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Andrew Hennessey

The Xenopolitical Institute is a tool and framework of rational enquiry set up to model and reconstruct Exopolitical; propositions, ideologies, raison d'etre, and also in some ways to model the extreme and logical conclusions of some of these runaway trains of thought we see in Exoland.

It serves to;
1. predict the outcomes of new Exoacademic ideology
2. re-orientate rationality after long exposure to Exoland ideologies
3. act as a stress releasing mechanism promoting valuable and healing psychology and consequent beneficial physiology.

For those who have been or feel they are being disassociated from the rationmal analysis of these Exotic constructs by e.g. the deliberate practise of cognitive dissonance .. then the surest route to recovery of ones centre is humor.
Humor is a great stress releasing mechanism and teacher, more so than outrage.
Its true that we are confronted with intellectual flight or fight, laugh or cry when we peruse the inane outpourings of those people who appear to have earned distinctive academic accolades – but then – we already knew that academia was a failure.

I feel, personally, that developing the rational ontology of an ideology to its perimeter is a good way of teasing out the tangled knots of semantic junk in ufology.

Thus I offer the Xenopolitical Institute as an act of therapy and social service to those still sane in UFOLOGY that we may creatively extrapolate the consequences of what appear to be some truly bizarre social offerings from Exoland.

It is the worst thing to do to read some article by an Exoclown and then shrug and file it away … because it just piles up …

What I propose therefore is that we use our own innate and creative talent to offload the social disorientation caused by Exoclowns.
call for workshops, public conference speakers, conference localities and venues, conference and workshop activities.

The rules are simple;

1. Do not mention the name of the person who inspired you, make dissimilar names up.
2. Do not write about issues to do with their known background but use other similar activities and in your mind equivalent background.
3. Create a whole world of Xeno events, speakers, personalities, news, articles and workshops and goods for sale etc
4. When posting start the subject line with XI in case we believe you !!

As examples I have created the;
XI Mindcleanse Meditation
XI Karga the sentient Reptilian workshop
XI Colonel Dark Newsflash

You will be surprised when you start to recognise that what you are creating is better than the average BS that's coming off the Corporation think tank mill and it really is true – people just sit there and make this up – all day.

So how quickly can we come up with the full suite of ExoBS ???
and then post it right back to them

Xenopolitics Xenofacilitator Diploma

Enjoy Andrews Ideas.

MW001_Xfacil_Dip MINDCLEANSE MEDITATION Counts as 0.25 of a course unit towards the full XENOPOLITICS XENOFACILITATOR Diploma.

Keynote: Mankind has been banging about in the mud for a long time doing bad things and as a result of that the consensus here at the Xenopolitical Institute is that in order to properly facilitate being truly free range humans and to serve ourselves up as a platter full of good intentions towards our shy and bashful starbrothers – we need to think of ourselves more as a pleasing spiritual and life force banquet.First things first though and in order to be starters on the academic and spiritual road to being invited for interstellar dinner there has to be a cleansing and washing of our natural need to tell it like it is.This unfortunate and unpalatable mechanism humans have for `telling it like it is' can make for an unsavoury spiritual offering to our starbrothers hence the Xenopolitics Institute offers the MINDCLEANSE MEDITATION so that us humans can get our minds right.

1 All aliens are good
2 you cannot see any evidence for them having been here for millennia
3 you pour your intentions and lifeforce out to themall
4 planetary evils are caused by mankind including abductions which are only military that have just started about 50 years ago.
5 Homosapiens rule the world and are making a bad job of it
6 our starbrothers know and care and may be coming soon
7 this society and its science, medicine and technology is not a charade – its just taking slow careful steps forward
8 Aliens have not been overflying famines and droughts for millennia without offering help.
9 There are no such things as controlling Reptilians
10 Specially contrived historic mixes of despair and desolation and burning and devastation are in no way artificial and controlled and are not to milk life essences and in no way related to this idea
11Andrew Hennessey is a great guy and you can send him lots of money on paypal

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Alfred Webre:1 billion humans have been abducted by aliens

Exopolitical Crisis. Alfred Webre writes : empirical research estimates 1 billion humans have been abducted by aliens

Summary of Program: Part I of an exclusive feature interview with Joseph Montaldo, International Director of ICAR - the International Community for Abduction Research - on the exopolitical implications of abduction research. ICAR's research, gathered directly by abductees through replicable empirical studies, concludes that there may be as many as 1 billion humans (out of our current population of approximately 6 billion humans) who have been abducted by hyperdimensional amphibian-reptilianalian and Gray civilizations, for an alien agenda which may, if no positive human intervention with the hyperdimensional agenda occurs, result in a "holocaust" event involving the physical death of up to 2/3 of the present human race in a future pandemic, and the trans-location of a substantial number of the consciousnesses of our human community in a new hyperdimensional "planet." Joseph Montado has released the results of ICAR research to the exopolitical community for the first time through these exclusive EXOPOLITICS RADIO interviews. ICAR's research conclusions are backed by extensive, replicable research methodology and data.

more reading

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Once again Mr. Boylan shows us his mental illness,consisting of paranoia mixed with delusion.A little while ago I posted a message here detailing Richard Pressers statement about 2012.

I also sent it as a member to the UFO Fact Group of Commandant Boylan,but it was not to be.I found this message from Commandant Boylan tonight,not having checked before = "Mr. Presser,That is a first: writing to UFOFacts about yourself in the third person.Additionally, your post breaks UFOFacts Rules about commercial self-promotion, importing "channeling" , etc.You seem wrapt in your version of New Age mysticism and oblivious to what UFOFacts is about.So your membership is being dropped by management.Dr. Richard Boylan, Moderator.

Clearly he thinks Im Presser.I told him to come and check my posting the same message here,which I did at the same time as sending it to his followers and hangers-on.. Hopefully he will read some of the truthful messages about him and his sheep whilst hes here too.Poor man,he really does need to be in hospital,if not on earth,then maybe on his home planet - Im sure he can tell us where that is {if he cant remember he can make one up,as half of his dictates are}. {Original message ="whitelight12@ rocketmail. com" <whitelight12@ rocketmail. com>> Mr. Presser informs us that time will cease in 2012 = "In case you missed the earlier emails, below is the link to download the first call in the Sacred Geometry series with Lord Metatron. He urged us to work with the meditation that was part of the call and to facilitate this for you, I have separated out the meditation. I encourage you to download and listen to both recordings.>> They are mp3 files, so you can listen to them on your PC, download them to your iPod or other mp3 player and if you have a recent CD player that plays mp3 files, burn them to a CD and listen to them there.>> It does not matter if you participated in our conference call or not. Either way, you can gain the benefits of the meditation, which was balancing the masculine and feminine aspects within the soul, simply by listening to the meditation and placing yourself in the moment of the call. This is because, as Lord Metatron explained, there is no such thing as time except on planet Earth. As an aside, this is one of the things that will change at the end of 2012 and why the Mayan Calendar ends then, because time as we know it will cease to exist. You can look further into this at www.the2012countdow>> To access these recordings, go to http://tinyurl. com/d5rkcz.>> Once you have downloaded them, then you are ready to transfer yourself to the list for the second call. To do so, go to http://tinyurl. com/dh28vo and enter your details. Please make sure you enter the same email address as this email was sent to, so we can take you of the list for the first call.>>

Blessings, Joy, Love and Peace.>> Richard Presser>>>

Cosmic Connections> PO Box 1314,> Blackburn North,> VIC 3130> Australia "

The EXO Doctors Trio and what they have in common.

