Saturday, December 27, 2008

Exopolitics IS disagreement.

In P4C, disagreement is growing, and POLITICS is the source of discordance, but...there is one big problem, and it's the name of the thing.
Exopolitics is not Ufology, and as told before, there is little EXO and lots of politics.
Now the problem is Obama, and what David Ickes think...give me a break...the fascist, the fantasist, the professional conspirationist. Just a new televangelist with a different rhetoric.
He was with Alfred Webre on the Radio, by the way.

I think that Michael and Angelika are good people, choosing the wrong way, the wrong blend: politics and spirituality. politics and Alienology.
Religion and Science, Faith and the need of evidences. UFOs and POLITICIANS.

That is why everything in P4C is "off topics".
You know why? Because the whole exopolitical myth is off topics.
Something is missing in Exopolitics: the Aliens are missing.


Friday, December 26, 2008

Preparing for what?

Lot of politics in P4C, Dr. Salla's group.
Lots of politics, and religion and "Xolar Initiation" and trips to Bolivia, but I see no preparation for contact at all.
What I see is just politics, not Exopolitics, and it's nobody's fault of course.
The Aliens are there, detached, doing their things.
Seems to me that the last thing they want is diplomatic contact.
They were doing the same thing for years, centuries, millenniums.
Perhaps they watch our wars, our genocides, our failure as humans. Perhaps they don't.
We can, of course, talk about the cover-up, and send faxes to the White House, but this will change nothing.
I'm afraid that President Obama have problems enough to solve. Poverty, Crisis, Irak, Afghanistan, you name it.
Let's be honest, the last thing he care about is UFOs.
Because UFOs, Aliens, Cover-up, are problems for us, but not for the other 90 % of the people.
So, the pint is that in P4C there is nothing to say. Because nothing happens.
Boylan's UFOfacts instead, works as a Cult. Is in fact a cult. You know Boylan's rethoric: Altimarians, Star kids, Wendy and Asheoma, Fran, the woman who is a mantis incarnated. NOTHING real. Just a new cult. Faith in the Guru...same old, same old.

So, next year we will read the same things. Anonymous sources, contactees talking New Age, everything but EVIDENCES.
So, the only thing we can do is to look for those evidences. Understand what is REAL and what is not. What is FACT and what is just Fantasy.
We should apply the good old Occam Razor and stop the creation of unnecessary entities.
Sightings are important, and qualified witnesses, and good pictures and videos.
Scientific Ufology is the only way we have to solve the UFO Phenomenon.
The alternative is mythology, pseudo-science, cultism, new age, but not research.

Have a very happy 2009. After all, we are all Humans. Brothers and Sisters in Humanity.


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Disclosure meme works for the gov.

Dear friends , let us consider this:

EXOS claims: " recognize the have aliens there, and you have alien technology, and you shot down several alien crafts, and you have pacts with those ET,s and Ike meet the Visitors,...and you men, know a lot, know everything about Aliens, and alien craft, and...well you name it...we demand, in this very moment, forget about the economy, we want the whole truth. Show the ETs you have!"

GOV.:smiles and remains silent.

The people, consequently believes that the "good old boys" of the Gov. are in control.

Of course the whole "show" works for Gov.

The real cover-up is government's VULNERABILITY. That is what they want to keep secret.

So, the EXOS are the best friends of the Authorities.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Last Moment: Boylan penetrates P4C defenses

Yes, Dr Boylan, also known as Dr. S, was able to penetrate P4C defenses with a message that teaches us the true history of Religion and the spirituality of the Star Visitors.
Try to read it...(after the explosion of Ego, you will find the thing infinitely boring but...well, you know the first Exopolitical Law: Anyone can say anything... Including the Bolivian guru (contactee) who was teleported to Venus, Ganymede and the subterranean cities of the old Tholtecas, grandsons of the Atlantes.)

