Friday, May 22, 2009

EXOs: Now it is Pres. Kennedy meeting the ETs.

This is a new contribution to what in fiction is called Alternative History. What Dr. Salla is doing here is giving the idea of a complete ET control over the human affairs.

The EXO Dr.Salla writes that the good old George Adamsky, meet President Kennedy and invited him to meet the ETs.
Yes, of course, this has the value of a poor joke but ALSO, gives the idea of complete Alien control over human affairs.
Without Disclosure, there is not much to talk and write about, right?
The rule is one: For the EXOS the show must go on...

May 22, 12:10 AM

President Kennedy arrives at Homestead AFB, Florida, 1962.
According to claims in a rare video,
George Adamski met with President Kennedy at the White House in late
1961 and passed on a letter to him from human looking
extraterrestrials. In addition to giving advice on the Cuban missile crisis, the alleged letter also contained an
invitation for Kennedy to meet with the extraterrestrials. If Kennedy
did attend such a meeting, it may explain why he was certain about
human looking extraterrestrial life; made undisclosed trips to Air
Force bases to deal with the UFO issue; and why he instructed NASA to
cooperate with the USSR on joint space and lunar missions.

cont: http://www.examiner .com/examiner/ x-2383-Honolulu- Exopolitics- Examiner~ y2009m5d22- Did-President- Kennedy-meet- extraterrestrial s

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