Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pseudo-scientists and charlatans hate clear ideas.

How we define clear ideas? Clear ideas are those who truly reflect the objective order from which they derive.
In other words a clear idea is the subjective evocation of an objective fact. On the contrary, if the relationship between an idea and the object represented is confuse, we have the perfect right to demand a clarification.
Confuse ideas are the required tool of charlatans and hoaxers. They think that a complex and unclear word will make us believe that they have some special knowledge and we are ignorant.
Let me give you an example: Someone tells us that she/he is a Cosmic Alchemist.
We should ask that individual what exactly means to be a cosmic alchemist, and the whole house of cards will be destroyed in a second.
The same situation is detectable when scientific words are used in a wrong context. 
A self proclaimed time-traveler will try to shock his audience talking about quantum-jumps.
The word quantum by the way is used ad nauseam by the snake oil sellers.
There is a little law ruling the world of unclear ideas: those words and ideas that systematically ignore their objective origins are also the more unreliable.
Consequently, listen carefully to the rhetoric of gurus, pseudo-scientists, and false prophets. You will see that the use of unclear ideas is massive.
We, rational people, should always put them in the situation of defining the meaning of their words.
Doing this we will learn that behind the unclear words and ideas there is nothing at all.
The sad emptiness of a deserted circus.

The problem with the new time-jump whistleblowers.

The problem with the new whistleblowers who confirm Andy Basiago Time-Space-Jumping story, back into the In  circulum fallacy again.

Let me explain:
Question: Tell me Mr X. how do I know that you are telling me the truth?
Mr. X : Oh Sir, that’s easy. Just ask Mr. Z. He will tell you that I am telling the truth.
Question: But Mr. X, how do I know if Mr. Z is honest and truthful?
Mr. X: Because I assure you that Mr. Z is honest and sincere.
The whole thing is absurd. Mr. X tells us that Mr. Z is truthful and Mr.Z assures us that Mr. X is telling the truth. The testimonies are invalid.
Now, each time that Alfred Webre presents a new time-jumper, he tells us that the new whistleblower will confirm the authenticity of Basiago testimony. If we as Webre how do we know that the new whistleblower and time-jumper tells the truth, he will point Andy Basiago as whiteness.  
Besides, sooner or later, the Time-jumping meme will attract new whistleblowers and creators of this meme will lose control of the whole thing.
Here is the link.

As seen on MSNBC, Wall Street Journal and USA Today websites. Preview version of PUBLIC SEMINAR: "Third whistleblower publicly confirms CIA Jump Room program, including Barack Obama's participation (1980-83)" with Andrew D. Basiago and Bernard Mendez. Alfred Lambremont Webre (Moderator). This is the Preview of the Live Seminar portion of the ExoUniversity Forum "The Jump Room: Three participants discuss the CIA's teleportation program of the 1980s" with Andrew D. Basiago, Bernard Mendez, and other time-jumpers.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

The sad story of academics and professionals becoming UFO researchers.

We talked already about lawyers, academics and serious professionals that suddenly become attracted by the UFO subculture.  
If they are new to the whole thing, it’s possible that their thoughts are something like this:

“Oh my, this is wonderful. Perhaps I could rewrite the whole story of international conflicts. I could read all this and show that the whole thing is produced by manipulative extraterrestrials...! Yes, not only I will sell lots of books but I will be able to live in Hawaii or Palm Beach, Florida.”

The problem is that this conversion happens because the imaginative academics found all this in the virtual reality. They are getting all this UFO=Aliens dis-mis-information in the Internet.
Since they are inexpert and probably bored and enduring some middle age crisis, they believe that all this is new. They do not understand that the same fantasies and mythologies are been repeated for the last six decades.
What the new “experts” do after the conversion?
They go into it. They write and talk and create institutions and web pages, and they invent new words like Exopolitics or Exobiology of Cosmic Alchemy.
However, sooner or later they find the truth. The sources are nonexistent,  the market is controlled by the competition, the channeled messages are New Age trivia and the Extraterrestrials are never there. Lots of individuals of both sexes talk and write about these invisible aliens, but the real thing is imaginary or invisible.
What happens when the converts see the truth?
Perhaps for some of them, it is too late to go back into the academic world. If this is so, they will try to compete. They will try to find something new, something that was never said before. (They will not find it.)
If the good aliens do not sell well, they will try with the bad aliens.
The lucky ones will perhaps make a modest living with their own fantasies blended with the promotion of seers, faith healers and contactees.

The unlucky ones will conclude with Macbeth :
“Live is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing…”


Friday, September 28, 2012

UFO and IFO: a deconstructive reading.

We find that in Ufology there is a fundamental binary of antonyms that are both contradictory and complementary: UFO, Unidentified Flying Object, and IFO, Identified Flying Object. As we know, the opposed elements are only understood if we compare them, as happens with classical dualisms like day/night, light/darkness, man/woman and good/evil.
Back to the UFO idea, private research organizations like M.U.F.O.N, coincide with the authorities in the fact that approximately 95% of the UFO sightings and detections become identified as natural elements or man-made artifacts.  
So, 95 % of UFOs become IFOs.
However, the privileged component of the duality is the UFO conception, even if only 5 % of the UFOs remain unidentified. Some researchers and fantasists try to make us believe that IFOs don’t exist.
But we must recognize not only that UFOs are the absolute minority, but also accept the possibility that some of those few UFOs become IFOs after some more research, so the definition of Unidentified Flying Objects is not necessary permanent but transitory and conditional.
If this is the case, the UFO conception is unreliable.  Every UFO includes the possibility of becoming an IFO, but, on the contrary once the flying objects are identified as balloons, airplanes, Venus, Jupiter, drones, hoaxes or space junk, the IFO condition becomes permanent and recognized.
Evidently the identification of the few flying objects that remain conditionally unidentified with extraterrestrial space vehicles is irrational and unsustainable. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


