Saturday, January 30, 2010

TET. Terrestrial Time Travelers

Here we have some ideas on TET. that is Terrestrial Time Travelers.
We think that this is not only possible but also that the Ufonauts behaviour shows that the TET hypothesis is the most rational.


Friday, January 29, 2010

Experience in Freedom

Dear friends
Paradoxically, from behind his no-name,  Terrarubicon follows the tradition of Exopolitics. Insults but no arguments.
He is right, because after all he defends the Circus, the theater of the Absurd.
I am wrong because I thought our group, Rational Ufology, was an experience in freedom.
I am wrong because in the Asylum, freedom of expression seems to be impossible.
The so called terrarubicon accuses:
I am a crank, a devil worshiper, a crowleyan, a dark ideologue, a hypocrite, a sociopath, you name it.
Salla would have baned him and called him names.
Boylan would do the same.
I didn't, because I believe in humans after all. I believe that only humans will save humanity, or they will not be able to do it.
Nobody will come from the sky to help us.
Nobody will come to save us from ourselves.
I will not ban terrarubicon.
He is ready, prepared for contact. He is waiting for those one thousand different cosmic races to show themselves. The Sun is a Stargate for Webre. He believes this.
I invited him to come to our group and gave him freedom of expression. He is not here to give us any evidence. He can/t do that, of course. Exopolitics, after all is based in Faith, no evidence.
This shows perhaps that I am wrong, because we have nothing to do here.
In this New Dark Age of superstition, ignorance, pseudo-science, intolerance and insanity, we have nothing to say.
It is meaningless to talk about Reason, Logic, Evidences, Reality.
The present belongs to Salla, Boylan, Webre, terrarubicon, the faked aliens and pathetic contactees and imaginary whistleblowers.
This is what our group must discuss now.

Have a great day




Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Google takes good care of Exopolitics

No, this is not some esoteric word play. The problem is that when someone looks for the word Exopolitics, Google will take care of keeping him away, IF he is a healthy cultivated mind.
Just because EXOPOLITICS is related indissolubly with 10 years of disinformation, with the Absurdistan Circus.
Looking for Exopolitics we will learn that Salla, an EX academic, pointed that the Invasion to Irak took place because there was some extraterrestrial artifact there..!
Looking for Exopolitics we will learn that Webre wrote that Earth was put into quarantine by the "nice alien brothers".
Also looking for Exopolitics we will learn that Fatima was just a pleyiadean girl dressed as the Holy Virgin Mary, and that Basiago, a lawyer, knows all about civilized life in Mars.
Looking for Exopolitics in Google or any other search engine, we will learn that President Eisenhower had a close encounter with aliens, even if his own family and friends told that he was with his dentist.

There is no biggest error than trying to keep alive what is dead. Exopolitics, after all is,  IMO, a complete operation of Disinformation. It was born to be the big circus.
Something happened...something was going on when an academic and diplomat and writer of a book like The American Hero Journey, committed academic suicide and become just, in the Academic world, a discredited Exopolitician.



Sunday, January 24, 2010

Each one grows her/his own kind of alien.

In the 60's the UFO thing became a great business for many people.
Soon, however, the professionals found that not all people were ready to buy the same kind of alien.
The handsome "visitors" of the first "Day Earth was Paralyzed" worked in the 50's but not in the 60.
So, basically the producers and yellow writers, sold two kind of Ufonauts. The good ones and the bad ones.
Desperate people buying "pulp" bought the hope of nice good and powerful aliens. (They were nice or funny like ET. )
Other kind of people bought the bad alien, particularly those aliens who enjoyed abducting nice blondes.
There were also confessed and closeted racists, so Adamski sold well his lovely Venusians.
Now, from the beginning of the UFO era, there were also contactees. People who said that they were in contact with Aliens.
The contactee kind of alien doesn't change so much. The message is always the same blend of New Age, preposterous Theosophy, some Bible lore, (not much). Of course aliens never give us any important knowledge, of even food for the hungry. They are "absentminded landlords".
After more than  50 years, we have now a different kind of professionals: kind of Exopoliticians.
But I cannot imagine someone less interested in politics as the autistic Aliens.
Salla, was an academic and politician perhaps but for some reason he commited intelectual suicide and became a fantasist (please read his papers and books)
Greer, had some experience with sects and cults, but in some moment he decided that Alienology could be the big thing. It wasn't. It never is.
We have wrote enough about Boylan, but let us say that the Aliens he invented are fascistic. Totalitarian, Racist, and will eventually bring the Universal Sauna Religion to us, poor simple natives of this lovely planet.
In fact, each one created his own alien, but all thosa aliens have nothing in common with the true apparently non-human entities.
The only thing that we can do is to watch the Exopolitical environment, and wath also the BEHAVIOR othe UFO Phenomenon.
Personally I think that "they" behave just as Time Travelers would do. Indeed Time Travelers coming from a dystopic future.

Tomas Scolarici


EXOPOLITICS: Facts and Fictions

What Exopolitics did:

In a message dated 1/22/2010 9:22:21 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, writes:

1. channeling
2. theosophy
3. reality creation
4. the old 1950's standards e.g. corso
5. philosophy of mind
6. spiritism
7. magik

none of that has anything to do with real - happening now alien contact by positive non-humans - its not about rational issues - its all mind based feelgood feelbad

from that there can come no politics - the last person to produce politics from theosophy for example turned from a former corporal and house painter into someone inglorious - his favourite quote from volume three of the secret doctrine by blavatsky in the chapter on root races 'the jews are an aberrant subjunct of the third root race' - that was the stuff that fired the nazis up.

where is the core of exopolitics today ? whats it really doing ?

no manifesto - no use of population statistics to produce policies and budgets and resource allocations - nothing concrete - just a miasma of channeling and BS so who is exopolitics for if its not for the people ?

