Sunday, September 28, 2014

Kevin Annett conman and slanderer

It is so much to read and learn about this con-man and slanderer that you can just do some googling with the key words Kevin Annett slanderer. 
What's the basic message of this pathetic individual? It's HATE. His lies, his inventions, his hoaxes and his basic and obvious pathology are tools, tools of his HATE, of his resentment. Perhaps this is why in Alfred Webre personal hate and resentment Annett finds the "friend" he needs.

My answer to Alfred Webre

Alfred tells us that the noises in the background of his video interviewing Kevin Annett are produced by COINTELPRO. 
This is my answer to this "suggestion".

A noble, decent human being.
"Obviously Cointelpro would not waste one cent or one second of time in this total and particularly repulsive and slanderous nonsense. Kevin Annett is a psychopath, but there are hundreds of thousands like him. As a con-man he can have some interest for Interpol, but if it's true that his discourse is full of hate and lies, he is inoffensive. I would like to know what Geri thinks about this pathetic, dark and marginal defrocked ex-priest.
What I cannot understand is what is Alfred Webre doing with these insane "friends" .  By the way, I know well the excellent and impeccable man who is now the Pope. Where are you going Alfred? "Do you believe one iota of what you are saying about demons, pedophile monarchies, Lucifer and satanic rituals in the Vatican? "
If you do, truly, honestly you need help."

Friday, September 26, 2014

Who is Alfred Webre? -Ilse Goldhand contribution-.
Now I understand. (I* think I do.) 
First of all, we must see the obvious: Alfred Webre only interviews borderline personalities, and semi-professional charlatans.
The interviewed individuals are slanderous and totally unreliable. They can contradict themselves openly.  They can write that the Pope sacrifices children in horrendous satanic rituals with the help of the Queen of England. They can lie about impossible conspiracies or promote the biggest monstrosities. 
Anything goes in Alfred's interviews,but why?
Leo Taxil
There are two hypothesis: 
1) Alfred channelizes his old resentment against the world, and perhaps behind this hate we could find self-denial or a sense of failure.
2) Alfred  is a new Leo Taxil. (Please see link below about Taxil.) 
If this is so, sooner or latter, Webre will recognize the big joke, and will deny his theories and his "friends"
hoaxes and slanders.
3) I do not think that Alfred Webre is a professional disinformer. These look for some reliability, some rationality, and this is NOT Alfred's style. He doesn't care about credibility at all.
Ilse Goldman

Exo-fantasists & pseudo-scientists loosing all credibility

New scientific advances not only give us more knowledge about the Universe, but also reduce the possibilities of con-men, charlatans and fantasists of making a living selling lies and nonsense to the people.
This is obvious for the UFO-Conspiracy Industry: fantasies and pseudo-scientific mythologies do not sell as before. Marketeers say that the interest of the potential clients is reduced now because of the absurdity of the world described by professional and semi-professional charlatans compared with  real  science and technology.
Indian Mars orbiter obviously reduces credibility of the loonies who "see" rodents, dinosaurs, UFOs, Martian dinosaurs, stone faces, ladies sitting in the surface of the red planet, and a young Obama meeting with Andy Basiago, the self-proclaimed time-space-jumper.
Total nonsense as the cover-up/disclosure hoax, loose credibility and pseudo-science becomes middle age superstition when someone tells us about the need to destroy the "satanic elements of our human personality.
For the "believers", the old religions work better than the new stupidities, and the advantage of tradition.
Besides, the professional mythologists and ego-trippers know that they must keep expectations in the potential public. However, the Nothing Happens Syndrome kills expectations.
95% of "UFO sightings" are just normal phenomena and man made artifacts. Worst, the other 5% remain unidentified for lack of enough research. We must of course include hoaxes and jokes in this 5 per cent. Ask yourself just this: What remains? Will you waste time and money buying the same old UFO book rewritten and with some new fantasies added?

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Naomi Klein on Cause of Climate Crisis: "Capitalism Is Stupid"

Naomi Klein on Cause of Climate Crisis: "Capitalism Is Stupid"

Better to say that Capitalism is CRIMINAL

Alfred Webre & Kevin Annett secrets revealed..!

Alfred Lambremont Webre Kevin Annett: Common law court to prosecute Dutch crown Satanic child murders

Look at the face of Alfred Webre. He knows that Kevin Annett is obsessed with satanic child murders. Geri Webre also knows that the worst psychopaths and liars attract the attention of Alfred. A mystery here. Is Alfred in some way controlled by the Luciferian  forces he pretends to fight? Is it true that Kevin was initiated in the horrors of the 9th Circle Ritual by the Pope himself?

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Three Giants of the Conspiracy theory world confronted..!