Well , The Show must Go On.
[prepare4contact] Re: [UFOFacts] Star Visitors Spirituality
Tuesday, December 16, 2008 1:21 PM
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--- On Sun, 12/14/08, DrBoylan wrote:

From: DrBoylan
Subject: [UFOFacts] Star Visitors Spirituality
Date: Sunday, December 14, 2008, 1:35 PM

Friends and Star Kids,

I have updated my article on Star Visitors Spirituality and wanted to share it with any who have not yet seen it.

- Richard Boylan, Ph.D.


Richard J. Boylan, Ph.D.*
(C) 1996, 2008 revision
A synopsis of Star Visitor spirituality is presented, synthesized from information communicated by Star Visitors to humans during close encounters. These are the extraterrestrial races actually visiting the Earth, and may apply to other member cultures of their interstellar political-cultural alliance, called Star Nations. This synopsis draws from a database constructed from 1989-present by Dr. Richard Boylan, research behavioral scientist and cultural anthropologist with graduate training in spirituality and philosophy.. This database comes from in-depth debriefings of more than 180 experiencers. Those data provide the foundation for this analysis of the Star Visitors' views on spirituality.
The following spirituality topics are discussed: the Star Visitors' acknowledgment of, and ideas about, God; whether intelligent life is hierarchical or egalitarian; the Visitors' spiritual mission; whether Visitors are spiritual gurus; the Visitors' role in human development; the Star Visitors, Avatars and religious inspiration; Visitor views on death and judgment versus reincarnation; sin and the existence of evil; Creation and evolution; whether Redemption is universal; and the Star Visitors' ideas about God's family.. The presentation concludes with an examination of possible human reactions to the Star Visitors' spiritual cultures.
This monograph on spirituality is constructed from data from more than 180 in-depth interview debriefings with experiencers of Star Visitor contact (Boylan, 1994). The author has also had personal dialog with Star Visitors which included some of these topics. The analysis and synthesis are the author's best distillation of that data.
It should be borne in mind that it is the nature of extraterrestrial communications that, in the overwhelming majority of instances, Star Visitors communicate with humans by telepathic transfer of mental images or concepts, rather than by words or speech. Thus, there inherently is some human interpretation of the mental impressions transmitted by a Star Visitor. Nevertheless, certain core Star Visitor concepts, upon which this synopsis is based, are consistently reported by many different experiencers, lending confidence to the analysis and synopsis.
1. Source/"God". The Star Visitor races who have commented on the concept of "God" in answer to experiencers' questions, or who have brought the subject up themselves, uniformly affirm that they, too accept the reality of what Earthlings call God. However, the God they affirm is not the anthropomorphic or patriarchal figure of many Earth religions, but more of a Supreme Source -- a transcendent matrix of Consciousness, which underlies everything, and is that which gives essence and specificity to everything, which in turn is a partial manifestation of the Supreme Source.
In more experiential terms, the Star Visitors have taken experiencers and shown them "God." The experiencers typically described being in the presence of intense, overwhelmingly brilliant light from which emanates incredibly intense love, such that the experiencer feels lost in the infinite love. The Visitors typically do not make extended commentary about "God", but either assure the experiencer that they too accept "God". Or they seem to let the direct experience of God speak for itself. The Visitors have, when confronted with human confusion about whether they are gods, emphatically clarified that they are not Source/God.
2. Extraterrestrial "superiority" ? The issue of the visiting Star Visitor races' intellectual, cultural, genetic, technological and spiritual superiority, while not specifically a spirituality topic, bears discussing, because of the metaphysical implications. The average member of the Star Visitor races appears to manifest considerably higher intellectual capability than the average human. Such superiority may be partly due to education, culture, genetic engineering, or natural selection. Yet most Star Visitors consider humans as equals in the sense of being a fellow sentient, conscious intelligent life form. Most of the Star Visitor races appear to be genetically advanced, as measured by more developed mental processes, sensory acuteness, parapsychological abilities, immune system robustness, reported longevity, and sophisticated nutritional processes. And without question, all Star Visitor cultures are more technologically advanced than we are. Their
very ability to jump across vast interstellar space and/or dimensions is but one example of Visitor technological superiority. Culturally, the Star Visitor races uniformly appear more advanced, as measured by the complex yet harmoniously interdependent functioning of their societies, absence of initiation of aggression, absence of warlike activities, the presence of altruistic concern for the Earth, its ecosystems and for humankind, the general absence of patronizing attitudes toward the more primitive human culture, and the Visitors holding to elevated philosophical and moral principles (Boylan, 1996).