What Exopolitics didn't do.


1. hasn't produced manifesto
2. hasn't acknowledged breach of human rights in victims of alien abuse
3. has no use of demographic statistics with which to account for human social paradigm and its alien interaction
4. has no pro-forma budget with which to operate a disclosure campaign
in tandem with government agencies ie. the advertising and marketing costs of disclosure and its media infrastructure have not been articulated
5. has not recruited e.g. a figurehead or major film star or mainstream politician
6. has not identified channelling in exopoltics as a source of ill-repute
7. has not produced any free energy proto-type or marketing of practical applications of what was blown by alleged whistleblowers
8. has no figures for numbers contacted and abducted e.g. by social group and occupation
9. has not worked by dr jacobs and bud hopkins of the intruders foundation to highlight the plight of those humans still on the receiving end
10. has not drafted any whitepaper or bylaws for the human management of post contact nations.
11. has not produced a draft of an agency for non-human affairs with a written remit of collecting important testimony of non-human data for public governance

andrew hennessey


Friday, January 22, 2010

Hitler has returned.

Blue writes this:

I KNEW IT! Hitler has returned and possessed Boylan. Look at that racist crap!
Inferior species, sub-species, sociopathic? Yikes!
This is just like the Nazi beliefs, and look what they did to those they called an inferior race.
The dangerous part about all this is that we have all seen how Boylan blames people for being Cabal operatives who are just regular people. Let us hope Boylan and those who really believe this nonsense never start acting on their beliefs in a physical way. He seems like he is going down a verydangerous path now, if he wasn't already before. In other words, it's getting worse as time goes by.

Subject: [RationalUFOLOGY] Is Adolf Hitler writing this..?
Date: Friday, January 22, 2010, 10:04 PM Boylan, sorry...

    Here are a couple comments about Thursday's Liberation Exercise from Star Visitors who participated.
After I apologized to the captives and their families for their terrible treatment while being held by the Cabal, there came back a reply to my Inner Team member from one of the Star Nations beings who was rescued: 
    "Please tell Councillor Of Earth and all the Star Seeds that we know the [Cabal] "humans" who subjected us all to harm were of the inferior species we tried our best to upgrade. It appears that the fault is equally ours, in our failure to adequately seed your race so that it grows beyond the capacity for such violence. No apologies required; we understand what has happened all too well, perhaps more than you do."
    I observe that it does my heart good to hear the rescued Star Visitor acknowledge misjudgments in the bioengineering of Homo Sapiens Sapiens that resulted in the emergence of the genetically- inferior, sociopathic personality- prone Cabal sub-species.
   Luckily the preponderance of Homo Sapiens Sapiens (Regular Humans of Good Will) are decent-enough folks, if some a rough around the edges. :-)

     in the light,
     Richard Boylan, Ph.D.



When I was a kid, we learned LOGIC in the Secondary School.
But this is not what I want to write about, and I hope all of you, or many of you will answer to these words.
We leave in a world, (the so called civilized world) where nobody, or few care about EVIDENCES or just about COHERENCE. Reality is what any individuals want it to be.
I's not new. Some poor insane tells us that he is Napoleon, or Jesus Christ, or the Master of the Universe. The problem comes when people, adult people believes this.
What's going on? Is everybody insane?
Critical, rational thinking doesn't work anymore?
When Boylan says that several alien ships invaded military and industrial bases, and gives day, time and place for this invasion, adult, "normal " people believes this.
Nobody thinks that in this era of Communication, such an event would be known  by the media and public, of course.
Let me tell you more: some of these absolute believers have children. Just imagine the future of these children that would not know what is real and what is not. They will leave in a world of horror, of fear, of insane hopes in the aliens help, the "celestials" help.
Yes, I know that Boylan is not the only case, but perhaps is the worst case, the more dangerous.
Those who believe in what Webre says, will teach their children that NASA knows nothing, but Basiago, the Lawyer discovered cities and woods, and parks and people like us in Mars. Perhaps they will teach their children about  two journalists teleported to Ganymede, and the Wise Mayan Elders assurance that USA and UK will collapse in a couple of years, perhaps sooner.
Now, in some way, I think the lies become a crime, at least a MORAL CRIME.
I think about a few methods to fight this, but I want to know your opinion.

James Black
Tomas Scolarici


Boylan's Insanity: Reptilians and Insects Judge the World..!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: timis <>
Date: Fri, Jan 22, 2010 at 10:08 AM
Subject: Boylan,s openly discriminates. By BlueUFO
To: James Black <>

What Boylan is doing.. creating fantastical scenarios, calling forth tender emotions generated from supposed torture and
using these emotions for what.. to indoctrinate?? why? for a cult? for power? could be dangerous..
Boylan openly discriminates, sets up the hierarchy of his cult, teaches his star kids the ways of the alien overlords, and how to overthrow the Cabal....

(Sept. 2005)

"The Star Nations made a declaration, after the 9/29/05 Formal Hearing on Cabal Violations of Universal Laws, and High Council Findings that the Cabal are guilty as charged: that the Star Nations will thereafter affirmatively discriminate against Cabal types, deny future contact with them, and deny them any future access to information that is shared with humans.

