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Exchange between Jay Moody and the "Councilor of Earth"

Jay Moody to RationalUFOLOGY
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It shall be noted that within the group is total madness, although at times you have to play the game (IE: mention fallen angels although I personally don't believe in them), and have asked some tough questions that puts into question not only the Altimarians existence, but also presumed their existence within a hypothetical scenario.

Without further ado:

"The Genius" was an inside joke with another non-Disclosure related group and it stuck, and is quite a nice nom de plume to make fun of MENSA, et al. I merely presented an alternative case with regard to the Altimarians. With six billion people in the world and superluminal capacity why not terraform other worlds? Will such efforts have been for naught?

Jesus has the capacity to do great good if you call upon him, pray directly to Him/Cosmic Consciousness and you may be surprised. Some intermediaries (IE: Prophet Mohammad) think they are in communication with God, but are/were in reality in communication with fallen angels. Don't you want to see how people can pray to Christ and see the environment improve?

Of course God doesn't move each event personally and manually, that would be a violation of the law of free will. He CAN however do so as he sees necessary.

With regard to "rules": branch thinking (IE: seeing ahead, divergent and convergent thinking) naturally leads away from what looks like an original topic, with the original still at a root.

Also, are there really "Altimarians" as you claim trying to help this planet? If so how do you know their intentions aren't of a mercenary nature? That helping us now is a Trojan horse for establishing a colony over us? Howcome all the abductee reports of ET contact are with respect to cattle mutilations and Draconian abduction practices?


From: Dr Richard Boylan
To: Jay Moody
Sent: Wednesday, May 6, 2009 6:16:44 PM
Subject: Message not approved: some of what the Altimarian environmental scientists have been up to

Mr. Moody,

Your fundamentalist preaching rant is off-topic.
By the way, Source (God) works through _intermediaries_. Did you think that Source moves each event personally and manually?
You have broken so many UFOFacts Rules that I have lost count.
Styling yourself as "the genius" suggests that you are not likely to change due to admonition.
You have earned yourself the Golden Exit Award.

Dr. Richard Boylan, Moderator

Jay Moody
> Perhaps some things are a natural occurrence by God Almighty himself and the Altimarians simply employed another method? The Sun is quite large (a trillion Earths could fit inside) and energetic, not an easy task to control or influence, even for a civilization with longtime superluminal capacity. And why not terraform Venus if they have such an amazing capacity? It is very possible from a completely technical standpoint, but from a practical standpoint is impossible due to the large amounts of sulfuric acid clouds that need to be siphoned off and after the planets 900 C surface temperature cools to then lay groundwork for terraforming.
> As for healing the coral, let us pray to Christ for he has the power to heal the coral. The Cosmic Consciousness has the power to heal all environmental damage caused by man. We as Humans have let our logic run wild! How arrogant of us to think that we mere mortals know better than the Cosmic Consciousness! The Council of Nicaea has let their logic run wild at the expense of serving Christ Almighty, letting in such forged text as Revelation while rejecting some of Jesus's legitimate word. Jesus repudiated Leviticus and Deuteronomy, yet the Council found these books useful for manipulation purposes, and around 500 CE reincarnation was replaced with eternal hell for behavior modification.
> In other words let's not pray to the bigoted, homophobic strawman we call "Christ" but the truly loving Cosmic Consciousness Christ who, for the purposes of Peace Profound, shall set into motion the healing of the environment.
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