The Star Visitors demonstrate highly-developed spirituality, as evidenced by the integration of spiritual awareness into their cultures, the absence of formalistic religious practices, broad compassionate attitude between cultures, and a highly-developed culture of concern for souls' development across lifetimes.
3. The Star Visitors' spiritual mission. While the Visitors have several missions which they are accomplishing by their gradually-intensify ing contact with the Earth, let us consider here just their spiritual mission. Star Visitors have repeatedly communicated to experiencers about the need to remember their (the human's) origin. Often the "forgetful" human has been shown their existence as a spark of consciousness preexisting before this lifetime. In other instances, Visitors have shown humans previous lifetimes, during which the human processed experiences which offered the human the opportunity for spiritual development.
Often the Star Visitors have shown experiencers glimpses of a common origin with one or other extraterrestrial race group. This suggests cosmically broadened understandings of family, mutual concern and cherishing across star systems and lifetimes. In the present, Star Visitors typically demonstrate respect for Earthlings as fellow conscious entities. The Star Visitors have done considerable spiritual teaching during in-person encounters, touching on such subjects as the nature of life, metaphysical understanding of the nature of the cosmos, and a spiritually enlightened understanding of the community of intelligent life forms.
4. Are Star Visitors spiritual gurus? The sight of some Star Visitors, especially the luminous and noncorporeal ones, have prompted some humans who have come into their presence to consider these Star Visitors god-like, and to ask if they should be venerated. Uniformly the Star Visitors have quickly communicated to the human that they are not God, indeed that they, too recognize a supreme being. The Star Visitors express that they see their role as, and indeed act as, catalysts and facilitators for growth in human consciousness and awareness. As Dr. Carl Sagan was reported to have said in a private remark, the Star Visitors are here as "missionaries" .
5. Star Visitors' role in human development. The Star Visitors have stated that they have been involved in human evolution since the ancient past. This has included Visitor genetic engineering of terrestrial primate stock to advance the development of human intelligence, dexterity, and consciousness.. The Star Visitors have also intervened culturally, to "engineer" human consciousness by directed telepathic inspiration and by Visitor encounters with selected humans. Such interventions may help solve the archeological mystery of the Missing Link, and the cultural anthropology mystery of the sudden arising of Sumerian and proto-African high cultures without precursor cultures.
6. Star Visitors, the Avatars, and religious inspiration. The Avatars (major world religious leaders) are understood to include: Zoroaster (Zoroastrianism) , Lao-Tse (Taoism), Moses (Judaism), Krishna (Hinduism), Quan Yin (compassionate Chinese Buddhist Enlightened One), Siddartha Guatama, the Buddha (Buddhism), White Buffalo Calf Woman/Lady of Guadalupe (Native American spirituality) , Quetzalcoatl and Viracocha (Meso-American spirituality) , Yeshua ben Joseph/Jesus (reform-Judaism, Christianity) , Mohammed (original teaching), Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani (Sufi reform-mystical Islam), and Bahá'u'lláh (Bahai ecumenical spirituality) . Native American shaman-experiencers have declared that Jesus was a Star-Man, and that the Avatars are Star People. The Star Visitors have indicated that the Avatars were sent to raise human spiritual consciousness, and have alluded to Star Visitor involvement
with them. Because of the imprecisions of oral history, it is difficult in some cases to determine whether a given Avatar was: a human consistently guided by Star Visitor consciousnesses, a human with ensoulment by a soul which was Star Visitor in a previous life and retained advanced consciousness in this life, a human-extraterrestr ial hybrid, or a Star Visitor manifesting with human appearance. This ambiguity was recently cleared up by information from the Star Nations. See Footnote 1 (below).
None of the above scenarios negates the role of the divine in religious inspiration, but rather allows for the divine to manifest through Star Visitor intermediaries. Just as the great religious books and doctrines were not uttered by God directly, but proclaimed to humanity through human intermediaries as well.