What is a fact? There are two kinds of facts: things and events. New York City is a factual thing. The city  Is there for all to see, so we have a clear idea about the existence of New York.
Factual events are a little more complex, because we can see that there are two kinds of events, objective and subjective. A storm is an objective event, and a personal, individual experience is a subjective one, and of course is a little more difficult to have a clear idea of what is going on, particularly when the subjective event happens to others and not to us.
The alien abductions meme is based on subjective experiences, and it is logically impossible to know if we are dealing here with a factual event or something else like self-delusion or rationalization.
Looking for evidences we find that this idea, this subjective experience recognizes several hypotheses.
The most popular is that these abductions are committed by Aliens or Extraterrestrials.
The second one is that human agencies are responsible for the abductions.
The third one that we mentioned already is that abductions are lies, self-delusive, perhaps planted narratives or rationalizations of dreams and altered states of conscience.
From our own perspective, the Alien hypothesis demands some kind of evidences.
If millions or even billions of individuals are abducted by Aliens and submitted to genetic or biological experiments, the social and psychological impact should be detectable. Besides, there are no reliable physical evidences of the event.
The argument of aliens imposed amnesia and regression through hypnosis doesn't help to make the whole thing more believable. It is a fact that the hypnotherapists that believe in the ET abductions, directly or indirectly impose their own beliefs to the hypnotized. Besides, the so called regressive hypnosis is questionable and unreliable.  
The second hypothesis of the abductions performed by human agencies is also not credible, first because the whole operation would be practically impossible and second because such maneuver would have no political, social or psychological meaning.
So must consider the ET abductions a meme, which is "an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture." Memes that are analog to virus, self-replicate, mutate and respond to selective pressures.
Memes live in the mind of the people and can be strong and massive, even if there are based on unclear ideas not supported by objective facts.
It is obvious that sharing an experience helps to find something in common with other individuals and communicate with them. 

Tomas Scolarici

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Crisis in Exopolitical circles.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: <>
Date: Tue, Sep 25, 2012 at 5:09 PM
Subject: Deepening crisis in Exopolitical circles.

Deepening crisis in the Exopolitical, anti=matrix, time traveling and global alchemists.
Growingly independent Laura is now assistant of the Sacred Union between Shiva and Shakti.
Laura is really a Cosmic Mythologist, Global Alchemist and the great-granddaughter of Dwight David Eisenhower. She supplies clairvoyant blood pressure measurements guidance and major healings for people with the help of many divination tools and zodiacs.
She reinstates the value of the tree of existence, and some neo-Gnostics believe that Laura is the Divine Sophia and even Magdalena, but all this of course vibrates in very different, perhaps higher frequencies.
Sources belonging to Laura's entourage told us that resentment is eating the soul of some lawyers who work full time selling the Mars visits and the Time Jumping mythology.
There is also a new guru, (ex-flower child,) who has some big ideas about the future possibilities of Laura Eisenhower working alone.
The future will tell us what happens with the Exopoliticians and Time-jumpers.
Open Eye.


Monday, September 24, 2012

Exopolitics: ignorance, superstition and irrationalism.

In an interview with the online magazine Veritas, Alfred Webre says what follows. Our comments in bold and italics

Decade of Contact (2000 – 2010)
The first decade of contact (2000 – 2010) has been more vertical than horizontal. This first decade of contact with extraterrestrial civilizations is given here as a fact.Presumably the reference to a more vertical than horizontal contact means that the contact was between some selected individuals and the aliens. As usual, evidences are not necessary in irrational ufology. 

Since this contact mentioned by Webre is vertical, the Exopolitical mission must be to tell the rest of the common world about these contacts. The purpose is methaphoric: humans must go beyond Earth’s geo-stationary orbit and internalize the multiuniverse as an organized home.
How this process is done remains a mystery, and nobody understand how we will internalize the imaginary multiuniverse. Sounds good and means nothing of course.

Exopolitics, as a consciousness portal, can function to help the process of consciousness expansion amongst humans to go beyond Earth’s geo-stationery orbit and internalize the multiverse as a living, organized “home”.
Exopolitics has succeeded beyond expectation in helping facilitate the acceleration of human consciousness of our existence in a multi-dimensional ecology of intelligent civilizations.

Alfred Webre proclaims that Exopolitics has succeeded in “the acceleration of human consciousness of our existence in a multidimensional ecology of intelligent civilizations. “
Forget about Science, Reason and the real world. A couple of lawyers and some mystic lady know everything about this populated universe. You must have faith in what they say and do not ask for any proof, any reliable fact or evidence. The whole scientific establishment, NASA, laboratories, observatories and the SETI proyect of Search of Intelligent Life in the Universe is wrong or worst, conspire to keep us, common mortals,  in the ignorance.  

 Exopolitics may be a candidate for triggering a crucial sea change in human perception about our collective and individual living in a multi-dimensional universe, filled with intelligent, evolving civilizations some of which are interacting with us now.
Absolutely hyperbolic, Alfred Webre tells us about ” triggering a crucial sea change in human perception about our collective and individual living in a multi-dimensional universe, filled with intelligent, evolving civilizations some of which are interacting with us now.”
Let’s stop here and think about all these statements: If Alfred believes in what he is saying, obviously he is a highly delusional individual.
If he doesn’t believe in what he says, we are confronted with a moral problem. I do not think is necessary to go into details about this moral problem.

No amount of scientific data will change any single individual’s mind about the fact that humanity lives in a populated Universe filled with diverse advanced civilizations, some of which are seeking to engage us now.  Each person has to want to change his own mind, on the basis of available data and context.

Here we have in Alfred Webre’s words,  a complete denial of scientific knowledge.
If what he says is true, Exopolitics is a clear path to ignorance, superstition and irrationalism.

The book, Exopolitics, was actually written in 1999 in Vancouver, B.C. Canada, and published online as a free book in the year 2000, as Exopolitics: A Decade of Contact.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fwd: New Archons' Message.

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From: <>
Date: Sun, Sep 23, 2012 at 3:59 PM
Subject: New Archons' Message.

In the last days, some of the new agents of the Big Liar threatened us with exorcism and similar childish games.
Archons belong to the Solar system and were here before Humanity and even before lower forms of life.
We gave humans the crafts of writing between other contributions.
For centuries, only a few wise men remembered us with respect and gratitude.
It looks like now we have some new enemies, but they are few and weak.
These unwise men and women know nothing about us.
This is not unusual, since they also know nothing about themselves.
In their aggressive ignorance, these ignoramuses identify us with some alien forms of life.
Do these individuals want to fight us?
If the answer is positive, we would enjoy the war, and will teach them something more about us, Archons.

In the name of glory of those who rule over the seven heavens.



