Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Those who engage in the ufological circus.

Are these self proclaimed experts in Unidentified Flying Objects mad? No, I don't think so, at least when we talk about the Easy Money Ufologists.
Let me analyze the process of"insanity" in the career of  self proclaimed experts in UFOs,
Extraterrestrials, conspiracy theories and similar tricks of the UFO Industry.
Let's consider an intelligent individual who "discovers" the UFO myth, and in the beginning believes in the UFO-ET hypothesis. Now, some of these new ufologists not only believe in the Flying Saucers folklore but also think in the possibility of making some money with it.
So, after reading some books written for his/her predecessors in the ufological pseudo-science and do some google, they try their hand with a book, a blog or lectures about UFOs and related Memes.
After some time, the new professional ufologists learn that some things sell more than others, and this market law has nothing to do with truth.
When this happens the self proclaimed researchers realize that they are faced with a serious dilemma: To leave a subculture run by charlatans, crooks and maniacs, or engage in the despicable game.
Of course, if the neo-ufologists are sane, they have learned already that the whole UFO mythology is a great quackery. Just fiction sold as truth. Repeated unsubstantiated non-events, nonexistent sources, and total disrespect for those who want to believe.
They must choose to leave or remain in the "show". The future decision is based on personal ethics ... or lack of ethics.
If they remain in the ufological circus, perhaps they can make some easy money, but there are prices to pay. Cognitive dissonance is one of the consequences of this self-denial.
Someone should write about the sad personal stories of many who chose to remain in the company of charlatans and hoaxers.
Addendum: As you can see, there is no publicity in this blog. Also, you will not find requests for contributions. If you think I am right, please, SHARE. That's all I ask from you.

Monday, July 6, 2015

The Roswell Myth and "Easy Money ufologists."

This is important because the imaginary crash of an extraterrestrial vehicle in 1947 is one of the preferred scams of the "Easy Money Ufologists" (EMU.)
You will be amazed by the deliberate falsification of events by the EMU, in their eagerness to sell fictions as facts.
This is more important now, after a group of "Easy Money Ufologists" sold a mummified body of a child as the "alien" body of an extraterrestrial entity found in the imaginary UFO crash. 
Follow the link below if you want to know the truth about the Roswell UFO crash Myth.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

UFO Industry and "easy money"

Self proclaimed "experts in UFOs",perhaps it's time to VISIT the real world. 
Perhaps you should consider the perspectives of the GREED  machine of exploitation in Europe after the Greek NO referendum?
The "problem " are not imaginary cover-ups and invented "aliens".
Hunger, wars, crisis, and GREECE, who voted against the billionaires blackmail are the real world in which we live.

Remember, ex-professors of History, charlatans, ex-"academics" , hoaxers, pseudo-mystics that 400 years before the christian era, a Greek called Protagoras told us that MAN is the measure of all things.
Imaginary ETs, gods, angels and demons are the measure of at nothing.
They are just inventions of those who profit with the created needs of the "believers". 
The profeteers of the UFO Industry know perfectly well that they are lying, selling fiction as fact.
They are not looking for truth, they are looking for easy money.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Stephen Bassett: No proof is necessary.

The comments on Stephen Bassett in the Hall of Shame of UFO watchdog are a MUST
read for brain-users.
This is so, because the rhetoric of the disclosure, which I think is a basic strategy of  the UFO-Conspiracy profiteers, is clearly demonstrated here: Good reading.


Critical Thinking in support of the UFO Psycho-social Hypothesis.

