Thursday, May 7, 2009


Dear friends .
In the last days, even the authoritarian Exocult commanded by the self-proclaimed Councilor of Earth AKA Dr. Sauna, shows signs of crisis.
A few members questioned the "wisdom" of Psychic Exercises to decoy asteroids or stop the Flu. (Remember that Boylan "intuition" told him that this flu was created by the Cabal..!
Others just write about personal problems and healing techniques.
Consequently Boylan, as Dr. Salla in P4C, tries to control his own invention.
It is a difficult task, because even for the complete true-believers, ENOUGH is ENOUGH.
One word defines the repressive efforts of the Super-Councilor : PATHETIC.
Ideas welcome, and remember that as Jacques Vallee wrote, the investigation of human reactions to the UFO phenomenon is also UFOLOGY.
Below Boylan's post on moderation.

Let me use the occasion of this email to say that the thread about healing modalities and personal tips to relax has wandered well off-topic, and is hereby brought to a close.
Thank you for your cooperation.
The four topics which UFOFacts accepts postings on are factual reports, preferably personal, about: 1) UFOs (starcraft), 2) Star Visitors, 3) encounters with the Star Visitors, and 4) the personal, societal and historical effects of Star Visitor contact, including the Star Kids and Star Seed adults among us, and public awareness of visitation from the cosmos, as well as visits from Inner-Earth Peoples and Human-Star Visitor hybrids (Clones).
Dr. Richard Boylan, Moderator

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