afternoon @ 1:15 p.m.

    - Presentations by co-facilitators Dr. Richard Boylan and the assistant facilitator on owning your abilities and growing them. We will begin doing some of the following Group exercises, then continue later  intermittently all weekend:

    - Chakra Energy Centers Balancing.                  - Chakras Cleansing.

    - Aura Viewing.                                                             -  Psychometry Exercise.

    - Remote Viewing Exercise.                              - Experiencing our Spirit Self.

    - Silent Communication                                                 - Telepathy Exercise.

    - Pendulum Exercise.                                        - Dowsing Rod as Power Extender.

    - Psychic diagnosis                                          - Psychic healing

    - Telekenesis Exercise.                                                - Viewing across dimensions.

    - Other creative projects and activities by Star Kids/Star Seeds present.

    - First Day @ 6:00 p.m.: Break for Dinner on your own; free time for social mingling, and personal conversation to get to know the other Star Seed folks better

    - First Day evening @ 8:00 p.m. Sky Watch, with group telepathic outreach to the Star Visitors. Bring flashlight, warm sweater/jacket. Binoculars optional.

    Second Day  morning @ 8:30 a.m.:

    - Native American spiritual Star Elders ceremony, with smudging with sage, sacred pipe prayer ceremony, meditation, and invocation. Calling out to the Star Visitors in spiritual connection. 

    - Second Day @ 9:00 a.m.:

    - Further discussion and group demonstration of psychic exercises using our advanced abilities.

    - Discussing how  these advanced abilities can and should be used to help others.

    - Time to share what each feels their Star Kids and Star Seeds' mission here is, or ask help clarifying it.

    - Knowing when to let others know you're a Star Kid/Star Seed

                Participants will come to terms with being a Star Kid/Seed in an unaware world, feeling not only and the awesome life path which starfolk take.

    Second Day midday @ 12:00:  Lunch Break
    Second Day afternoon @ 1:15

    - The group will look at the near future, coming Earth Changes (social, geophysical and geopolitical),and  Star Nations out in the open among us soon as we reshape our society to transformed Fifth World..

    - Further sharing experiences as a Star Kid or adult Star Seed.
    Second Day mid-afternoon, @3:00 p.m.: Closing ceremony.

    - Those who need to depart for the airport or distant destinations can do so at this point.
    Second Day afternoon after 3:00 p.m.:

    - Individual time to meet with the Facilitators for brief consultation if time permits. .

    - Time for Star Kids/Seeds to chat and visit with each other informally before returning home
    Final End of all Workshop-related activity.


                To register, and for more Workshop information, contact Dr. Richard Boylan at: Or call 1-(530) 621-2674 if you cannot email.


    <>(cut here)<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>(cut here)<>

    Star Kids/ Star Seeds Workshop Registration Form - Sept. 12-13, 2009

                   Yes, I/we wish to register for the Sept. 12-13 Star Kids/Seeds Workshop in Allentown, PA..I/we am/are a Star Kid, Star Seed, or parent/family member/partner/friend or supporter of one.

                We must have ALL this information to process your registration.
    One Registration per household is all that is needed.

    Name:______________________________________ (additional family names go below *)
    City____________________________________ State ______________ Zip/postal
    code__________, Country: Canada/ USA or ____ ____________________________________________ Phone: (____)______________________ E-mail: _______________________________I am an Adult_____; Teen:(age) _____; Child (age) _____.

    _____I am registering as an adult: enclosed is my US$______ $95.
    _____ We are registering as a couple: enclosed is our US$_____ $175.
    _____ We are registering as a family: enclosed is our US$___________ ($95-1 parent, $175-2 parents, plus $5 per child.) (additional family names go below *)
    Please pay by check drawn on a U.S. bank or money order payable in U.S. funds. We cannot accept credit cards.


    (For those who cannot otherwise attend, a reduced-fee scholarship may be available.)


    *Second family member name: Name: ______________________________________ (additional family names go below *)
    City____________________________________ State ______________ Zip/postal code__________, Country: USA or ____________________________________________ Phone: (____)______________________ E-mail: ______________________________
    I am an Adult_____; Teen:(age) _____; Child (age) ___

    *Third family member name:
    Name: ______________________________________ (additional family names go below *)
    City____________________________________ State ______________ Zip/postal
    code__________, Country: USA or _________________________________________
    Phone: (____)______________________ E-mail: _____________________________
    I am an Adult_____; Teen:(age) _____; Child (age) _____

    *Fourth family member name: Name: ______________________________________ (additional family names go below *)
    Address:_______________________________________________________________City____________________________________ State ______________ Zip/postal
    code__________, Country: USA or _______________________________________
    Phone: (____)______________________ E-mail: ___________________________
    I am an Adult_____ ; Teen:(age) _____; Child (age) _____

    Send your Registration Form and payment (check or money order made out to "Star Kids Project, Ltd", to: Dr. Richard Boylan, Pres., Star Kids Project, Ltd, P.O. Box 1009, Diamond Springs, CA 95619, USA.