Shall we call them Illusionists? No, because Illusionists are artists. They do not recognize supernatural or paranormal elements in their shows.They just want people to have fun.
The EXO trio has nothing to do with Illusionism. On the contrary, they proclaim themselves Gurus of a New Era. Apparently under the benevolent dictatorship of our Cosmic Big Brothers.

One of the members of the Exo Trio tries to keep some sobriety. Lately he specializes in Para-history. In recognized fiction, this is called Alternative History. (Sample, a Victory of Nazi Germany in the II WW or a victory of the Confederation in the American Civil War.)

Difference is that Dr. Salla gives priority to this alternative history as is the real one. The one that we know is just an invention of the Cabal. Take a look at his papers and you will see what all is about, but to make a living with this pseudo-history is not easy. Only is possible if the people are first, interested, and second, ignorant.

The other member of the EXOtrio is Boylan. (Let us forget about his background…you know what I am talking about.)Boylan now is God. His Pauline (Wendy,) inspired by the Holy Ghost Asheoma, proclaimed that Boylan is the Source. Primus inter Pares.
Boylan is billions of years old and this suggests that he can be the Source Himself or Son of the Source.
This of course, gives the supernatural element to his sect, and eventually will justify the dogmatization, because if He is the Incarnation of the Source, what he says is absolutely true. Now the Cabal is Rome, but Boylan will NOT be crucified.Some of the followers write in UFOfacts that, after Wendy’s Revelation, they have tears in their eyes.

Truth is that Colonialists always need syncretism religions that blend traditional elements of the natives with new ones brought by the Invaders. That is why the EXO trio is working on a convenient revisionism of our traditional History.

Last but not least we have Doctor Steven Greer. He is not new in the twilight zone. After looking for the truth in several sects, he proclaimed himself a contactee, and Wilkipedia recognizes him as a Conspiracy Theorist.For a few thousand dollars he teaches the use of meditation methods that allow attendees to have remote view, and visit different locations and times (past and present). Disciples also learn Cosmic Consciousness.

With a snap of his fingers, Greer’s followers learn how call alien spacecrafts, but of course, nobody never gave any evidence of this supernatural powers. Oh…I know…all those who ask for evidences are Cabals, Illuminati, Jesuits, Skeptics, Debunkers, government agents, and psyops. Each sect chooses the enemy that is more appropriate for its agenda.

This is how things work in the EXO Circus. The Show must Go On.But let me tell you one thing. The Dynamic Doctors Trio has now ONE THING IN COMMON.We, humans are bad and need the guidance of the Good, Nice Aliens. Forget about Abductions, please, just have Faith in the Big Brothers, or say NO to these Unwanted Visitors and their Unwanted Collaborationists and Apologists.

James Black

Dr GREER keeps it way too simple

Dr GREER keeps it way too simple

Andrew Hennessey

Dr Greer has emerged as a forthright citizen promoting the good of the multiverse over the old human evils on Earth.

Alas he poses the logical fallacy of the false dilemma in stating that it is the responsibility of Mankind i.e. homosapiens to change the direction and destiny of the Earth in its Extra-Terrestrial relations and interactions.

It isn't actually Humanity that makes the strategic changes imo.

Clearly non-humans are in control of this planet and or have been either assimilated or replaced or removed e.g. professor Mack ?, if they interfered with the non-human agenda.

The issue of responsibility for planetary change is not a Human one – as humans are not actually in ultimate control of this planet – according to available cultural evidence.

The choice, the dilemma therefore isn't in human behavioural changes of attitude towards Extra Terrestrial recognition it lies with our controlling races. The controlling races that are concealed in Greers simplistic definition of the human condition.

The planetary picture is much more complex than Dr Greer is prepared to state.

No-one not even any alien you would ever meet [Except in the Greer cosmology] could rationally and logically tell you that all aliens are good, they could only say aliens are good and bad, themselves never having actually met them all in the infinite multiverse – in that same way one cannot say that All evils on Earth were created by the species Homosapien.

In Dr Greers Cosmology – homosapiens are interacting with multi-phase, multidimensional, multi-bodied, altered state and altered energy and time spaced non-humans on their homosapien controlled world.

Dr Greers highly effective cosmology is as rich and detailed as any Theosophists or spiritist but even after outlining his own detailed cosmology - he cannot, nor we, then deduce from that that all aliens are good or even COMPATIBLE with us within the definitions of our own energy timespace...that isn't rational.

Yet Dr Greer does that.

Incompatibilities in realities may produce observably surreal interactions for example – some anti-social.

In Greers Cosmology there is the given assumption of a process of recognition and, that lack of recognition or understanding for one life form may lead to conflicts relative to the interaction. Some of these conflicts could be abusive and detrimental yet that obvious pitfall is omitted by Dr Greer.

Also at this point when Dr Greer states;

`There is no evidence that these extraterrestrial civilizations are hostile to humanity or the Earth.'

When he says NO or ALL – he is using Universal Declarations in a lawlike way – that only require ONE contradiction to reduce his assertion to SOME are good and SOME are bad.

All we need is ONE witness testimony to reduce his universal proclamation to; all extraterrestrial civilisations are not to be so easily trusted. Here it is from Paul Schroeder.

At this point he can only legitimately say that some ET civilisations are good, but, some are bad [for us].

He cleverly introduces reasonable doubt into a whole world of traumatised alien victims with the Milabs sketch - that its merely clever homosapiens in concrete and steel bunkers over the last 50 years ... but then there are absolutely NO Anunnaki indigenous reptilians or indigenous grey types in his cosmology either – which given the mountain of evidence for them; culturally, artefacts of historic and contemporary nature, etc is very strange.

Abductions by militaresque faerie/demonic parades, chariots, carriages etc have been a major feature of thousands of years of folklore.

Would it not seem logical given Reptilian overlords rule Earth that Milabs are not controlled by homosapiens or anything that would look human if it didn't want to.

In Dr Greers Cosmology – Non-Humans come from OUT/IN THERE to HERE – but HERE where we have Human society – its just all us humans together behaving badly.

imo - there are hostile non-humans on earth and have been for a very long time 20,000 years at least - and the generic notion of humanity and its caricature vested interests scenario - doesn't hold water in Xenopolitical terms because the planet is a shaky social charade for soul mining purposes. You can see that from some of the historical evidence e.g.

and that if there are others amongst us as impostors – what are they doing pretending to be the gods of function and technical supremacy amongst dysfunctional Humanity ?

Dr Greer buries reptilians out of sight – and calls everything we see on Earth a human effort. Indeed a flawed and sick human effort even though it is the despair of humanity that I allege these evil Reptilians and Greys are secretly engineering and milking.