7. Death and judgment versus reincarnation. Those Star Visitors commenting on lifespan have unanimously spoken of Visitors and humans as having had previous lifetimes, and, after death from their current life, going on in many cases to successive lifetimes. Besides affirming reincarnation, the Star Visitors have spoken about individuals voluntarily and consciously choosing to re-ensoul in another body and live another lifetime. The subsequent lifetime is not necessarily on the same planet. Thus, Star Visitors have shown a human person , in some instances, the human's previous life as a Star Visitor, or their subsequent life as in Star Visitor form. Also, the Visitors have shown a former Star Visitor reincarnating in a human body to live a human lifetime. Indeed, some such "humanized" Visitor consciousnesses have deliberately come to Earth as missionaries, to aid in humanity's advancement.. The degree of consciousness and spiritual progress that a given
soul/ consciousness makes in a given lifetime influences the possible choices available for that soul to have in a subsequent lifetime. There is no support in Star Visitor spirituality for the doctrine of only a single lifetime, after which the soul is judged and assigned a permanent fate.
8. "Sin" and the existence of evil. Star Visitor commentators have not dwelled on the idea of sin: they rather tend to portray bad human actions as unwise, unenlightened choices. The focus is on the human's learning to operate in a wiser fashion. The Star Visitors are not moral relativists, however. If choices are bad enough, they may try to influence humans to step in, or very rarely will step in themselves, to remedy the situation. The Star Visitors have scolded many humans, including reportedly some governmental leaders, for bad choices which have harmed the environment or caused great human harm. The Star Visitors appear to think of evil as unenlightenment, capable of improvement through growth in consciousness and awareness. Sanctions are seen more as blocks to harm and as moral lessons than as punishments.
9. Source/"the Godhead", Creation and evolution. The available data favors the inclusionary view of development. Star Visitor telepathic messages have given indications of both creation aspects and evolution aspects to the cosmos. Perhaps the conundrum is clarified by knowing how the Star Visitors understand the divine. God is understood as the Supreme Source, out of which everything is manifested. The Supreme Source is that matrix of Consciousness out of which all entities have their being. This spirituality is somewhat akin to that which was expressed in the first chapter of the Gospel of John. There John spoke about "the Word" [Greek: logos], (God).. The Word is equivalent to the Principle which makes things be as they are.. Everything exists with its own character insofar as it participates to a greater or lesser degree in some aspect of the supreme Word/Consciousness/ Source.
10. Jesus and Redemption. Yeshua ben Joseph/Jesus' role in humanity's spiritual life must be understood in the context of what has already been expressed about Star Visitor influence on humankind and about all the Avatars. The Star Visitors consider Jesus's life of service to others and self-sacrifice as an excelling example of living in highly developed consciousness, as were his spiritual teachings, moral guidance, and witnessing to high principles at the cost of his life. From this perspective , "redemption" is not so much a washing away of humans' sins, as it is strikingly setting a new and higher standard of moral (high consciousness) behavior, and showing humans the dark results of low-consciousness choices. Jesus left humans free to chose, but emphatically pointed out the consequences of those choices. That is largely what the (non-Human-incarnat e) Star Visitors do as well.
The Star Visitor civilizations which have evolved to the level of interstellar travel and "missionary" work have hardly commented on their own spiritual evolution. Some Star Visitor civilizations have had a spiritual master like Jesus or Lao Tse incarnate among them. We have much yet to learn from our off-world Visitors.
11. God's family. One of the key questions of spirituality is relationship to God. Who is in God's family? How big is that family? How varied? Our Star Visitors, by their very appearing among us, and by their communicating sensitive spiritual thoughts, demonstrate to us how wide and how varied God's family is. It truly spans the universe, and encompasses conscious, intelligent life in all its many forms. It may be reassuring to traditional religionists to know that it is true throughout the galaxy and beyond, that "wherever two or three are gathered", there the divine is in the midst of them. The Star Visitors acknowledge the spiritual preciousness of Humans as sparks of Source. Nevertheless, different Star Visitor cultures vary in the way they express that acknowledgment, in view of Humans' transgressions against each other, other creatures and the Earth (Boylan, 1992).
As humans face the task of evaluating the visiting extraterrestrial spiritual cultures, let us reflect on the lessons available from our own religious history. For example, will Americans encountering visiting cosmic cultures be that much different than the behavior of European colonists meeting "foreigners" (the indigenous peoples of North America)? The Europeans decided that the Carib Indians' religion was heathen and to be despised.
Perhaps the appropriate behavior for Humans at the upcoming meetings with Star Visitor representatives is the one suggested by Vatican Observatory astronomer and Jesuit, Guy Consulmagno: "If we were to make contact with other intelligent life, we'd have to tell our own sacred story, listen to them tell theirs, and learn."

