Sunday, May 31, 2009


Andrew Hennessey

The Xenopolitical Institute is a tool and framework of rational enquiry set up to model and reconstruct Exopolitical; propositions, ideologies, raison d'etre, and also in some ways to model the extreme and logical conclusions of some of these runaway trains of thought we see in Exoland.

It serves to;
1. predict the outcomes of new Exoacademic ideology
2. re-orientate rationality after long exposure to Exoland ideologies
3. act as a stress releasing mechanism promoting valuable and healing psychology and consequent beneficial physiology.

For those who have been or feel they are being disassociated from the rationmal analysis of these Exotic constructs by e.g. the deliberate practise of cognitive dissonance .. then the surest route to recovery of ones centre is humor.
Humor is a great stress releasing mechanism and teacher, more so than outrage.
Its true that we are confronted with intellectual flight or fight, laugh or cry when we peruse the inane outpourings of those people who appear to have earned distinctive academic accolades – but then – we already knew that academia was a failure.

I feel, personally, that developing the rational ontology of an ideology to its perimeter is a good way of teasing out the tangled knots of semantic junk in ufology.

Thus I offer the Xenopolitical Institute as an act of therapy and social service to those still sane in UFOLOGY that we may creatively extrapolate the consequences of what appear to be some truly bizarre social offerings from Exoland.

It is the worst thing to do to read some article by an Exoclown and then shrug and file it away … because it just piles up …

What I propose therefore is that we use our own innate and creative talent to offload the social disorientation caused by Exoclowns.
call for workshops, public conference speakers, conference localities and venues, conference and workshop activities.

The rules are simple;

1. Do not mention the name of the person who inspired you, make dissimilar names up.
2. Do not write about issues to do with their known background but use other similar activities and in your mind equivalent background.
3. Create a whole world of Xeno events, speakers, personalities, news, articles and workshops and goods for sale etc
4. When posting start the subject line with XI in case we believe you !!

As examples I have created the;
XI Mindcleanse Meditation
XI Karga the sentient Reptilian workshop
XI Colonel Dark Newsflash

You will be surprised when you start to recognise that what you are creating is better than the average BS that's coming off the Corporation think tank mill and it really is true – people just sit there and make this up – all day.

So how quickly can we come up with the full suite of ExoBS ???
and then post it right back to them
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