Friday, September 19, 2014

Con-men, charlatans and slanderous psychopaths

It's wrong to say that those slanderous charlatans are disinformers. To write that the Pope practices satanic rituals which include human sacrifices cannot be called disinformation. Individuals who use the worst insults against those they hate are not disinformers but insanes.
To say that NASA is controlled by Crowleyan followers of the old Egyptian gods is pathological stupidity, not disinformation.
Disinformers are rational individuals manipulating ideas and planting factoids. They can be professional liars but disinformation sources know very well their own limitations.
A professional disinformer is never a psychopath. Degradation, insults and massive slanderous nonsense is not disinformation but the lowest form of alienation.
To call these individuals disinformers is to praise those who choose the dirties, lowest forms of  slander as a way of life.

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