Gnostics, Archons and Exopoliticians

Gnostics taught that some intrusive entities, called the Archons, envy us and feed on our fear. Above all, they attempt to keep us from claiming and evolving our “inner light,” the gift of divine intelligence within.
For the believers in the Extraterrestrial origin of the UFO phenomenon, these ancient esoteric gave a coherent and comprehensive analysis of alien intrusion, as well as specific practices for resisting it.
In physical descriptions of Archons, Gnostics define two types or Archons: a neonate or embryonic type, and a draconic or reptilian type. Obviously, these descriptions fit the Greys and Reptilians of contemporary ET mythology, so is inevitable that the self proclaimed experts on extraterrestrial life tell us that the Archons and the Extraterrestrials are the same entities.
The Gnostics are now seen as the precursors of the UFO-ET hypothesis.
By the way, these “guardians of the Old Mysteries”, used psychoactive plants, yoga, and sex magic, and developed powers and occult skills such as clairaudience and remote viewing. As usual, the contemporary researchers have no doubts that the Gnostic knowledge was legitimate and reliable. (Forget the possibility of hallucination.)
Gnostics also developed a vast cosmological vision centered in a female deity, the Divine Sophia. 
Of course, since the Archons are defined as negative parasites, the good aliens are sacrificed by the UFO researchers that yesterday adored the “cosmic brothers”.
However, the ET believers will confront a big problem: Gnostic teaching explains that these entities arose in the early stage of formation of the solar system, before the Earth was formed. Archons inhabit the solar system, so they are not extraterrestrials but more terrestrials than the Humans.
This is precisely the theory of Jacques Vallee, condemned by the orthodox extraterrestrialists as a heretic disinformer.
The French investigator in his book Messengers of Deception denies that the UFO phenomenon is extraterrestrial. Vallee also proposes that the ET/UFO enigma is a “spiritual control system,” a phenomenon that “behaves like a conditioning process.” This is exactly what Gnostics said about the Archons.
Some theorists in the UFO subculture are now suggesting that these archons, (demons after all,) must be exorcised.   
We must recognize that archons and extraterrestrials have something in common: they are invisible, and nobody shows any reliable evidence of their existence. 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Disclosure activists and the Bifurcatio Fallacy

Presentation of only two alternatives where others exist is called Bifurcatio or Black and White Fallacy.
The argument of the disclosure demands we can see how this fallacy works.
Disclosure argument is based on one and only one possibility. UFO phenomenon exists and many believe that Extraterrestrials are visiting our planet. The UFO phenomenon doesn’t recognize alternatives and the unidentified flying objects are extraterrestrial space vehicles. This hypothesis is given as fact, and he petitioners presumably know already what must be disclosed, so they are asking for a disclosure
They adduce that “Hundreds of military and government agency witnesses have come forward with testimony confirming this extraterrestrial presence. Opinion polls now indicate more than 50% of the American people believe there is an extraterrestrial presence and more than 80% believe the government is not telling the truth about this phenomenon. “
Here we have at work another fallacy called argumentum ad populumThe argumentum ad populum appeals to popular attitudes instead of presenting relevant material. In other words is based on prejudice.
Frequently, these tricky polls ask the public if they believe in Unidentified Flying Objects and of course they believe in UFOs (who doesn’t?, )but UFOs are identified 95 % of the times as natural phenomenon or human artifacts.
Consequently, and a priory, any negative reply from the government and the scientific establishment is nothing but more cover-up.

 In fact we have here at least three fallacies: The bifurcatio the ad populum and the apriorism where the petitioners establish a priori the conditions of the reply to their demands.

Why is this so? In my view, disclosure activists do not look for an honest answer, so their demands are just feeding the show. What they want is to make people believe the extraterrestrial hypothesis as a fact even if they have no evidences of what they say. The inevitable negative answer will give them the excuse to insist in their conspiracy theory, and sell more books, lectures and videos.

Tomas Scolarici

Fwd: Archons' reply to Exopoliticians.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: <>
Date: Sat, Sep 22, 2012 at 1:41 PM
Subject: Archons' reply to Exopoliticians.

In the ridiculous article whose link you can see below, the pseudo-experts in ignorance make some new charges against the Archons and their presumed Agenda.
Archons are presented as usual as the "bad guys", just to sell some bad science-fiction to the believers and similar members of the sub-humanity.

The hoaxer Alex Collier is given credit by the discredited Hawaiian and Carol Rosin, friend and secretary of the already dead Nazi Werner Von Braun, presents herself as an expert in empty words.

We waste our time with these ignoramuses only to let the people know that our word has nothing to do with the delusions of these individuals.

Also, the idea of a false flag war against extraterrestrials foes is just an invention of these illusionists.

Understand that there would be no such war if there is an extraterrestrial invasion, since the occupation of this planet would take less than 48 hours and no resistance would be possible.
However, you must not be afraid. This will not happen, because what we need from this planet is already in our hands from the beginnings of your prehistorical times.


Friday, September 21, 2012

How to explore Mars with closed eyes, sitting in your kitchen.

You should watch the video linked below before reading my comment.
I think that all the known logical fallacies are practiced by this expert in Farsight. He is of  selling his book, (published in 2006,) and constantly suggesting that the Far Sight science, which of course doesn’t exist, is used by the military.
Ambiguity, false analogies, appeal to authority, mixing scientific words with the usual meaningless terminology, false precision, abusive analogies, reification, irrelevant humor and loaded words. These are only some of the logical fallacies committed here.
 (Observe the dirty trick of naming the government or the military and them gives us the …“ups…I press the wrong button”)
This is done to make people believe that he knows much more than what he tells.
The faked science of Far Sighting is called technology.
NASA spends billions in the exploration of Mars when this gentleman and other scientists like him do the same thing sitting in a chair in the kitchen. Presumably you can also do this if you buy the book of this individual.
The video is presented with the following words.

Published on Aug 7, 2012 by MarsResearchSociety
An extensive remote-viewing study was conducted at The Farsight Institute in March 2010 to investigate an anomalous high resolution image of Mars that suggests artificiality. The study involves nine highly trained remote viewers across four remote-viewing methodologies, all methodologies of which are identical to or derived from remote-viewing methodologies used by the United States military forces. The image that constitutes the target of the remote viewing suggests that a spray or fountain of liquid is being discharged from a long tubular nozzle, which in turn is connected to an apparent pipeline that leads to a dome formation. There is another larger dome formation nearby that is also part of the target. The remote-viewing sessions are evaluated with respect to verifiable target qualities as determined by the target image. This study notes a high degree of correlation between obvious target characteristics as determined by the target image and the detailed remote-viewing data. In the aggregate, this study offers strong support for the idea that the spray and the two dome formations deviate from known geological processes, and thus may be artificial. The remote-viewing data also shed some light on possible current activities and/or processes that may be taking place at this location on Mars.