In view of the Star Nations' decision, one could anticipate that any contacts with U.S. military or government officials will be limited to officials not members of the Cabal. The same limitation will apply to contacts with any Earth government in any location. In fact, the Zeta have been tasked to determine, and put into place, safeguards so that Star Nations information given to the Good-Guys/Gals humans does not fall into the hands of the Cabal by theft, deception, or coercion. This is not easy, given current Cabal penetration of the halls of power, and will take time to make fully effective.

The result of this laudable discrimination will be that over time, the Good Guys/Gals will forge ahead in progress using the information, advice and consultations of the Star Visitors, and the Cabal will fall more and more behind, as they are kept out of the loop. This will lead increasingly to Cabal disempowerment."

The 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse are also listed in the article, this must have been prior to Frans involvement.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Boylan's Discrimination- by BlueUFO

Boylan openly discriminates, sets up the hierarchy of his cult, teaches his star kids the ways of the alien overlords, and how to overthrow the Cabal....

(Sept. 2005)

"The Star Nations made a declaration, after the 9/29/05 Formal Hearing on Cabal Violations of Universal Laws, and High Council Findings that the Cabal are guilty as charged: that the Star Nations will thereafter affirmatively discriminate against Cabal types, deny future contact with them, and deny them any future access to information that is shared with humans.

In view of the Star Nations' decision, one could anticipate that any contacts with U.S. military or government officials will be limited to officials not members of the Cabal. The same limitation will apply to contacts with any Earth government in any location. In fact, the Zeta have been tasked to determine, and put into place, safeguards so that Star Nations information given to the Good-Guys/Gals humans does not fall into the hands of the Cabal by theft, deception, or coercion. This is not easy, given current Cabal penetration of the halls of power, and will take time to make fully effective.

The result of this laudable discrimination will be that over time, the Good Guys/Gals will forge ahead in progress using the information, advice and consultations of the Star Visitors, and the Cabal will fall more and more behind, as they are kept out of the loop. This will lead increasingly to Cabal disempowerment."

The 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse are also listed in the article, this must have been prior to Frans involvement.

In the interest of the kind of transparency which the dawning Fifth World society shall be known by, the identities of the Hearing participants are hereby revealed, as agreed to by the parties involved.
  1. The Watcher is Byrd, a Star Visitor consciousness who has co-incarnated into the body-mind space of Wendi Powers, and takes turns being the forefront personality/speaker. Byrd also provides communication link to his adoptive race, the Zeta, who thus at times utilize the Wendi vehicle to speak on their own. Byrd's Mentor, a Reptoid Star Visitor, also on occasion uses Wendi's body to communicate through. Ms. Powers is a Star Seed human computer technician residing in Nashville, TN. ( like possession to me)

  2. The Earth representative to the High Council of the Star Nations, the Councillor of Earth, in a previous incarnation was a Star Visitor and member of the High Council. But, in view of Earth's devolving plight, he chose to incarnate this time as a human (a Star Seed human) in order to be fully of Earth, and in order to authentically provide representation for Earth on the High Council. He was reappointed to High Council, this time as Earth's representative, about a year ago. Richard Boylan, Ph.D. lives in Sacramento, CA. (

  3. The Witness for Earth is Marja Roberts, a Star Seed human who lives in New York. (

  4. The Witness for Star Nations is Frank Feliccia, a Star Seed human artist in Nashville, TN. ("

The problem with this discrimination is what we have seen over the past year, and especially the last couple of months. Several members of his group were banned and received "Adios cabalista" emails from Boylan. We've had some of them come here and others posted on sites that shed a lot of light on this ongoing charade. Not a one of them fit the description of Boylans Cabal. They were just regular people who had UFO or contact experiences or were interested in them.

This is nice to teach the kids, isn't it?

"Fourth, Star Seeds and Star Kids stand ready to stand up for the Star Nations against any propaganda blitz the Cabal might try. There are millions of experiencers who are willing to come "out of the closet", once the Star Nations' "push" which I asked for happens, and speak up for their beautiful, awesome, and uplifting encounter experiences, and that they vouch that the Star Visitors come here well-intentioned.

Earth is overdue for the jump-start that will help level the playing field, and let humans see the Cabal for the liars they are.

  • Is Disclosure now without any risks? No. But they are acceptable proportionately.

  • Will there be martyrs to that cause? Yes. And I am prepared to be one of them, if necessary."   (So by saying this you instill the same radical faith in your followers, that it's ok to be a martyr for this cause?)


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

the new alien religion.

Dear people

Indeed, we all are helping Exopolitics a lot. We talk about names, not facts, and that is what the Circus needs, because there are no facts, there is only talk.
This childish pointing will give exos more time to remain silent.  More time NOT to answer our questions.
"Andrew, be careful with James..." advices Terra X.
Indirectly he insults Hennessey, whose Mind is brilliant enough to know what is right and what is wrong.

After all we can "pray" to the aliens, because they are nearer the Source. (This is the new "religion" in few words.)
The aliens like Angels sent by the Source, (the new name of God)
The contactee is the Saint, the simple human who is touched by the Grace of the contact. The contactee is also the new prophet.
The doktors are of course the Bishops, the fathers of the church.
That is why we can ask for Disclosure to simple, inferior humans, but NEVER to the aliens. They always know what they do...they are near the Source.
Remember this: soon, the true-believers of the UFOcult will learn to prey to Aliens-gods.
Abductions? Oh, well, perhaps that is the punishment for our sins...after all , probably we were created genetically by the aliens.

This is the new religion. This is the religion of the reps and their minions. This is what Exopolitics offer us, HUMANS, for the future.

