Friday, January 29, 2010

Experience in Freedom

Dear friends
Paradoxically, from behind his no-name,  Terrarubicon follows the tradition of Exopolitics. Insults but no arguments.
He is right, because after all he defends the Circus, the theater of the Absurd.
I am wrong because I thought our group, Rational Ufology, was an experience in freedom.
I am wrong because in the Asylum, freedom of expression seems to be impossible.
The so called terrarubicon accuses:
I am a crank, a devil worshiper, a crowleyan, a dark ideologue, a hypocrite, a sociopath, you name it.
Salla would have baned him and called him names.
Boylan would do the same.
I didn't, because I believe in humans after all. I believe that only humans will save humanity, or they will not be able to do it.
Nobody will come from the sky to help us.
Nobody will come to save us from ourselves.
I will not ban terrarubicon.
He is ready, prepared for contact. He is waiting for those one thousand different cosmic races to show themselves. The Sun is a Stargate for Webre. He believes this.
I invited him to come to our group and gave him freedom of expression. He is not here to give us any evidence. He can/t do that, of course. Exopolitics, after all is based in Faith, no evidence.
This shows perhaps that I am wrong, because we have nothing to do here.
In this New Dark Age of superstition, ignorance, pseudo-science, intolerance and insanity, we have nothing to say.
It is meaningless to talk about Reason, Logic, Evidences, Reality.
The present belongs to Salla, Boylan, Webre, terrarubicon, the faked aliens and pathetic contactees and imaginary whistleblowers.
This is what our group must discuss now.

Have a great day




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