There is old cultural evidence for Reptilians and Draco e.g. do a keysearch of the Bible and you will find e.g. `Dragons in their pleasant palaces' in Isaiah. There are Naga souls facilitated in Buddhism too. [Naga were part of a Reptilian underworld in e.g. India and Tibet]

I think the way to challenge Dr Greer on this turning a blind eye to the Anunnaki is to take his cosmology of vastly diverse beings in all states i.e.

and apply that to his weak definition of humanity which is by inference; if it looks human on earth then it is - and therefore we are all humans together - which we in fact are NOT.

There is an enormous body of anecdotal evidence for shapeshifting non-humans; from the Sumerian fish-men to the faeries of; Banks, 1937. Grimm, 1901, Kirk, 1697 etc

In burying the fact that Reptilian controlled Earth has been for over 20 millennia a place of artificially created and maintained primitivism in sorrow, desolation and despair – Greer shifts the blame for the planetary pain onto the species homosapien, who were in cultural fact the artificially created livestock of the Reptilian Annunaki.

When Greer states

`This is a cosmic moment. And the death throws of what is happening on Earth today is that the diversity is becoming a cause for conflict'

The truth in my opinion is less transparent – that it is the creative diversity of the imprisoned human souls, their striving, their natural levels of connection to the source, their strong creative and imaginative outpourings in terms of artistic and social invention that are deliberately and covertly under attack by the Reptilian and Grey Farmers.

Large groups of prisoners brought here after old Reptilian campaigns in e,g, Orion are being mined out for their creative potential e.g. [Ralph X, Jewels]

Their investments in their primitive environments are being repeatedly shocked and compromised in surreal and alien ways.

This is Repto-Grey soul-mining.

Nigel Kerner speaks of the Greys part in this in the book called `The Song of the Greys'.

Reptilian and Grey contrived Outrage and subsequent energy/life force abundant activities of homosapien self-vindication could be one of the major farming and milking techniques here amongst the contrived and dysfunctional tools and unjust outcomes.

Dr Greers position is [contrary to the folk record] that everything that looks human is and that therefore all human looking people are homosapiens.

Earth has been ruined by spiritually debased homosapiens.

My own position is that Earth is engineered as a primitive and artificially desolate place by the Repto-Grey alliance to exploit and milk the distresses of interstellar prisoner souls as they are made to struggle with their dysfunctional genetics and dysfunctional tools and other contrived social injustices.

In that respect, as satellite photos show e.g. there are lots of hitek alien matrix machinery floating about above this malignant version of Disneyland.

Dr Greer is far too simplistic in his definition of humanity.

Humanity is actually a set of human-looking people of many different types of non-human origins; these can include human-looking bodies `congealed out of the essence of the air' [Rev R Kirk, 1697], a Grey impostor with a human hologram projector box, [David Moncoeur on the Robert France case, 2000], or a Reptilian shapeshifter using naturally controlled energies and absorbent DNA [Sumerian clay tablets, Gardner], someone of Pleaidean genetics [Jewels], and a basic, dense-brained homosapien [Esoteric School Theosophy, P121 Jinarajadasa '.. the Lords of karma may put you in a race that has no tendency to occultism - you may possibly get a hard brain so that you will not be able to meditate,]

How could we ever feel legally and morally and spiritually sorry for the global population culling of billions of humans if we can pin the ills and evils of the world on their broad and allegedly spiritually low labourers backs.

Dr Greer shows the ability to create large complex sets of creatures in his cosmos – but cannot in all his research and reading find ample illustrations of the non-humans living amongst humanity for millennia.

If they have been here all that time – then they are guilty of keeping this planet and its population of homosapiens in an artificially desolate and Christless frequency pit.

In my opinion to farm our souls

We can escape [John 15]


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Dr. Boylan is God. He is billions of years old.

In this message posted by Wendy in Boylan's group, she gives a new step into the deification of Dr Sauna.
Read it with empty stomach, please.

From: <>
Subject: [UFOFacts] Fist Born of Source
Date: Tuesday, May 26, 2009, 3:58 PM

James (not me)

Odd but as I read your reply here - Asheoma told me that you are correct. And it is a term he learned in Earth words as "First Born of Source"
Even though Councillor Boylan would never say this himself as he is very humble and modest, Asheoma says it is fine to share this as it is historical fact about our Earth Councillor as opposed to personal fact about the Human he is... but Councillor of Earth is a Being who is First Born of Source.
Star Nations encountered the Being who is now in Councillor of Earth form many "billions - if you were talking Earth years Asheoma said" of years "before Zeta". Ok. Well Asheoma is laughing and says that is an inside thing Star Nations people say to mark time because Zeta were some of the first true members of the Star Nations. So anyway, Asheoma said that is enough brief history to make the point - and yes Zeta have been in service to Star Nations for "many hundred thousands" of Earth years if you were counting in that way.
Anyway, Asheoma also wanted to pass on that the NEW Children of Earth that will be born into the New Firth World are going to be also First Born of Source. Source will be the "Father Energy" - Asheoma is saying it is not the same as Humans think of this but it is the best words I have. Asheoma said Earth will be giving all Energy of the Being as New Energy that She will be given by Source. So from Source through Earth Womb as a New Being that has not ever had previous incarnation but will be Eternal as Source is.
Well Asheoma makes me scratch my head with this but he is laughing and says to just pass it on and some will understand what he is sharing. He said "In the words and energy of truth our brother Dr. Michael Wolf was attempting to impart - The New Earth will be full of these Human Princes and Princesses. Not of any higher ego or for any title. It is a simple matter and a beautiful process Source uses.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

BOREDOM is the Name of the Game.

How are you doing people? What's going on?

NOTHING, yes, I know, but do not despair , we will find something.
Remember the orbs? Those silly reflections in digital pics?. Alfred Webre told us that these Orbs were Aliens..! Amazing, and justified in some way, because the real enemy of the EXOS is BOREDOM.
The Circus is dead when people see the same old Lions, and Elephants, and Clowns. The tallest man in the world and the Madame Soraya, the Gipsy Queen who sees the Future. Same old, same old. The circus will be empty.
The old posters will read: Come and see the great "Adamski, the man who was sent by the beautiful white Venusinians to talk with Kennedy and the Pope."
No, it doesn't work any more. Those were the sixties people, and I was already in the ufological thing.

BOREDOM is the name of the game.
Forget about Disclosure.Forget about anonymous sources and contactees and faked whistleblowers.
It doesnt work any more. Dr Salla used a Star Trek picture in the Examiner to promote his Galactic Diplomacy Courses!! can you believe this?
Some RETRO here. After all, Salla's sites are a little art-deco, with those nice, outmoded metalic Flying Saucers over the White House.
But what about us?
Well, Ufology is also the investigation of the impact the UFO Phenomenon has in people, religions, ways of life.
That is what we can do, and also, remain aware of UFO sightings in the world.
Now, let us see what will be the next step of the EXOS to fight the enemy, that is not the Cabal or the Illuminati but...BOREDOM.

See you latter people, and many thanks for your interest.