No thanks, my answer is NO.
This is my planet, my culture, my wrongs and rights. I don't need Big Brothers.



James vs Terra x

Karma? Let me tell you that I have had a wonderful life, a lovely family, wife sons daughters and grandsons.
I wrote several books (you can find them doing Google, looking for my name Tomas Scolarici.)
I enjoy very much my karma. Oh, you will also find 900 or so chess problems I composed.

So, nothing's wrong with me.
I didn't mess up, on the contrary I did exactly what I wanted to do. Have fun with all those charlatans, empty heads, abusers, fantasists. snake oil sellers.
I am also the Joker, my friend.
You need some sense of unity, so you find names and all those names are me...good. Fine, that is "reductio ad absurdum" in mathematics. Perhaps those names make you feel intelligent. That's good, why not?
But...why am I busted? Who cares if you find names? No answers Terra, that is the problem. You have no answers for the real big problems.
Wait...wait one more day, and They will come, and save you from BOREDOM...
Prepare yourself for a contact that will never happens.
Perhaps you need aliens to give a meaning to your life? If so, indeed you have a bad karma.
By the way Karma is causality. (Read about karma in the Canon Pali,)
You talk about the result of my actions, and let me tell you that I go the result I wanted.
I did well, I enjoy Freedom, Books, Art, the love of my family and friends.

Awake, Terra X. Go on finding names for me. I don't care. After all, between us, what else will you do in p4c?

Have a great day and better night.

- Hide quoted text -

On Tue, Jan 19, 2010 at 7:11 AM, Terra X <> wrote:
My oh my, Tomas. Still not acknowledging that you used
many aliases on the P4C forum, even after you were put
on moderation or banned? It's quite obvious that you
did. Your other aliases talk exactly like you do, not
to mention that the profile of one alias said 'Thomas'.

But Tomas, a.k.a. 'James Black', a.k.a.'Eli Sadhunasari',
I discovered some more aliases. You're also a.k.a.
'Eugene Fulle', a.k.a. 'Eugene'(lebateleur);
a.k.a. 'Eugene Fields', a.k.a. 'Alexis Arevalo'.
I took the effort of sifting through the archives of
the P4C forum, starting in January 2007. It's all there.

You messed up Tomas. Those aliases type like you do,
display the same phylosofy and ideology, talk about the
same items, and even shared identical information to
what you have shared. (Being a researcher, writing a
book in Spanish, being a "Wanderer", etc.) It's
blatantly obvious. You're busted Tomas, and I only dug
in the archives over a period of 3 months. So I have
some more work to do and present my findings in a clear
cut manner when I'm finished.

This is Karma, Tomas, these are the results or 'fruits'
of your actions. Talking about other things wont hide
the fact that you've been highly disruptive on the
P4C forum and that your actions are highly questionable.



Monday, January 18, 2010

Again the Ad Hominem Fallacy

As Andrew Hennessey wrote, the exopolitical circus works with faked whistle blowers, faked contactees, faked anonymous sources, you name it.
Since this Circus, this make believe is all they have, the use personal attacks instead of ARGUMENTS.
So, whay I write are just "tomas rants";s easy right? with that word, terra X and some other "polemicists" find the answer. Like Boylan, the female patients abuser, all those that think differently are Cabal, psyops, agents of Darkness. No arguments, just insults.
While the true believers "protect" the "preparation 4 contact" peace, Salla sells his courses on galactic diplomacy..!
In a couple of paragraphs we have enough about Dr. Salla. Take a look.

Someone other Exofantasist, says that "I know the Laws of The Universe" NO, you are wrong, the one who knows and wrote about these laws is Alfred Webre, not me.
I am not an Initiate. I am not a contactee, I just write what I think could be true, just truugh the rational analysis of the behavior of the UFO phenomenon.
Watching this phenomenon, I think is EVIDENT that these entitities are not here to help us at all. On the contrary, they are acting as criminals, if we consider their abductions, killing animals and murder Captain Thomas Mantell , a Second World War Hero.
My other Exo doctor is Boylan. He is trying his hands with a UFO cult.
Who is this gentleman? Just take a look...

Now, who are the true agents of darkness and disinformation?

You decide.



Saturday, January 16, 2010

Andrew Hennessey about Tomas AKA James

James Black was also the name of a murdered free energy activist :)
Von Teufel was another one of James masks.
Surely there can only have been one Scolarici on the radio marti project ?
James = international man of mystery.
these are very well done cover stories James - superb research.

The real truth of the matter though is that James spotted the exopolitics fraud long before most of us did.
He has exposed the charlatans.

My only ideological disagreement thus far with James/Eli is that his choice to court emptiness and soul-lessness seems to my way of seeing things - a waste of his spark.
but thats me.
James has been diligent putting out the important truths of others and has been FOR most of what we all say.

All of us agree that exopolitics is a charade and many of us are now starting to ask questions that we would not have recognised the need for a short while ago.
I think that this is good - to have a strong alternative to the coming sickness that will take the aspirations of the sincere people in that movement down into the depths.

James even stated at one point to me that he was an ET scientist - obviosuly not an altimarian then :)

Many people miss the strategy - to fight information chaos with information chaos - fire with fire ... from this will emerge new outcomes - order out of chaos.
With james it is possible that we are dealing with an enigma - but he has effectively produced a counter-dialog to the mentally ill aspects of exopolitics and for that he must be given credit.
He saw the charade many moons before I was through giving the spiritual thugs on p4c the benefit of the doubt.

andrew hennessey


Much Ado about Nothing. A Message to Terrarubicon.