"Go back to the beginning, to the Kenneth Arnold sighting. The phenomenon described by Arnold was a group of boomerang-shaped objects that moved
like saucers skimming across a water surface. But the report was garbled in initial press reports, leading readers to believe that the alleged objects were saucer-shaped. Subsequent reports, amplified by cinema and television, spread the "saucer" or "disc" image of UFOs to people all over the world. And while many different shapes have been reported for UFOs over the years, the majority of reports have been of saucers or discs, a clear indication that witnesses are seeing what they expect to see, and reporting what others accept as the norm."
"There is also compelling evidence that the appearance of UFO occupants, as widely accepted among "contact" adherents, arose out of a particular episode of a television series. Barney Hill, who was allegedly abducted by beings from a UFO in the early 1960s (the initial case of this type), went into therapy and was hypnotized in the course of his treatment. Under hypnosis, Hill described the eyes of his abductors as "speaking." This peculiar phrase had been used by an extraterrestrial character in an episode of the ABC-TV series "The Outer Limits," which had aired only days before Hill's hypnosis session. The episode was "The Bellero Shield;" the alien portrayed was bald, essentially featureless in face and body, and had swept-back eyes, just as Hill sketched under hypnosis. Although other early reports of UFO occupants varied significantly from Hill's (probably inspired by other stereotypical alien images), his description is the one that has saturated popular culture via the media."
"In 1975, NBC-TV broadcast a dramatization of Hill's experience in a made- for-TV film called "The UFO Incident." Many millions of people watched this allegedly true story and learned what aliens are supposed to look like. A couple of years later, Steven Spielberg's "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" became one of the most popular motion pictures ever made, depicting beings similar to those in Hill's description. Public perception of the "standard model" alien was further influenced by the cover of the 1987 best- selling book "Communion," an allegedly true account of alien contact, which sported the expected image. Had Barney Hill's hypnosis session taken place earlier, or had the ABC network scheduled the "Bellero Shield" later, we would in all likelihood have a different "standard model" alien." READ MORE.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Richard Dolan and Pseudo-science.

Lucas Von Teufel lucasvonteufel@yahoo.com

2:10 AM (4 minutes ago)
to me
Sci Fi Investigates, Finds Only Pseudoscience - CSI
Despite its breathless claims, the series provides little science and few answers but a lot of unintended skeptical laughs.
Preview by Yahoo

Thursday, June 25, 2015



Based on the book THE DEMON HAUNTED WORLD by Carl Sagan
The following are suggested as tools for testing arguments and detecting fallacious or fraudulent arguments:
    • Wherever possible there must be independent confirmation of the facts
    • Encourage substantive debate on the evidence by knowledgeable proponents of all points of view.
    • Arguments from authority carry little weight (in science there are no "authorities").
    • Spin more than one hypothesis - don't simply run with the first idea that caught your fancy.
    • Try not to get overly attached to a hypothesis just because it's yours.
    • Quantify, wherever possible.
    • If there is a chain of argument every link in the chain must work.
    • "Occam's razor" - if there are two hypothesis that explain the data equally well choose the simpler.
    • Ask whether the hypothesis can, at least in principle, be falsified (shown to be false by some unambiguous test). In other words, it is testable? Can others duplicate the experiment and get the same result?
Additional issues are
    • Conduct control experiments - especially "double blind" experiments where the person taking measurements is not aware of the test and control subjects.
    • Check for confounding factors - separate the variables.
Common fallacies of logic and rhetoric
    • Ad hominem - attacking the arguer and not the argument.
    • Argument from "authority".
    • Argument from adverse consequences (putting pressure on the decision maker by pointing out dire consequences of an "unfavourable" decision).
    • Appeal to ignorance (absence of evidence is not evidence of absence).
    • Special pleading (typically referring to god's will).
    • Begging the question (assuming an answer in the way the question is phrased).
    • Observational selection (counting the hits and forgetting the misses).
    • Statistics of small numbers (such as drawing conclusions from inadequate sample sizes).
    • Misunderstanding the nature of statistics (President Eisenhower expressing astonishment and alarm on discovering that fully half of all Americans have below average intelligence!)
    • Inconsistency (e.g. military expenditures based on worst case scenarios but scientific projections on environmental dangers thriftily ignored because they are not "proved").
    • Non sequitur - "it does not follow" - the logic falls down.
    • Post hoc, ergo propter hoc - "it happened after so it was caused by" - confusion of cause and effect.
    • Meaningless question ("what happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object?).
    • Excluded middle - considering only the two extremes in a range of possibilities (making the "other side" look worse than it really is).
    • Short-term v. long-term - a subset of excluded middle ("why pursue fundamental science when we have so huge a budget deficit?").
    • Slippery slope - a subset of excluded middle - unwarranted extrapolation of the effects (give an inch and they will take a mile).
    • Confusion of correlation and causation.
    • Straw man - caricaturing (or stereotyping) a position to make it easier to attack..
    • Suppressed evidence or half-truths.
    • Weasel words - for example, use of euphemisms for war such as "police action" to get around limitations on Presidential powers. "An important art of politicians is to find new names for institutions which under old 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

