Sunday, February 1, 2015

Wall Street, Richard Dolan and the "fight against UFO secrecy."

Of course, Richard Dolan is an intelligent man and KNOWS that our freedom does not depend on UFO secrecy.

However, the problem is that he also KNOWS that the real fight for freedom and justice and peace, is against Corporations and Banks, warmongers and greed. 

THIS IS THE PROBLEM FOR HIM. To know what is true and what isn't. 

Perhaps more important is that Corporations and Banks, warmongers and capitalists, WANT YOU TO BELIEVE what Richard Dolan says. They want you to fight against "UFO Secrecy" not against them. 

Noam Chomsky

(Richard, how about reading again what Noam Chomsky says about the responsibility of the Intellectuals?)
 Richard Dolan, Wall Street is truly happy about  your courageous "fight against UFO secrecy". 

Decades ago, social critics used to call the TV the "stupid box". Now, with the Internet, it's easier to produce ALIENATION, uncritical thinking, dissociation with the real problems we, humans confront. The PC becomes the instrument of the system, if we do nothing. 

YOU must choose. You must watch carefully and see is the so called UFO disclosure deserves your attention or if there is something much more urgent and vital to do.

Remember that "UFOs can also be the opium of the People"
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