Saturday, February 7, 2015

The importance of this message ...(SHARE.)

Oh ,yes, the big brothers coming and going behind the veil 
of nonexistence, disguise, hypocrisy, hunger.
Cruel and ignorant their gods of hate, blood, war, stupidity.

They come from nowhere or best, THIS comes from Cero
Sine principio et sine fine, quae in vacuum.

This message is not easy.Perhaps a few will understand it.
Those who know about the Tunnels of Seth and the Qliphots
and some of those who do not know. 

In the  tetrahedron the One who laughs at the 
"confusion of God". 
The faceless who knows the Secret.
Some of you will understand and perhaps even enjoy
the Dark Truth whose name is NO.

Guido Sinistrari
Ufology, Exopolitics, Conspiracies, Paranoia, Memes, Hoaxes, 2012, UFO, Aliens, Disinformation, Cultism, Brainwashing, Rational Thinking, ET, Xenopolitics, Contactees, Abductions, Disclosure.