Tuesday, January 19, 2010

the new alien religion.

Dear people

Indeed, we all are helping Exopolitics a lot. We talk about names, not facts, and that is what the Circus needs, because there are no facts, there is only talk.
This childish pointing will give exos more time to remain silent.  More time NOT to answer our questions.
"Andrew, be careful with James..." advices Terra X.
Indirectly he insults Hennessey, whose Mind is brilliant enough to know what is right and what is wrong.

After all we can "pray" to the aliens, because they are nearer the Source. (This is the new "religion" in few words.)
The aliens like Angels sent by the Source, (the new name of God)
The contactee is the Saint, the simple human who is touched by the Grace of the contact. The contactee is also the new prophet.
The doktors are of course the Bishops, the fathers of the church.
That is why we can ask for Disclosure to simple, inferior humans, but NEVER to the aliens. They always know what they do...they are near the Source.
Remember this: soon, the true-believers of the UFOcult will learn to prey to Aliens-gods.
Abductions? Oh, well, perhaps that is the punishment for our sins...after all , probably we were created genetically by the aliens.

This is the new religion. This is the religion of the reps and their minions. This is what Exopolitics offer us, HUMANS, for the future.

No thanks, my answer is NO.
This is my planet, my culture, my wrongs and rights. I don't need Big Brothers.



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