"Contact in the Desert"...with whom???

Those who try to make a living selling UFO-CONSPIRACY mythology,  must do
miracles to keep the UFO ET Hypothesis alive.
Please consider the unfortunate shows like the (no) Roswell Slides Hoax and after that the "Contact in the Desert"...my question is this: CONTACT WITH WHOM?

Listen to this..."2015 conscious creation productions, inc presents contact in the desert..." 

the big show..."productions INC. Well well well...these "contacts" never work...there is only contact between the "believers" and the "experts" who want money from the "true believers".
See the "big" names here
Between you and me, too much people sharing the money of the tickets, and the "memorabilia". We should ask 2015 Conscious Creations Productions, INC. about the show and the money.
Honestly, I hope that the believers enjoyed the extravaganza.
If they payed for information, they get none. Just the usual dose of nonsense, lies, fictions, and fallacies.

"While there were several vendors at the Conference, most of them were selling crystals,  Bohemian style (aka Hippie) clothing, juice and natural cures. There was a great deal of jewelry, Alien fan art and symbolic items as well. This area was separate from another area near the retreat’s sanctuary which featured signing station for the panelists as well as their books for sale. "

The Risks of UFO Mythology.

As you know, those who sell the UFO-ET-Cover-Up mythology, do NOT want informed
followers. They want believers, because believers are money. "Faith" sells.

That is why the self proclaimed "UFO experts" never will tell you the truth. Either you are a believer OR you are a malefic debunker. There are no options. Faith OR condemnation.

That is why the following documents published  by David Clarke, the British author of  "How UFOs Conquered the World: The History of a Modern Myth", are a MUST READ, for those who want information, not dogma.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Lessons from the SLIDEGATE scandal.


"The “Roswell Slides” are images that a group of UFO promoters – including Anthony Bragalia, Jaime Maussan, Adam Dew, Donald Schmitt, Tom Carey, and Richard Dolan – put forward at an event held on May 5, 2015, in Mexico City, as proof positive of an extraterrestrial crash at Roswell in 1947 and the recovery and cover-up by the US government of alien bodies. These are claims that most of the aforementioned group have been making for over two years now. They have repeatedly said that the best experts they could find were examining the slides, and that they had determined the slides showed a creature that was of unearthly origin." THIS WAS NOT TRUE.
. AlienBody050615b_2
At the time of burial the body was clothed in a xxx-xxx cotton
shirt. Burial wrappings consisted of three small cotton blankets.
Loaned by the MR. Xxxxxx, San Francisco, California
What remains after this scandal? The most valuable knowledge about what we call the UFO Industry. There are self-proclaimed UFO experts that do not care about TRUTH , but about people's money. 
But the most important lesson is this one: If you want to know more about UFOs, Google is FREE. Do not waste your time and money buying the books of these ""experts". Do not waste your time and money going to conferences and " UFO congresses" Everything you want to know is in the Internet. Believers and Skeptics. Those who sell the Myth of the extraterrestrial presence, and also those who analyze the alternative option: The Psychosocial Hypothesis. You don't need professional charlatans. USE the WEB.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Karyn Dolan and husband Richard in the Ufological Show.

