Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Dear people, I am NOT against contactees. On the contrary, if we have hundreds of thousands of them, we will be in contact with the Aliens at will, and will not need books, conferences or courses of Galactic Diplomacy. In other words if you become a contactee, you will learn from the Aliens and you will save a lot of money and time.
Below I included a how-to-contact-Aliens written by an expert: Wendy AKA BlackfootTurtle, right hand of the Earth Councilor Dr Boylan. please see how simple it is and YES, learn to contact Star People while you take a shower.

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One gentleman asked me off list about contacting Star Beings. I want to share my answer with the group for the benifit of all. :-)



It is kinda like meditation, but different. It is more sitting silently and sending out "Hello. If you are there, I would love to talk with you." Then open up and just feel what comes in. Meditation is more about turning inward and only communicating with the self or with the Source within. Contact is actually clearing our mind for open external communication.

1) Center yourself in a silent place where you are comfortable totally. The mind that is in discomfort or any pain (that can sometimes happen with sitting meditation) actually prevents contact. My best contact comes when I am in the shower because my mind relaxes and I am comfortable. So relax and don't be tense about it. Think about how you are with talking to someone - if you see someone in public that you know but they are looking like they are thinking hard about something, chances are you will not want to bother them - so you will leave them alone. The Star Beings will do the same with us. So don't try too hard. Just chill out and prepare for contact.

2) Send the requests out and then silence yourself. They can not respond if they can't get a word in edgewise. Allow the silence to just be there. After a pause of say 5 min and you don't get a response, send out another welcome message.

3) Set the intention of your welcome message to exclude any negative energy sources. Shield yourself and if you do sense any negative energy, mandate that it leaves.

4) Be open to the inbound contact. Some people feel the Star Beings, some will hear them, some will see them. The contact might be in the form of seeing Orbs in the room. It might look like a certain area of the room becomes fuzzy or look like heat coming off a hot road. Some people hear ringing in the ears or beeps. Others hear music. The point is to not expect communication to be in one format. Just be open to what does happen, and be sensitive to the changes you notice.

5) It takes time to get to know someone. Once you do make contact, don't expect the Star Being to communicate their entire life story in one setting. They might ;-) but the more likely scenario is for the first few conversations to be about establishing a friendship. The Star Beings want us to be comfortable with who they are - and for us to actually be able to know when they are the one talking with us. They do not want us to be confused about who is giving us information when the communication starts flowing. So they will often make sure their own energy is easy to recognize.

Hope this helps!

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