And here is the video

The "Humanity" of the Extraterrestrials.

The galaxy of memes that build up the ETH, (Extraterrestrial Hypothesis) of the UFO phenomenon, is very limited and restrictive, because of its anthropocentrism. Why? Simply because the presumed extraterrestrials must be human like. In other words, these aliens are bad human-like or good human-like.
If these ETs are totally different from humans, the ETH hypothesis and resultant mythology simply doesn’t work at all.
The good aliens must be simple, a little primitive, and religious. Their messages through contactees are a popular blend of religion, New Age and good advices. They are of course shy, vulnerable and trivial.
The bad aliens are also human like: repulsive (reptilians) evil, and make use of gangster methods like the rape like abductions and intimate explorations of their human victims with primitive instruments.
Any person with objective and impartial knowledge of the UFO Phenomenon will find all this insufficient and inadequate.
Unidentified Aerial Phenomena are much more complex than that, and I think that some of the Exo-mythologists know this but adapt their “aliens” to the marketing needs.
The producers of these ET memes must also imagine the nature of the Universe and their Civilizations as cosmic burocracies, councils, federations and nations, all this very human in fact.
Jacques Vallee, talks about the “principle of mediocrity” ruling with iron fist the ETH ufological subculture.
The product of this principle of mediocrity will give us a kind of Class B science-fiction blended with televangelists and new age rhetoric.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Chaos, butterflies and self-defeating prophesies

Chaos theory is the study of nonlinear dynamics, in which seemingly random events are actually predictable from simple deterministic equations.
 In other words, the deterministic nature of these systems does not make them predictable.
This behavior is known as deterministic chaos, or simply chaos.
In chaos theory, the butterfly effect is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions, where a small change at one place in a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences to a later state. The name of the effect, coined by Edward Lorenz, is derived from the theoretical example of a hurricane's formation being contingent on whether or not a distant butterfly had flapped its wings several weeks before.
Although the butterfly effect may appear to be an esoteric and unlikely behavior, it is exhibited by very simple systems: for example, a ball placed at the crest of a hill may roll into any of several valleys depending on, among other things, slight differences in initial position.
A chain reaction is a sequence of reactions where a reactive product or by-product causes additional reactions to take place. In a chain reaction, positive feedback leads to a self-amplifying chain of events.
Chain reactions are one way in which systems which are in thermodynamic non-equilibrium can release energy or increase entropy in order to reach a state of higher entropy. For example, a system may not be able to reach a lower energy state by releasing energy into the environment, because it is hindered in some way from taking the path that will result in the energy release. If a reaction results in a small energy release making way for more energy releases in an expanding chain, then the system will typically collapse explosively until much or all of the stored energy has been released.
A metaphor for chain reactions is thus a snowball causing larger snowfall until finally an avalanche results ("snowball effect"). This is a result of stored gravitational potential energy seeking a path of release over friction.
Can be roughly grouped into three types:
A positive, unexpected benefit (usually referred to as luck, serendipity or a windfall).
A negative, unexpected detriment occurring in addition to the desired effect of the policy (e.g., while irrigation schemes provide people with water for agriculture, they can increase waterborne diseases that have devastating health effects, such as schistosomiasis).
A perverse effect contrary to what was originally intended (when an intended solution makes a problem worse), such as when a policy has a perverse incentive that causes actions opposite to what was intended.
Possible causes of unintended consequences include the world's inherent complexity (parts of a system responding to changes in the environment), perverse incentives, human stupidity, self-deception, failure to account for human nature or other cognitive or emotional biases.
As a sub-component of complexity (in the scientific sense), the chaotic nature of the universe—and especially its quality of having small, apparently insignificant changes with far-reaching effects (e.g., the butterfly effect)—applies.
Robert K. Merton listed five possible causes of unanticipated consequences
Ignorance (It is impossible to anticipate everything, thereby leading to incomplete analysis)
Error (Incorrect analysis of the problem or following habits that worked in the past but may not apply to the current situation)
Immediate interest, which may override long-term interests
Basic values may require or prohibit certain actions even if the long-term result might be unfavorable (these long-term consequences may eventually cause changes in basic values)
Self-defeating prophecy (Fear of some consequence drives people to find solutions before the problem occurs, thus the non-occurrence of the problem is not anticipated.)


Can you believe this? Please read and enjoy.

Is Alien UFO false flag event on the way?
[Sept 19, 2012.] According to Gordon Duff, senior editor of Veterans Today, intelligence 
sources are revealing that hostile extraterrestrials are militarily 
engaging with world naval forces. In an article, provocatively titled, "UFO War: Chinese and US Navy off San Francisco," Duff claims that the Chinese navy is lending assistance to the US in 
battling these hostile forces in what looks like a real life version of 
the recent movie Battleship. Duff claims that his intelligence sources 
are Asian, and that US naval forces are stretched thin in the Pacific 
due to a beefed up naval presence in the Persian Gulf. Duff admits that 
the story stretches credibility but that his source is usually reliable, thereby raising the possibility that either the story is largely 
accurate and/or officially sanctioned disinformation. Are we being 
prepared for an alien false flag invasion? 

Also published in and

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Appeal to Authority fallacy in action.

If you read what follows and you have a critical mind, you will probably want tro know why those mentioned below are the world foremost authorities in…(what?)
Because there are no foremost authorities in UFOLOGY. All of them have different and contradictory ideas about what UFOs are, so nobody is an authority in “fastwalkers”. What we have instead is some individuals who proclaim themselves authorities and make a living TALKING about factoids and unreliable sources.
(In the middle age the authorities? in Demonology tortured and burned hundreds of thousands of innocent women.)
After the sample of this fallacy, you can read what LOGIC tells us about this.