Dear friend, how old are you? When you want to know something, just contact's easy.
Let me recommend you an excellent book called "The Skeptic's Guide to Conspiracies" by Monte Cook.
Adamsmedia is the publisher. You will love it.
But let me go to the reason of this message.
Thanks for all the "noise" and polemics, and accusations, and non-sense. I enjoy that a lot.
My strategy is to open the doors. Come on in...just take a look.
Come to my group to talk OPENLY and without fear.

Do you want to publish your accusations in several blogs? Let us do it. Send me your text.
That is what I call FREEDOM. That is what we, Humans, should do.
We do not need pathetic tall white aliens to help us...look Haiti, no aliens there.
Just us, my friend...just us. Humans.


Tomas Scolarici


http://ufoculture. blogspot. com/


Analyzing the UFO Psyops Mythology

Dear friends and some foes.

Let's think about all this UFO psyops rhetoric.
The governments are giant bureaucracies. The UFO psyops mythology affirms that the government is wasting time, money and work force in some kind of lateral, soft fight against Salla, Boylan and similar fantasists.

These imaginary gobernment agents are psyops, or the cabal, or any other organized agents of "darkness".

The first rational question is this: Why should the government do that?
What kind of danger would come from people like the previously mentioned?

The State can deal with real dangers, of course. They will do this legally or even illegally, in open or special operations. Probably they will "solve" the problem in the "hard way", if there is real danger. If I were in contact with Aliens, I would be under arrest.

However, little yahoo groups and New Age Ufologists, do not move a hair in the head of bureaucrats.
Salla, Boylan, Greer and other fantasists, are not a problem for the governments. They are absolutely innocuous and inoffensive for teh authorities.

My personal polemic with the EXOS is based in that, in my opinion, the UFO mystics and pseudo-scientists are the worst enemies of serious ufological research.
Besides, they are basically postulating the existence of Extraterrestrial Masters that will Guide (and abduct) this poor Humanity. They are collaborationists. They are neo-cultists. They represent a New Dark Age. (In my view)

This is what I believe, but the Government doesn't even know that Salla or Boylan exist. They don't care about them.
Then, why all this noise about psyops fighting Exopoliticians and Ufocultists?

Because the same EXOS look IMPORTANT talking about psyops and Intelligence operations against them.
If the CIA is worried about me, says the EXO, then I am important. People will believe that I am into something big.
Not so, they are just into selling books and workshops and courses of "Galactic Diplomacy"...nothing big at all. The government doesn't care about all these childish fantasies at all.
Again, these New Age thing is not a problem for the State. They KNOW that there are no Altimarians or Star nations appointing Boylan Councilor of Earth.
Earth governments have enormous problems and, believe me, UFOs are not a problem at all for the Authorities.

Please, think about this. Think carefully and without prejudice.

Thanks and have a great weekend.

James AKA Tomas.


Friday, January 15, 2010

We are denounced as Psy-ops in Dr. Salla's Group -Andrew Hennessey

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: scottishatlantis <>
Date: Fri, Jan 15, 2010 at 6:06 PM
Subject: [RationalUFOLOGY] Re: We are denounced as Psy-ops in Dr. Salla's Group

  so when was I [now a psyop] ever disruptive on p4c ?
name that post - my abiding memory of p4c was getting regularly savaged by NWO shills and p4c moderators like terrarubicon sitting back and doing nothing - aiding and abetting the disease fest.

methinks they doth protest too loudly ...

face it - on p4c they are birthing the new alien NWO religion of emptiness and meaninglesness - and to that end - all the people who had any kind of opinion - got baited and flamed to drive them away.
Lots of people wrote to me wondering how I could stick this strategy out - but once they had driven away those who testified the truth to the demonic behaviour of SOME aliens - then they were free to have Nothing happen every day on p4c - cognitive dissonance and endless negation ... and sadly those who have been sticking it out there are now being 'love bombed' cult tactic to make them feel that they are the chosen ones.
maybe they are - chosen to be burgers


--- In, James Black <FSO2604@...> wrote:
> Dear People
> This post in Salla's Prepare4Contact gives me an excellent opportunity to
> show you my Strategy. Here you have the whole "investigation". Read, think
> about this, have fun,
> The Gurus and Exos want to CLOSE the cyberdoors. I want to OPEN them.
> James Black


Psy-ops, Exopolitics, but no Aliens.

Dear people.
Terrarubicon "discovered" that we are psy-ops. Our answer was to HELP this gentleman to show his "discovery" to others. We published they whole p4r post "everywhere".
The Charlatans, gurus, UFO profiters and Exofantasists are probably happy, but ...why?
They are happy because they find SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT.
They are also in a cover-up, but theirs is the ABSENCE of "aliens".
Thet desperately need words, and more words. Billions of words will, perhaps, veil the TRUTH. No aliens there, and if there are aliens, surely these are not friendly at all. Just UNINVITED ENTITIES. (Haiti gives thanks to these "good cosmic brothers" for their help. Oh and also thanks to the "Source")

Now, wait a minute.. something is wrong here, many things are wrong. Dr. Boylan, also knows as Dr. Sauna, accuses Dr. Salla of being a psy-op and disinformer. A member of the Cabal.
In Salla's group, we are called psy-ops.
Webre in fact, (read terracon post links) defended the brutal Cuban Castro Dictatorship, the Communist Paradise, and attacked Tomas Scolarici (the expert in dark arts )for demoralizing the Cuban people, so happy with the Castro Brothers. How nice, these people wants peace in space and hell on Earth.