End Notes
[1] Star Nations Councillor Asheoma said that of the great Teachers (Avatars) who have
come down and incarnated as Humans to help guide Humankind to a higher moral and metaphysical awareness, certain ones of these had actually completed the course of enlightenment (satori), and had arrived back at Source (God). They had come to see Ego as illusion and dropped it, completely realizing their fundamental union with Source.
And then some of these fully-enlightened persons became specific energy-manifestatio ns, who moved back through the levels of evolving civilizations in the form of Teachers who are utterly Ego-less, with Source alone as present, the Human ego totally reabsorbed into Source.
So when people dealt with one of these totally-enlightened specific energy-manifestatio ns, people were actually interacting with Source, albeit in Human form.
The following Source-taking- Human-form supreme Avatars were:
- White Buffalo Calf Woman/Lady of Guadalupe
- Yeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
- Lao Tse
- Quan Yin
- Baha'u'llah
Other Avatars were Star Visitors incarnate-as- Human, of varying degrees of spiritual/metaphysi cal advancement, but who while on Earth had not yet reached full enlightenment. These included:
- Quetzalcoatl/ Viracocha
- Krishna (who had not reached satori at the time of being in Human form, was close, and, yes, has achieved it at this time)
- Zarathustra (who is still on the path of service, has returned to Earth many times in service, his last service was as the one called Mother Teresa)
- Siddartha Gautama, the Buddha ( who was not fully reunited with Source while on Earth, but did return to Source at the end of the life where he was known as Buddha. He still serves Earth in the level of Spirit still as direct energy of Source through the name known of Earth
- Moses (leader who helped teach reformed spirituality to the Jewish people)
- Abd al-Quadir al-Jilani (not yet in satori; serves at this time as a spiritual advisor to a Species who are holding responsibility for what would be a series of over 50,000 Planet Beings , Moon stations, and created base stations.)
Boylan, R., 1992. Extraterrestrial Contact and Human Responses. Author, Sacramento, CA.
Boylan, R., 1994. Close Extraterrestrial Encounters: Positive Experiences with Mysterious Visitors. Wild Flower Press, Newberg, OR.
Boylan, R., 1996 Labored Journey To The Stars. Author, Sacramento, CA.
Dr. Richard Boylan is a behavioral scientist, certified clinical hypnotherapist, university associate professor (emeritus), retired ordained priest, and researcher into Star Visitor-human encounters. He is Executive Director of the Star Kids Project(c).
Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC,
E-mail: drboylan@sbcglobal. net
www.drboylan. com
Post Office Box 1009, Diamond Springs, California 95619
United States of America.
You are invited to join the UFOFacts internet reports-and- communications list; moderated by Dr. Boylan: (subscribe at: http://groups. group/ufofacts) .