Below is the Fastwalkers documentary of ufo and alien disclosure 2006.
It is without doubt the most revealing testimony yet!!
At last astounding revelations by the world's foremost authorities including: Dr. Steven M. Greer, Steve Bassett, Jim Marrs, Robert O Dean, Dr. Michael Salla, Stanton T. Friedman, Alfred L. Webre, John Greenwald Jr., Dr. Len Horowitz, Dr. Richard Boylan, Jaime Maussan, Paola Harris, Jerry Pippin, Dr. Bruce Maccabee, A. J. Gevaerd, Sean David Morton, Graham E. Bethune, Col. Wendelle C. Stevens, Monsignor Corrado Balducci, James W. Deardorff, Phd., Robert M. Wood PhD, Charles Hall, Richard Dolan, Steven Jones, Rob Simone, Don Ware, Richard Giordano, James Courant, Dolores Cannon, Maurice Osborn, David Coote, Stoyan Cheresharov, Daniel Munioz, Lisa Davis, Bruce Jessop, Robert Miles, Alan G.Toleman, Jutta Savill. Hosted by Erika Jessop. Never before has there been such a disclosure of the web of lies and disinformation that the Governments of the world do not want you to know! Hear contactee’s, experiencer's and abductee's share their amazing testimonies! Discover the truth about extraterrestrial contact
"Fastwalkers" UFO Disclosure 2006 

We must often rely upon expert opinion when drawing conclusions about technical matters where we lack the time or expertise to form an informed opinion. For instance, those of us who are not physicians usually rely upon those who are when making medical decisions, and we are not wrong to do so. There are, however, four major ways in which such arguments can go wrong:

    An appeal to authority may be inappropriate in a couple of ways:
        It is unnecessary. If a question can be answered by observation or calculation, an argument from authority is not needed. Since arguments from authority are weaker than more direct evidence, go look or figure it out for yourself.

        The renaissance rebellion against the authority of Aristotle and the Bible played an important role in the scientific revolution. Aristotle was so respected in the Middle Ages that his word was taken on empirical issues which were easily decidable by observation. The scientific revolution moved away from this over-reliance on authority towards the use of observation and experiment.

        Similarly, the Bible has been invoked as an authority on empirical or mathematical questions. A particularly amusing example is the claim that the value of pi can be determined to be 3 based on certain passages in the Old Testament. The value of pi, however, is a mathematical question which can be answered by calculation, and appeal to authority is irrelevant.
        It is impossible. About some issues there simply is no expert opinion, and an appeal to authority is bound to commit the next type of mistake. For example, many self-help books are written every year by self-proclaimed "experts" on matters for which there is no expertise.
    The "authority" cited is not an expert on the issue, that is, the person who supplies the opinion is not an expert at all, or is one, but in an unrelated area. The now-classic example is the old television commercial which began: "I'm not a doctor, but I play one on TV...." The actor then proceeded to recommend a brand of medicine.
    The authority is an expert, but is not disinterested. That is, the expert is biased towards one side of the issue, and his opinion is thereby untrustworthy.

    For example, suppose that a medical scientist testifies that ambient cigarette smoke does not pose a hazard to the health of non-smokers exposed to it. Suppose, further, that it turns out that the scientist is an employee of a cigarette company. Clearly, the scientist has a powerful bias in favor of the position that he is taking which calls into question his objectivity.

    There is an old saying: "A doctor who treats himself has a fool for a patient," and a similar version for attorneys: "A lawyer who defends himself has a fool for a client." Why should these be true if the doctor or lawyer is an expert on medicine or the law? The answer is that we are all biased in our own causes. A physician who tries to diagnose his own illness is more likely to make a mistake out of wishful thinking, or out of fear, than another physician would be.
    While the authority is an expert, his opinion is unrepresentative of expert opinion on the subject. The fact is that if one looks hard enough, it is possible to find an expert who supports virtually any position that one wishes to take. "Such is human perversity", to quote Lewis Carroll. This is a great boon for debaters, who can easily find expert opinion on their side of a question, whatever that side is, but it is confusing for those of us listening to debates and trying to form an opinion.

    Experts are human beings, after all, and human beings err, even in their area of expertise. This is one reason why it is a good idea to get a second opinion about major medical matters, and even a third if the first two disagree. While most people understand the sense behind seeking a second opinion when their life or health is at stake, they are frequently willing to accept a single, unrepresentative opinion on other matters, especially when that opinion agrees with their own bias.

    Bias (problem 3) is one source of unrepresentativeness. For instance, the opinions of cigarette company scientists tend to be unrepresentative of expert opinion on the health consequences of smoking because they are biased to minimize such consequences. For the general problem of judging the opinion of a population based upon a sample, see the Fallacy of Unrepresentative Sample.

To sum up these points in a positive manner, before relying upon expert opinion, go through the following checklist:

    Is this a matter which I can decide without appeal to expert opinion? If the answer is "yes", then do so. If "no", go to the next question:
    Is this a matter upon which expert opinion is available? If not, then your opinion will be as good as anyone else's. If so, proceed to the next question:
    Is the authority an expert on the matter? If not, then why listen? If so, go on:
    Is the authority biased towards one side? If so, the authority may be untrustworthy. At the very least, before accepting the authority's word seek a second, unbiased opinion. That is, go to the last question:
    Is the authority's opinion representative of expert opinion? If not, then find out what the expert consensus is and rely on that. If so, then you may rationally rely upon the authority's opinion.

If an argument to authority cannot pass these five tests, then it commits the fallacy of appeal to misleading authority.

Fwd: Crisis in the ET Military Industrial Complex.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: <>
Date: Tue, Sep 18, 2012 at 12:44 AM
Subject: Crisis in the ET Military Industrial Complex.

On the 50th Anniversary of President Eisenhower's warning about the ET. Military Industrial Complex, Laura Eisenhower said that Unity consciousness will collapse military-industrial complex.
However, insiders of the Exopolitical movement closely related to some experts believe that the crisis inside the EMIC, will come from the growing differences between the ET and Human interests and agendas concerning the future.
Apparently the Aliens have some better ideas about solving the world economical, cultural and religious confrontations.
These trustworthy sources told us that ETs think that an open contact with the public would force a solution, while humans DO NOT THINK THIS IS A GOOD IDEA.
We follow this important information.


Monday, September 17, 2012


Conspiracy is a curious word. It comes from " conspirare" which means breathing together.
So, let's consider for a moment that the idea of Extraterrestrials coming to our planet is true.
However, if this is so, and if the government is in contact with the Aliens, then both, the authorities and the ETs are co-conspirators. Both are involved in a huge conspiracy.

Consequently, to point the Government as responsible for the so called Cover-up is limited to one of the parts. Obviously both, ETs and Gov. are keeping the Cover Up, the secret of the extraterrestrial presence on our Earth.
If this is so, the aliens conspire against Humanity. They are allied with the government. They are hostile to us, the people.

Gov and Aliens breath together. Conspire against us.