The Exos have many things in common even if they hate themselves. They are afraid of doubts, questions, demands of Evidences.
They baned those who ask questions. They want YES men and women.
On the contrary our group Rational UFOLOGY is open to everybody. WE ARE NOT AFRAID of anyone.
We invite <> to join us, of course.
Aliens? Oh of course, but whoever they are, they do not waste time with Exopoliticians. They let them sell their New Age books, their quake doctors, their workshops with children.
The ufonauts let these people denounce Conspiracies and Cover-Ups, Attack the Cabal, and self-proclaim themselves Councilors of Earth. Who cares?
Let them sell their snake oil to the flock.
If we don't buy it, we are the Devil himself.


James AKA Tomas


We are denounced as Psy-ops in Dr. Salla's Group

Dear People
This post in Salla's Prepare4Contact gives me an excellent opportunity to show you my Strategy. Here you have the whole "investigation". Read, think about this, have fun,
The Gurus and Exos want to CLOSE the cyberdoors. I want to OPEN them.

James Black

[prepare4contact] Black Ops Against Exopolitics?


For some time now I've wondered about a concentrated effort that's being
made against Exopolitics. I think I already picked up on that years ago but
over time pieces fell more into place and after some research those pieces
also created a better picture. I can safely say that there are individuals
actively working on destroying or at the very least re-shaping the
Exopolitical movement according to their own believes. Maybe they are
even outright (CIA) disinformation agents as Alfred Webre suggested.

It's not just the people that come on the P4C forum from time to time who
are seemingly highly disruptive. Some person(s) also are highly critical on
their websites and blogs. When you start looking at the latter you'll notice
that many sites are connected and show similar or identical information,
meaning that the person(s) behind them are working together or it could
be the case one person is making a concentrated effort. As I'm about to
show, a number of those websites are highly similar in format.

Postmodern Ufology is a blog created by a person named 'Guido';
http://postmodernuf o.blogspot. com/
When reading this blog (and others) you'll detect the position towards
Exopolitics but there are more important factors to notice. There are links
to other blogs (UFO Culture & UFO Tabloid) but also keep in mind the
layout of the blog itself and the 'monetizing' . The blog UFO Gossip is
mentioned in the upper left corner.

UFO Rumors is a blog created by a person named 'Fred';
http://ufogossips. blogspot. com/
Again we see a similar layout.

Alien Intelligence is another blog by the person named 'Fred';
http://alienintelig ence.blogspot. com/
On this site there's a link to 'Guido's' blog Postmodern Ufology
and to another blog named UFO: Fact or Fiction.
http://ufofactandfi ction.blogspot. com/
It seems that 'Fred' is a busy man. The layout is strikingly similar to other
blogs and what do we see in the links? 'Guido's' blog! On this particular
blog there are also articles by a person named 'James Black'. There's also
a link to the blog UFO Culture.

UFO Culture is a blog created by a person named. . . 'James Black'.
http://ufoculture. blogspot. com/
Again we see a similar layout and similar articles.

'James Black' is also a name from the past. He used to post on the P4C
forum some time ago. It seems that Alfred Webre met his acquaintance
judging from the article he wrote. Here's where it also becomes
interesting since Mr Webre links 'James Black' to CIA operations;
http://exopolitics. exopolitics/ 2009/01/exopolit ics-media- note-tomas- scolarici- aka-james- black-aka- herbert-dunbar. html
Mr Webre also made a post on the P4C forum in 2008;
http://tech. com/group/ prepare4contact/ message/48748

Of course "James Black" is probably not his real name. It's probably just
one alias out of many. Webre received other names from that person such
as "Herbert Dunbar" or "Tomas Scolarici."
Personally I recall that "James Black" who posted on the P4C forum some
years back also used another name. I had some difficulty getting the name
right but after some Google searches I found it. 'Eli Sadhanusari' .

Does Mr 'Eli Sadhanusari' have websites? Yes!
http://ufotabloid. blogspot. com/
Tadaaaa. Again similar format and identical articles. There are also links
to 'Guido's' blog Postmodern Ufology and to 'James Black's' blog UFO
Mr 'Sadhanusari' has yet another blog although this one has been inactive
for quite some time;
http://ufosandlogic .blogspot. com/

However on the first blog by Eli Sadhanusari we can watch his profile;
http://www.blogger. com/profile/ 0393130917647650 7605
It appears that Mr Sadhanusari is a psychic and will do readings for 25
dollars a session. I found that quite odd and it was an unexpected turn
in the research. What was more staggering were messages made on
forums by Eli Sadhanusari which show a profound dark side;
http://groups. group/magick/ message/825
"Also it is absolutely necessary to remember that there is no such thing as
a Self. I always say that under the mask there is nothing but emptiness or
a new mask. There is NO FACE. There is no Real Self or Soul, and in that
sense I am Legion but also a Void."
Other posts by Eli on that forum show similar dark views, feel free to look
them up here;
http://groups. group/magick/ messages

After some research I found that 'James Black' holds similar dark views;
http://www.exopsych ?p=434 (in the comments section)
"Now, let me tell you that I am near Zen. Not afraid of the Devil at all since
he is a humanist and a gentleman."

Is there a 'Black' Op against Exopolitics? I think you can interpret that in
different ways but ultimately; you be the Judge. The links I provided above
do prove that there's a concentrated effort by individual(s) bend on
hampering what Exopolitics stands for. It's also pretty clear these individual(s)
will use many names, websites and approaches. That in itself shows that they
are 'disinformation agents' by their very nature.
Maybe we ought to look on the bright side. If Exopolitics wasn't on to
something, it never would have such opposition.




