Monday, May 18, 2009


I was reading some posts supporting the scientific discoveres of Lawyers Basiago and Webre. This is important because shows us the monstruous world-wide and age-wide Conspiracy that keeps us in the ignorance about Life in Mars (and Moon.) .
I know Mr.Basiago as the researcher. He also found that the Marian Apparition in Fatima, was just a pleyadean alien lady playing games with those poor kids. Sense of humor that our uninvited guests show sometimes.

But let me tell you about the surprise..! I read that there was a site with hundreds of pictures showing martian people, buildings, ships, architecture, monuments, name it.So, with trembling hands I move my mouse and after a few clicks I was there. It is true that they have pictures showing evidences of martian civilized life, but in a wonderful contribution to science, these people put those pics. in T-Shirts, Caps, Bumper Stickers and shirts.

Probably they try to support their scientific effort. Looks that they are doing well. Amazing to find the things people do to make a living.Honestly NASA should end the Cover-Up and do some marketing with their real pictures.With the money, they could pay a visit to the people in Mars.


James Black
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