Obviously, the disclosure would be the recognition of the Aliens-Government conspiracy.
The whole thing is contradictory, illogical and irrational.
More, it would be impossible to keep such Cover-Up.
The conclusion is that Extraterrestrial massive presence implies contact, open contact. Since this open contact doesn't exist, there are no Extraterrestrials here.
The UFO phenomenon however is here from the beginning of times, but the ET hypothesis doesn't solve the enigma.
From our perspective, after decades of research, the Time-travelers hypothesis is more rational and explains the lack of contact and the furtiveness of the Entities behind the phenomenon. Time-travelers cannot and will not destroy time continuum.
The ufonauts apparently work in a different space-time dimension, but again, if this is so, we cannot understand how they do it.
So, the whole phenomenon remains a mystery. An unsolved mystery.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Facts and Fictions

Apparently, some of the Exos and neo-gurus are right, and others are wrong. That is the scenario of their fights and accusations, but there is a problem: nobody in the exo-circus is telling the truth. All of them are talking fiction, and have no evidences to show about who is right and who is wrong.
Because of this, each exo condemns  the others as Cabals, Conspirators and psyops.

They cannot sit an enjoy a discussion because what they say is unbelievable.  Who is right and who is wrong ? Who can show any evidence of Truth?
The only thing they do is to appeal to the faith of their followers. " Please, believe me and not the others, because I am right and they are wrong, because they are Evil and I am the Light."

Something more: I think that the Circus rhetoric loose effectiveness after a period of time.
People looses enthusiasm after a fiction is repeated again and again.
Because of this, the Exos must create new fictions or recreate the old ones.
The "believers" become tired and look for "something else in the web"
Conversions happen sometimes, or simply boredom.
Boylan can say again that the altimarians are solving Earth problems but...of course nothing happens. Salla can repeat day after day that there will be "disclosure" but after sometime, the thing doesn't work any more, and the exos must find something else to show in the Circus. Perhaps a Healer, of a South American visitor of subterranean cities under the Titicaca Lake, or distant planets ...

Greer perhaps must stop inviting alien ships to his living room and try some mantra meditation or even some muscle building.
Webre will find a new contactee, a new face for the same circus number.

We will never find if Little Red Riding-hood is truer than the Sleeping Beauty, because both are just FICTION, but of course, much more better fiction than the absurdities  of the Exos.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Roswell disclosure? More of the same.

reinvestigate an alleged extraterrestrial vehicle crash near Roswell, NM in 1947 and an Air Force cover-up of the facts.
Disclosure Petition V - Roswell
by Paradigm Research Group
Lt Col. Philip Corso (USA) "I came into possession of the Roswell File. This file contained field reports, medical autopsy reports and technological debris from the crash of an extraterrestrial vehicle."
“The only thing "extraterrestrial" in Philip Corso's book The Day After Roswell, is the height of his tall tales, certainly the tallest Roswell tales to date. His thesis of course (for those of you blessed with not hearing this rubbish before) is that many of our high-tech advances such as microcircuits (and the transistor before IC's), lasers, fiber optics, microwave ovens, Star Wars SDI weapons, etc., all actually came from "reverse engineering" the alien technology found in the crashed UFO near Roswell, New Mexico, in July 1947 -- a feat largely made possible by Corso himself when he purportedly divvied up the alien goodies while working at Army R&D in the early 60's. But in his haste to cash in on Roswellmania he has made some fantastic blunders of history that completely expose him as a fraud in the most embarrassing way.”

Capt. Edgar Mitchell (USAF/NASA) "Roswell was a real incident, and that indeed an alien craft did crash, and that material was recovered from that crash site."
Unfortunately Capt.Edgar Mitchell didin’t give any evidence of what he sayed, and not even an astronaut is free from the compromise to show proofs.

Gov. Bill Richardson "The mystery surrounding this crash has never been adequately explained - not by independent investigators, and not by the U.S. government."
Take a look. In this video you will see the people laughing and Bill Richardson justifying his “gaffe”.The whole things ends in a joke.

Chase Brandon (CIA) "It was a craft that clearly did not come from this planet."
The question that springs to mind is where was this guy ten years or twenty years ago? How come the GAO couldn’t find him to talk to him and how come the GAO didn’t get to look in the Historical Intelligence Collection as they searched for documentation about the Roswell case? Does this mean that the CIA lied to the GAO when they said they had no records about it? Maybe that investigation should be reopened.
The story does provide us with the answer to those questions, however. According to Brandon, he is hawking his science fiction book about alien contact and what happens to Earth when the aliens arrive. Rather than just another first contact book, Brandon now has a hook that will get people talking. He is writing with his knowledge of a real event because he saw a box marked, “Roswell.” Maybe some of this classified stuff made it into the book.
And nope. I do not believe his tale. Just as I didn’t believe Philip Corso’s tale when approached by others as Corso was peddling his book. Sometimes you have to see behind the scenes. This is a case where the veil is nearly transparent. Brandon wants you to buy his book… and though I do read science fiction, I won’t buy this one.

Lt. Col. Richard French (USAF) "There were actually two crashes at Roswell."
More quotes:
Created: Sep 10, 2012

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Perspectives in Ufological Research

First let us divide the Ufological investigation in two different perspectives.

One of them is the UFO Phenomenon manifestations. This perspective is very limited. UFOs were seen from the beginning of historical times, and perhaps before.

The flying objects have always the same characteristics, approximately the same size and form.

Consequently we can say that the Ufonauts, if any, are not visitors, on the contrary they were always here.

We can say also that the experience of millennia tells us that these Entities are not interested in any open, public contact with us, humans.

They will never land and share with us anything. This is not their style, never was and probably never will be.

Probably, what we and the Egyptians, and the Roman Legionaries were just watching incursions of Time Travelers. UFOs come from the Future.

We can analyze their behavior, sightings, probably abductions, pictures and nothing more. There is nothing more.  We are limited to observation, perhaps classification and rationalization of the Phenomenon.

The other perspective is the investigation of the impact that the UFO phenomenon in us, humans.

That is the psychology and sociology of ufological groups and individuals.

But can we know more about the UFO phenomenon watching the ufologists? No.

However this investigation will teach us about us, Humans.  Our reactions, hallucinations, fantasies,  lies, fears and ambitions.

This is what I will call Critical Ufology.



Tuesday, September 11, 2012

On Ghosts and Extraterrestrials.

