Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pseudo-scientists and charlatans hate clear ideas.

How we define clear ideas? Clear ideas are those who truly reflect the objective order from which they derive.
In other words a clear idea is the subjective evocation of an objective fact. On the contrary, if the relationship between an idea and the object represented is confuse, we have the perfect right to demand a clarification.
Confuse ideas are the required tool of charlatans and hoaxers. They think that a complex and unclear word will make us believe that they have some special knowledge and we are ignorant.
Let me give you an example: Someone tells us that she/he is a Cosmic Alchemist.
We should ask that individual what exactly means to be a cosmic alchemist, and the whole house of cards will be destroyed in a second.
The same situation is detectable when scientific words are used in a wrong context. 
A self proclaimed time-traveler will try to shock his audience talking about quantum-jumps.
The word quantum by the way is used ad nauseam by the snake oil sellers.
There is a little law ruling the world of unclear ideas: those words and ideas that systematically ignore their objective origins are also the more unreliable.
Consequently, listen carefully to the rhetoric of gurus, pseudo-scientists, and false prophets. You will see that the use of unclear ideas is massive.
We, rational people, should always put them in the situation of defining the meaning of their words.
Doing this we will learn that behind the unclear words and ideas there is nothing at all.
The sad emptiness of a deserted circus.

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