Monday, May 25, 2009



Andrew Hennessey

Finally the battle or war against mankind has descended out of the skies filled with inexplicable lights and UFO's, and out of the painful traumas of what some aliens do in our bedrooms to us at night and now meets us full on as a bunch of [yet more] educated Exowhitewash to sooth our troubled minds and help us forget our empirically driven conclusions that we have something to be worried about when malignantly behaving ETs will not leave us alone.

The weapon of choice that the governments and corporations could use to cover their tracks is the Exopolitical movement and the anti-human psychology of denial and reality-creation somewhat based upon the Fictional Finalism of the psychologist Alfred Adler and the psychosis identified by Freud as `Omnipotence of thought'.

I can understand, the worry of the guilty parties - that the decades-old groundswell of legitimate human complaints against alien perpetrators and the allegations that the aliens were acting under government advice under treaty can produce supporting evidence. The emerging complaints are starting to drift towards the terminology of civil courts, government treaties with aliens and government accountability.

It would seem natural therefore that a government sponsored think tank will emerge to minimise the potential legal and fiscal damage to Government and Corporation budgets should a human test case with real evidence of persecution successfully sue his or her government for damages, thus creating a very expensive precedent.

In this respect therefore – nothing better than a trick-cyclist government or corporation psychologist waving degrees and academic accolades and formal disapproval of our issues at the judge to minimise the impact of these potentially huge civilian lawsuits and their inevitable payouts.

Leading Exopolitician Dr Michael Salla appears to alienate the human victims of known inhuman alien behaviour by telling us that we get the evils that we ask for and that we create these alien evils by the powers of our own spiritual levels – but then we know that that's not true on Earth here:

`We each need to consciously understand our own power in our collective choice. When we together choose interaction instead of ignoring or denying this issue, our day-to-day lives are directly and invaluably impacted. This acknowledgement will transform the most humble life because it opens the door to reveal interaction;'

Here Dr Salla appears to veer in the direction of endorsing Omnipotence of Thought;

Human victims of alien abuse cannot be free enough of alien mind controls to choose to say no to their abusers, even if they subsequently recognised that they now want the alien abuse to end.

Dr Salla though has many ideological allies and the recent emergence of the academic Exopolitical think tank unusually called Compass Morainn – [thankfully no relation to the Moraine rubble deposited in a moving glacial wasteland] illustrates that the psychology of alien interaction, and potentially, but hopefully not, its decriminalisation is high on the agenda.

The Exomediation organisation piloted by Cyrellys Geibhendach wishes to take; public, private and military experiencers and victims onto neutral psychological territory where they can be assisted with such things as their public impact, or, a formal academic and legal interpretation or reconstruction of their issues.

The devotion to obtaining total neutrality by Exomediation in the face of potential alien racial crimes against humanity is commendable as surely some of the victims traumas must be horrible. In an article Compass Morainn mediator Cyrellys Geibhendach quotes Melton.

`Additionally Mr. Melton went on to suggest [sic] why we mediators should portray "what eminent psychologist Carl Rogers calls "Unconditional Positive Regard." The brilliant Carl Rogers explains that unconditional positive regard is accepting the other person, or entity, in the current moment, regardless of status, crime, or temperament, or culture, beliefs, and attitude, as a good person, or entity, at face value, as long as the current moment lasts.'

That is – we can behave AS IF an evilly behaving alien is nice – even though, rationally and empirically it is proven a priori not to be.

FICTIONAL FINALISM: Adler was influenced by the philosopher Hans Vaihinger whose book, The Psychology of the "As If" was published in 1911. Vaihinger proposed that people live by many fictional ideals that have no relation to reality. These are ideas that cannot be tested and confirmed. Some of these are all men are created equal, honesty is the best policy, and the end justifies the means. These fictions may help people deal more effectively with reality or may hinder one's efforts to accept reality. Adler took this idea and concluded that people are motivated more by their expectations of the future than they are by the past. If a person believes that there is heaven for those who are good and hell for those who are bad, it will probably affect how that person lives. An ideal or absolute is a fiction.
Adler's Fictional Finalism is an interesting idea for hypnotherapists. Fictional Finalism simply states that people act as much from the as if as they do from reality. One of my understandings of the subconscious mind is that whatever the subconscious mind accepts as true, it acts as if it is true whether it is or not. When one imagines tasting a lemon, the mouth waters and often one tastes the lemon as if there really was a lemon to lick.

When Exomediators behave AS IF an evil alien is nice we use according to Compass Morainn experts a tool similar if not identical to Alfred Adlers Fictional Finalism. `If you embrace the other [e.g. evil alien ] with unconditional positive regard, then any discriminating feelings, thoughts or behaviour would, logically, be incompatible with that mindset.'

It is clear that in all the chaos, all the irrational channelling, weirdly named personalities, grandiose claims and fictional paradigms and academic craziness from some UFO cults that Exoacademia is in danger of becoming an exercise in Magical Realism

The effect that this has is in fact to drive away the rational minds and common sense people who would normally have lent their skills and time. Information chaos as a weapon against the public creates the effect called Cognitive Dissonance in the individual.

However its understandable that if evil aliens are messing with your life night after night e.g. Paul Schroeder [and Paul has digital camera evidence too] and you are not giving them permission to do so then merely being told in human trauma counselling that the guilty party i.e. alien Starbrother should be seen AS IF it was not guilty of doing anything; socially, morally, ethically, spiritually, legally wrong is a wilful act of denial that can be seen as anti-human and an act of wilful denial of criminal activity potentially leading to accusations that this kind of ExoAcademic is an accessory to the fact of these crimes and is aiding and abetting them.

It IS exopolitics to deny alien abuse – but it more the politics of some Alien Nazi era.

In my view – once the crimes against human victims [identified from a Disclosed database] have been identified and categorised in terms of their inflicted dysfunction as economic damage on the persons life and well-being – that a fixed penalty and tiered and scaled system of damage payments for grievous offences ranging from rape, abduction and assault, to damage to earnings etc could be totalled up by an Exomediator for a one-off lump sum payment to the abused human citizen. There should in fact be a Government Department of Extra terrestrial Affairs that would channel Corporation monies into a public fund that would administer and make these financial awards to human victims of alien abuse and whatever government treaty it was that alleges it gave them the license to behave like that.

The problem with this in-the-mind approach to Exo mediating of the complaints of human victims against their alleged government treaty sponsored alien persecutors

is that it is taking the direction of the irrational. This non-empirical centering on psychological and non-physical issues of inflicted trauma is in itself, in my opinion, somewhat detached from physical reality. This paradigm isn't based in the world of money, goods and services and recreation, but in the chaos of perceptions and phenomena which rather detracts from the serious nature of the alien physical events and their associated physical and temporal grievances and physical behaviour of the alien perpetrators i.e.

The mediation that Human victims of alien abuse require, in my opinion, is NOT a superficial feel-good or move-the-psychological furniture like Feng-Shui – approach, but a re-assuringly expensive damages claims system where the mediators role is not behave AS IF alien crimes did not take place – but to ascertain HOW MUCH – the human victim will be awarded by correctly identifying and penalising the alien offences. Money isn't everything – but it sure helps to create a real time positive, feelgood and healing effect on the victims that can augment and change the architecture of their social imprisonment and totally change the physical and consequently psychological nature of their lives.