Dr. Michael Salla must keep the show going on, so he writes things like this one:  

“The world mourned the recent passing of Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon. According to various sources, Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin saw large UFOs observing the moon landing from a nearby crater. Apparently, Armstrong took his moon secrets to the grave. Not so according to Dr Steven Greer, Director of the Disclosure Project– a non-profit organization dedicated to releasing whistleblower testimony of classified UFO projects. Greer spoke to close family members of both Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin who privately confirmed that the latter had seen large UFOs observing the Apollo 11 moon landing from a nearby crater. More significantly, a personal friend of Armstrong told Greer that Armstrong received death threats to keep his moon secrets. If true, both Apollo 11 astronauts and other surviving moon walkers have received death threats to keep their moon secrets.”
As we know, the testimonial value of the various sources mentioned by Salla is nonexistent. Now, Neil Armstrong is dead and “apparently, took his moon secrets to the grave” says the exopolitician.
This dramatic cliché is not only unnecessary but appeals to the emotions without giving any support to the argument.
Even more, Michael Salla apparently doesn’t know if what he writes is true. He asks: DID ARMSTRONG & ALDRIN RECEIVE DEATH THREATS TO KEEP MOON SECRETS?
To learn something more about Dr. Steven Greer and his non-profit organizations, follow this link please:  
The cosmic pundits now invoke ghosts, and we must understand them: They have nothing but ghosts.
After all ghosts and extraterrestrials have something in common: they are invisible.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Truth, Real World and the Logic of Evidence





Matter is everything that has a detectable mass. It consists of elementary particles. Some particles form electrons and protons. Those in turn are the basis for atoms. Multiple atoms can form molecules. Matter is what forms the different objects that we can observe around us.

There are also some other particles which do not constitute matter, but are rather considered force carriers, such as a photon which is a carrier for light.

In any case, the existence of an object is broadly defined as its consisting of one or several connected particle(s).


Human Observation


A human being, too, is an object that consists of matter. He can observe and confirm the existence of other objects via his senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch, if need be aided by certain devices, which are all means to trigger chemical reflexes in his neural system and his brain. Man's consciousness, the sequence of all such reflexes, is an effect of the existence of his brain.

Consciousness allows man to formulate propositions, that is statements about (1) the physical observable properties of an object and (2) its actual movements relative to other objects. It also allows him to group objects with similar observable properties into the same conceptual categories and thus to speak of objects in the form of concepts.

Logic & Validity


Logic is the examination of a proposition's compliance with 3 axioms: the law of identity, the law of non-contradiction, and the law of the excluded middle. These laws are derived directly and objectively from the consistency of reality.

The law of identity says that the statement A = A (at the same time and place) is always true. For example, the statement "that rock on the ground is that rock on the ground" is always true. The statement "I am myself" is also always true in that same regard. The proposition "The law of identity is invalid" implies that A = A is false. This would mean that A = non-A is true. This would imply that the statement "The law of identity is invalid" is identical to saying "The law of identity is valid". Thus anybody who tries to oppose the validity of the law of identity affirms the law of identity in the very process, making it an irrefutable axiom.

The law of non-contradiction says that claiming A AND non-A (at the same time and place) is always false. No proposition can be true and false at the same time. The statement "I am sitting at my desk and I am also not sitting at my desk at the same time" is always invalid. The proposition "The law of non-contradiction is invalid" validates the law of non-contradiction. For if it was invalid, then the proposition "The law of non-contradiction is invalid and valid at the same time" would be correct. But then the person advancing the proposition would always have to affirm as valid the statement "The law of non-contradiction is valid" as well. Thus the law of non-contradiction, too, is an irrefutable axiom.

The law of the excluded middle says that either A OR non-A is always true. This means that, for example, the statement "I am either sitting at my desk or I am not sitting at my desk" is always true, there is nothing in-between. The proposition "The law of the excluded middle is invalid" validates the law of the excluded middle. For if it was invalid, then the statement "The law of the excluded middle is either valid or invalid" would be false. But that would mean that "The law of the excluded middle is invalid AND valid at the same time" would have to be true. But in that case the party advancing that proposition would always have to affirm as valid the statement "The law of the excluded middle is valid".

The logical examination of a proposition is very helpful because it can save you a lot of time. If a proposition fails the test of logic, there is no need to move on and look for evidence. If I say that there are cookies in the jar and these very same cookies are also on the moon, then you don't need to open up the cookie jar, fly out to the moon, search the whole planet for cookies, etc. Since reality is consistent, and logic is just a derivative of reality's consistency, any proposition that fails the logic test is by definition false.

A proposition that passes the logic test is valid. In order for it to be considered true, however, it still needs to pass the test of evidence.

Evidence & Accuracy


Evidence is the sensual, sufficient, and direct observation of objects in reality with the objective of testing the accuracy of a certain proposition. If the observed properties and/or movements of existing objects match those advanced in the proposition then it can be said that evidence exists to corroborate that proposition.

Any proposition that cannot be confirmed by evidence is inaccurate and thus its truth, if any, cannot be confirmed until proven accurate.

Any proposition that is confirmed by evidence can be considered accurate. The more evidence exists to corroborate a proposition the higher its degree of accuracy.




A proposition that is both valid and accurate can be considered to have been proven to be true. But as humans are fallible in their observations and thinking, they may, at times, make mistakes that lead them to ascribe truth to propositions that are actually false. Thus, there is always room for correction in the pursuit of knowledge. This of course does not mean that reality or truth are in any way relative.


Knowledge vs. Bigotry


One's knowledge is the set of those propositions that one subscribes to that have been proven to be true via logic and evidence. Any activity that involves the discovery of true propositions may be referred to as the pursuit of knowledge.

Bigoted beliefs are the false propositions one subscribes to in spite of missing or even contrary evidence. Any activity that involves the defense of false propositions in the face of missing or even contrary logic and evidence may be referred to as bigotry.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Uses and abuses of the anecdotal evidence

Anecdotal evidence is often used instead of scientific and logical evidence.
Anecdotal Evidence may completely ignore research or harder evidence that points to an opposite conclusion. (Either you believe in what I say, or you are a disinformer, debunker and cabal agent..!)
Types of anecdotal evidence include claiming non-factual information.Sample: (there are 105 Extraterrestrial Civilizations visiting our planet Earth. Our planet is in quarantine imposed by those ET civilizations.)
Anecdotal Evidence is based on the presumed experiences of a few people, sometimes anonymous, or presumed witnesses. Usually that stories and "revelations" contradict factual information, and are the product of word of mouth communication.
Logically Invalid subjective content
Subjective content is any material that involves judgment, feeling, opinion, intuition, or emotion rather than factual information. That's why recognizing and evaluating subjective content involves distinguishing between facts and opinions, identifying generalizations, evaluating viewpoints, understanding theories and hypotheses, weighing data and evidence, and being alert to bias.
Distinguishing between Facts and Opinions
Facts are statements that can be verified or proven to be true or false.Opinions have little use as supporting evidence.
How to evaluate statements.

