Wednesday, February 11, 2015


I know...I know that after some years of making a living selling UFO fictions, the contact of the self-
proclaimed "UFO expert" with rationality and sincerity is null. However, sometimes there is a flash
of truth that penetrates the poisonous UFO Industry environment.
Let me give you and example. Richard Dolan, who defined the UFO phenomenon as "infinitely complex" but wrote a book about the world after the presumed "disclosure", told in one of his lectures that "sometimes he hates UFO."
What happens here? Several things. One is the Moment of Truth.

Noam Chomsky
Also, looking at the background of Richard Dolan you will learn that he is not a cynic. He knows that he cannot go on and on repeating the same nonsense in boring lectures and books. To make it short he is in a healthy crisis of consciousness, perhaps in a situation of Cognitive Dissonance.

The crisis is probably intensified by the fact that Richard is a man of consciousness. He knows who is Noam Chomsky and what is happening in the world. He knows about exploitation, injustice, hunger and speculative capitalism.
Consequently, hating UFO is not only normal in our middle age historian, but healthy and promissory.
Noam Chomsky's concepts about the compromise of intellectuals is an excellent reading, Richard, and I know that frequently it's your reading.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Richard Dolan and the "Infinite Complexity " of UFO Phenomenon.

Richard Dolan tells us that the UFO phenomenon is something INFINITELY COMPLEX. Perhaps
he is right, but he doesn't say that 96 % of all UFO sightings are perfectly natural phenomena and man made artifacts. The other 4 % remain unidentified for lack of enough research or because are just hoaxes.
Clearly this statistic tells us the truth: the so called UFO phenomenon doesn't exist. However, let's see what scientists tell us about this "infinitely complex" phenomenon. They say nothing at all. They are skeptics. Astronomers, technicians, astrophysicists are skeptic, probably because they know well the statistics.
It's curious that the believers are not scientists. They belong to the UFO Industry. In other words they sell faked pics. unreliable events, nonsense, fiction presented as fact, pseudo-science and even some New Age rhetoric.
They will give us words, because they talk,talk,talk and write the same empty book again and again.
A rational, informed individual, after one of these empty, contradictory, misinformed lectures, sees clearly that there is nothing behind the empty words.
Hear-say, discredited "whiteness", conspiracy theory, a touch of paranoia for the public. But not a single EVIDENCE.
Some people pay for this and they pay because they want to believe, but belief is not knowledge.

However,There are 130.000 pages of serious UFO research. The Blue Book.
Just take a look, read, learn what others say.
The Project Blue Book Archive provides researchers
 with free online access to over 50,000 official US
 Government documents relating to the UFO phenomenon.
 A search engine and various indices are also
 provided to modernize access to these documents.
All this is FREE. 

Before believing  the unsubstantiated hypothesis of these individuals who make a living selling all

this, go to the Blue Book Archive. Also find the rational, concrete solution of the so called UFO phenomenon. Follow links, please.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Ufologists and the "Moment of Truth"

 Let me tell you something about the Moment of Truth. Any self proclaimed Ufologist or UFO-Conspiracy researcher, if he/she is a normal individual, sooner or later arrives to the Moment of Truth. The M.O.T. point. This is the moment when he understands that is telling lies and becomes a secret skeptic. Reading and writing about UFO, brings sooner or latter that inevitable skepticism. Now, if the "ufologist" goes on with his mythological rhetoric, he will be fighting with his own consciousness. She or he becomes a conscious charlatan. A snake oil seller or recognizes his situation and tells the truth, even if truth doesn't sell, and even if his friends now call him a dis-informer or a psy-op.

Remember that those who believe in the UFO-ET-COVER-UP mythology cannot tolerate different ideas. For them there are different opinions. As in religion, the skeptic is condemned, silenced, hated, insulted.

Why? Simply because after the M.O.T. the researcher, the expert in UFO, knows the other is right and he is wrong. However, the UFO industry must protect the market. Market is $. 

What brings the Moment of Truth? 
Absolute lack of evidences, total unreliability of sources, working day after day on something that is not there and will never be there. 
Also, if the individual is normal, his contact with alienated individuals, obvious liars, opportunists, hoaxers, pseudo-contacts becomes destructive and negative. 

The "ufologist" understands that borderline personalities and loonies are seduced by his pseudo-science and in fact are his clients.
Then the M.O.T. , the cognitive dissonance becomes inevitable. 

Saturday, February 7, 2015

The importance of this message ...(SHARE.)

Oh ,yes, the big brothers coming and going behind the veil 
of nonexistence, disguise, hypocrisy, hunger.
Cruel and ignorant their gods of hate, blood, war, stupidity.

They come from nowhere or best, THIS comes from Cero
Sine principio et sine fine, quae in vacuum.

This message is not easy.Perhaps a few will understand it.
Those who know about the Tunnels of Seth and the Qliphots
and some of those who do not know. 

In the  tetrahedron the One who laughs at the 
"confusion of God". 
The faceless who knows the Secret.
Some of you will understand and perhaps even enjoy
the Dark Truth whose name is NO.

Guido Sinistrari

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Wall Street, Richard Dolan and the "fight against UFO secrecy."

Of course, Richard Dolan is an intelligent man and KNOWS that our freedom does not depend on UFO secrecy.

However, the problem is that he also KNOWS that the real fight for freedom and justice and peace, is against Corporations and Banks, warmongers and greed. 

THIS IS THE PROBLEM FOR HIM. To know what is true and what isn't. 

Perhaps more important is that Corporations and Banks, warmongers and capitalists, WANT YOU TO BELIEVE what Richard Dolan says. They want you to fight against "UFO Secrecy" not against them. 

Noam Chomsky

(Richard, how about reading again what Noam Chomsky says about the responsibility of the Intellectuals?)
 Richard Dolan, Wall Street is truly happy about  your courageous "fight against UFO secrecy". 

Decades ago, social critics used to call the TV the "stupid box". Now, with the Internet, it's easier to produce ALIENATION, uncritical thinking, dissociation with the real problems we, humans confront. The PC becomes the instrument of the system, if we do nothing. 

YOU must choose. You must watch carefully and see is the so called UFO disclosure deserves your attention or if there is something much more urgent and vital to do.

Remember that "UFOs can also be the opium of the People"
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