First of all, let's say that Karyn Dolan speaks better than her husband  Richard. She is more coherent and has more control of her rhetorical resources. No massive funny" digressions, and less unnecessary autobiography. ( We hope that  she will not post hundreds of thousands of pictures of her face, following the practice of his narcissistic husband. 
However, since she is in the beginning of her "apostolate", Karyn goes into the ancient astronauts mythology and assure us that there is more than enough evidence about the ET activities in our planet.
In other words she, of course has nothing new to say about the UFO-ET mythology, but after all, there is nothing wrong with this, because you will not look for originality where there is never nothing new to say. 
Anyway Mrs. Karyn Dolan tries her hand with a some new meme about conditioning
kids concerning the presence of ETs  through cartoons, TV and movies. 

This is funny. Some reactions of listeners and video watchers is very negative: About this Video, a comment says:

"This is a good example of a wife trying to cash in and be part of her husbands hard work. This presentation is horrible and she is stretching it a little. Richard Dolan has worked very hard on his UFO research and has made many presentations that are quite good. His wife now obviously wants a piece of the action and she comes up with this crap. Please...leave the UFO stuff to Richard and get your own career. She reminds me of Hillary Clinton riding the coattails of Bill Clinton. Disgusting. ."

Another one: 

"Well,here we go....now Aliens are No GOOD! She for got Star Track ;0)
In Reality....if Light Walkers wanted too really Hurts us.....they would done it Already!!!
Who she working with the elite?????"

Of course we agree about the poor content of this repeated paranoid non-sense, and Richard Dolan, who now has enough experience about UFO-ET Mythology, should give his wife some advice. Truth is that Karyn would do best remaining out of the UFO-ET Circus. Out of the show.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

UFO, Hyperreality and the Disclosure Myth



Leading Ufologist Nick Pope denies Conspiracy Theories.

"There’s no significant evidence of any conspiracy here. 9/11 was not an “inside job”, and neither was it “allowed to happen”, with the powers that be looking the other way."

Image result for contrails"When I was a kid, I was taught that the trails I often saw behind aircraft were called contrails, or vapour trails. Now, some people call them chemtrails and think they’re part of a sinister New World Order plot to poison people. The theory is crazy. "


Friday, June 5, 2015

Some questions about the UFO Cover-Up and Disclosure

Let’s analyze briefly the polemic concerning the presumed UFO cover-up and the demand of disclosure.  If such a cover-up exists, it’s the greatest conspiracy of all human history. This is so, because the revelation of the presence and contact with some extraterrestrial
civilization(s) would shock the world as nothing did before.
Also, to keep this cover-up, the conspiracy should include several governments, the whole scientific establishment and the media.
Think, if you have enough imagination, in the colossal organization required to keep such cover-up.
Now, such organization should include some control of those who condemn the cover-up demanding a complete disclosure, am I right?  
Individuals talking and writing about such cover-up should be dangerous for the massive conspiracy, and plotters would use repression and even violence to shut up those voices demanding disclosure.
However, the keepers of the formidable UFO-ET secret do not care at all about all those challenging the monstrous conspiracy of Silence.
Ufologists talk, write, organize big shows, UFO congresses, “contacts in the desert” and use the media and the Web to denounce the cover-up.
The government however shows total indifference and perhaps watches the UFO-Conspiracy-disclosure show with sympathy.
Looks like the UFO Industry doesn’t threat  the mythological cover-up and, on the contrary, the authorities just love to see people caring about nonexistent entities instead of confronting real problems such as the environment, hunger, war, inequality, corruption and insatiable greed.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Contact in the Desert: A new fiasco ...back to the 70's

Massive decadence is the rule in Ufology, and this was evident again in the so called Contact in the Desert. Pathetic and preposterous. 
Brilliantly defined by Jason Colavito in his blog:

Saturday, May 30, 2015

An Open Letter to those who "WANT TO BELIEVE."

