Tuesday, September 11, 2012

On Ghosts and Extraterrestrials.

Dr. Michael Salla must keep the show going on, so he writes things like this one:  

“The world mourned the recent passing of Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon. According to various sources, Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin saw large UFOs observing the moon landing from a nearby crater. Apparently, Armstrong took his moon secrets to the grave. Not so according to Dr Steven Greer, Director of the Disclosure Project– a non-profit organization dedicated to releasing whistleblower testimony of classified UFO projects. Greer spoke to close family members of both Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin who privately confirmed that the latter had seen large UFOs observing the Apollo 11 moon landing from a nearby crater. More significantly, a personal friend of Armstrong told Greer that Armstrong received death threats to keep his moon secrets. If true, both Apollo 11 astronauts and other surviving moon walkers have received death threats to keep their moon secrets.”
As we know, the testimonial value of the various sources mentioned by Salla is nonexistent. Now, Neil Armstrong is dead and “apparently, took his moon secrets to the grave” says the exopolitician.
This dramatic cliché is not only unnecessary but appeals to the emotions without giving any support to the argument.
Even more, Michael Salla apparently doesn’t know if what he writes is true. He asks: DID ARMSTRONG & ALDRIN RECEIVE DEATH THREATS TO KEEP MOON SECRETS?
To learn something more about Dr. Steven Greer and his non-profit organizations, follow this link please:  
The cosmic pundits now invoke ghosts, and we must understand them: They have nothing but ghosts.
After all ghosts and extraterrestrials have something in common: they are invisible.
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