Money and Moratorium are the 2 Key items that Exomediation from such places as Compass Morainn can obtain for the human victims of alien abuse.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

More Boylan's Pulp Science Fiction.

Take a look careful with CABAL..!


If the Cabal's wholly-owned subsidiary Disney-ABC-Capital Cities broadcasts a new "V" television sci-fi series that is anything like the old "V": series, then we can expect glossy anti-Star Visitor propaganda-as- theater.

in the light,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

The Future of the EXOS.

The Exos should call for a Conference in some nice place, (Hawaii will be fine, ) and talk about the future.

Perhaps they can go into some kind of Ministry and call them Reverends.Perhaps something like " Church of the Cosmic Light" or "Temple of the Galactic Holy Ghost" will be OK.
Or they can try cosmo-reiki, holistic massages, Tarot, Psychic Readings...Because in the 50s, the UFO thing was fresh and new. Take a look at the Adamsky in memoriam web site.(link below)
But now, after more than half century, they keep repeating the same things. Trying again and again the same historical revisionism. This was OK many years ago, but now has no more appeal.It's not always true that a lie repeated one hundred times becomes true.
Honestly, the EXO discourse doesn't work as before.Nobody cares if Ike met with the ETs. Nobody cares if Adamsky gave advice to Kennedy.The truth is that it is time to change, dear EXOS. Time to find something new, because we are adults now.Each day, as you know well, it's more and more difficult to keep people interested. Perhaps I am wrong but, ?who will pay for a Course in Galactic Diplomacy?Who will buy a book about the Nazi bases in Antarctica?I'm afraid that people has better things to do. People have other priorities.It's not easy to make a living selling broken toys that nobody wants.

Friday, May 22, 2009

EXOs: Now it is Pres. Kennedy meeting the ETs.

This is a new contribution to what in fiction is called Alternative History. What Dr. Salla is doing here is giving the idea of a complete ET control over the human affairs.

The EXO Dr.Salla writes that the good old George Adamsky, meet President Kennedy and invited him to meet the ETs.
Yes, of course, this has the value of a poor joke but ALSO, gives the idea of complete Alien control over human affairs.
Without Disclosure, there is not much to talk and write about, right?
The rule is one: For the EXOS the show must go on...

May 22, 12:10 AM

President Kennedy arrives at Homestead AFB, Florida, 1962.
According to claims in a rare video,
George Adamski met with President Kennedy at the White House in late
1961 and passed on a letter to him from human looking
extraterrestrials. In addition to giving advice on the Cuban missile crisis, the alleged letter also contained an
invitation for Kennedy to meet with the extraterrestrials. If Kennedy
did attend such a meeting, it may explain why he was certain about
human looking extraterrestrial life; made undisclosed trips to Air
Force bases to deal with the UFO issue; and why he instructed NASA to
cooperate with the USSR on joint space and lunar missions.

cont: http://www.examiner .com/examiner/ x-2383-Honolulu- Exopolitics- Examiner~ y2009m5d22- Did-President- Kennedy-meet- extraterrestrial s


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Credulity and Hyper-scepticism

The following article was provided by Peter McCue who has a long standing and active interest in psychical research and the UFO phenomena. He worked for many years as a clinical psychologist and his qualifications include a Ph.D from the University of Glasgow - awarded for research on hypnosis.
Peter has written numerous articles on anomalous phenomena and he remains open-minded about their nature.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Galactic Diplomacy or Criminology???

Dear people, I think I am going into teaching. Yes, I will teach Diplomacy, but not between humans. That is not cool.
As the Exos are into the Market teaching Galactic Diplomacy, I will teach Ghost Diplomacy.This will give professionals and other decorated individuals the possibility of interacting with the ghostly world.Of course, in many seances, Ghosts talk about spiritual things and also give to the Medium (contactee,) a few messages for the living people.So perhaps we will be able to learn how to relate ourselves (living people,) with the Dead.
In fact we know more about Spirits and Angels than Alien ETs.Talking about ETs, those Entities behind the UFO phenomenon, I believe that these Galactic "people", doesn't show any interest in having Diplomatic Contact with us.On the contrary, thousands of normal human individuals are systematically abducted by Aliens, and this is a Crime in our Legislation. Besides, they not only invade our planet without authorization, but also break into the privacy of our homes and bedrooms.Remember that the abductees are not only adult people but also children, which means child abuse.Nothing shows that these Aliens are interested in diplomacy at all. On the contrary, they act like Criminals..Personally, from the human side, I am not interested in any kind of diplomatic relationship with these Uninvited abusive Illegal Aliens.

