Friday, May 15, 2009

Beyond the exocircus

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From: andrew hennessey <>
Date: Fri, May 15, 2009 at 8:23 PM
Subject: [XENOPOLITICS] Beyond the exocircus

I think that we have to move beyond the exo circus.
Its true that no-one has done more than james black [anon] to illustrate and identify the nature of the exo charade as it fails to deliver for all mankind.
However, once we get over the idea that these people are mad we are left with a few questions ...

1. given the madness is deliberate - then we are being attacked with cognitive dissonance to drive us all away ..

2. no allegedly human agency has a will to directly help with the alien paradigm e.g. the recent refusal of Amnesty International to intervene for abductees.

3. It may be that for example the Catholic Church has agencies that can tackle the soul destroying demonic evils - exorcists or spiritual counsellors

4. it may be that to truly win this war for our souls we must disengage our minds from this paradigm and let God have the space and the peace to talk to us - and that out of here is up to lots of love and real help ...

I personally think that in our own version of soul wars where the matrix players create designer soul negation unique to us ... that our biggest personal battle and victory is the recognition amongst all the distraction and numbness of spirit and blindness of being that we must pray to Christ .. our loving pattern and Source of our humanity.
It is in that reconnection that we are saved - John 15.

andrew hennessey

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