Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dr. Boylan is God. He is billions of years old.

In this message posted by Wendy in Boylan's group, she gives a new step into the deification of Dr Sauna.
Read it with empty stomach, please.

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Subject: [UFOFacts] Fist Born of Source
Date: Tuesday, May 26, 2009, 3:58 PM

James (not me)

Odd but as I read your reply here - Asheoma told me that you are correct. And it is a term he learned in Earth words as "First Born of Source"
Even though Councillor Boylan would never say this himself as he is very humble and modest, Asheoma says it is fine to share this as it is historical fact about our Earth Councillor as opposed to personal fact about the Human he is... but Councillor of Earth is a Being who is First Born of Source.
Star Nations encountered the Being who is now in Councillor of Earth form many "billions - if you were talking Earth years Asheoma said" of years "before Zeta". Ok. Well Asheoma is laughing and says that is an inside thing Star Nations people say to mark time because Zeta were some of the first true members of the Star Nations. So anyway, Asheoma said that is enough brief history to make the point - and yes Zeta have been in service to Star Nations for "many hundred thousands" of Earth years if you were counting in that way.
Anyway, Asheoma also wanted to pass on that the NEW Children of Earth that will be born into the New Firth World are going to be also First Born of Source. Source will be the "Father Energy" - Asheoma is saying it is not the same as Humans think of this but it is the best words I have. Asheoma said Earth will be giving all Energy of the Being as New Energy that She will be given by Source. So from Source through Earth Womb as a New Being that has not ever had previous incarnation but will be Eternal as Source is.
Well Asheoma makes me scratch my head with this but he is laughing and says to just pass it on and some will understand what he is sharing. He said "In the words and energy of truth our brother Dr. Michael Wolf was attempting to impart - The New Earth will be full of these Human Princes and Princesses. Not of any higher ego or for any title. It is a simple matter and a beautiful process Source uses.

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