Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Three Giants of the Conspiracy theory world confronted..!

Three Giants of the conspiracy theory world, are now apparently confronted.
Pope Francis.
Andy Basiago universal whistle blower, time and space traveler and martian explorer, recognizes that he is Comrade in the Alfred Webre path, which is an expert on universal legislation, and tireless researcher of the satanic world of the Jesuit Pope, who, according to scrupulous journalists and researchers Rafapal and Kevin Annett, includes blood sacrifices in the horrors of the so-called "ninth circle" ritual.
The third giant is David Ickes, the man who revealed to the world that we are controlled by a sinister reptilian race of shape-shifters.
We hope that these differences will soon disappear and Harmony will prevail.
Andy Basiago, Time-Jumper
David Ickes

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