Let me ask you something. Do you want to believe in UFO guided by ET intelligence and governments conspiring to keep you in the ignorance about the presence of those non-human entities?
A man -made UFO.
Do you want to believe that authorities are in contact with advanced cosmic intelligences and keep this contact secret?
Now, it’s not the same thing to believe and  to “want to believe.”
If you want to believe, you will always ready to think that those who don’t believe in such things are bad people, government agents paid to disinform you. Because of this, of course you will not read them.  You will call them debunkers, even if these skeptics about the UFO-ET-Cover-Up conspiracy have a different approach like the Psycho-social UFO hypothesis.
Don't leave home without it.
That’s why the UFO Industry will never tell you that 96 % of all UFO sightings are identified as natural phenomena, man-made artifacts and hoaxes.
The professional ufologists want you to believe…and buy books, pay for lectures and shows that will “reveal” the truth, like the shameful hoax of the mummified boy presented as an extraterrestrial corpse from Roswell.
Now, since after sixty or seventy years the self-proclaimed “experts” didn’t show any credible evidence, perhaps you want to know the TRUTH.
If that’s your case, just read all there is about UFO. Buy this book that seems to give us an alternative to the UFO-ET hypothesis. Read something critical about conspiracy theory. Accept that there are good people who do not believe in the UFO-ET hypothesis and instead write about alternatives, legitimate alternatives.
This is what intelligent individuals do. They explore, they don’t deny a priory anything that contradicts his belief.
And please remember that for those who make a living selling their unreliable, contradictory mythology to…those who WANT TO BELIEVE.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Cover-Up invention of the UFO Industry


This is an excellent article that puts an end to the $$$ speculations of the UFO Industry about the imaginary cover-up of the presumed activities of extraterrestrial intelligence in our world.
 Enjoy and of course SHARE. We must always keep in mind that the professionals of the UFO business are into $$$ not TRUTH.

David Clarke's book " History of a Modern Myth- How UFO conquered the World"

David Clarke summarizes in his book the psycho-social hypothesis in the following fundamental concepts . 
  • There is no such as the UFO phenomenon, but there are lots of phenomena that cause UFO
  • There is no such thing as “True UFO”.
  • Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.
  • Accounts of UFO experiences form the core of the syndrome but stories do not constitute “evidence”, they are folklore.
  • Culture not experience creates the UFO interpretation but some experiences are independent of culture.
  • The UFO syndrome fulfils the role of the supernatural “other”.
  • The extraterrestrial hypothesis and other exotic theories cannot explain UFOs.
  • The idea of a superconspiracy to hide the truth about UFOs is unfalsifiable.
  • The common denominator in UFO stories is the human beings and see in believe in them. People want to belief in UFOs.
Summarizing one might say that, even if a very tiny proportion of UFO reports were generated by novel physical phenomena or psychological processes, they would not be the UFO phenomenon, which would still exist in their absence. The real UFO Phenomenon is actually a collection of stories around which a huge folklore has accrued, and is a product of the individual and collective human imagination. It tells us about human beings not aliens or unexplained phenomena.

The beginning of the UFO Psycho-social Hypothesis

This article was originally presented as a paper at the Anglo-French UFO Conference held in Brighton in February 1984

