Friday, May 1, 2009


These are some of our thought about the so called Cosmic Paradigm Movement. My writing in bold and italic between lines. Thanks for your interest

Cosmic Paradigm Network

The Cosmic Paradigm Network is a group of individuals around the globe who are committed to an uplifting transformation of planet Earth. We acknowledge that our home planet is undergoing a dramatic change and wish to assist. The three facets of the Network are:

This idea of change is not clear. In what sense is our world changing? Change doesn't necessary is for the better.

1. We accept that a period of change is upon and will support each other during the metamorphosis.

The definition of metamorphosis is a sudden and drastic change. Again, what kind of change and why should we support this unknown change? Who is the beneficiary of this change? We or the Aliens?

2. We will use the Network to exchange information -- including contact experiences and extraplanetary messages -- and provide a source of truth to each other and the larger population.

Information, including contact experiences and extraplanetary messages. Sounds very nice but we will need some evidences about contacts and messages. More of the same New Age, pseudo-spiritualistic rhetoric means absolutely nothing. Besides, how we know the true intentions of the non-human Entities? More abductions perhaps?  

3. We will express our commitment to creating a positive transformation by holding the highest good for all humans in our thoughts and intentions, and by affirming an enlightened planet.

I agree. We must hold the highest good for us, humans in thoughts and intentions, (and facts). Please define what is for you an enlightened planet. Thanks

The premises upon which we operate are:

1. Acknowledge the presence and workings of non-human conscious life forms-- from physical to spiritual -- in the cosmos and on our planet.

There are no evidences of such Entities, other than hostile acts like abductions, implants and illegitimate invasion of our planet, our minds and our bodies.

2. Accept that there are beings with greater wisdom than humans. We acknowledge that they have been and continue to be intimately involved in our daily lives. We acknowledge that there are several agendas being pursued by these non-humans.

Not necessary so. More technology doesn't means more wisdom. We want to know what those agendas are. Until now, hostile and illegal acts are the only evidence. They need to show their faces and tell us what they want here.

3. Recognize that humans have free will. We are here by our own choice. We make choices each day. We are totally responsible for who and what we are.

We cannot have free will if we recognize the superiority of the Big Cosmic Brothers. We cannot have free will if we are abducted.

4. Agree to work as caretakers of this planet to overcome all forms of environmental degradation, and pollution both of our environment and of our persons.

Total agreement. We are alone with this duty. Aliens, until now,  show total indifference for our personal and social problems.

5. Recognize that we have evolved little past our animal origins. Admit to the xenophobia, desire for comfort and security, and victim mentality that control our actions. Renounce violence -- physical and psychological -- as a means of solving anything. Treat each other as sisters and brothers.

The desire for comfort and security are perfectly normal. The idea of "victim mentality " is inhuman. Most humans ARE victims and victimized.

6. Project to all extraterrestrials that we wish them no harm, and that we wish to live in peace. Carry that message to the universe by becoming emissaries to the cosmos.

We demand to know who the "extraterrestrials" are, where they come  from, and what they want. This requires open contact and cessation of criminal activities like intrusion and abductions. Until this moment, these aliens remain in the illegality. 

7. See our current situation for what it is and step away from depending on the dominant paradigm for security, truth, and comfort.

False and dangerous: we want security, truth and comfort and we have the right to enjoy those.

8. Embrace the unthinkable possibility that if we do not change the way we are behaving then this beautiful world and all on it will cease to exist.

These concepts are childish. We are not "behaving". We are not children. We are totally and absolutely responsible for our acts. Alien agencies has nothing to do with our destiny. 

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