                   As soon as we have your Registration, we will send you a Registration Receipt. It gives the location of the Workshop, when it begins and ends, and includes a sample agenda of what we cover and do during the Workshop.

                The Hilton Garden Inn is at 1787 Airport Road, Allentown, Pennsylvania, 18109. The Inn's

    phone is 1-(610) 443-1400.


    Tuesday, August 11, 2009

    and also How to be a Contactee.

    For those who enjoy privacy, could be better to become a famous contactee. A Contactee  that is someone , male or female, who is in telepathic contact with Aliens.
    First choose the name of a Star more or less unknown. Discard those stars that have contactees already. They have their own marketing.
    How about Spika, or Algol, or Betelgeuse? some of these will do, and if you don't like them, just do some Google and find your star.

    Next, buy some New Age books, and perhaps do some copy and paste in the web...why not? All the Alien's messages are more or less the same thing.
    But here is a true secret: a dictionary of cites. Cites will give your rhetoric  the touch of wisdom. (You don't need to include the name of the author of course)
    Now create a blogg or a nice site if you can, and write, but please, please, nothing scientific in the messages you receibe telepathically from Algolians, or Betelgeusians, or Spikans.

    NO, because those who know about science are never contactees. They teach in some University or work in a Laboratory.
    Real Scientists probably  are making good money, and will not be interested in contactism, telepathy , Space Brothers or Guides.

    Be happy and well

    Love you all. Thanks for your time.


    How to be a Great Healer

    Dear people, believe me, it's easy to become a great Healer.
    First of all you need a couple of experts in show business, and of course a financier. Also you will need a good organized that will take take care of the things you will sell to your "patients". (Golden Stars, fingers of Saints, candles, crucifixes, dream-catchers, Holy Water, your autographed picture and some booklets )
    Next step, choose a weird, kind of Shamanic name.
    Some propaganda and you will have your first show. Anxious people and at least five friends of yours that will cry and shout words like "Miracle..!.I am Healed", Now I can walk without pain..! This must be done after you put your hands in the patients heads of just look at them like Braco does. If things are done professionally, the placebo effect will work instantly. This means that those who are not cured at all will say nothing but those who were suggestible enough will tell others about your miraculous powers.
    Once the whole thing is well organized you practice lots of Healing tourism, but please, please, tell your lawyers to write something like this:

    Legal disclaimer
    The sessions with Braco are not related to a specific religion, church.or ideology.

    They are open to everybody independent from religion, race, color and culture.

    Braco does not promise any help or cure and the session with him is no replacement of medical help or therapies, which your doctors prescribed.

    Please follow the advise of your doctors at any time before and after your session and go on consulting the doctors at any health problem.

    Braco tries to give something to his visitors in addition to the help of the doctors but he does not replace the use of doctors, of medicine and therapies.

    Instead of Braco put your own name .

    You see, a poor doctor, after years of learning Medicine, cannot put this Legal Disclaimer in his/her consult. If he does, there will be no patients at all.

    This is why becoming a Great Healer is easy and without big risks.

    Please, let me say the magic words...GIVE ME A BREAK..!

    Be Happy and Well, and thanks for your Time

    James Black


    Two comments on new Examiner article.

    James Black says:
    The so called UFO crash was a maneuver of disinformation directed against the Soviet Union.
    A few things went wrong however, and the whole hoax collapsed.
    Concerning Disclosure, the UFO self-proclaimed experts and Exopoliticians presumably know everything about UFOs, Aliens, cities in Mars and Moon. Consequently, they should take care the Disclosure in their hands. They need only some concrete EVIDENCES, but, they have none.
    The EXO rhetoric is based in old myths, anonymous sources, discredited contactees and whistleblowers, pseudo-science and lots of recycled New Aged stuff.
    Enough to keep serious minds far from the UFO Phenomenon.
    In fact, exopoliticians are the best friends of the Cover-Up.
    August 10, 10:06 PM
    James Black says:
    By the way, fantasists are rich in words, they talk and talk and write, and sell some books.
    The problem is that we do not have the real thing: Aliens.
    We have talk about ETs, but not ETs. We have UFO marketing, UFO tourism, conspiracies, bombastic Conferences, but not Aliens.
    The mischievous "aliens" are not interested in any kind of open contact with us.
    Nobody knows what they are, what they want here, or where they come from. 
    Who cares? After all, some individuals are making a living with the whole mythology.
    August 10, 10:17 PM


    Ufology, Exopolitics, Conspiracies, Paranoia, Memes, Hoaxes, 2012, UFO, Aliens, Disinformation, Cultism, Brainwashing, Rational Thinking, ET, Xenopolitics, Contactees, Abductions, Disclosure.