Thursday, January 14, 2010

Denunciation of ALIEN'S CRIMES

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: scottishatlantis <>
Date: Thu, Jan 14, 2010 at 4:02 AM
Subject: [RationalUFOLOGY] Re: graphic soul mining

abduction, rape, grievous bodily harm, harrassment, loss of income, loss of social standing, psychological distress, assault, conducting medical research without a civil license, denial of human rights, conspiracy to affray, conspiracy to defraud of compensation, racism, ..... but lets not demonize the demons


--- In, "scottishatlantis" <scottishatlantis@...> wrote:
> can't still be after DNA mixtures after over 10,000 years of trying
> the crafty little %^$^*( are mining her soul imo
> andrew




Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Reading UFOfacts posts

Bold texts is mine. What do you think people? This are what I call true-believers. No more thinking, nothing but Faith in the Councilor, ready to go to Heaven...

Tesha is in ecstasy, she saw the Light,

Welcome Reza,
Wonderful to have you with us. Could you give us a little info about yourself? I am a 30 year old mother of 2 and wife to a wonderful man. I am an awakening star seed adult and I learned of this about 2 years ago now. Wow, how time flies! It is wonderful to have another being to add to the wonderful collective energy in this group.
Love and Light

Vilma shows her what the Future will be for the cultists following the Councilor of Earth.

Welcome to you. You'll have some fun, some tears and loads of blessings!


Marih, agrees. Her heart and prayers are with Wendy, who is under medical control.

Blessigs to you Wendi,
Our heart and prayers are with you.

Patricia's words are not different, and she also sounds blessed by the Star Nations one thousand races.

Hi, Tesha!
Thanks for share your knowledge and experience. Helped me a lot!
Hello to Valancy, Melissa and Reza!
Welcome to this amazing group!
Keep light in tour mind and love in your heart.

Grace and Humility is worried about helping the alien uestagrie, who is prisioner of the Lockhead evil complex, that, as everything else, belongs to the Cabal.

 Thank you for this bit of information.
 Would it be possible to send enough energy to make the implant short circuit or something but still keep the safety of the Uestagrie safe?
Love, Peace & Light,
Joan saw the Star of the uestagrie . Her joy is unknown for the common

Dear Friends---- when I saw the drawing of the uestagrie star visitor my heart sank as they are the ones who had invited me on their craft such trusting and friendly beings with an understanding of joy something humans have forgotten I now feel someone very close to me is suffering. Love & Light Joan


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Boylan, the Omnipotent and Omniscient -BlueUfo Contribution

An omnipotent cabal doesn't exist, but if you recall last year there was some rediculous declaration by Boylan after he wrote about diverting the LCROSS moon rocket, and I think it got posted here saying "Boylan is god!" I just spent some time searching old mails and found one that shows how Boylan does consider himself "da man." Omnipotent, the only person qualified to give out official formal policy information, the Grand Pontiff of Ufology. This guy is so full of it... I mean, look what he says.
Star Nations is communicating with the public officially and authentically for purposes of broad communication through the Councillor of/for Earth. That is myself. "

He says everything else is a fraud. I wonder how he gets along with Billy Meier whom we have discussed here before. Each one makes the same claims about being the one and only official mouthpiece for the aliens.
I agree with you that people like this are the worst enemies to those who seriously want to understand Ufology.

This was dated September 2008.

RE: [UFOFacts] Disinformation from Ms. Goodchild

    Google lists a large number of sites when you seed the words "Star Nations" into the Search box.
    You have to use your discernment.
    Google lists my site, for example, . A safe choice.
    But the website of "Commander Lyur"? (rhymes with liar.)     Come on!
    Star Nations is communicating with the public officially and authentically for purposes of broad communication through the Councillor of/for Earth. That is myself.
    My trusted close associates, known here, occasionally will share a Star Nations communication, but any formal policy and action initiatives will come by my putting out such a message.
    Thus, any site which pretends to be an official mouthpiece for Star Nations is a fraud.
          in the light,
          Richard Boylan, Ph.D.


Fwd: Dear Doctor, this is impossible to control.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: ivakell <>
Date: Wed, Jan 6, 2010 at 5:16 PM
Subject: Dear Doctor, this is impossible to control.
To:,,,,,,, foxivy <>,,,,, MarĂ­a Edith Moreno <>,, Phyllis Csaszar <>,,,,,,,,

About Dr. Boylan post

Dear Dr.

Since you want to keep a close "cult-like" social environment, you cannot define "topics"at all.
Your Four Topics are a very slippery floor.
You can control your group only if you keep writing and they just read, in a passive way.
Of course, this looks pathetic.
The question is why would you waste your time writing silly things for a couple of YES men and women?

(However I hope you do that because we are having a lot of fun with your fairy tales and your paranoidal authoritarianism).)