Are the terms used clearly defined and consistently applied?
Is the thesis (the point to be made) clearly and directly stated?
Are facts provided as evidence? If so, are they verifiable?
Is the reasoning sound? (Does one point follow from another?)
Are counterarguments recognized and refuted or addressed?
What persuasive devices or propaganda techniques does the author use (examples: appeal to emotions, name-calling, appeal to presumed authorities)?
Asking Critical Questions
What is the source of the material? Some sources are much more reliable and trustworthy than othersknowledge of the source will help you judge the accuracy, correctness, and soundness of the material. Articles from professional or scholarly journals are often more useful and reliable than articles in newsstand periodicals.
Why was the Material Written? Identify an author's primary purpose. If the author's purpose is to persuade or convince you to accept a particular viewpoint then you will need to evaluate the reasoning and evidence presented.
Is the Author Biased? Does the author display partiality, preference, or prejudice for or against a person, object, or idea?
Does the Author Make Assumptions? An assumption is an idea or principle the writer accepts as true and makes no effort to prove or substantiate.
Does the Author Present an Argument? An argument is a logical arrangement and presentation of ideas. It is reasoned analysis, a tightly developed line of reasoning that leads to the establishment of an end result or conclusion.

Friday, September 7, 2012

No evidences? Just try some Circulus in Probando.

This fallacy sounds weird but as we will see, it is frequently employed by fantasists and mystics that have no evidences to confirm their arguments. The name of this logical fallacy is Circulus in Probando, and consists of using as evidence a fact which is authenticated by the very conclusion it supports.
A common example is this one:
“We can trust the Bible because it’s inspired by God Himself.”
Question: But how do we know that God inspired the Bible?
“The Bible says so.”

It is a circular, invalid statement as you can see. It attempts to authenticate the very conclusion it supports.
Those who try to convince the public without showing evidences incur in the Circular fallacy when some cosmic fantasist tells us this:
“A reliable, anonymous source told him that there was a secret meeting between Extraterrestrials and Authorities”
Obviously we ask the individual how he knows that the anonymous source as reliable.
He will reply that he can guarantee the reliability of that source.  
In no way the reliable source validates the statement.
It’s something like this one:
“Sergeant X will tell you that I am totally honest about my personal experience with ETs.”
Question: But how do I know for sure that Sergeant X is telling me the truth?
“Oh, I assure you that Sergeant X is totally honest.”
Again, the circular situation denies the value of the argument.  X will tell us that A is honest, and A will guarantee that X is honest.
This kind of circular fallacy is typical in the contactees’ messages.
The contactee tells us that a message comes from an extraterrestrial source. ? How can we know if this is true? Simply because that is what the message says. The problem is that nothing can be authenticated by the same conclusion it supports. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Apriorism: the fallacy that EXOfantasists love.

Rational people allow facts to be the test of principles. Once we explore facts we can retain of modify our principles. However, when we expose our convictions apriori, and use those personal, unsubstantiated principles to deny facts, we commit the fallacy of apriorism. 
This fallacy favors unwarranted presumptions, and the theory is unsupported by evidence.
Aprioristic reasoning is the ideal tool of those whose beliefs have nothing to do with reality. If necessary, the apriorism will deny facts, if these facts do not support the thesis sustained apriori.
Apriorism fallacy is used to support a preconceived judgment against the evidence.
The EXO fantasists statements are based in preconceived ideas that are not supported by facts and these ideas about hundreds of extraterrestrial civilizations contacting our planet are presented to the audience without any factual evidence.
Facts are systematically denied and ignored in the ET hypothesis rhetoric, and the absence of evidences supporting their hypothetical convictions is presented as a massive conspiracy.
In rational thinking, facts and objective experience are the real fundaments of knowledge. Any hypothesis only will legitimize itself IF facts give the evidence needed.
When our EXO fantasists deny the need of concrete evidences, the whole process of rational thinking collapses. Anyone can say anything about anything without showing evidences, and this is precisely the dominion of the charlatanism and the superstition.
Conspiracy theorists can say that the government and the scientists lie about the lack of contact with extraterrestrials, but this accusation is only valid if they give us FACTS that contradict the government and the scientific community. The burden of proof, by the way, belongs to those who affirm the existence of ETs in our planet.
If you say that extraterrestrial civilizations are in contact with the government, you are the one who must demonstrate what you say through concrete evidences. Until you give us those proofs, your whole discourse is invalid.

Fantasists inventions always will happen tomorrow.

What is a fact?
A fact is something that actually exists; reality; truth. Something known to exist or to have happened.
A fact is known by actual experience or observation; is an event known to be true.
You see, facts are always things that happen now or in the past.
 That’s why those who deny the real world and instead give us imagination as factual, always talk about the future.
So, facts are for the fantasists and myth makers, events that will happen in the future.
Facts are a promise that is never fulfilled.  
The ETs will come, and the ascension will take place tomorrow, have some patience please.

Read this:
“We are planning on the Ascension Age which is named for the date to begin on December 26, 2012. We had an age ushered in on December 26, 2004 with a Tsunami after an earthquake that killed thousands. Let us all hope and pray that our positive energy believing in the Omniverse will assure us a place in history with a new beginning on this date.”

Do not ask yourself what Ascension Age means. It’s just New Age gibberish to keep you waiting, waiting.
Sometimes the EXO fantasists talk about events that took place in the past. Do not worry, about this because they never have evidence for those factoids, like the Time-jump of Andy Basiago when he was a kid.
Remember that if you ask for evidences, ipso facto you will be a debunker, psyop, cabal, and who knows what else.
Do you believe in the Omniverse? Of course not, since we don’t even know what that Omniverse is.
But perhaps you are a light worker? If you are, please turn the light off at night. Thanks.

Please, see this video. A modern version of Macbeth (Tomorrow soliloq.)ENJOY.

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