In Freedom we Trust

James Black


Andrew Hennessey thanks to

With the sudden collapse of the caring and sensitive pro-human version of Exopolitics when Dr Salla joined the Boylan and Greer camp that excludes human witnesses of negative human events, branding their trauma and just indignation against perceptibly demonically behaving aliens as hate speech or fear-mongering – there had to have been a shudder of unease amongst many thousands of sensitive and intelligent people.These would be people who fervently believed in a well-educated, sensible and thorough and methodological approach to the often very irrational alien question and incursion here on Earth.This in my opinion is a deliberate Tavistock Institute type program of psychological warfare on the sensitive and intelligent people who really should be representing mankind to Non-humans.In my more recently developed idea though – I don’t personally think that interacting with people from this galaxy is a good idea at all .. as they have been and remain accessories to the facts of the human condition and evil desolate attrition by design here on this world.Unfortunately, since the beginning of 2009AD pro-human is not a paradigm one would associate with Exo-politics any more, as the cries in the dark of our nations of victims such as Paul Schroeder are spurned.Instead of a caring pro-human beacon of light, the Exopolitics movement sheds its human looking skin and emerges in collaboration with the agendas of anti-human Corporate interests.Now the really clever and imaginative and gentle and sensitive types are being driven back.Cognitive dissonance in Exopolitics is an uncomfortable feeling caused by holding two contradictory ideas simultaneously. e.g. the safe social pro-human caring side of the educated establishment versus the total abandonment of victims of alien grindhouse trauma to the nightmares of soul attacks. The "ideas" or "cognitions" in question may include attitudes and beliefs, and also the awareness of one's behavior. The theory of cognitive dissonance proposes that people have a motivational drive to reduce dissonance by changing their attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors, or by justifying or rationalizing their attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors.[1] Cognitive dissonance theory is one of the most influential and extensively studied theories in social psychology.By beating objections to irrational behaviour and grey demons and controlling reptilians down whilst alleging academic honesty and rigour and; trust me I’m a doctor in the great and ancient social tradition of Hippocrates, and then totally debarring the reality of human victims of extra terrestrial trauma – the honest and rational and sensible members of the general public see the uneasy contradiction and totally step away from the playactors of the global cull, who are stalling for time before big earth changes.After which accountability will not be an issue at least on the infrastructure of Earth.Dissonance normally occurs when a person perceives a logical inconsistency among his or her cognitions. This happens when one idea implies the opposite of another. For example, a belief in human rights could be interpreted as inconsistent with abandoning humans to alien trauma. Noticing the contradiction would lead to dissonance, which could be experienced as anxiety, guilt, shame, anger, embarrassment, stress, and other negative emotional states. When people's ideas are consistent with each other, they are in a state of harmony, or consonance. If cognitions are unrelated, they are categorized as irrelevant to each other and do not lead to dissonance.A powerful cause of dissonance is when an idea conflicts with a fundamental element of the self-concept, such as "I am a good Exopolitician" or "I was right to endorse Exopolitics." The anxiety that comes with the possibility of having made a bad anti-human decision can lead to rationalization, the tendency to create additional reasons or justifications to support one's choices. A person may have embraced highly educated Exopoliticians thinking this movement is less likely to break down and be untruthful to the public interest than some nerdy net group. This belief may or may not be true, but it would likely reduce dissonance and make the person feel better. Dissonance can also lead to confirmation bias, the denial of disconfirming evidence, and other ego defense mechanisms.· Exopolitical channelling readers tend to experience cognitive dissonance because it is widely accepted that channelling is irrational and rationally unfruitful, yet virtually everyone in Exopolitics wants to feel that they are THE rational choice for Humanity and Disclosure. In terms of the theory, the desire be part of a rational and credible social movement for Disclosure is dissonant with the activity of doing something that will most likely look insane. The tension produced by these contradictory ideas can be reduced by quitting reading channelled materials, denying the evidence of fruitless irrationality, or justifying one's channelling interests.[2] For example, channelers could rationalize their behaviour by concluding that a few channelers are meaningful, that fruitlessness occurs in only disturbed personalities, or that if channelling does not help us, nothing else will.[3]This case of dissonance could also be interpreted in terms of a threat to the self-concept.[4] The thought, "I am reading irrational rubbish" is dissonant with the self-related belief, "I am a smart, reasonable person who makes good decisions." Because it is often easier to make excuses than it is to change behavior, dissonance theory leads to the conclusion that humans are rationalizing and not always rational beings.Most of the research on cognitive dissonance takes the form of "induced compliance without sufficient justification." In these studies, participants are asked to write an essay against their beliefs, or to do something unpleasant, without a sufficient justification or incentive. The vast majority of participants comply with these kinds of requests and subsequently experience dissonance. In another procedure, participants are offered a gift and asked to choose between two equally desirable items. Because the attractive characteristics of the rejected item are dissonant with the decision to accept the chosen item, participants tend to experience "postdecision dissonance."When Prophecy FailsAn early version of cognitive dissonance theory appeared in Leon Festinger's 1956 book, When Prophecy Fails. This book gave an inside account of belief persistence in members of a UFO doomsday cult, and documented the increased proselytization they exhibited after the leader's "end of the world" prophecy failed to come true. The prediction of the earth's destruction, supposedly sent by aliens to the leader of the group, became a disconfirmed expectancy that caused dissonance between the cognitions, "the world is going to end" and "the world did not end." Although some members abandoned the group when the prophecy failed, most of the members lessened their dissonance by accepting a new belief, that the planet was spared because of the faith of the group.[5]The emerging dissonant dread in Exopolitics; There is going to be Disclosure says my T Shirt – but it really logically and truthfully looks like there isn’t going to be Disclosure because corporate money and Corporate powers and interests talk first and last and the UN Agenda 21 is all about population culls – so they are committed to us not getting away anywhere.Forbidden [EXO]toy experimentAn experiment by Aronson and Carlsmith examined self-justification in children. In this experiment, children were left in a room with a variety of toys, including a highly desirable [EXOpolicy]toy robot. Upon leaving the room, the experimenter told half the children that there would be a severe punishment if they played with that particular toy[exopolicy] and told the other half that there would be a mild punishment. All of the children in the study refrained from playing with the toy. Later, when the children were told that they could freely play with whatever toy they wanted, the ones in the mild punishment condition were less likely to play with the [exopolicy]toy, even though the threat had been removed.The more we get trained to keep our hands off the Exo steering wheel and steering committees with a bombardment of cognitive dissonance the easier it is to be controlled later if necessary.This is another example of insufficient justification. The Exos who were only mildly threatened had to justify to themselves why they did not play with Exopolitics. The degree of punishment by itself was not strong enough, so the children had to convince themselves that being an Exothinker was not worth playing with in order to resolve their dissonance.[7]Postdecision dissonanceIn a different type of experiment conducted by Jack Brehm, 225 female students rated a series of common appliances and were then allowed to choose one of two appliances to take home as a gift. A second round of ratings showed that the participants increased their ratings of the item they chose, and lowered their ratings of the rejected item.[8] This can be explained in terms of cognitive dissonance. See how the acceptance of the demonic grey can make us uneasy at heart.When making a difficult decision, there are always aspects of the rejected choice that one finds appealing and these features are dissonant with choosing something else. In other words, the cognition, "I chose X" is dissonant with the cognition, "There are some things I like about Y." More recent research has found similar results in four-year-old children and capuchin monkeys.[9]Challenges and qualifications· Buyer's remorse is a form of postdecision dissonance. [I bought Trust me I’m a Doktor]· Choice-supportive bias is a memory bias that makes past choices seem better than they actually were. [no-one really says there are no Grey Demons right ?]· Effort justification is the tendency to attribute a greater (than objective) value to an outcome which demands a great effort in order to resolve a dissonance. [There are no earth changes coming and the Greys and Reps just showed up 62 years ago]· Cultural dissonance is dissonance on a larger scale. [Human history and science is ordered and rational.]· Does not compute is a common phrase in science fiction to indicate the theme of cognitive dissonance in an artificial intelligence.· Double bind is a communicative situation where a person receives different or contradictory messages. [Dr Salla said to me that he upheld my ideas on the Grey farming Matrix, but then says that we are demonising the greys]· Doublethink is the act of holding two contradictory beliefs simultaneously and fervently believing both. [reason and unreason .. the illuminati divide and rule.]References1. ^ Festinger, L. (1957). A theory of cognitive dissonance. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press.2. ^ Aronson, E., Akert, R. D., and Wilson, T. D. (2006). Social psychology (6th Ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall.3. ^ Baron, R. A. & Byrne, D. (2004). Social Psychology (10th Ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson Education, Inc.4. ^ Aronson, E. (1969). The theory of cognitive dissonance: A current perspective. In L. Berkowitz (Ed.). Advances in Experimental Social Psychology, Volume 4, pp. 1-34. New York: Academic Press.5. ^ Festinger, L., Riecken, H. W., & Schachter, S. (1956). When prophecy fails. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.6. ^ Festinger, L. and Carlsmith, J. M. (1959). "Cognitive consequences of forced compliance". Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology, 58, 203-211. Full text7. ^ Aronson, E. and Carlsmith, J. M. (1963) Effects of severity of threat in the devaluation of forbidden behavior, Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology, 66, 584-588.8. ^ Brehm, J. (1956). Post-decision changes in desirability of alternatives. Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology, 52, 384-389.9. ^ Egan, L. C., Santos, L. R., & Bloom, P. (2007). The origins of cognitive dissonance: Evidence from children and monkeys. Psychological Science, 18, 978-983.10. ^ Bem, D.J. (1965). An experimental analysis of self-persuasion. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 1, 199-218.11. ^ Bem, D.J. (1967). Self-perception: An alternative interpretation of cognitive dissonance phenomena. Psychological Review, 74, 183-200.12. ^ Zanna, M. & Cooper, J. (1974). Dissonance and the pill: An attribution approach to studying the arousal properties of dissonance. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 29, 703-709.13. ^ Kiesler, C. A. & Pallak, M. S. (1976). Arousal properties of dissonance reduction. Psychological Bulletin, 83, 1014-1025.14. ^ Aronson, E. (1969). The theory of cognitive dissonance: A current perspective. In L. Berkowitz (Ed.). Advances in Experimental Social Psychology, Volume 4, pp. 1-34. New York: Academic Press.15. ^ Tedeschi, J.T., Schlenker, B.R. & Bonoma, T.V. (1971). Cognitive dissonance: Private ratiocination or public spectacle? American Psychologist, 26, 685-695.16. ^ Cooper, J., & Fazio, R. H. (1984). A new look at dissonance theory. In L. Berkowitz (Ed.), Advances in experimental social psychology (Vol. 17, pp. 229-266). New York: Academic Press.17. ^ Harmon-Jones, E., Brehm, J. W., Greenberg, J., Simon, L., & Nelson, D. E. (1996). Evidence that the production of aversive consequences is not necessary to create cognitive dissonance. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 70, 5-16.Further reading· Cooper, J. (2007). Cognitive dissonance: 50 years of a classic theory. London: Sage publications.· Harmon-Jones, E., & Mills, J. (1999). Cognitive Dissonance: Progress on a Pivotal Theory in Social Psychology. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.· Tavris, C. & Aronson, E. (2007). Mistakes were made (but not by me): Why we justify foolish beliefs, bad decisions, and hurtful acts. Orlando, FL: Harcourt, Inc. (ISBN 978-0-15-101098-1)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