    The Cabal per se is not one of UFOFacts' Four Topics and is on-topic only when explicitly AND plausibly connected with one of the Four Topics.
    We are trying to keep away from UFOFacts' becoming overfocused on the Cabal, despite their efforts to stay "in front of the camera" by their antics, such as harassing/disinform ation emails sent to UFOFacts members or Cabal operatives' harassment of UFOFacts members personally.
    Thus neither we do not tediously catalog every evidence in the daily news that shows the hand of the Cabal.
    Only Star Seeds' and lightworkers' victories over the Cabal merit mention precisely because these incidents show lightworkers rising to their full potential and doing good in the world by reforming Fourth World society towards becoming transformed Fifth World society. And such victories are very much on-topic.
    The Four Topics, by the way, are: 1) Starcraft (UFOs), 2) Star Visitors, 3), people's close encounters with Star Visitors and/or Inner Earth Peoples, and Human-Star Visitor clones, and 4) UFOFacts also discusses the effects on society, culture and history of the Human adventure with persons from the cosmos, including the Star Kids and Star Seed adults among us, and public awareness of visitation from the cosmos, as well as visits from Inner-Earth Peoples and Human-Star Visitor hybrids (Clones).
     in the light,


Monday, January 4, 2010

Webre: The Logic of the Absurd

Barack Obama not disclosing extraterrestrial presence is top ET/UFO story of 2009

January 3, 7:50 PMSeattle Exopolitics ExaminerAlfred Lambremont Webre

My own little comment
James Black says:
This is probably the most pathetic article in the history of journalism of any kind.
Honestly, let me tell you what I believe: Webre is an intelligent man. Actually his skepticism is absolute. What remains is just jocking, making fun of ourselves. This is sense of humor after all.
Is better to read this than the "serious" absurdities of Salla, Greer or Boylan...just to name a few members of the Exo circus.
Webre, please give us more of this, thanks in advance.

James January 4, 10:35 AM


Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Own Ufological Hypothesis.

In four decades of Ufological research, I made contact with hundreds of Ufologists, Scientists, and witnesses, some of them highly qualified individuals; and also many self-proclaimed contactees.

My conclusions concerning the UFO phenomenon, have the value of experience in the field, and this , I think, is important.

About contactees, I was always open to new ideas, suggestions and the possibility of real contact between humans and the entities that presumably are behind the unsolved UFO mystery.

My method was to reject those testimonies from  imbalanced individuals whose experiences of "contact" were, (for me and specialists) either imaginary or hallucinatory.

Normal people claiming personal contacts with "aliens" require a rational analysis of the content of their messages, and I never found a single element who could show evidence of a non-human culture talking to us, humans. 

Contactees give us nothing but human ideas. In their messages there is nothing "alien", nothing that could be the product of a real contact with some kind of non-human civilization.

About authorities of different countries, my personal conclusion is that they are not involved in any secret contact with these Ufonauts. For the Governments, the problem is not what they know, but what they don't.  What must remain secret is their ignorance, and consequently the implied vulnerability.

I think that there is some unknown superior technology in operation, and governments will never recognize this fact.

About UFOs and ufonauts, we can perhaps learn something analyzing their behavior.

I am convinced that this behavior doesn't follow the presumed scenario of an Extraterrestrial Visit.

From the beginning of historical times, witnesses describe the same phenomenon.  However, there is never open, friendly contact between them and us.

The hypothesis of the extraterrestrial origin of these entities is, in my view, unjustified.

The "aliens "do not behave as aliens at all.

My own hypothesis is that they don't come from distant extraterrestrial planets, but from the future.

They are Time Travelers.

As such, they cannot and will not be engaged in any activity that could disrupt our time sequence. On the contrary, they will perhaps produce small changes, even genetic changes through abductions, without changing the present or the past in ways that could be disturbing for the Future, which is their Present.

A Roman legionary, or some Jewish prophet, or the citizens of Basilea in the XVII Century, watch the same "object" that we see now in Texas or in Paris, or In Buenos Aires, simply because it is the same artifact doing something unknown today and two thousand years ago.

Again, this is a hypothesis that comes from observation of the UFO Phenomenon. Needless is to say that I have no evidences, and I am not a contactee or an Exofantasist. Neither have I anonymous sources or whistleblowers.  

I am always ready to recognize if new evidences show that I am wrong.

Love to all.







Boylan says is the One and Only...

 In his paper about THE VARIOUS KINDS OF STAR VISITORS, Richard Boylan, Ph.D. writes that "Information from a member of Star Nations' Council informs us that there are 1,483 Star Nations Species who are currently operating within Earth's energy zone, and/or have operated here in the past. Needless to say, this article will not catalogue them all, but only the ones with whom Humans have had more frequent interaction."

What we find absolutely fantastic is that all those galactic civilizations came here, just to contact one single human . Self- Proclaimed Councilor of Earth, Dr. Richard Boylan.

More than a thousand Nations, found that only Boylan was in conditions to be contacted. Only him. (We suppose that all these thousands of super civilized species knew about Boylan's scandals but...well, Aliens work in misterious ways...)

In other words, Boylan himself tells us that he is the Pontifex, he is the Earth Authority, he is the only one who tells the truth about Star Nations because he is directly in communication  with the super-aliens (more than one-thousand)

But, how do we know that Boylan is the one and only? Because Boylan says so, and if you have doubts you are a dark sinister Cabal.

So, Boylan's followers do not need evidences. They BELIEVE that what the good doctor says is true. The Councilor of Earth is Infallible after all, like a new Pope.

So, what we have here is a Religion based on Faith. People just believe without evidences.
What the Holly Books say is the Revelation, and in this case, what Boylan says is also Revelation.

All those who deny this are just Cabals, agents of darkness.
The good doctor will tell us who  is saved and who is condemned. Who shows dark energy and who has "light" .

You are only authorized to say one word: YES. If you are a good boy or girl, Star Nation Visitors will visit you in dreams...isn't it nice?

However, if you are a bad boy, the Cabal will frighten you...

Have a great day and a wonderful year, people.


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