Friday, December 12, 2008

Is this the future of Ufology?

The proposition of the UFO cultists and profiteers is this :
ANYONE comes and says ANYTHING he or she wants. Some "doctor" or self-proclaimed Councilor for Earth gives his OK to the claims of the "initiate".
IF someone is evil enough to express some doubt concerning the Revelations. Automatically she/ he becomes a Cabal, a psyop, a provocateur, a debunker and a Satanic Agent of Darkness.
Any doubt is just a manipulation of the Cover-up.
My question: Is this the future of serious Ufological Research?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Dear people, I am NOT against contactees. On the contrary, if we have hundreds of thousands of them, we will be in contact with the Aliens at will, and will not need books, conferences or courses of Galactic Diplomacy. In other words if you become a contactee, you will learn from the Aliens and you will save a lot of money and time.
Below I included a how-to-contact-Aliens written by an expert: Wendy AKA BlackfootTurtle, right hand of the Earth Councilor Dr Boylan. please see how simple it is and YES, learn to contact Star People while you take a shower.

View contact details


One gentleman asked me off list about contacting Star Beings. I want to share my answer with the group for the benifit of all. :-)



It is kinda like meditation, but different. It is more sitting silently and sending out "Hello. If you are there, I would love to talk with you." Then open up and just feel what comes in. Meditation is more about turning inward and only communicating with the self or with the Source within. Contact is actually clearing our mind for open external communication.

1) Center yourself in a silent place where you are comfortable totally. The mind that is in discomfort or any pain (that can sometimes happen with sitting meditation) actually prevents contact. My best contact comes when I am in the shower because my mind relaxes and I am comfortable. So relax and don't be tense about it. Think about how you are with talking to someone - if you see someone in public that you know but they are looking like they are thinking hard about something, chances are you will not want to bother them - so you will leave them alone. The Star Beings will do the same with us. So don't try too hard. Just chill out and prepare for contact.

2) Send the requests out and then silence yourself. They can not respond if they can't get a word in edgewise. Allow the silence to just be there. After a pause of say 5 min and you don't get a response, send out another welcome message.

3) Set the intention of your welcome message to exclude any negative energy sources. Shield yourself and if you do sense any negative energy, mandate that it leaves.

4) Be open to the inbound contact. Some people feel the Star Beings, some will hear them, some will see them. The contact might be in the form of seeing Orbs in the room. It might look like a certain area of the room becomes fuzzy or look like heat coming off a hot road. Some people hear ringing in the ears or beeps. Others hear music. The point is to not expect communication to be in one format. Just be open to what does happen, and be sensitive to the changes you notice.

5) It takes time to get to know someone. Once you do make contact, don't expect the Star Being to communicate their entire life story in one setting. They might ;-) but the more likely scenario is for the first few conversations to be about establishing a friendship. The Star Beings want us to be comfortable with who they are - and for us to actually be able to know when they are the one talking with us. They do not want us to be confused about who is giving us information when the communication starts flowing. So they will often make sure their own energy is easy to recognize.

Hope this helps!


Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Cover-up Paradox.

What I call the "cover-up Paradox" is a contribution to rational Ufology.

First, let us consider the different kinds of possible Cover-ups.
1) The first model of cover-up is just the denial that those UFOs that resist any conventional explanation, are the evidence of some kind of advanced, non-human technology. The gov. doesn't want to recognize that the UFO Phenomenon cannot be stopped. The gov. would be forced to recognize his own VULNERABILITY.
2) The second model of cover-up is based on the idea that the gov, KNOWS who the Aliens are, and perhaps what they want. They will not recognize this knowledge.
3) The third cover-up model would be the complicity of the gov. with the Aliens, and includes some kind of hypothetic contact with the unwanted guests.
4) The fourth model suggests that the government is controlled by Aliens. The authorities perhaps even have knowledge of some Alien technology. We are then colonized by one or several Alien races.

Where is the paradox?
The Exos rhetoric always choose the last two models of Cover-up: Why?
Just because the biggest cover-up will justify their paranoid rhetoric. The EXOS can tell us what they want, and any demand of Evidences will be denounced as disinformation, debunking, and provocation.
The neo-cultists will protect their total lack of evidences in the shadow of an omnipotent cover-up. The paradox is that the Exos are protected by the same cover-up they denounce.
Ergo, is possible to suggest that the EXOS are part of the cover-up. Their unsubstantiated claimings makes the UFO Phenomenon look ridiculous and keep the good, rational minds out of the inquiry.

entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem,
"Occam's Razor"
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