Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Looking for Answers

Let me tell you about this, and see if you have any better answer to the enigma.
I was reading post in Boylan's UFOfacts.
My question without answer was this:
Do these true believers honestly believe that a psychic exercise advised by the "Star Nations" to the Councilor of Earth, did in fact decoyed an asteroid? Do they truly believe that a new similar "effort" will stop a flu virus?
Also, do they believe that in some place of our planet 12 "altimarian" scientists are helping us with our environmental problems?
For me, there is no clear answer.
Apparently, these people belong to both sexes, some are young and some older, and they write coherently . Nothing shows a severe mental pathology in their messages.
But...I simply cannot even consider the possibility that normal people believe in Boylan's bad science-fiction given to them as factual truth.
Well, either something is happening with the minds of some people, or we are going back into a dangerous dark age.
Someone also suggests that I must not think in terms of belief or disbelief. We should understand this just like a video-game. Bored people is playing a cyber-game in a twilight zone where there is no belief or disbelief.
These people are normal, rational individuals in daily life. When they play Boylan's game, they are in the Twilight Zone, in the video-game, a virtual reality where the concepts of reason, coherence, understanding and logic cease to exist. When they retorn to normal life, the game is over and they are again living in a rational world.

Please, tell me if you think this idea is possible, or if you have a different one. Thanks


James Black
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