"Over the past few years a growing number of French ufologists have become increasingly doubtful about the existence of UFOs as a genuinely original physical phenomenon. I should like to analyse briefly the origins and limits of this doubt.
The first French ufologist to have said “the emperor has no clothes” was Michel Monnerie, in two hotly debated books. [1] He was until then a very classical ufologist, and a member of the editorial
board of Lumieres dans la Nuit, the leading UFO magazine in France, from which post he was fired after publication of his second book. Monnerie’s reasons for doubting can be Summarized in two main arguments:
1. The non-specificity of the residue of unexplained cases – in other words the lack of distinction between explained and unexplained cases: exactly the same patterns and the same characteristics appear in both sets of cases. Indeed, cases with typical UFO effects have been explained: electro-magnetic effects, landing traces, humanoids, effects on animals, physiological effects, etc. I personally have investigated with friends a case which involved two witnesses, a burnt trace in a field and a howling dog – it was the rising moon: The unexplained cases have no unique peculiarities.
2. The continuity between the trivial and the extraordinary: for any phenomenon it is possible to define a set of median, or most probable characteristics (for size, colour, speed, etc.). But all these parameters are distributed about the median, and sometimes the appearance of a phenomenon is very far from the median, because of the inherent variability of the phenomenon, because of had sighting conditions or misrepresentation by the witness. It follows that the further the characteristics are from the median, the less will people be able to recognise the true nature of the phenomenon. For Monnerie, UFOs are situated at the ends of the distribution function, at the ends of a bell-shaped curve. They are thus ‘fringe phenomena’ of a larger set of phenomena, but their peripheral location is not perceived as such because ufologists remove the more central part of the curve, where the less strange phenomena are identified by the witnesses themselves or by the field investigators. Ufologists, Monnnerie says, arbitrarily call the minor misinterpretations ‘false UFOs’ and the major ones ‘true UFOs’, and do not realise that there is a perfect continuity between the two series, and that the difference between them is of degree not of nature."KEEP ON READING THIS FUNDAMENTAL ARTICLE.


Monday, May 25, 2015

UFO, disinformation programs and perspectives.

UFO, disinformation programs and perspectives.

Lucas Von Teufel lucasvonteufel@

7:45 PM (3 minutes ago)

to me

Dear Mr. Fogg, thanks for your message and yes, truth is that there are several changes, (apparently, of course,) on the program of the PTB, (Powers That Be) concerning logistic, strategy or perhaps tactics in the UFO program.

Basically there are at least three different approaches concerning the UFO-ET-C.A. scheme. The traditional is based on keeping things as they are. No changes. The second group of experts think that keeping the UFO mythology alive is a waste of time and money. The third one suggests some new approaches but, in my view, these are contradictory and in the end, ineffective.  

PTB show some interest in the Mexican event.  J.J.Hurtak was there, you see, and this is not casual. J.J.H. was indeed a big player in the UFO program and his presence in the Mexican "fiasco" seems to indicate that they will go on with the total non-sense approach. 

I don't want to give names but while the Hawaiian exopolitician remains a systematic "informant" and W. is lost in the swamp of pure conspiracy theory, the History Professor while attacks the old Exopolitics gives us contradictory statements in what looks like an agnostic posture. 

What is more than evident is that there is no more production of events. The times of the M.I.B. and abductions is gone. (After all the entertainment industry produces enough influential suggestions.)
This absence of events limits the professional ufologists resources, but in the PTB environment, nobody cares much about this.
Of course, there will be new attempts to sell the "disclosure" rhetoric and faked announcements of "imminence", but this is private production. Nothing official.
We must understand, Mr. Fogg, that  UFO fans are a small minority; so small that it doesn't justify waste of time and money.
I should say that the UFO-ET-CONSPIRACY mythology belongs to the Cold War Era. Our present is much more complex and problematic.
Lucas Von Teufel 

Richard Dolan: bad commedy, unwanted autobiography, politics and UFO Mythology.

The first thing we learn listening and watching Richard Dolan's lectures is that Ufology is infinitely boring. The self proclaimed TV personality gives us an unwanted and unnecessary autobiography blended with bad jokes and trivia.

Included below is the link to R.D. video  talking about himself, telling bad jokes and redefining the so called EXOPOLITICS which as we know is a creation of Alfred Webre and Dr. Michael Salla.
Now Richard has some surprises for us. He tells us about the world crisis, corruption, corporate power, injustice and politics.
The problem however is not this twist into critical, "chomskian" analysis. On the contrary, the real problem is that all his has little to do with the UFO Mythology.
What happens here is that Richard Dolan has nothing new to say about UFOs, a dead myth of the 50's and 60's.
Richard Dolan is 52 years old. It's time to choose between becoming a hoaxer, and a show-man or recognize his compromise with the real world and humanity's real problems.
HOWEVER, Richard Dolan is beguining to criticize the massive nonsense. Listen carefully the second part of this lecture. Soon he will be classified as an agent and a professional debunker.