Three Giants of the conspiracy theory world, are now apparently confronted.
Pope Francis.
Andy Basiago universal whistle blower, time and space traveler and martian explorer, recognizes that he is Comrade in the Alfred Webre path, which is an expert on universal legislation, and tireless researcher of the satanic world of the Jesuit Pope, who, according to scrupulous journalists and researchers Rafapal and Kevin Annett, includes blood sacrifices in the horrors of the so-called "ninth circle" ritual.
The third giant is David Ickes, the man who revealed to the world that we are controlled by a sinister reptilian race of shape-shifters.
We hope that these differences will soon disappear and Harmony will prevail.
Andy Basiago, Time-Jumper
David Ickes

Monday, September 22, 2014

Choose your own Conspiracy.

Complete List - Conspiracy Theories - TIME

Recommended. The best conspiracies here, including the Reptilian Elite, and the secret societies that control the world. Also of course 9/11, Jesus married with Magdalene, and much more. Enjoy..!

Richard Dolan back into the REAL WORLD..!

Richard Dolan tells the TRUTH..!

– Gross wealth inequality
– Technological redundancy of employment
– Similarities to medieval feudalism
– Adam Smith’s ‘The Wealth of Nations’
– Movement from the current paradigm of petroleum/finance and the revolutionary nature of our time
– Wikileaks

Charlatanism and Logical Fallacies.

The Exo-fantasists, self-proclaimed ufologists and conspiracy theorists make use systematically  the most well known and not so well known logical fallacies.
This is so, because these show-men, some of them professional mythologists, have no evidences of what
they give us as true.
Knowing this, it's easy to debunk hoaxes, factoids, and imaginary conspiracies.  Follow the link below for an excellent compendium of logical fallacies.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

New Gags in the Big Show.

Here we have a new twist in the UFO-ET-DISCLOSURE mythology. As you know, each one of the show men and women must fight against the NHS , Nothing Happens Syndrome. So they must find new elements to keep people (a very few) interested. Songs are OK, or The Pope ready to reveal the ET presence, or Conspiracy theory, and perhaps the new clowns in the Circus, the Exo or hyper or extra dimensionals. 
Remember dear friend the fundamental Galactic Law...The show must go on.

The Allagash Abduction Hoax.

The Allagash Abduction was a HOAX
I'd like to ask you to meet four unlucky art students: Twin brothers Jack and Jim Weiner, Chuck Rak, and Charlie Foltz. Back in August 1976, they decided they'd go on a nice, relaxing fishing trip to the back woods of Maine. Little did they know that they would be part of the most bizarre incidents of UFO history, and I don't mean the fact that in Maine they sell lobsters at McDonald's.

In the great tradition of relaxing sport expeditions, one night they made what seems to me a relatively poor choice, they decided to go night fishing. To find their way back to the bank, they made a good-size bonfire from some large logs that would burn well into the night. Hopping into their canoe, they set off onto the lake shortly past sun-down. READ MORE

UFO Discussion Forum : Message

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Kevin Annett

Kevin Annett

Kevin Annett is a defrocked priest who has taken-up a second career as a con-artist/grifter. Annett has convinced a bunch of unwitting people that he is the saviour of Indigenous people everywhere, and the only person who is working on their behalf. This is not true- rather, he is using their cause for his own personal gain.
Kevin is most famous for his faking of the discovery of a ‘mass grave’ at the Six Nations Reserve in Brandford, Ontario.  Apparently, he is pulling the same con at other reserves- one has to feel sorry for all of the people who he is building false hope for. READ MORE

To Alfred Webre and his friends.

Alfred is fighting for truth in some kind of personal tribunal, and he
deserves to keep near his heart the Picture I included here. He is the
Pope, of course, with Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.
Alfred, please give copies to Kevin Annett, future Nobel Prize and
President of the Republic of Kanata,
and Rafael Palacios,AKA Rafapal.Included also pictures of Kevin and Rafa,
the prestigious journalist.

With NASA Probe's Arrival, International Mars Invasion Gets Under Way

With NASA Probe's Arrival, International Mars Invasion Gets Under Way

Ufo-mythologists and self proclaimed time-space travelers need to find a new mythology about Mars. They should buy a new magnifying glass and try Saturn

Friday, September 19, 2014

The Political Economy of Israeli Apartheid and the Specter of Genocide

The Political Economy of Israeli Apartheid and the Specter of Genocide

Con-men, charlatans and slanderous psychopaths

It's wrong to say that those slanderous charlatans are disinformers. To write that the Pope practices satanic rituals which include human sacrifices cannot be called disinformation. Individuals who use the worst insults against those they hate are not disinformers but insanes.
To say that NASA is controlled by Crowleyan followers of the old Egyptian gods is pathological stupidity, not disinformation.
Disinformers are rational individuals manipulating ideas and planting factoids. They can be professional liars but disinformation sources know very well their own limitations.
A professional disinformer is never a psychopath. Degradation, insults and massive slanderous nonsense is not disinformation but the lowest form of alienation.
To call these individuals disinformers is to praise those who choose the dirties, lowest forms of  slander as a way of life.