About the ETH (Extraterrestrial Hypothesis)

My comment :

The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis (ETH)

This is an good article, because reading it we understand that nobody doesn't know what the so called UFOs are.Since this is so, 99 % of the so called Ufology is meaningless.Empty words.New inventions give the idea that somebody knows about UFOs, but this is not so.The Exopolitical method is to write and talk about things that are, in the best case, absolutely hipotetic.In Exopolitics and Contactism the forbidden word is EVIDENCES.Consequently, Exopolitics becomes a Religion. Faith is enough for the true believers.Anything goes in the Exo circus...
James Black

Monday, May 18, 2009


I was reading some posts supporting the scientific discoveres of Lawyers Basiago and Webre. This is important because shows us the monstruous world-wide and age-wide Conspiracy that keeps us in the ignorance about Life in Mars (and Moon.) .
I know Mr.Basiago as the researcher. He also found that the Marian Apparition in Fatima, was just a pleyadean alien lady playing games with those poor kids. Sense of humor that our uninvited guests show sometimes.

But let me tell you about the surprise..! I read that there was a site with hundreds of pictures showing martian people, buildings, ships, architecture, monuments, name it.So, with trembling hands I move my mouse and after a few clicks I was there. It is true that they have pictures showing evidences of martian civilized life, but in a wonderful contribution to science, these people put those pics. in T-Shirts, Caps, Bumper Stickers and shirts.

Probably they try to support their scientific effort. Looks that they are doing well. Amazing to find the things people do to make a living.Honestly NASA should end the Cover-Up and do some marketing with their real pictures.With the money, they could pay a visit to the people in Mars.


James Black

Sunday, May 17, 2009

EXOS: More science-fiction and no Evidences

Dear people, let me tell tou something about Sammaciccia. Below you can find Dr. Michael Salla post concerning him.

Bruno Sammaciccia and the organisation called Amicizia (friendship) claimed to represent the nice aliens, the W56s in their battles against the vicious evil robots of the CTR, both sides having underground bases along the Adriatic. There is a photograph of a totally human W56 reproduced. Nothing alien there so, again we can ask ourselves if this was just a vast joke, a sociological experiment, a financial con or one of those obscure political conspiracies with which Italy in the 1950s to 1970s was prone. Now the Exos, as usual with complete disregard for Evidences, give life to the old italian hoax. Read what Dr. Salla writes about this discredited old fiction.

Salla's post.
1978 was when Bruno Samaciccio established a large center where people could meet with the extraterrestrials. This may have been the catalyst for an attack on the bases of the Friendship ETs (given the acronym W56) by their extraterrestrial opponents who had the acronym CTR. In the book, Brecia describes the basic conflict between two factions of extraterrestrials. The W56 faction promoted universal peace and sought to better understand humanity's inherent psychic abilities in order to grow towards God/Oneness/ Universe. The other faction, basically synthetic robots lacking a soul, were more interested in becoming more human by biological experimentation and technological development. It's the latter that have reached secret agreements with the secret government.
That's interesting what you say that the Plejarans were victorious against another group of aliens in 79. If we accept Sammaciccio' s account, that suggests the Plejarans are allied with the synthetic life forms who won a major victory in that period. That certainly would explain the deceptive behavior of the Plejarans and their heartless/soulless behavior. It often feels as though one is talking with robots when communicating with Meier supporters.
Michael S.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Second Answer to Andrew Hennessey.