Saturday, May 23, 2015

Ufologists looking for some new ideas.

We can learn a lot about the UFO subculture or Ufology, reading what the experts tell us.
Michael Salla shows a practical approach. He remains in Hawaii and gives this kind of Exo-news:

Secret moon base uses abducted humans as slave labor http://exopolitics.org/secret-moon-base-uses-abducted-huma…/

Dr. Salla doesn’t waste time in polemics and “revelations” like the no-Roswell-Slides. Instead he informs us that:
Dr Michael Salla informs that one hundred spherical extraterrestrial ships penetrated in our solar
system with new advanced technologies.
The well-known exopolitician talks also about 22 different ET races in our planet.

Talking about exopolitics, it seems to me that Alfred Webre is now out of the field, since his dedication to all kind of conspiracies is full-time. New World Order, the Catholic Church as Babylon, disguised and undisguised Satanism, Illuminati, chemtrails, genocide…you name it..!
Of course Alfred Webre doesn’t have time for the aliens since he is now a conspiracy theorist full time.

Now, about the “pillar of Ufological research” and TV personality Richard Dolan, after his promotion of the no-Roswell-slices scam, he is looking for some new “product” to clean his damaged credibility.
However, looks like he is out of new ideas and he will insist in his oldies like Breakaway Civilization, Secret Space Program and disclosure.
Looks like Richard is losing his faith, and the “pillar” is looking for a serious job. By the way,
Dolan’s apologies show a curious dilemma between recognition of guilt and narcissism.

The curious thing is that these are not in fact apologies, but a new attempt to save his face. (I hope that Richard will find cure for his compulsive posting of self-pictures.)
As you can see, ufology is condemned to repeat itself again and again. The big problem of professional UFOlogists is to find something new to say about the UFO mythology. The “believers” are losing their Faith.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Richard Dolan’s “sincere, overdue apologies.”

No Richard Dolan, your apologies are not sincere at all. You play with words and try to make the whole thing look funny. Also, this time you didn’t punish us with a new self-portrait, but instead of your face, we see a bad humanoid draw. It’s not difficult to see in this crumpled piece of paper a symbol of your feelings concerning the future of your ufological career.

In the future, the believers will think twice before buying your book or go to your lectures. Perhaps you will be “unreliable” from now on.

Why should your audience believe in “breakaway civilizations”, “secret space programs “or the cover-up conspiracy? As usual you will give no evidences as you didn’t when people bought $20 tickets to see the “extraterrestrial “that was in fact a mummified two years’ old boy found in Mesa Verde in 1894. (People will remember this scam, Richard Dolan.)


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

From self-proclaimed UFO researchers to "Infotainers"

In Above top secret, “Mirageman” writes this:
The Roswell Slides hoax.
“I still say that any rationally minded human being would have looked at the slides and concluded that they were looking at a museum exhibit of a mummified child. Because a) it looks like a small mummified child and b) it looks it was taken in a museum.

So whoever came up with the story that it was an alien from the 'alleged' Roswell crash and stuck with it for 3 years has to have been only interested in making money out of it. The only other excuse is that they are a congenital idiot. In the end it was a money making exercise so I think it's obvious what my conclusion is.”

What follows is the best definition I’ve read about the career of the self-proclaimed UFO researchers, and “TV personalities.

“So where does this leave Richard Dolan, and indeed anyone
 else, who takes the $, £ and € from the "UFO consumer? 

I think we have to place it all in context.

None of these people have ever come up with a single iota of definite proof that we are being visited or ever have been visited by alien beings anyway.

 They may start with honest intentions but eventually end up as "infotainers" once they hit the brick wall of realizing that there is nothing concrete in the field. They have to perpetuate the UFO mythos and keep the 'belief' alive whilst also trying to make a living out of it all.

Otherwise the money dries up and they would have to pursue other ways to earn a wage. Eventually leaving these fringe topics at the hands of amateurs and/or the mainstream media.”

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