Be careful when you watch pictures of Mars.

Some people likes TV or the movies, while others read books or enjoy the contemplation of Mars surface. This is fine, but Mars watchers must be careful.
After a couple of hours of Mars watching, if you have no problems will be bored as hell, but some individuals on the contrary find some curious rocks that look...artificial.
Now, if you keep looking pics of Mars surface, you will in the end find Dinosaurs, Human and Extraterrestrial bases, monuments of ancient martian civilizations, rodents, bones, stone faces and...YES..! women sitting in some rocks.
Now, if this happens, and you publish your "findings", probably people will think you are crazy or stupid.
If you have doubts concerning these "visions", do some googling research for "Pareidolia."
However if you are convinced that NASA, (controlled by Aleister Crowley and disciples of the Golden Dawn and ancient egyptian gods,)  is covering up the big martian secret, better go to the doctor.
Tomas Scolarici AKA James Black

Fwd: Google Alert - Richard Dolan

Dear friends as you can see, Richard Dolan has a new look (older and prophetic.Not good for selling the wise old man image...) 
As nothing never happens in the  UFO subculture, Richard brings back the oldies. NAZI UFOS, USA controlled by UFO secrecy conspiracy...the same old nonsense written and rewritten.
The good thing is that you, Alfred Webre, are into the new meme, the hyper-dimensionals and with the help of Rafapal and similars, into the good old masonic-satanic conspiracy. This kind of show always sells... Have a nice day from your friend.
James Black AKA Tomas Scolarici.

As-it-happens update September 18, 2014
Richard Dolan Talks at Midnight about UFOs 1
Richard Dolan is among the world's leading researchers and historians of the UFO subject. He is the author of two volumes of history, UFOs and the ...
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Ep.98 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Richard Dolan THE REAL Dolan UFO LIVE on air
Richard M. Dolan is again our guest on the show and we go further into who is the real Dolan? How did he choose this path in life? Why? What is it ...
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Richard Dolan Presents A New Understanding of Exopolitics
Richard Dolan is author of the multi-volume, UFOs and the National Security State, a history of the UFO phenomenon, politics, and research.
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UFOs – Nazis and Roswell to the 21st Century with Richard Dolan
UFO truth, from Roswell to Nazi involvement, to the NSA and today is discussed with UFO researcher and author Richard Dolan. Sightings and ...
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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Friday, September 5, 2014

Kerry calls Netanyahu to protest Israeli appropriation of West Bank land - Diplomacy and Defense Israel News | Haaretz

Kerry calls Netanyahu to protest Israeli appropriation of West Bank land - Diplomacy and Defense Israel News | Haaretz

Now the Hyperdimensionals" are fashionable.

After the total failure of all the ET. fairy tales the leaders of the Big Show try to sell us the Hyperdimensionals.
Probably they will write books about this new meme, and who knows, perhaps we will find virtual and real HYPER-POLITICIANS!
With this and some Gnostic rhetoric about the also non-existent archons plus some good old conspiracy theory paranoia, the show will go on.
Of course the UFO-Hyper Industry is in crisis, but let me tell you this: the corrupt system wants us to waste our time while they produce hunger, pain and true wars. THIS IS THE REAL PROBLEM, am I right?

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Can you believe this?

There are no more contactees. Some of them are old and just rewrite the same books of New Age and self-help telling their audience these are messages from the extraterrestrials...time changes all.

However, UFO experts, Ufologist and Exopoliticians write sometimes something. The same old UFO book with some new words and nothing new, simply because there is nothing new.
Something else is dead. The meme of the "disclosure". The "disclosurists" of course always knew that since there is no cover-up, there will never be disclosure, and the hot thing is now conspiracy theory. You know, the chemtrails, the Pope as a pedophile, Satanic plans to control the world through the so called New World Order and who knows what else. But the Nothing Happens Syndrome always work.

We have now new wise men and women. Some of them are Galactic Councelors and experts  in Universal legislation. Others are multi-universalists and find sitting women, bones, squirrels faces, ET. bases and secret Human colonies in Mars. Remember the men in black? Another dead meme probably killed by some funny but boring films. A joke.
Ah..! We must include here the experts in Ascension, right? The big year was the 2012, but as usual, prophesies always fail. Truth is that nobody knows what this Ascension is.

How about Andy Basiago the time-space traveler? Between us, Basiago fantasies do not sell at all, so we have another, pretty silly dead meme.
Of course is not easy to make a living with new "UFO sightings" knowing that 92% of all sightings are produced by totally normal events like planet Venus, metheorites, space junk, imagination and ignorance. The UFO experts never talk or write about scientific statistics.Is taboo.
Truth is that we live in the Society of the Spectacle and...the show must go on.

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