Sunday, May 17, 2009

EXOS: More science-fiction and no Evidences

Dear people, let me tell tou something about Sammaciccia. Below you can find Dr. Michael Salla post concerning him.

Bruno Sammaciccia and the organisation called Amicizia (friendship) claimed to represent the nice aliens, the W56s in their battles against the vicious evil robots of the CTR, both sides having underground bases along the Adriatic. There is a photograph of a totally human W56 reproduced. Nothing alien there so, again we can ask ourselves if this was just a vast joke, a sociological experiment, a financial con or one of those obscure political conspiracies with which Italy in the 1950s to 1970s was prone. Now the Exos, as usual with complete disregard for Evidences, give life to the old italian hoax. Read what Dr. Salla writes about this discredited old fiction.

Salla's post.
1978 was when Bruno Samaciccio established a large center where people could meet with the extraterrestrials. This may have been the catalyst for an attack on the bases of the Friendship ETs (given the acronym W56) by their extraterrestrial opponents who had the acronym CTR. In the book, Brecia describes the basic conflict between two factions of extraterrestrials. The W56 faction promoted universal peace and sought to better understand humanity's inherent psychic abilities in order to grow towards God/Oneness/ Universe. The other faction, basically synthetic robots lacking a soul, were more interested in becoming more human by biological experimentation and technological development. It's the latter that have reached secret agreements with the secret government.
That's interesting what you say that the Plejarans were victorious against another group of aliens in 79. If we accept Sammaciccio' s account, that suggests the Plejarans are allied with the synthetic life forms who won a major victory in that period. That certainly would explain the deceptive behavior of the Plejarans and their heartless/soulless behavior. It often feels as though one is talking with robots when communicating with Meier supporters.
Michael S.

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