Friday, September 26, 2014

Exo-fantasists & pseudo-scientists loosing all credibility

New scientific advances not only give us more knowledge about the Universe, but also reduce the possibilities of con-men, charlatans and fantasists of making a living selling lies and nonsense to the people.
This is obvious for the UFO-Conspiracy Industry: fantasies and pseudo-scientific mythologies do not sell as before. Marketeers say that the interest of the potential clients is reduced now because of the absurdity of the world described by professional and semi-professional charlatans compared with  real  science and technology.
Indian Mars orbiter obviously reduces credibility of the loonies who "see" rodents, dinosaurs, UFOs, Martian dinosaurs, stone faces, ladies sitting in the surface of the red planet, and a young Obama meeting with Andy Basiago, the self-proclaimed time-space-jumper.
Total nonsense as the cover-up/disclosure hoax, loose credibility and pseudo-science becomes middle age superstition when someone tells us about the need to destroy the "satanic elements of our human personality.
For the "believers", the old religions work better than the new stupidities, and the advantage of tradition.
Besides, the professional mythologists and ego-trippers know that they must keep expectations in the potential public. However, the Nothing Happens Syndrome kills expectations.
95% of "UFO sightings" are just normal phenomena and man made artifacts. Worst, the other 5% remain unidentified for lack of enough research. We must of course include hoaxes and jokes in this 5 per cent. Ask yourself just this: What remains? Will you waste time and money buying the same old UFO book rewritten and with some new fantasies added?

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