Below, you will find Andrew's answer to my commentary, and first I give him Thanks for the opportunity of sharing some ideas.Andre calls me an skeptic. I will insist about this, because it is absolutely important. I can be a skeptic or a believer at will. Andrew must remember that I suggested him the use of the Holy Rosary and the invocation of Mary Virgin, MOTHER OF GOD.Also it is important to remember that Faith is a matter of God's will. Perhaps Andrew was blessed by the Holy Grace, and I didn't.Protestants go on in this, telling us that there is Predestination. This means that we all are already condemned or saved.It is not my purpose to go into theological discussion in any way.I am an skeptic IF I need to truly understand Skepticism, and I am a believer IF I need to put myself in place of the Believer. Andrew asks me if Religion hurt me in any way. No, the answer is no, because religion cannot hurt me, however religious people eventually can hurt me, if I let them do it.I agree that only an ignorant would say that there is no Life in other planets. Of course there is Life. Intelligent advanced Life sometimes survives their own Stupidity. This doesn't mean in any way that they become nice people. On the contrary. (Between us, I think that is absolutely ridiculous and dangerous to send signals to the space.)"Never bring something that you will not be able to control" , said an Magician of old. In this Universe is always better to remain silent as much as possible.Last but not least, I am not disinterested in Religion at all, Andrew. On the contrary. Again, Religion is a good tool to defeat the Invaders and their puppets, if in the name of their gods, humans do not destroy themselves.Thanks and questions are always welcome. James
Hello James and all,At times you comments sound very much like that of a skeptic. I do not say that as an off hand remark, as I am very studied in the levels associated with the Philosophical Syndrome that produces such comments as your opinions. Skeptics, by the way are an extreme minority in the U. S. and the population is only affected by about 1 percent of its total.That bit of knowledge conveyed in preparation to tell you that the hand of God has guided me in the revelations where he has proven human life to exist in our Solar System. Without going into a lengthy diatribe of evidence. My Lord in 2007, April to be exact, showed me the life in photographs presented to the public from space. Only a skeptic would say, for instance, there is no life on other planets. That is a statement not worthy of review. Anyone who wishes to see the human element found throughout our galaxy need only look in a mirror or they could take time to go to Youtube and find the 72 videos I have produced from hundred of hours of analytics and layer scaling to show the true surface of most of the planets and moons.You call religion a tradition. It must have done you some hard somewhere in your life for you to say such a thing? Has religion harmed you in any way? I think not. Skepticism is known by intellect for that which it is. It is only in some case the opinion of the ignorant.Perhaps religion harmed you in Corintians I, chapter 15, verses 33-50. But probably not, because I doubt that you have studied the Holy Scriptures due to your disinterest of religion. Anyone who would disparage religion out of their life, for me, would be classified the Devils spawn.My extraterrestrial videos may be found on YouTube under the channel name of doowop62 where they have received more than one million view on that site alone. What do you have to show as numbers that support your skeptical view of religion or extraterrestrial life. It is strange to me that your posts have not been so skeptical in the past writing to the email list. You skepticism has been the same as mine about Dr. Boylan, I like to have proof of something that exists before making a final decision. Have you taken time to view my 72 video's on Youtube. They are playing all over the world, even on a boom boom site in Vietnam. They play in Romania, Italy, Russia and hundred of other places. If you do not believe that. Put doowop62 into googles search and the proof will appear. I speak from facts that are not just opinions. Anyone is invited to view my video's on YouTube under doowop62 channel. Their are 72 of them. If one cannot see an extraterrestrial out of 72 video I have produced from NASA/JPL images, that someone is speaking from a skeptical opinion. Please correct me, James, if I have interpreted your post incorrectly, I will apologize in advance. LOL Your comments came as a surprise of the generalized scope of the subjects you addressed. It appeared to be more of a skeptic rant than anything else. Of course, I don't discount everything until it has been proven wrong.

About Andrew Hennessey's Suggestion.

Perhaps you remember that in some opportunities I wrote that the suspension at will of belief (and/or disbelief) is a powerful instrument of Liberation. The same is true about the suspension at will of Self or Identity. Nobody can impose Cognitive Dissonance if we can do this.

In Hypnosis, the equivalent of Cognitive Dissonance is the Double Binding. Two opposite and contradictory hypnotic suggestions are projected in the Mind of the hypnotized. With the mind temporarily disoriented, the Hypnotist acquires some control of the “patient”.

The Exos are not mad at all, but they have agendas. They try to control the true believers. Hope and Fear, by the way, are excellent methods of control.

If I understand well, Andrew suggests that with the help of a powerful traditional religious Faith, it is possible to get out of the EXOmatrix.I think he is right : Catholicism is powerful enough. Consider the Marian Cult in this Era.

That is why Bassiago and Webre , the lawyers who “sees things” in Mars, also attack the Marian Apparitions (Fatima,) and suggest that the Virgin Mary was just an Alien.The whole EXO program, is the recognition of Alien Superiors that can control “benevolently” the destiny of the Human Race.

With all due respect, not only Catholicism but other Strong Traditions as Buddhism can help to defeat the Exo program of Alien Domination.I am convinced however that sectarian, divided denominations as Protestantism or New Age and Spiritualistic systems will not help. These are not strong enough as Tradition.

The suspension at Will of belief and Self/Identity is excellent but requires a very hard and complex work, and I know that very few can do this, and besides there are dangers in the Work.
I cannot teach this practice and no other teachers are available at this time and place.


James Black

Friday, May 15, 2009

Beyond the exocircus

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: andrew hennessey <>
Date: Fri, May 15, 2009 at 8:23 PM
Subject: [XENOPOLITICS] Beyond the exocircus

I think that we have to move beyond the exo circus.
Its true that no-one has done more than james black [anon] to illustrate and identify the nature of the exo charade as it fails to deliver for all mankind.
However, once we get over the idea that these people are mad we are left with a few questions ...

1. given the madness is deliberate - then we are being attacked with cognitive dissonance to drive us all away ..

2. no allegedly human agency has a will to directly help with the alien paradigm e.g. the recent refusal of Amnesty International to intervene for abductees.

3. It may be that for example the Catholic Church has agencies that can tackle the soul destroying demonic evils - exorcists or spiritual counsellors

4. it may be that to truly win this war for our souls we must disengage our minds from this paradigm and let God have the space and the peace to talk to us - and that out of here is up to lots of love and real help ...

I personally think that in our own version of soul wars where the matrix players create designer soul negation unique to us ... that our biggest personal battle and victory is the recognition amongst all the distraction and numbness of spirit and blindness of being that we must pray to Christ .. our loving pattern and Source of our humanity.
It is in that reconnection that we are saved - John 15.

andrew hennessey

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ALFRED WEBRE bolstering his argument for a COLONIZED SOLAR SYSTEM

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: andrew hennessey <>
Date: Fri, May 15, 2009 at 1:43 PM
Subject: [XENOPOLITICS] alfred webre is checking out my mars photos collection here


Alfred said that he would check out my mars photos collection that don't involve digital scaling or pixel distortion issues .. just plain old forests, lakes, facilities, mines, ships and temples in NASA photos with no magifications or other 'enhancements'.

its as if these establishment creeps deliberately mess with the images to generally invalidate the goodness and clarity of images such as those.

alfred is welcome to use these images to bolster his argument for a colonised solar system.


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    Wednesday, May 13, 2009

    Decadence of Boylan's EXOsect.

    Read carefully and you will have an idea of what is happening...the truth is that the Altimarians or the StarNations could help Boylan with the management of his little sect.
    Eric, and everyone,
        I cannot say what may be happening at your end, (your server, or potential Cabal impoundment of UFOFacts messages for varying periods of time.
        However, I do want everyone to know that UFOFacts is run by myself and a Deputy Moderator (Bob Roth). We are unpaid volunteers with busy lives and get to UFOFacts to clear messages for posting when we have time.
        On extra-busy days it may be 30-45 hours since the last postings before we get to the next batch.
        At extraordinary times (family emergency, out-of-town job matter, etc.), there may be a period of one or more days before the next batch of UFOFacts messages get posted.
        It is useful to practice patience and not expect some message you send to UFOFacts to necessarily be posted promptly.
        The Moderator task is not easy and it is important, and why this site has remained disinformation- free.
        Your understanding, and patience, is appreciated.
        Dr. Richard Boylan,. Moderator


    Ufology, Exopolitics, Conspiracies, Paranoia, Memes, Hoaxes, 2012, UFO, Aliens, Disinformation, Cultism, Brainwashing, Rational Thinking, ET, Xenopolitics, Contactees, Abductions, Disclosure.